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As mentioned in last part of My Sexual Autobiography, I was in India for Christmas and New Year as planned, because we wanted to be with our family for this occasion. My parents and my husband's parents were missing my son a lot and they were eagerly wanted to see him.

On reaching here in India, I stayed for three days at my in law's house and then went to my parent's house where I got my uncle back to love me, fuck me. I was again fucked by my uncle after a gape of four years and was feeling very happy. I could not meet my lesbo partner and my husband's ex-girlfriend Anju while I was at my in-law’s house. I was missing her a lot and wanted to make love with her.

A day after, having been fucked by my uncle, I went to my in law's house in the afternoon for few hours for some Christmas celebration work. I finished my work and I get opportunity to meet my husband's former girlfriend and my lesbo partner Anju. Readers must be aware that Anju is a beautiful, young, unsatisfied in sex by her husband, stays next door of my in law's house. My husband have fucked her many times to give her a real sexual pleasure. She was also my lesbian partner for many occasions. Even my husband fucked both of us in group sex too.

I went to meet Anju to her house and soon, after a brief talk with her mother in law, we both were in her bedroom to play our favorite lesbian sex game. As we did not have much time in our hands because I was to return back soon, we did not waste much time to remove our cloths from our bodies. We kept our clothes on the sofa nearby and we were deep in the love within no time.

I was already wet under my panty the moment I met Anju in her house. She too was hot and horny on meeting me. We hugged tightly each other's naked and sexy body. Anju started to move her hands on my naked and sexy body. We moved to her bed hugging each other.

I tensed up slightly, and a shaky breath left out of me as Anju's tongue circled my stiff pink nipple of my right boob. I had my hand buried in Anju's hairs and my head tilted back. Anju moved her hand down towards my clean shaven pussy. She was moving her fingers on and around of my pussy and she pushed her finger in to my pussy love hole. I moaned my pleasure at the sensations of Anju's fingers which started sliding in and out of my pussy. My pleasurable utterances made my lover Anju's lips curl at the corners. She was pleased with herself for being able to manipulate my body so effectively.

Anju brought her mouth to my other boob, taking my nipple between her lips and she was teasing it in the same way she had the first. My hips rocked against Anju's hand, and my sweet nectar flowed into her palm as she plunged her slim fingers deep into my pussy. As always, Anju adored my body, the gentle swells and curves of my body that flowed into each other elegantly, the scent of my skin, and the softness of my flesh. I ran my hands through Anju's long length hair, and my legs glided along the soft sheets beneath me.

Anju came back up, kissing me deeply, and humming against the pleasant feeling of my hands running through her hair. Without even touching a sexual part of her body, I could make Anju feel tingly in all sorts of areas. I knew it very well that where to touch and when to touch it, and what noises to make and when to make them. I am a real sex performer, and when I am with a woman, I make them feel as though they were at center stage, with all my attention focused on them.

I came away from the kiss breathless.

"Anju!" I gasped before bringing my mouth back to her mouth.

We kissed deeply once more, and Anju's fingers wriggled around inside my pussy. Our mouths came together again and again. I cradled the back of Anju's head with both of my hands, and pulled her mouth to my mouth. Anju loved the way I smelled, the strawberry kiwi body wash that I used in my bath today made her tremble with excitement.

We both loves each other's company. Anju was a unlucky and unsatisfied married lady because her husband could not fuck her. He always finishes out of her pussy even before entering his cock in to her pussy. She used to satisfy herself always by using her fingers.

My mouth went to Anju's neck, and my soft lips tickled her smooth flesh as she concentrated on her finger work in to my pussy. My hips heaved when Anju found my G-spot, and a violent expulsion of air from my lungs announced her success. She rubbed my sensitive spot, and massaged it with the pads of her two fingers as I continued to attack her throat with kisses. My long legs slid along Anju's, and our soft skin rubbed against each other luxuriantly.

My hands came around, moving between us and sliding up to cup Anju's wonderful boobs. The firm swells of her boobs fit my hands perfectly, the pale flesh capped off in a little pink nipple, stiff and primed for sucking. I kissed my way a little further down, and my lips pressed against Anju's collar bone. Anju moved upward, allowing me to kiss down along her chest and she guided one of her nipple to my hungry mouth.

Anju moaned at the skillful toying of her nipple. I knew that her boobs are very sensitive, and my careful manipulation of them made her squirm. Anju's fingers were continued to move inside my juicy pussy, and she pushed her finger further into my pussy. She pressed her palm against my clit. I moaned around her nipple, and my hips rocked against her hand. My tongue spread my saliva around her nipple, and left it gleaming when I brought my mouth to her other little swell.

Anju kept up the motions of her fingers, moving them rapidly in and out of my hot and wet pussy. The wet sounds of her sliding digits delightfully debauched. I hummed against her boobs pleasurably, and sucked greedily at her sensitive nipple. I continued to squeeze and fondle the firm bumps of her other boob. Anju went back down and her nipple was sliding out from my full lips. I kissed on her mouth. I cooed into the kiss but my hands were still massaging her cute boobs.

Anju's mouth went lower, kissing my neck.

"Oh." I sighed shakily as Anju began journey of her mouth downward on my body.

Anju breathed deeply, and inhaled the scent of the body wash I had used. The scent of it brought back so many happy memories, and caused familiar stirrings deep inside of her. Anju brought her free hand to one of my boobs. My boobs are little larger than her own, though still average sized at best. My boobs are exquisitely shaped. Lovely swells were rising out from my boobs, and capped with oh-so-kissable pink nipples.

I was content with the size of my boobs; they are enough to provide a nice line of cleavage while agreeing with my build. And, like Anju's, they are wonderfully sensitive too. When my lover Anju's mouth went over them, I placed my hand on the back of her head, and let my soft red locks slide between her fingers.

Anju's fingers were continued to move in and out of my pussy slowly, letting the orgasm build inside of me. My stiff nipple was being teased and prodded by Anju's devilish tongue. Her boobs were pressing against my taut stomach.

Anju kissed lower on the swell of my breast in parting as she continued her journey further downward. My hand went to the back of her head as she went further down, and I combed through the soft tresses of her wonderful hair as her lips were pressing on my quivering stomach.
"Anju." I breathed hard.

I opened my eyes and looked down at Anju. Her lips were pressing on my lower abdomen, and came close to my pubic mound. Anju giggled when I started pushing her down further. It was my eagerness to have Anju's mouth between my legs making me impatient.

"Hold on Julee." She told me.
"I cannot." I replied dramatically. "I will explode if you do not hurry. I will lose my mind, I swear I will."

Anju rolled her eyes but gave me what I wanted. She settled between my parted thighs on her stomach and was slowly working her fingers in and out of my glistening pussy. She pressed her lips on the soft flesh on the inside of my thigh. The strawberry kiwi scent was mixed with something more pungent here, something that must have made Anju's mouth practically watered.

Anju's mouth went on to my pussy, her tongue was dragging along the inner folds of my pussy as her fingers were continued to work in and out of my hot pussy. I gasped, my back arched, and the hold I had on Anju's hair tightened. Anju swept her tongue upward, curling it around the sensitive bud of my clit and teasing it with touching just the tip. My hips bucked, my stomach twisted, and my boobs thrust upward as Anju began to eat my pussy out.

"You are so good Anju." I gasped.

Anju smiled and kept going. She slid her tongue downward and did an Indiana Jones style switch with her fingers and tongue. I cried out when her wiggling organ entered in to my pussy, her surprisingly long tongue entered in to my pussy far deeper than I have thought.

"That's it Anju." I cooed, drawing her deeper with my hold on her.

Anju's fingers found my clit, and she began to flick across it as her tongue prodded the sensitive inner walls of my pussy. This double stimulation set me off quickly.

"Anju!" I cried out lustfully, my hands were tightening into fists around her hairs. I was like in heaven and I was having a wonderful and powerful orgasm.

When I returned to the real word, I saw that Anju was watching me with a lot of love in her eyes. I looked at her hand and I was surprised to find a fuck dildo in her hand. She told me that she was gifted this by one of her college friend when she went to her parents’ house last month. She told me that now dildo is her best fuck friend and she use it as and when she feels horny. She told me that her husband's cock does not work but her dildo works properly to take her up to her satisfaction. She wanted me to fuck her with the dildo.

She pushed the dildo in her pussy and was looking at me for the further action. I took the control of fuck game and pushed the dildo deep in to her hot and wet pussy. As the dildo was not so thick, it went in to her pussy smoothly. I moved that dildo in and out of her pussy in the fucking motion for few times and pulled it back out of her pussy. Anju was in the middle of her fuck pleasure and she was looking at me surprisingly. I smiled and took that fake cock all the way in to my mouth. The dildo was fully wet with her sweet pussy juices and Anju knows it very well that I like the taste of her pussy juices. I liked clean all her sweet juices from that dildo and after that I pushed it deep in to my pussy. My pussy was running like a river after experiencing a powerful orgasm. I took it out from my pussy with a thick layer of my own pussy juices on it.

Anju smiled back and joined me in licking my pussy juices out of the dildo. Both of us have liked all of my pussy juices from the dildo and I pushed back that dildo in to Anju's waiting pussy. I started fucking her pussy with that fake cock.

Anju started moving her hips with my movement of dildo in to her pussy. I looked up at her face and she was having the sweetest smile on her face. I stopped, but only for a second. Anju said in a husky horny voice: “Please don’t stop….Please!”
I lay down beside her and continued to move the dildo in to her pussy and with my other hand, I started to play with her lovely boobs. I enjoyed her tits for a while longer and then I began working my way down her sexy body with licks and kisses. She was twitching and staring my each lick or kiss. She was enjoying this. My mouth finally reached down to her sweet sexy belly button. I used my tongue to play with that nice belly ring! As I got closer to her pussy, I began to breathe in her scent. Anju's honey smelled so sweet and hot. I always liked the taste of her cum. I finally reached her pussy and removed the dildo out of her pussy.

I moved my mouth and engulfed her soft, floppy, wet pussy lips, savoring that wonderful taste! I playfully circled my tongue all over it for a bit and then I began licking more greedily! She wanted me to fuck her with her dildo, but I did not want to miss that chance to drink more and more of her sweet pussy juices. When I licked her pussy lips up and down, her moans got louder and louder.

God, it was so wonderful! Soon, I parted her pussy lips with my tongue and got full taste of her red sweet pussy flesh. She was so sweet and wet! I saw her clit, and it was as beautiful as it was before. It was almost as big as mine and it was all pink and shiny wet. I gently touched it with my tongue.

I sucked her clit in to my mouth and within seconds, Anju moaned out “Oh my God” and her pussy gushed out a spurt of her juice. My face was covered in her sweet cum. I began licking her crotch all over because I did not want miss a drop! There was the spot between her pussy and her ass hole which was coated in her sweet pussy juices! I licked it all and closed my eyes with pure delight. Some of her sweet honey ran down to her asshole.

Anju’s asshole was just beautiful. It was an amazing tight pink puckered hot hole nestled between her ass cheeks. She squeezed my head between her legs while her feelings were calming down.

I moved up, towards her beautiful face and she took me in her arms and pulled me to her. She kissed me deeply and moved my head so that it was resting on her lovely boobs. We hugged each other for a while, before going to bathroom to clean ourselves as it was the time for me to leave. I still feel that I could have spent more time with Anju but, I could not because of short of time. But I was happy that I could make Anju happy and satisfied. Infect, I too was very happy and was feeling satisfied in playing wonderful lesbian fuck game with Anju after a long time knowing that we may have to wait again for a long time for such a sexy meeting.


Chapter 77