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It was December 26, the day after the Christmas Party at my parents’ house. The party was attended by all the family members, my parents, my uncle, my in laws, my husband and specially invited guests Tabassum and her boyfriend Farhaan from Bangladesh. I have also invited Nayana and her husband from Mumbai, but they could not come due to some work at their home.

The party ended at early morning at 4.00 A.M. Every one enjoyed.

For the information of the readers, I know Tabassum since I shifted to Switzerland in May 2012. Tabassum was a visitor there in July 2012 when we met first time. Our first meeting went beyond friendship limit and I shared a bed naked with Tabassum and we become lesbian partners. Tabassum is also a bi-sexual girl like me. Tabassum visited us again in March 2013 and that time, she stayed at our home. I and Tabassum made lesbian love with each other, each day and each night making her trip memorable.

I wanted to write about my lesbian fuck fun with Tabassum that time, but I did not do it on the wish of Tabassum. This time, she wanted me to write this group fucking experience, so I am sharing this experience with you.

I met Farhaan, Tabassum's boyfriend first time. Tabassum told me that he is a very nice and caring person with open minded view on sex. She told me that he is little shy till he opens up. Farhaan was already aware about Tabassum's fucking relations with me. Tabassum told me that he was interested to become our fuck partner in group fuck game.

They were to return Bangladesh on morning of December 27, so we made a program to visit and stay at our farm house on the night of December 26, before seeing them off on the morning next day directly from there. The Goa airport is near our farm house.
We all, I, Tabassum and Farhaan arrived at our farm house at about 5.00 in the evening.
Farhaan was looking little nervous. But I was sure that as informed by Tabassum, he would open up soon and we will surely enjoy this night.

I was dressed in a light sun dress that stopped just short of my knees and a pair of flats. Tabbu was wearing a tube top, faded blue jeans and sandals. I stared momentarily at Tabbu's top, with her round tits filling the material and making her large nipples stand out. Farhaan was a clean-shaven man with dark hair that he wore longish. He was dressed casually, in a short-sleeved floral shirt and khaki shorts.
Tabassum is as tall as I and Farhaan was fairly tall, 6-1, maybe 6-2 and stoutly built like my husband. There was an earnest sexuality about both of them that sent a shiver up my spine. Trying help to fight off Farhaan's nervousness, I asked if they would like a glass of wine. They said they would like a glass or two. Farhaan was sitting in the chair while I and Tabbu sat on the sofa, sipping our wine, and we exchanged small talk for several minutes.

After two glasses of wine, I was feeling mellower, and I got closer to Tabassum on the sofa. Our thighs were pressing together. Tabbu was stroking my bare thigh with her hand, looking me up and down with an excited look. I, too, was looking at Tabbu's tits with a watering mouth, aching to get my lips on them.

Nothing specific was said, but before I Farhaan knew it, I and Tabbu were embracing on the sofa. We looked deep into each other's eyes a split second before our lips met. This was the point of no return, I knew, and I did not hesitate. Softly, at first, then with more urgency, we kissed, a full-mouth, full-tongue lip lock. Tabbu's hand snaked up under my skirt, and she was delighted to find nothing between her hand and my very wet, very hot pussy. She ran a finger up my drooling crack and rolled my swelling clit around lightly.

Breaking the kiss, I immediately reached for Tabbu's tits, pulling down her tube top and making her globes popped into the open.

"You have the most beautiful tits." I said and I filled both of my hands with Tabbu's hot flesh.

I bent down and captured each of her stiff, pink nipple in my mouth, licking, kissing, even chewing on her hard little nubs and I squeezed her tit flesh. She too, filled her hands with my still-covered tits and we kissed again powerfully. When we fell apart this time, it was me who pulled the top off Tabbu's body and tossed it aside. Tabassum reached around and unzipped my dress, and my tits came to view when the straps fell down my arms. I stood up and I let the dress fall to the floor.

Tabbu drank in the sight of the beautiful and sexy woman as I stood naked in front of her with my legs slightly spread. She ran her hands all over my long legs, until she came to my dripping, clean shaven cunt.

"Oh, Julee! You are hot." Tabbu breathed, and she bent her head to kiss and lick my flat belly while she was lightly stroking my pussy.
"I think Farhaan is enjoying the show." I said.

We both looked across the room to where Farhaan was quietly kneading a huge bulge in his shorts. He was staring at my sexy and slim body.

Stark need was etched all over my face as Tabbu kissed her way down my stomach to my abdomen. Suddenly, she pulled away, stood up, turned me around and pushed me gently, but firmly to the sofa. She knelt on the floor, got right up between my legs and buried her face in my steaming cunt.

"Ahhh, yeah!" I cried in pleasure. I was arching my back as I felt her lips and tongue were opening my outer pussy lips and delving in to my hot inner core.

Farhaan was just staring, both at his sexy girlfriend in action, and the wet spot that was forming at the crotch of Tabbu's jeans, which he could see as her ass was pointed in his direction. He could not control himself and have unbuttoned his shorts and pulled out his throbbing hot cock and began to lightly stroking it.

I just happened to open my eyes at that moment and looked over at Farhaan. My eyes widened and my tongue licked my lips in lustful relish at the sight of his not much long, but fat dick. His cock was about 6.5 inches long, but was a thick one. It was looking like thick and strong pole.

Tabbu pulled away from my dripping cunt to look over her shoulder at her boyfriend and smiled. Then she turned back and resumed working on my hungry pussy. She licked up the folds of my pussy lips, around my clit, back down to my fuck hole, then stabbed at my pussy opening with her tongue. When she was not tonguing my fuck hole, she was furiously pushing her two fingers back and forth in my clenching canal. I could feel that a quick first climax was building and I humped my naked crotch on Tabbu's long, active tongue and powerful fingers. My eyes were screwed shut and I clutched at my own tits, rolling my nipples around, and the orgasm gathered steam. I felt something like an explosion within my body and my body convulsed in my climax. Tabassum pulled away and smiled up at me. I saw a wet ring around her mouth.

"I think it's time to go upstairs in bedroom. I said because it was the time for my husband to join us in fucking group gang.

Gathering up our clothes, we trio made our way to the bedroom on first floor. There was a soft chair in one corner, but the king-size bed dominated the room. Once in the bedroom, I pulled Tabbu to me and kissed her again, hard and insistent. While we were kissing, I opened Tabbu's jeans and pulled them down her legs like me, she too was not wearing panties. I ran my fingers through her crotch, and was pleasantly surprised to encounter her completely-shaved pussy. I ran my fingers through her gushing gash, opened up her fat pussy lips, rolled her clit around several times, and then I slid my two fingers as deep as I could into her lovely cunt.

She rode my hand hard and we two sexy women kissed. Farhaan too finished undressing himself and we all three were completely naked in the bedroom of our farm house to play our most favorite fuck game. Farhaan pulled the covers off the big bed and laid on his back, his wonderful cock was aiming at the ceiling.
Tabassum was already lying between her boyfriend Farhaan's legs idly stroking his cock.

"Come on Julee and join me." She purred. "There is plenty here for two of us."

I slid in next to Tabbu. Our hot bodies were clinging together, and we took hold of Farhaan's impressive fucking meat. We both ran our hands over Farhaan's hot, and spongy cock. Then Tabbu took her index finger and swirled his pre-cum all over his bulbous cock head. Moving our heads in, we flicked our tongues all over his shaft, bathing it with our saliva. We were working together like a team that we did it before with my husband. This was the very first time that we were doing it together with Tabassum's boyfriend.

When Farhaan's cock slick and wet, Tabbu gripped it at the base and pointed it toward my mouth. I did not hesitate, and I wrapped my lips around Farhaan's bulbous cock head and I slowly filled my mouth, swirling my tongue around his shaft. I got about half of his cock into my mouth and then I began to slowly working my mouth up and down and all around on his hot cock. Tabbu was licking and sucking his balls and the base of his dick.

When I had a liberal taste of Farhaan's cock, I pulled my mouth off, but a tendril of spittle momentarily kept my mouth in contact with his cock head. I licked my way back down his shaft while Tabbu plunged her mouth on to her boyfriend's dick. I was gently sucking each of his testicle in to my mouth while staring up at the way Tabbu took almost all of Farhaan's cock into her mouth and throat.

Then it was my turn again, and this time, I was determined to get all of his cock in my throat. I sucked half of his cock in straightaway, took a deep breath through my nose, and then kept feeding his cock in to my mouth. A thrill ran up my spine as I felt the head of his cock pass into my throat. I was working my mouth around the base of his cock and my saliva dribbled onto his abdomen and down his fat balls.

When I came up for some air this time, I handed his cock to Tabbu, crawled up into Farhaan's arms and planted a deep, tongue-laden kiss on his lips. Farhaan savored the taste of his own cock on my mouth, and he ran his hands up and down my sexy and naked body, lingering at my stiffened nipples. He pulled me up and sucked each of my nipple tips into his mouth, licking and kissing the brown areoles and the bullet-hard nipples.

"You are really hot." Farhaan whispered. "Tabassum told me about you that how sexy you are. Ramesh is a very lucky man to have a wife like you."

Tabbu pulled her mouth off Farhaan's cock and moved over to where I was lying on my side. She spread my legs and dove in to lick and suck my pussy. My cunt was flowing freely as Tabbu licked and fingered my throbbing fuck hole. Pulling her mouth away, she got up on her knees and addressed her girlfriend and her boyfriend:
"I want to see your beautiful cock sliding in Julee's pussy, baby!" Tabbu purred. "I want you to give her the same pleasure you are giving me. Come on, baby, fuck her good."

Farhaan rolled me onto my back, and I let myself be taken. My mind was a swirling kaleidoscope of sensations, my eyes misty with conflicting emotions. I was about to let one of my best girlfriend's boyfriend put his cock in to my pussy for the first time. I was excited.

Tabbu knelt next to boyfriend, pressing her body to his as he got up on his knees between my legs. Tabbu grabbed the base of Farhaan's cock, while I reached down with two fingers and opened my pussy, inviting his cock to hit the target. Tabbu guided her boyfriend's cock to my burning cunt, and I gasped as his cock head parted my pussy lips. Slowly but steadily, Farhaan pushed his cock into the liquid vise of my vagina, parting the sugary walls of my pussy like a hot knife through butter.

"Ahhhhhhhh! Yeaaaaaaah!" I wailed in fuck pleasure. "Um, um, um! Ssssoooo gooooood!"

He went slowly to give me time to get adjusted to girth of his cock, but I quickly began to pick up a slow, sensual rhythm, rolling my hips up to meet his inward thrusts. I wrapped my legs around his waist and my arms were around his back to keep him close. Tabbu's hands were running all over the point where we were joined, squeezing Farhaan's balls and fingering my clit. I moved my one hand down to my own dripping-wet pussy. Tabbu crawled up the bed and played with my jiggling tits, squeezing my flesh and pinching my nipples. She then spent a minute or two licking and sucking my hard nipples.

Tabbu got up on her knees at my head with her legs spread slightly. I looked over and smiled through the contortions of lust that Farhaan was producing me with his slow, steady fucking. I slipped my left hand up between her cunt lips and slid my two fingers as far as they could go in to her cunt. I finger-fucked her bald pussy for a couple of minutes, until she could not stand any more.

"Eat me, please." Tabbu said and she straddled my head. I wrapped my hands on her thighs to draw her close, while she opened her petals. A drop of her dew dripped from her love hole onto my outstretched tongue, seconds before her pussy made electric contact with my lips and tongue.

I felt like Tabbu was riding a merry-go-round that was spinning faster and faster. My cunt was getting fucked by Farhaan's cock, and my head was spinning from the intoxicating taste of Tabassum's pussy nectar. Farhaan started to pick up his fucking speed and he was pumping his cock in my burning-hot snatch, and I was right there with him, moaning and crying out in between licks of Tabbu's juicy cunt. I could feel that Tabbu was just beginning to reach her climax. As expected, she exploded in my mouth. I was licking her tasty pussy juices.

On getting her strong climax by my licking and sucking on her pussy, she moved down on the bed and involved in a deep-tongue kiss with Farhaan, who was still fucking me hard.

Farhaan gave me an extra-hard, extra-deep thrust.
“You were right Tabbu, your friend Julee got a great and sexy pussy. She should be proud of it." Farhaan said breathlessly. "Her husband is a lucky man." Farhaan said again.

Farhaan had bent over and gathered me in his arms and was fucking me with his long, hard and fast fucking strokes. I was responding, howling, panting, swearing and moaning. Tabassum was having a clear view of Farhaan's cock which was pumping with methodical precision in my wife's pussy, and I was meeting his fucking thrusts. Tabbu gripped Farhaan's buttocks and she was trying to push him even further in me, and everyone was hearing the rhythmic sound of slap, slap, slap of our sweaty bodies making together, and the liquid squishing of hard cock and hot cunt.

Tabbu was watching and Farhaan was hitting his hot cock strokes in to my pussy. The moans and cries from the furiously fucking couple on the bed filled the room as we climbed the last few steps to a crashing mutual orgasm.

I arched my back and stiffened for just a split second. Then, like a dam giving way, my body jerked and convulsed like I had been electrocuted, and right at that moment, all could hear Farhaan cry out, and he pushed his fucking cock deep in my spamming cunt. Farhaan's buttocks were clenching over and over again, and he was firing huge bolts of his creamy cum deep in my hot pussy with each spasm of his buttocks.

Finally, Farhaan pulled his semi-hard cock out from my satisfied cunt.
Tabbu and I were lying next to each other fingering each other's pussy and staring intently at him with fiery eyes.

Farhaan crawled in between us on the bed. We were running our hands all over his chest, giving special attention to his nipples. Farhaan looked over at his girlfriend and their lips met in a hot, lingering kiss.

He leaned to his left and took hold of Tabbu's tits and she pressed them into his hands. He was squeezing and kneading her flesh and she was moaning in pleasure. He brought each of her pink nipples to his mouth and suckled each of them, taking his time to give them the proper respect that they deserved.

I noticed that Tabbu could feel the sensations sparkling from her breasts to her crotch and up to her brain. She still had not had her orgasm by fucking. She experienced one by my licking on her pussy. I could feel that she was again on the point getting closer to another climax.

He pulled his mouth away. I moved right in, sliding his hard becoming fucking cock in to my mouth. He just groaned happily as he felt my wonderful lips around the base of his cock.

Tabbu could not stand it anymore. Her pussy was literally dripping down her thighs, and she needed to cum. She climbed up on her knees, straddled Farhaan's face and rode him like a cowgirl. Farhaan licked, kissed, sucked and fingered his girlfriend's incredibly juicy cunt. She was throwing her head every way, her body thrashed and she gave out a keening moan as her orgasm came to a fierce head, and with a sharp cry, she shuddered as she came hard on his face. He lapped up her flowing juices as much for survival as anything.

When Tabbu's twitching subsided somewhat, she lifted her hips slightly to let Farhaan breathe, but she continued to straddle his face.

Abruptly, Tabbu climbed off Farhaan's face. No words were needed, as Farhaan got on his knees and lay down in front of him for him to resume eating her pussy again. I had climbed off the bed and I was on my knees sucking Farhaan's cock back up to full roar.
It seemed like the air in the room was crackling with our fucking energy.

We changed our position and now I was rubbing my wet pussy over Tabassum's wet pussies by riding on her. Tabassum's legs were apart my one leg was in between her parted legs to make our pussy rubbing easy. Two hot girls were rubbing their pussies together and that made Farhaan shaking his own cock in full speed. I was rubbing my leaking pussy on her hot and wet pussy without stopping and that took us on the edge of exploding. I was the first to crack, and my body went rigid for several seconds and then I went into full-body shudders. Tabassum was right behind me as the feeling of my spastic cunt triggered a huge explosion through her entire body. We moaned, squealed, gasped and cried out in orgasmic pleasure.

Watching this wonderful display by both of us was too much for Farhaan. He stroked his cock powerfully with some hard strokes, and he then erupted with a half-dozen rocket shots of cum that splattered all over my face. He covered my upper lip, my nose, my forehead and my chin with his white-hot cream. I saw that when Farhaan was spurting his hot cum, his rectum tightened spastically.

For long minutes, we slowly let our bodies come back to earth, stunned by the intensity of our three way orgasm.

"Wow!" Tabbu exclaimed breathlessly. She moved her head up and kissed my cum-covered lips, deeply, slowly and then she licked every bit of his boyfriend's cum from my face.

Finally, we got up and headed for the bathroom attached to the bathroom. As the bath tub was a bigger one, we all three sat in the tub, soaking up the warm, bubbly water.

We were laughing and talking as we let the hot jets of water clean and relax our bodies. After we got as much as of the hot tub that could stand easily after a long fucking session, we decided that we were famished, so after we dried off, we made our way back downstairs. We were still naked and we warmed our dinner in microwave oven in the kitchen.
As we finished our dinner, sitting naked on the table, I felt that my arousal was starting to simmer again. I ran my toe up the inside of Tabbu's leg, all the way until I reached her slick slit. I wiggled my big toe inside her pussy for a few seconds as Tabassum squealed with delight. Then I dropped my leg back and Tabbu gave me the same treatment, getting her big toe all wet and juicy with my dew.

"Looks to me like Julee is ready for some more." Tabbu said in a sultry tone. “What you think Farhaan?"

Farhaan was watching the two women exchanging smoky looks, and he nodded his head in agreement.

"I think you know what I want." Tabbu continued, cocking her head toward her boyfriend. "Julee already got your dick, but poor Tabassum been left out."

I saw that Farhaan's cock beginning to stiffen on Tabbu's word.
"Yeah, whatever you ladies want, I am here to deliver." Farhaan said.

With that, the fucking party of three of us headed back upstairs for the second round of unbridled lust.

Tabbu and I got up on the bed and sort of melded our naked bodies together, we knelt on the bed. Our lips met in a deep, open-mouthed kiss, and our nipples touched as our lust soared.

I and Tabbu were lost in our own little world as we filled our hands with the other's hot tit flesh. Our minds seemed to be telepathic as we wordlessly moved onto the bed in opposite directions. At first, we lay on our sides and lifted a leg to allow the other's mouth to have an easy access of our hot pussies. Quickly, the liquid sound of our lips and tongues on each other's hot, wet pussy, along with moans and coos of lust, could be heard through the room.

Although I was the more experienced at lesbian sex, this time it was Tabbu who took control, rolling me onto my back as we fed on each other's pussy. Tabbu reached up and grasped my hips to pull my pussy onto her active tongue, while I bent my head between Tabbu's legs and slashed my tongue up and down her hot pussy. Our bodies writhed together as we ate each other's pussy. We were feeling a big climax brewing, as we fed each other's lust.

Farhaan moved toward the bed to where I was under Tabbu and her body was humping my face in a rhythmic motion. Seeing him coming to us, we changed our position and now Tabbu was under me. He climbed up on the bed between Tabbu's widespread and I smiled at her boyfriend. I took his throbbing and hard cock in my hand and made a few strokes before aiming his cock head at Tabbu's fat and dewy pussy lips while climbing on Tabbu's face. Farhaan plunged his cock into Tabbu's soaking and fucking well. He quickly got up to a steady pace in his girlfriend's hairless fucking box. Tabbu was sucking my pussy while getting fucked by her boyfriend in to her hot and wet pussy.

Incoherent sounds of lust were ripped from her lips while her boyfriend was fucking her. I slid down to watch their coupling and I fascinated at the way Tabbu's insides clinging to Farhaan's fat cock.

Tabbu screamed as she felt the exquisite fuck feeling and her orgasm exploded like a land mine. She screamed and moaned in orgasmic bliss. Her orgasms were firing like Roman candles, exploding one after the other as she seems to lose her mind from sheer sensation.

I could feel that my own tremendous climax was reaching watching the incredible action in front of me. My hand reached on my dripping cunt. Suddenly, I had an idea, and I immediately acted on it. Over Tabbu's body, keeping my each leg on each side of Tabbu's naked body, I leaned on the headboard of the bed and offered my wet and hot pussy to Farhaan to lick it. Keeping his fucking cock in to Tabbu's hot cunt, he quickly began to lick hard at my fuck hole while fucking his girlfriend. He was licking, kissing and eating my cunt with absolute abandon. Feeling his mouth on my fuck hole sent me over the top with a grinding orgasm of my own that just kept on unfolding.

Again, it seemed like time stood still for just a second as I and Tabbu writhed in our spastic orgasms, while Farhaan was continue to pound his cock in her girlfriend's pussy.

"I am c-c-cummmmmmin." Farhaan exclaimed, and he exploded in Tabbu's pussy.

Tabbu screamed again in pleasure as she felt the jets of hot cum filling her hole.
We, both the girlfriends were been truly well-fucked that night, in every way.

I had a feeling that with a fair amount of work, I could coax one more hard-on before the night was over. So instead of climbing off and giving Farhaan a respite, I moved my pussy further hovering over his face. He took my hips in his hand and worked his lips and tongue over my dripping cunt. He groaned as Tabbu slipped down and stuffed his semi-hard cock into her mouth.

Farhaan's cock started to stiffen again by Tabbu's sucking. When she had his cock reasonably hard, she pulled her mouth off of his cock. She slipped his cock out of her mouth and started stroking his cock with her hand. Farhaan was continue to lick my pussy while his cock was receiving jerking from his girlfriend.

Suddenly, Farhaan's attention was diverted when he felt his girlfriend's lips on his cock. He looked down just long enough to see that Tabbu sliding his cock into her mouth. Her hair was stringy from the sweat of her earlier lust, and she looked exhausted, but she smiled just the same as she leisurely worked her boyfriend's cock in her mouth.

I felt another huge orgasm building, and I was ready for the final act in the night's pleasure. I was shuddering as another orgasm rippled through my body. I was moaning and throwing my head back in orgasmic delight.

Then, I fell back on the bed. Farhaan was fucking her girlfriend's mouth hard. Tabbu was sucking his cock in to her mouth and at the same time, she was masturbating his cock by holding it from its base. It was a hard task for Tabbu but she was doing it with all her fucking skills. That resulted Farhaan to fire his cum gun once again in her girlfriend's mouth.

We all were spent out fully and we do not know when we slipped in deep sleep, naked and in each other's arms on the bed.
We left early in the morning. We, all three were tried and were completely exhausted, but thoroughly satisfied.

Farhaan and Tabbu was to catch their flight for their way back to home in Bangladesh. I dropped them on the airport and we kissed and hugged each other to meet soon again.



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