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I start it right from where I left it in the previous part.

I noticed that my husband was eager to fuck Nayana and I smiled noticing this. He spread her legs wide and pulled her outer labia apart. He was playing his fingertips across her clitoris which was tiny and heavily hooded. She shuddered and he made his finger wet with more saliva and he continued gently stroking her clit.

She was shuddering and jumping from the bed and my husband pressed his index and middle fingers between her inner pussy lips.

Certainly, before loosened up by her earlier drinking, she was more than ready to indulge her romantic fantasy of sex with me along with my husband.

So, when he eased Nayana's knees up and pushed them wide apart, tilting her hips up slightly, she smiled looking up at me. He went down on her and I heard her gasping out loud as my husband first lapped broadly across her clit and then, on the next pass, he bobbed further back and drew his tongue all the way up from just in front of her anus, passing deep between her pussy lips and ending by flicking up at her clit. I saw that my husband was rewarded immediately with a shiver that ran through Nayana's entire body.

He kept working on her pussy and after a minute, her hips were started moving gently with the action of my husband's tongue. She started moaning "ah-uh! ah-uh! ah-uh!"

Leaning over Nayana, laying down on her side, propping myself up on my one elbow, I was watching continuously my husband licking out the pussy of other girl.

I saw that Nayana's tiny clit become hard and her cunt lips were fully wet with a combination of my husband's saliva and with her own pussy juices that were starting to flow fast.

However, I was definitely turned on again. Watching my husband, who was trying to get Nayana cum, I slipped my hand between my own legs and I started stroking my clit slowly.

My husband kept going and he was trying to make Nayana cum. Nayana's rhythm grew with the rhythm of my husband's licking.

Finally, my husband kneeled up and positioned himself between her thighs. I knew that he needs to cum. He did not cum while he fucked me in doggy style and made me cum. I did not saw anytime that my husband was so eager to fuck any other woman. This was the first time that I was seeing my husband so desperate to fuck Nayana.

He drew the pre-cum dribbling head of his cock back and forth a few times between her now swollen pussy lips and then he settled the tip of his fucking cock on to the right place and lowered himself over her.

Nayana looked up at me, and I noticed that her eyes were saying to me that she finally got my husband's fuck tool in to her pussy. She too was eager to be get fucked by my husband, as she told me before. I saw that my husband was pressing and entering his cock gently in her pussy.

The head of my husband's cock eased into her pussy. Her body tensed up and her breath seems to be caught in her throat as she let out a sharp and barely audible gasp. She stared into my husband's eyes with a lot of lust in her eyes, and then she breathed, saying:
"Yes... Fuck me"

I was staring at the narrow gap between Nayana's hips and my husband's hips, watching my husband's cock was readily poised to fill my friend Nayana’s cunt.

Concentrating on Nayana, my husband eased his hips forward. Nayana shuddered deeply as my husband's rigid fuck tool slid all the way into her wet pussy hole. Her pussy was seems to be quite wet as my husband's long and thick cock went in her pussy hole, not in one smooth motion but in three or four staggered movements - slip, stop, slip, stop, slip, stop.

"Ohh!" My husband moaned out loud. "Julee! Nayana's pussy is tight! Her vagina enveloped my cock in a damp, hot velvet grip. This is incredible."

Then, my husband lowered himself on to her, supporting his weight on his elbows. He started fucking Nayana gently. She buried her face in my husband's broad chest.

"Ooohh! Ooohh! Ooohh!" She was moaning in fuck pleasure with each inward move of my husband's hard cock into her pussy and suddenly, I felt that her pussy was soaking wet and my husband's big fucking shaft was now slipping evenly and easily in and out of her fuck hole.

I wanted to make my husband to cum quickly and I helped him by reaching between his legs from behind and I started fondling his balls.

After that, it took only a dozen of strokes deep into Nayana's pussy and he began to ejaculate, slamming up into her pussy in a series of hard, wild thrusts. His balls were jumping in my hand.

My husband's cock was pumping cum in to her pussy, and I saw that Nayana's expression changed to wide-eyed, slack jawed, and surprise and she began moving her hips upward, moaning "Uh! Uh! Uh!" on each of my husband's crashing inward plunges.

"Aaahhhhhhhh!" She moaned loudly and I could understand that she too was Cumming with my husband.

When their mutual orgasm subsided, my husband released her, but Nayana threw her arms around my husband, hugging him tightly down onto her and gasping breathlessly. Finally, my husband removed his soft going cock from Nayana's fucked pussy and rolled down on her side.

I moved my mouth forward and took Nayana's nipple of my side boob in my mouth and have rubbed my palm on her well fucked wet pussy. She was responding according to my expectations and we were deep in playing lesbian game there on the bed while my husband was recovering from his hard fuck with Nayana. Nayana too placed her hand on my hot pussy and have started to rub my pussy with her hand. Soon, she took control of the game by pushing me down on the bed on my back and she moved her mouth between my legs, right over my well shaved pussy. She was rubbing my boobs and was moving her tongue in and out of my dripping pussy. She was tongue fucking my pussy and was also flicking my clit in between which made me cum on her sucking mouth. She sucked my tasty cum and her eyes were shining like a cat who drank a lot of tasty milk.

After sucking my pussy, she took my husband's cock first in her hand and then slipped it between her lips tasting her own pussy juices from it. In a short time, Nayana tasted my pussy, as well as my husband's cock in her mouth.

I leaned in and started licking my husband's balls while Nayana was performing blow job on my husband's cock. I was nose down between his legs and was alternating my mouth between licking his balls and was making an occasional lap of my tongue all the way up the length of my husband's now fully re-hardening shaft until I licked across Nayana's cheek.

As I moved further up, so did Nayana until my husband's cock popped out of her mouth. My husband was watching me while I kissed Nayana's lips tasting a mixture of my husband's cum and my own pussy juices from her mouth. I kissed her hard by thrusting my tongue rudely into her mouth.

Nayana desperately plunged her mouth over my husband's cock once again, this time taking it so deep that she began to gag. I grabbed the base of his cock and Nayana resumed bobbing up and down on his cock head.

My husband pulled Nayana up towards him and told the both of us: "Come up here and let me fuck you again, this time with Julee."

I smiled and crawled back to the top of the bed after Nayana, flopping down beside me where I pushed her onto her back.

He spread Nayana's legs and fell on to her, plunging his cock abruptly into her pussy. He fucked and thrust at her for less than a minute, squeezing her boobs and then just as abruptly dismounted from her and clambered onto me and I eagerly guided his cock into my soaking slit.

He fucked me the way I like always, hard and ramming, so that within a minute or two, I was Cumming beneath him. Then he immediately withdrew his cock from my fucked pussy and mounted on Nayana again. He fucked her hard for several minutes and then he slowed down his fucking pace. She was responding to my husband's gentle fucking motions by moving her ass up to meet his fucking moves.

While fucking Nayana, he reached out and drew me closer to him and slipped his hand between my legs and started fingering my sopping cunt. It took only another 30 seconds before Nayana started screaming out her second orgasm.

Arching herself up and twisting her body under my husband, she screamed loudly in fuck pleasure: "Oh god! Oh god! Oh god!"

Her orgasm spent and Nayana collapsed back into the bed beneath him and he withdrew his cock from her cunt and rolled off her away from me so we could sandwich Nayana between us.

I had taken over wanking myself and I leaned heavily over Nayana and kissed my husband hotly. My hands were falling carelessly across Nayana's body, on her stomach and on her boobs.

After a little while, he rolled Nayana onto her side to face me. He was pressing Nayana from behind while kissing her neck and humping his cock between her tight ass cheeks.

In front of Nayana, I continued playing my fingertips between my own legs and my boobs were squeezing enticingly against Nayana's boobs.

My husband slid down a few inches and drew his hips back, guiding the head of his cock between Nayana's legs from behind and she moaned as he slipped his cock again up into her sopping cunt.

He reached round and started rubbing Nayana's clit while sliding his cock in and out of her wet pussy. Nayana was having her dream fuck and a low moan escaped from her mouth: "Oh yes..."

"Come on." He whispered in her ear. "Come on! Look at Julee touching herself! Cum with her! Cum with Julee! Come on!"

Nayana started pressing herself back against my husband's fucking cock, meeting his fucking thrusts into her lovely pussy and was breathing softly: 'Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!'

Then Nayana's noises were muted by me as I masturbated myself to a juddering orgasm. I opened my eyes just in time to see Nayana crying out a whimpering "Ohhhhhhhhh!!!!." She had another mind blowing orgasm.

He pulled out his cock out of Nayana's cunt.

"On your back." He told her. He moved clambering up to the head of the bed and said to both of us.
"Get your heads together..."
"Ooh, yeah..." I slurred anticipating what he was going to do. Nayana too leaned closed to me.

He kneeled up and started shaking his own cock in a speedy way. After making a couple of dozens hard strokes with his tight fist on his cock, he aimed his cock inches above her face across at me.

"Oh..." Nayana murmured.

"Ooh yeah, cum on us!" I moaned. "Shoot your sweet cum on us!"

"Uhh! Uhh!" He grunted. "Open your mouths! Open your mouths!" And then he started Cumming: "Uhh!! Uhh!! Uhh!!"

His first stream shot of warm cum went wildly across into my hair, laying a thick line across my forehead and down onto Nayana's cheek, but the second snaked across both girls' open mouths.

Nayana jumped and closed her mouth instinctively. He squeezed out the last couple of jets of his second orgasm semen. He grasped her hair to hold her still and pressed the tip of his cock on to her lips, spilling his cum over them and then pushed his cum firing cock head in to her mouth.

He jerked and twitched his cock between Nayana's lips for a moment, and then abruptly pushed his cock all the way into her mouth. Nayana sucked the last drops of cum out of my husband's cock.

Then he collapsed on the bed between me and Nayana, staring at the ceiling in a doped, satisfied haze.

We do not know when we all three slipped in a deep sleep after having wonderful fucking by my husband.

In the morning, before leaving for airport to catch our flight, we took a sexy hot water bath together. After having our breakfast together, Nayana dropped us on airport and hugged my husband tightly expressing her feelings. I too hugged Nayana and promised her another good time soon.




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