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Indian Father Pumps "Energy" Chapter 1

Indian horny father pumps "energy" in willing thin daughter.


My name is Nisha. I live in Lucknow in UP along with my father Ram aged 50 and mother Malini aged 48 year. My age is 19 years only as due to some medical problems I was born much after their marriage and my parents had no other child except me. Mother has still some medical problems and she has gone so fat. She must be above 90 kg in weight very plump and obese while only 5' 2" in height. Mother is govt employee and her office time is from 9 to 5 in evening.

My father is a professor in a local college. He goes to college at 8 in morning and is back by 2.30pm. He is 5' 6" with an athletic body and very fit. When both my father and mother stand together they look misfit and odd couple because mother is fat but father is so fit and handsome.

I am 19 year and studying in 12th class. As mentioned before I was born many years after my parents marriage and that also after much medication, so due to some side effect of medication, my body is not so developed and I am very thin. I am only 43 kg in weight while 5-3" height. Due to being skinny my boobs has not developed much and I still use a sports bra of no 32, while the girls of my class use bra of even 36 size. I am normally depressed due to being thin as there is not much flesh on my body and I want to be plump and chubby.

My parents don't have very good and loving relations. They are normally fighting and quarrelsome. I don't know the reason.

Though I am very fair and beautiful but due to my skinny figure not much boys are interested in me. My classmate girls have many boyfriends and they were regularly fucking with them. I had befriended one boy who was not so handsome but as I had no friend so I befriended him and he has fucked me 2-3 times, but then he ditched me for another girl. I was very much depressed by that. Now I am trying to befriend with some other boy but though I am very fair and beautiful and even ready to give maximum leverage to my boyfriends to fuck me but still they prefer some plump and fleshy girls. So I feel dejected. Hence I am always horny and looking for some male company.

One day I was passing through my parents room, and I heard some quarrel. I heard something about sex. It stopped my steps. I put my ear to the door.

In the room my father was fighting with mother and saying, "Why do you behave like this. We are only in our 50s. It is already 20 days since I have fucked you. You should think of my needs also. See how my cock is pulsating and throbbing. Why don't you satisfy my physical needs? Do you want me to go to prostitutes and get some disease at this age? I am young and want to fuck you daily but you don't let me fuck you. It is so bad of you. See the condition of my cock." As I heard these words, I immediately put my eyes on keyhole. In the room, my father was standing stark naked and pleading with my mother for sex. Bad luck that his face was on other side so I could not see his cock but mother was still wearing her clothes and she was refusing him saying, "Look at your age. You should be ashamed that you have a grown up daughter but still you behave like teenager. Now you should devote much time to GOD but you still are so horny. Also you know that due to the age and side effect of the medicines, my sex desire is finished and I want to devote more time in temple. Please don't drag me in sex and such other sins. You are so sex maniac that you always ask for sex only. I let you do it today but after that don't come to me for another one month." Saying this mother raised her sari and petticoat to her waist and lowering her panty she laid on the bed like a dead wood log. There was no participation from her side and she even didn't remove her blouse. Her cunt was having a big jungle of hair.

Father was really pissed off from her behavior. But he had no choice. He asked, "Malini! How many times had I asked you to keep yourself shaved. You are so bushy that I have to search for your cunt hole. Also it smells so bad." But before that father could say anything else, mother snarled, "You please hurry up and finish your demand. I have to go out to market with my friends and then to temple. Please insert your cock and quench your thirst fast. But be hurry. You see the lights has come and I have to start motor and fill the water in overhead tank." Father was really annoyed he opened his mouth to say something but then moved his head in exasperation and moved near to mother. Mother was lying on the bed like a log of wood and didn't seem anyway a part of the sex. She looked like as if she just wanted it to finish at earliest so that she may go away.

Father held his cock in his hand and put some oil on it and then sat between mother's widened legs. He inserted his cock in her in one jerk and started fucking her vigorously. Father was really sex starved as he was humping her with enthusiasm and speed. But mother was lying on the bed as if she was not interested and not a part of the game.

She was only waiting for father to finish up. She kept chanting him to hurry up fast and finish up. After 5-10 minutes father grunted and shed his load in mother's cunt. Mother was lying like a dead wood on bed and looking at ceiling and not enjoying even a bit.

I was feeling so hot and horny. I don't know when my hand has entered my salwar and I was finger fucking myself. As my father climaxed in the room, my cunt also shuddered and it released its own juices and drenched my fingers. My climax, watching my own parents in sex was so intense.

As father withdrew his cock from mother' cunt, mother sat up and cleaning her cunt, sarcastically said, "Ram! Now you are old. Stop behaving like teenagers. Today you have done it. Please don't ask for one month now. Rather think of stopping it totally. I am not interested in this sin now." Saying this mother released her sari and it covered her body. She turned to leave the room. I hurriedly rushed to my room so that they may not find me. But in this haste I could not see my father's cock as he was still facing other side.

Now I was sitting in my room and the scenes of my parents sex were moving before my eyes. I knew that mother was simply not taking care of father's needs and father was not getting the fuck he needed. Father was really sex starved and didn't know what to do.

I felt pity on my father as he was so young and smart, and still having a lot of sex drive. But due to the risk of diseases and social respect, he could not even satisfy his lust from the street whores. I wanted mother to take care of father but her behavior was simply so bad.

Moreover I was their daughter so as per Indian living I was not supposed to talk to parents about their sex life.

Then an idea came to my mind. Here I was also sex starved and looking for a fuck and not getting it properly due to the risk of social repute and on the other side my father was also not getting his dose of cunt from mother. I thought if anything could be done mutually so that we both may get what we are craving for.

I thought why not seduce my own father? After all he was the safest bet as there was no risk of anyone coming to know it. Also father was sex starved and dying for fuck, so I was confident that my own father will fuck me. I feared that if father go to some prostitutes he may lose money and risk of getting some disease was always there. Also we daily had lot of time to ourselves which we could put to best use for us.

I sat in my room and thought of the plan to be implemented. I found that before mother comes from office after 5 pm, we both have 2 hours daily when only both of us were there in house. I decided to use this time.

From next day, I started putting only a flimsy T shirt and a smallest size of skirt. I stopped using bra and panty at home. The shirt was so translucent that my small breasts were clearly visible from them. I feared that father may not admonish me for wearing such revealing clothes, but he kept silent. I used to wear these type of shirt at home but used to change to normal clothes just before mother was to come.

I saw father started noticing my poking nipples. As the material of the T shirt was thin so he could see my swaying small breasts and also my dark brown nipples, which were normally hard due to my lust. Father used to stare at me but I acted as if I didn't noticed it or mind it. Some times I "accidentally" brushed my butt or even tits on his body on one pretext or other, but father didn't budged back and rather brushed his crotch in my butt. It gave me courage that I may succeed in getting my father as my lover.

As I was not wearing a panty and using the smallest skirt, so whenever I bent for some job, my skirt would rise till my butt and father could sense that there was no panty. I found that father was trying to spend more time with me when only we both were there and trying to get glimpse of my body. I liked the attention I was getting as it meant that one day, I may get father to fuck me.

Next day, in evening I had to get a bag down from the mezzanine. Actually we had a cemented slab in our rooms. And in my room, on this mezzanine we used to put extra stuff of the house. I had put my bag there which was filled with my old clothes. It was at height of about 8 ? 9 ft.

I planned something and closed the door from inside. Then I called my father saying that I have to take down one bag of clothes and for that I had to stand up on a high stool. I wanted father to hold the stool so that I may not fell down.

Father brought a stool and I asked him to held it strongly. Then I climbed it up it was about 6 ft height. I was wearing only T shirt and a mini skirt. I was not wearing any panty. I stood up and started searching for bag. Father was standing down holding the stool.

After some time I looked down and saw father was keenly looking in my skirt which was about 1 ft away from his face. His eyes were fixed on my exposed thighs. My legs were not wide as I was standing on a stool, but as his face was near to my knees so he could clearly see inside my skirt. I think he could see the outline of my cunt. Father was enjoying the show as my face was toward other side. He was also rubbing his cock over his pajama. When suddenly I looked down, he was caught off guard. He felt embarrassed and immediately down his eyes. He removed his hand from his cock.

His cock was so tight and making a visible tent in his pajama. I acted as if I didn't noticed him looking in my skirt at my cunt and casually again started searching on the slab.

Father felt relieved. Perhaps he thought that I was busy so I didn't noticed that he was enjoying my exposed cunt.

I was feeling hot and horny and kept standing the same way in the pretext of searching my bag of clothes. I was getting horny and wet. My cunt lips must be glistening with my juices.

I thought of giving my father a glimpse of my cunt. So I acted as if I was trying to climb the mezzanine and raised my one leg to put on the cement slab.

It resulted in my cunt lips widening and father could clearly see the slit of my cunt now. I was feeling so hot and horny. My cunt was fully exposed. Father was enjoying like anything. His cock must be hardest in life now.

I was getting so wet that I felt that if I kept standing like that, my cunt juices will start dripping on ground and create an embarrassing situation for me.

So reluctantly I told my papa that I am done and climbed down from the stool.

Papa wanted me to keep standing there in same pose but could not ask me. So he heaved a sigh of despair and went to put the stool back.

After that incident, I noticed that father used to stay more at home and also spend more time in drawing room where I was usually doing my work or household chores. In the pretext of watching TV he was watching me. I was happy with that. I was usually staying in my flimsy attire and father was getting an eyeful of his young daughter's beauty.

Next day our maid was on leave. I was horny. I took a broom and started dusting and cleaning the house. Father was sitting on the sofa and reading a newspaper. TV was switched off.

I stood before him and keeping my back toward him and in sitting position, started cleaning the floor. As I was not wearing any panty so under my skirt, my cunt was all naked. I had shaved it clean today especially for papa. But as I was facing other side, he could not see anything. Then I came near to him and still facing away from him, started cleaning under the other sofa. I put my knees on floor and bent forward on pretext of cleaning under the sofa till far end. I was almost in doggy style giving a good show to my loving father.

I looked in the TV screen and as it was off, so on the glass of screen, I could see my papa, and find him looking intently on my butts. He was vigorously rubbing his cock from his thin cotton pajama. I smiled and kept "cleaning". I could feel the cloth of my skirt has risen to the joint of my legs. I hope father could see some of my butt also as I was not wearing any panty. In TV screen I could see that father was rubbing his cock over his pajama. He must be hard now.

As I was cleaning under the sofa, so I could not keep doing it long. So I murmured, "These maids take the money but not clean properly. So much of dust is there. She don't clean up to far end under the sofa."

And saying this I raised my butts in air as if to reach far under the sofa. As I lifted my butt, my skirt rose higher. I think now father could see even up to my ass crack.

I heard a sigh from my father. I secretly watched in TV screen and found was keenly looking at my buttocks. I raised myself as if to reach more under the sofa and could feel the fabric of skirt rising above my butts. Certainly now father could see not only my butt crack but even my naked cunt. My legs were wide open for better balance, so he could also see my ass hole.

I was feeling so shameless to stand like totally naked waist down this in doggy style. I was only 2-3 feet ahead of father and he was getting the best scene of his life. I was standing so near to him that he could see even the smallest hairs on my cunt and every contour of my cunt was shamelessly clear to him. It was so near that he could touch my pussy with his hand, if he wanted. And I wanted him to touch me there and rather push his fingers in my cunt if not his cock now.

I was standing on knees as if ready to doggy fuck. Acting as if to have proper balance, I widened my legs and my cunt opened wide apart. Now father could see my inner pink flesh also in my swollen cunt and my clitoris.

He heaved a moan. I saw in the TV screen and found him totally lost in my cunt and ass. I was feeling like a whore. It was so shameless but it was so naughty and voyeur. I was so horny.

Now father's hand had slipped in his pajama and he was also rubbing his cock inside. I was feeling so wet and could feel the moisture in my cunt lips. My puffy cunt lips were glistening with my juices. I was pretending cleaning under the sofa and was giving my father a scene of his life.

I felt that if I kept standing there, my cunt will start dripping and I may make a wet pond on floor so reluctantly I stopped "cleaning" and stood up from my lusty pose. Father immediately took his hand out from his pajama but his hard cock was making a big tent in it. I turned toward him and spoke as if to myself,

"So much of dust under everything. This maid should be kicked out." Father was avoiding eye contact with me, as if was having a big hard on and I was acting as if I was not aware of showing my nudity.

Father, as if to make the atmosphere light said,

"Nisha! You work so much. You must be tired. Lets have a cup of tea. You sit here and I make tea for us."

Actually father wanted to go away to hide his hardened cock, but I put my hands on his shoulders and lovingly said,

"Papa! Please keep sitting. I make the tea." and I went to kitchen and put tea on fire to boil. I could not stand in kitchen as I wanted to be near to my horny father so I again went near to him.

Father could sense that I was enjoying his company. He was also feeling so hot and horny so he lovingly said,

"Nisha! You are my loving daughter. You do so much of work unlike your big buffalo mother, who don't do any work. I am proud of you. And I love my sweet daughter so much."

Saying this he held my hand and pulled me near to him. I also pretended like a small and innocent daughter and said,

"I also love you papa. Mother always speak rude and complaining. She does not love me. You are the best papa in world. From my childhood days, you have always been close to me. I still remember, whenever I needed to have something I always come to you instead of mother and you always fulfilled all my needs, sometimes even against the wish of mother. I still remember when I used to come to you and lovingly used to sit in your lap."

Father took it as a chance and immediately said,

"Nisha! You are still my innocent and loving daughter. You may still sit in my lap if you want. I still love you so much."

saying this father put his questioning eyes on me. Perhaps he wanted to test water, if I was still ready to sit in his lap.

I happily grabbed the opportunity and came near to father and sat in his lap.

Father was so delighted. His cock was hard like a steel rod. I shamelessly and squarely sat in his lap. Father had no time to adjust his cock so I sat right on it. It was standing like a flagpole and my butt crack properly came over it. It twisted toward his right legs side with my weight. It was poking under my butt crack. But I pretended as if nothing unusual was there or as if I didn't noticed it that a hard and hot cock is rubbing and poking on my butt crack.

As soon as I sat on father's cock. Papa gave a moan and lovingly kissed on my cheeks.

His cock started growing more hot and hard. Perhaps the heat emanating from my naked cunt was having this effect or he was already so horny watching my naked cunt for so long time.

There was still much time for mother to come, so I was enjoying with my father. My skirt has risen up while me sitting in his lap, so my bums were naked but his cock was still under his pajama and his underwear. So I could feel the outline of his cock but skin to skin touch was not there.

I was pretending innocence and pious and talking general talks with papa. Papa was replying to me but he was rubbing his cock in my ass crack. I was enjoying it like anything. We both were in heaven. Now his cock head was touching my ass hole. But though my ass was naked but still his cock was confined in his pajama and underwear, so he could not penetrate it.

Papa lovingly said,

"Nisha! Do you remember, when you were small, you used to sit in my lap and used to swing in my arms. You loved swing so much. But now you are big and heavy so I can not lift you up and swing you. Time is changing."

I tried to grab the opportunity and said,

"Papa! So what? I am still your same little daughter. If you can not lift me, you can swing me on your lap. I still love the swinging."

saying this I started swaying and moving to and fro, my naked butt in his lap (on his erect cock). I was now moving my naked butt on his erect cock as if swinging or rolling my butt on his hot barrel of meat. This was really a heaven for papa. He sighed a little moan and putting his hands around my waist started pushing and pulling my waist on his cock. It seemed as if I was rolling my naked butt on his hard cock.

Papa was enjoying so much. His cock was leaking his pre cum and I could feel the wetness on my ass hole. I was rolling on his cock and his cock head was coming right upto my cunt hole and then again rolling back till my ass.

I was also getting wet, I had put my arms around my papa and hugging him lovingly, I was enjoying the feel of a cock on my cunt. His cock seemed to be so big, but I could not see it. But it felt as if I was sitting on his cock and not on his lap.

Chapter 1