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When I arrived Goa Airport along with my husband and our son, all our family members were present there to receive us. There were my parents, my uncle and my husband's parents. We meet and hugged with everyone. When my uncle hugged me, I rubbed both of my boobs hard on my uncle's broad chest. Immediately, I saw a surprise in my uncle's eyes.

Readers are aware that my uncle is my first love, my sex teacher and my first fucker. He told me just before my marriage while fucking me last time that it was his last fuck with me and he will not fuck me any more after my marriage. It was the year 2009 on 19th December, just a day before my marriage, my uncle fucked me last time. And what a coincident, again on the same date in 2013, exactly after four years, I wanted to return in the same loving and fucking relationship with my uncle.

After my marriage, my uncle visited me many times, first in Delhi and then in Switzerland also, but we did not make lover's and fucker's relation any time. My husband is well aware about my sexual relations with my uncle since he become my boyfriend in my college days. My uncle does not know that my husband is aware about his sexual relations with me.

While staying in Switzerland, I have been fucked by other persons too, other than my husband and readers are aware about it as I have mentioned it in previous parts of My Sexual Autobiography. Now, I and my husband does not see anything wrong in my uncle fucking me again.

My uncle really loved me a lot from bottom of his heart. He was not having any girlfriend before and still he is single and unmarried, without any loving girlfriend. However, he must have fucked some girls about which I am not aware. I wanted to give the same love to my uncle and wanted to receive the same love from him.

And, as planned, I have conveyed my message and signal to him by rubbing and pressing my boobs on his chest. I know that the signal and message was well received by my fucker uncle.

I knew that it was not an easy thing to get my uncle back again naked in to my bed to fuck me. We were to stay in India till 10th of January 2014 and I was having some time in my hands to let my uncle think about this and make his mind to fuck me again on my wish.

We went directly to my in law's house from airport with my husband's parents and it was decided that Christmas celebrations will be at my parents’ home and I was in my parents’ house after staying three days in my in law's home. My son remained with his grandparents and his father and they all were supposed to visit my parent's house on Christmas day.
The day passed in talking with my parents and uncle. After the dinner, all went to sleep as usual. I just smiled to my uncle, just before going in to my bedroom, just opposite to my uncle's bedroom and next to my parents’ bedroom. I changed the clothes and wore just a gown without wearing bra and panty under it. I was just waiting for the time to the lights of my parent's bedroom goes off. When I noticed that my parents were possibly sleeping, I locked the common bathroom door opening in my bedroom, which can be used by my parents as well and moved out towards my uncle's bedroom.

As expected, the door of my uncle's bedroom was not locked from inside. It was the clear indication that he was expecting me there. I opened the door silently and moved in.

I shut and locked the door behind me without making any noise.

The lights of the room were off, but there was enough light coming through window that I could see everything. My uncle was on his bed, may be sleeping, may not be sleeping, I was not sure because his face was on the other side. What I saw in the moonlight that he was still in really good shape. In the middle of the night, I forgot where I was. I was trying to figure out whether he was sleeping or not.

I just climbed on the bed and slept near him.

"This is strange." He spoke as he was not sleeping.
"Why, is it because I am the daughter of your brother?" I said.
"Well that too. I have not thought this doing with you again." He was still fighting with his feelings and words given to me.

It was a long discussion between us and I told him everything about my sex life in Switzerland to make him ready to love me again. I was really missing his love. And I was sure that he too was missing me, but he kept silent on this.

Finally, I felt his arm wrapping around me.

"I did not forget you even for a moment. How wonderful it is to have you again in my life."

My heart skipped a beat. I got closer to him, laying my head on his chest and I put my arm over him.

"Have not you made any girl friend since my marriage?" I asked.
"No, there was no girlfriend. I fucked some girls here and there." He replied. “But I confess before you that I could not forget you. In last four years, I did not miss a single day and I masturbated daily before going to bed remembering you. I feel happy to see you again as my lover."

Realizing that he was very emotional, I hugged him. Seeing the moonlight reflect off of his chest hair I ran my fingers through it with love.

I pressed against him with my head on his chest. My fingers were making him feel love again in his life. He liked the affection and really did not want me to stop.

I shook my head, "I too missed you a lot. I will never forget that you are my first love and my sex teacher. Now, I am back in your bed forever. When I can enjoy with other men, you have the first right to fuck me."
My fingers raked across one of his nipples and as expected by me, I heard him suck in his breath. I knew that he likes it.

"Do you like that?" I asked.

Even in the moonlit darkness of his bedroom I could see his nipple respond to my touch. I was not surprised that he liked it, I too like it. I felt myself getting turned on by it and I started rubbing across the top of his nipple and was rubbing myself against him.

Uncle moaned softly.
"Yes I still enjoy this. I missed having my nipples played with your hand."

As I was rubbing myself against him, he could feel my nipples through the gown I was wearing. He wrapped his arm around me. He liked me not just because I was his brother's daughter, but we shared a special bond of love that my parents did not knows.

He was seems to be still nervous. I had to make first move. I saw the bulge in his shorts and I pushed his shorts and underwear down together. His rock hard cock was standing up and my eyes just stared my familiar and his fucking tool after a long time. I did not wait more and my fingers wrapped around it. This was the result of playing with his nipples.

I took my gown off and have removed his t-shirt too. Once again, I was naked in bed with my naked fucker uncle. I felt his arms around me drawing me to him, and I found my face just inches from his.

I pressed my lips on his lips. I felt him responding and I parted my lips for his tongue to move in to my mouth.

I felt my uncle raising me up and bringing my nipple to his mouth. I love having my nipples played with and sucked. My nipples were already hard from my rubbing against him and his mouth was sending electric shocks all the way through me. I felt great when my uncle held me in his arms. He kept switching his mouth from my one nipple to the other and the pleasure was making me wet, down between my legs.

I felt him scooting down as he gently made me move up on him. Finally, he positioned me so that I had one leg on each side of his head. Then he used his hands on my butt, pushing my juicy pussy toward his mouth and I shivered in anticipation.

Uncle was having that fun again. He always loved using his mouth on my pussy. Using his lips to cover his teeth, he was licking, nibbling and sucking every part of my pussy he could. I moaned each time he shoved his tongue into my hot and wet pussy. He kept doing it, trying to get his tongue deeper in to my love hole.

The pleasure which I was receiving from my pussy spread all through me. My body was reacting and soon I found myself actually humping his mouth. Finally, using my knees, I backed my way down his body until I bend and I kissed him, this time with my tongue going in his mouth. Then, without wasting much time, I positioned my pussy over his cock, and said "Put your wonderful cock again in me where it belongs."

He positioned his cock at my pussy. I was already sopping wet and his cock head slipped easily in to my pussy. He gripped my hips and pushed me down on to his fuck tool.

"Ah – ah – ah." My breath was pushing out of me in little gasps as his hard cock went inside of my pussy deeper and deeper. He was about to start fucking me and I stopped him by gripping him with my legs.

"I missed you and your cock a lot. Now, I am going to fuck your brains out." I said and I started moving back and forth making his cock sliding in and out of my pussy.

He knows that I am firecracker in fucking. My pussy felt almost painfully tight and my hot body had every intention of scorching his cock. Uncle was watching my hard nipples. They jostled all around as I gave him the best sex and fuck he did not have since a long time with me. Reaching up, he trapped one nipple in his each hand and started playing with them.

I was bouncing everywhere and in almost every angle. I was making his cock hit spots that had not been touched by his cock for a long time. He was playing with my nipples and I was fucking him hard. I loved it.

I knew that he likes me totally in charge in fucking, and he liked it. The inside of my pussy was so wet and warm, that made him to keep pushing his cock deeper into me.

His hard cock had stretched my pussy from the first penetration but he had made me so wet that there was no pain when his extra ordinary long and thick cock went fully in to my pussy. It felt really good from the first, and it gently got better. It was a wonderful feeling again having my uncle's cock sliding in and out of my pussy again after a long time of four years. It got better and better which made me lose control of my body movements. The pleasure waves which coming from my clit felt so good and made me to fuck him even faster.

Uncle was amazed as before. It felt as if my body was trying to suck his cock inside of me deeper and deeper. He was playing with my nipples and I was moving my body on top of him. I wanted to keep giving him more and more of my fucking pussy.

I felt my muscles spamming. My stomach muscles became tense and quivered. His sliding cock created an amazing rhythmic throbbing around my clit and inside of my pussy. The pleasure kept getting stronger and stronger with each pounding sensation. My brain kept sending out a "DONT STOP!" command, and my body obeyed the same by going faster and faster. The throbbing had become unimaginable and his hot and hard wonderful cock made my pussy explode.

My uncle must have had experienced other women having an orgasm while he had sex with them, but I am sure that nothing like this when he fucks me. I was almost uncontrollable and I reached my climax. He hanged on.

Experiencing wave after wave of pure ecstasy, I had to put my palm on my mouth to keep from crying out in fuck pleasure. I wanted it to go on forever, and I continued to fuck him. It took a while for me to come back to a point where my brain started working again and I climbed off of him.

I saw that his hard cock was shining in the moonlight. Holding his balls in my left hand and his cock in my right hand, I squeezed it gently down toward the bottom of the shaft. Running my tongue over my lips to get them good and wet, I looked at him to see if he was watching me. Making sure he was still watching, I opened my mouth just a little to tease him and got very close to his cock.

He must have felt my hot breath as I blew on him. He was mesmerized as I stuck my tongue out again.

Making sure my tongue was dripping wet, I started at the bottom of his shaft and licked upwards, slowly. Turning my head sideways, I pretended to take a bite of his cock. Very gently, I set my teeth into his flesh, making sure to use my tongue to keep his cock wet.

He was watching me in the moonlight and I used my mouth to tease his cock. It was something I always love. The feeling from his cock was running into what he was feeling in his heart. He mumbled under his breath.

"I still love you Julee." He said confessing.

His voice was soft and low and barely a whisper but I heard him. I massaged his balls and playfully scratched them lightly with my fingernails. I was not as shocked as I thought I should have been at hearing him saying those words. Somehow I had known it all along. Now my mind was full with wondering just how I felt about him.

Licking his shaft over and over, it was now even wetter than before, and I felt him start squirming. A quick look up at his face was the signal that it was time to stop teasing. I made an upward swing with my tongue from the base of his shaft to the rim of his cock head. Continuing my long, wet lick over the top of his cock, I lingered at his pee hole in the center of his cock head. I stuck my tongue in to it, or at least tried to, but I did not suck his cock head yet. I ran my tongue around the rim of his knob, all the way around, making frequent passes just under his cock head.

"Ah-h-h." He moaned.
"Does that feel good?" I asked but I did not wait for his answer. I squeezed his shaft and was delighted when I saw a clear liquid popped up. Dipping my tongue in to it, I slowly pulled away. As the liquid stretched, I stole a quick glance at him to see what he was seeing.

I felt his balls building up to shoot his cum. I was purposely dragging this out making the pleasure to build for him.

As always, I loved the taste of his pre-cum, and I closed my mouth on his cock head. I stopped after taking his whole cock head into my mouth and held it there. Waiting until I heard him moaning, my head went down quickly by taking as much as of his cock in to my mouth I could. I love a hard cock feeling in my mouth and I stayed there, holding it for a moment. As my mouth slid off of his cock, I wished I could deep throat him, but I had never gotten over gagging while trying to do it.

Moving as fast as I could, I slipped my mouth up and down on his cock. I could have gone slower so he would not cum for a while, but I did not want to tease my fucker uncle more and I too wanted to taste his cum eagerly after a gape of four years. I knew that there would be other times for us and I would go slower then. Using my hand to pump his cock, I was sucking his cock length which I managed to take in my mouth.

I felt the pressure in his balls had grown and grown. My mouth was sucking and my hand was pumping. All of this was going on at the same time as my other hand was coaxing his balls to let fire of their load. Uncle arched up off of the bed a little.
"I am going to cum." He moaned in pleasure.

I kept playing with his balls with my left hand. My lips clamped around his cock head as I was using my right hand to pump. I felt his cock getting thicker and then his warm cum exploded in to my mouth. It was hot and shot out with such a force that cum hit the back of my throat. Swallowing his cum greedily, I kept sucking and coaxing out every drop he could give me.

He lay back on the bed exhausted.

I kept his cock in my mouth even as it got soft, although cum was not shooting out anymore, but there was still some liquid oozing out. I kept licking at it until finally I convinced that he had no more to give me that time. I scooted beside him and felt his arm wrapping around me.

He held me to him and we just stayed there in that way. Both of us were lost in our thoughts and we did not say anything.

Now that we calmed down, I felt happy that we were there, where we were before four years.

Uncle gave a heavy sigh.
"A hundred years ago I would be asking you if you would marry me." He said in full of love.
I smiled at him and said: "A hundred years ago I would have said yes."

We fell asleep in each other's arms. We were happy and satisfied that we got each other back in love for the rest of our life.



Chapter 76