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Indian Girl Meets Would Be "FIL" Chapter 1

A poor Indian girl get consent of rich "future FIL".

My name is Sudha and I belong to a lower middle class family. My father is a lower division clerk in some office and there are 4 other brothers and sisters in my family. My mother is house wife and financial condition of our home is not good.

We are normally in debt and I am the eldest of my siblings. I am 21 years old and studying in local college. I clearly know that my father is not able to arrange for my dowry, so I was going to be married to some lower class employee and will have to just dream for good and costly things in life.

Like other girls of my age, I also love the modern life and want to go to hotels and wear costly attires, but this all is not possible in my family. By now my father could not even get me a moped so I have to go to college on bus.

As I was not getting proper pocket money so to fulfill my needs I had befriended some boys from my class and they have been fulfilling my needs and were fucking me in return.

As I was regularly being fucked by my 3-4 friends so pocket money was not a problem but still I could not get better clothes, because then I will not be able to answer my mother's questions.

Recently I got admission to a college in a nearby city.

Now I was seriously thinking about my future. I was not willing to get married to some poor shopkeeper and then keep struggling in life even for small needs. I was a modern girl and with desires to enjoy all the things which my rich classmates were enjoying with their father's money.

So one day I decided that one should not keep sitting idle and should try to make my destiny myself. I was very beautiful girl, with whitish color and my boobs were 34D size big. My waist was very small but butt line was vast. I looked like a sex goddess. All the boys in the class were dying to fuck me and enjoy me. I decided that now I will not fuck with these local boys like a whore and I am not letting boys fuck me for small money. I decided to set my eyes on big future targets.

So I decided to trap some rich guy and trap him in my scheme and somehow get married to him so that my financial problems be solved.

After making this decision, I started keeping distance from boys in my college and pretend to be a serious and pious girl.

There was one boy named Rajnish in my class. His father Rajnath had 3 factories. They were very rich. Rajnish used to come to college in his big car. He was not so handsome and normally girls didn't like to befriend him, but I set my eyes on him as my motive was not to befriend a handsome boy, as I was already getting regular fucking by my old friends, but to trap some rich boy for financial security of my future.

I set my eyes on him, while all the boys were eying my beauty. Rajnish was good in studies and I was also equally good. I started exchanging notes and books with him and slowly started making friendship with him.

As Rajnish was not handsome and not having any girlfriend, so when he got a chance to befriend me, he was overwhelmed.

After some time, he offered me a red rose on Valentine Day and smiling in face and also in heart (for getting my trap working), I readily accepted his friendship.

Rajnish was so happy to befriend such a beautiful and sexy girl like me and making all his classmates and friends jealous of him. He was taking me to a pious and good girl.

Slowly he started getting a bit physical with me, but as I was working on a scheme, so I allowed him only some smooching and boob pressing, but never allowed him to fuck me. He requested many times to let me fuck, but I always pretended to be a good girl and said that I was a virgin and being a poor girl, I told Rajnish that my virginity was going to be my gift to my future husband on wedding night.

Rajnish was fully in my trap. He wanted to marry me. As they were already rich so he was not interested in dowry but a good and most beautiful girl like me. I was igniting his sex desire regularly but stopping him before actual fuck.

Rajnish asked his parents to get our marriage done, but his father immediately refused by saying that we were so poor that we could not even pay for the food bill of marriage.

My parents were obviously ready, but Rajnish's father was the biggest obstacle in my scheme and our marriage. I was regularly thinking on some solution because all my plans for future were getting shackled by his non acceptance.

Rajnish requested his father many time to get his nod for marriage but he was adamant to refuse.

One day I was sitting in college lawn and was thinking as to how to make his father agree to our marriage. Then suddenly one idea came to my mind, that if I had trapped Rajnish then why not to get his father in my net.

A beautiful girl has the biggest assets in her beauty and her body. I thought of using my beauty to make my future bright by trapping my future Father in Law in my scheme.

I spent many days, thinking of a scheme and finally finalized it. Then I spent 2-3 days for making the final touches and now I was waiting for a day when I could put my trap in use.

I had decided to seduce my "would be father in law", actually I had no intention to let him fuck me, but just wanted to seduce him to make him agree for my marriage and then to ditch him after it. I knew that after marriage, he will not be able to do anything by force and by then I would be his "daughter in law".

After some days the expected day came. Rajnish and his mother had to go to some relatives and were supposed to come back by night and his father was to stay back to take care of the business. So he was going to be alone on that day. I thought of putting my plan in action.

I rehearsed my plan at home and then wore a cheap T shirt, which was a bit see through and with some buttons in front, under it I wore my specially altered bra and special panty. I knew that at about 2.00 in afternoon, the servants go away as Rajnath used to take a nap for about 2 hours then and so he was to be all alone in the house for an undisturbed sleep.

At about 02.30 in the afternoon, I reached their house in an auto rickshaw, and pressed the call bell. As nobody was at home, so Rajnath himself came up and opened the door. He was surprised to see me standing on the door. I had already opened top one button of my T shirt, so a part of my boobs was visible.

Rajnath's eyes fell on my boobs, but I pretended as if I had not seen him ogling my boobs. Also he was shy to look at my breast as I was an aspirant of being his daughter in law.

He was against my marriage in his family, so he was reluctant to let me in. But my partially visible boobs were stopping him from refusing me. So hastily and before that he ask me to go back, I wished him Namaste with folded hands and said,

"Babuji! I have come to talk to you. Will you not let me in?"

Rajnath was watching my boobs, so he was taken off guard. He stuttered,

"Oh Yes! Come in Beti."

I took the opportunity and went in and sat on the sofa in drawing room. Rajnath also came in after closing the door and sat in my front. His gaze was slipping to my boobs time and again, but I was acting as if I was oblivious to his ogling.

I cleared my throat and said,

"Babuji! As you know that I and your son Rajnish are in love with each other and we want to marry. Rajnish was telling that you are reluctant for this marriage proposal as I am from a poor family. Babuji! We both are in love. Please give your blessings to us. You are so rich, so I don't think you are after dowry. Am I not educated enough, or am I not beautiful enough to be a part of your family?"

Saying this I pushed my breast a bit forward and bent my head down as if shyness. Rajnath looked in my side and automatically his sight fell on my prominent breasts. As I was looking down so he could ogle my breasts without hesitation.

He spoke in a soft tone,

"Sudha Beti! This is not that I am after money. We have enough for us. You are so beautiful and educated. Just there is a vast difference in financial and social standard of our families. So I was hesitating. I know you are a good girl. Anyway I will think on the matter."

I took the opportunity and with folded hands I bent down to touch his feet and said,

"Babuji! I knew that you are so nice person. I will always respect you. I will prove to be a good bahu and will never refuse anything in your family. I assure you that you will never regret your decision to let me in your family as your daughter in law."

Rajnath wanted to say something but his eyes were fixed on my milky white boobs, which were now more prominently clearer because of my bending near his feet. He could see right up to my nipples through the T shirt opening. So he could not speak anything but grunted something unclear. I was happy that my plan was going in right track.

After some time I sat back and started normal chatting with him. I was giving an impression that I am a very good nice and of a good moral character.

After some time, I decided to took another step and said,

"Babuji! It is very hot today. May I get a glass of water?"

"Oh sure! Sorry I forgot to offer you something."

Saying this Rajnath went toward kitchen. As soon as he went, I took my hand on my back and opened my bra hook. Now my bra was open, but it was not visible from front side.

Rajnath came back with a glass of juice and handed it to me. I thanked him and he sat in front of me and again started chatting.

After about 2-3 minutes, I jerked my body as if something happened on my back and made a sorry face and squealed slowly, as if something wrong was there.

Rajnath asked me,

"What happened, Beti? Is there anything wrong?"

I hung my face, as if shy and in a low voice said,

"Babauji! What can I say? I think my bra hook has snapped out."

Rajnath was immediately silent. He was bewildered as to what to say, as he was nowhere expecting such situation to arise. I was sitting, hanging my face down in shame. Rajnath said,

"Beti! I am sorry, but you can't go out as such. So you go in the bathroom and fix it."

I silently nodded my head and went inside the bathroom. There I kept standing for some time and then came out, with a sorry full face and kept standing. Rajnath found me standing silently so he softly asked,

"What is there Beti? Have you hooked yourself up again? Please be seated."

I shook my head in negative and said,

"Babuji! It is so embarrassing, but I could not take my hand so back and could not hook it. But also I cannot go out like this. If my bra keeps open, I cannot walk outside. I have to get it hooked. Babuji! It is so odd to say, but there is no one else here to help me. Babuji! If you don't mind, will you please hook my back so that I may be able to go?"

Rajnath was stunned. Never ever in his wildest dreams has he thought of a time when he will be asked to hook the bra of his "would be daughter in law". He was at loss of words, as to what to say.

He was stuttering and said,"B..b..bu..But beta! It is so odd. How can I hook you up? It seems weird. You please try yourself again."

I was smiling on his uneasiness but it was all my game plan, so acting shyly I said,

"Babu ji! I have tried my best but it is not working. Nobody else is there to help me. You are my "would be FIL", so you are not outsider. It will remain between us both. Please babu ji help me."

Saying this and fearing that he may not refuse, so before his answer, I turned my back toward him and raised my T shirt from my back up to my bra level, so that he may hook it up. My naked but whitish and young back was before his eyes.

Rajnath was in a dilemma as to what to do? So he fumbled some moments and then perhaps he thought that if I despite being a lady was not shying, so being a male he also should not. Or perhaps he was aroused by my naked back ( even a bit of the sides of my big boobs was also visible to him and they were making him more aroused), so hesitantly he came near to me and with trembling hands he got hold of hooks to tie them around.

I was smiling secretly on his hesitation and condition and I was holding my bunch up t shirt near my boobs. Actually in the pretext of holding my shirt, I was pulling my bra also forward, making it very difficult for my future FIL to hook them up.

Rajnath's hands were shaking. As he tried to pull my bra hooks, the back of his hands touched my naked back, sending a shiver in my spine and perhaps also in Rajnath's.

My future FIL's cock has started getting hard now and was standing under his pajama. He was trying his best but as I was pulling the bra forward (deliberately), I was unable to hook them up.

After 2-3 minutes of his failure, I took my next step and turning toward him said,

"Babu ji! I think my T shirt is coming in way. I think I may remove it, so that you may hook my bra."

Saying this and even before waiting for his answer, I pulled my T shirt above my head and removed it away. Now I was standing only in my bra and jeans, facing my future FIL and my whitish and big boobs were clearly before his eyes.

As soon as Rajnath saw my big boobs, semi clad in bra (as the bra was already open and hooks were out), Rajnath's jaw virtually dropped to his toes. He was standing like a lunatic ogling my whitish and very big boobs.

I myself was getting aroused with all this and my nipples were also getting hard. Rajnath was short of words now and was shamelessly and intently looking at my boobs.

My boobs were big and he could see almost all of them as the bra being open they were almost naked.

I was smiling on his condition but acting as a nice girl who was got in bad position, I was facing toward ground seemed to be ashamed while actually I was trying to hide my smile on the awkward condition of my future FIL.

Rajnath was clearly aroused and hot now. His cock was steel hard and making a tent in his pajama. As I was facing ground I could clearly see it. It was really big and tight even much bigger and hard then my imagination for his age.

The old man was standing as a statue and looking the marvelous and young breasts. So shyly I said,

"Babuji! Please hook me up, before that somebody may come."

Rajnath got out of his trance and asked me to turn around. I took my time to turn and showing him off my boobs, offered him my back to hook. I was still holding my bra, in my hand in the pretext of hiding my nudity but actually pulling bra forward to make it difficult for him to hook.

Rajnath tried to hook the bra. Now his hands were freely touching my naked back. He was not feeling so uncomfortable now and was not hesitating. Perhaps he had also gone bold after seeing that I was not hesitating as his expectations.

I had already loosened the bra strap (the strap which joins the bra cup to shoulder strap) at my home. So when he tried to pull the hooks, it snapped out and the shoulder strap broke.

As soon as the shoulder strap broke, I made a squeal, and the bra cup hanged out leaving my one boob totally naked.

I shyly cried (fake) and tried to cup my naked boob. Rajnath was bewildered as he thought that as he had pulled the hooks with more force so the bra broke out.

Now the position was that my bra hook was open and bra cup was hanging from the broken shoulder strap. One of my milky boob was totally nude and I was acting to cover it up by holding the bra cup on it.

Rajnath stammered, "Beti! I am sorry, perhaps the bra was old and could not bear the pull. Now the position is worse. How can you go out like this?"

Saying this his eyes were glued to my milky boob which was almost naked now as the bra cup was hanging down on the boob. And he was getting more and more aroused with the situation. I was also getting hot with all this seduction and enjoying the show.

I don't know, how Rajnath was holding his own heart attack. He was breathing heavily as the situation has turned unexpectedly. He has never thought that one day such a beautiful and young girl (who was going to be his DIL), will be standing almost naked before him.

I acted shyly and asked him,

"Babuji! Actually I am sorry because the bra was old. But now I have to stich it up and only then I will be able to go out. Sasurji! Do you have thread and needle in home so that I may mend my bra?"

Rajnath could not move his eyes from my boob, but reluctantly he opened the drawer, and gave me roll of thread and needle. Acting shy, I again said,

"Sasurji! I fear that I will have to remove the bra as I cannot stitch the bra while still wearing it, as needle may pinch in body."

Saying this I put my one hand on my breast as if to cover them and covering both my breasts with my one hand, I removed my bra with other hand.

Now I was standing chest naked before my "would be FIL" and was acting like trying to cover my naked chest.

My boobs were so big that it was impossible to cover even one boob with one hand and here I was trying to cover both of them with one arm. So almost 90% boobs were naked and only my erect nipples could be covered.

Rajnath could see almost every contour of my boobs and as I was hanging my head, acting shy, so he could directly fix his gaze on my chest. The situation was getting so hot now. Rajnath's cock was so hard and was making a clear tent in his pajama. It was throbbing.

I said, "Sasurji! I can't stitch the bra with one hand. But if I remove my hand, my breasts will become naked. How can I cover them?"

(As if it was difficult to just go in other room or turn the face away. But as it was my plan to seduce him so I was acting such foolish. Also as my future FIL was enjoying and getting horny, so he was also not asking me to go in other room. Actually we both were fooling around and enjoying the horny game.)

Before it that he may say anything about my going to other room, I hastily spoke,

"Sasurji! It will be shameful to stand before you bare breasted, so as I remove my hand away, you please hide my breasts with your hands. So that they are not visible."

This was like a bomb falling on Rajnath's head. He was stunned with this offer. His heart gave a skip. He was silently looking toward me like a statue. So I took his hands with my free hand and putting them on my young boobs, slowly removed my own hand.

Rajnath was naturally so happy to put both his hands on my naked boos. He hurriedly cupped my tight boobs in his hands and his palms automatically squeezed my boobs.

I moan slipped out of my mouth. Now Rajnath was also acting bold as perhaps he understood that this was his lucky day. He slowly started fondling my tight boobs and when he found that I was not stopping him, he got bold and shamelessly started cupping my boobs and squeezing them. Then he took both of my now erect nipples and started pinching them.

I was moaning and thus rather encouraging him. He was enjoying the moment. I shyly said,

"Oh Sasurji! Please don't pinch my nipples. They are so sensitive. Even your son doesn't do this."

Rajnath kept doing his job and smilingly said,

"Bahurani! I see that your boobs are so big and tight. Your nipples are so erect. Sorry, but I can't stop myself from feeling them. They are as beautiful as you. Bahurani! How Rajnish does fondles them? What else does he do with your boobs? Bahurani! Your breasts are so tight, please let me feel them. I have never seen such magnificent and beautiful boobs. You are so beautiful. I am lucky that Rajnish has such a beautiful girl friend."

I kept silent and let my future Father in Law fondle my boobs for some time. Suddenly a smile came on my lips. Rajnath saw me smiling and asked me as to why I was smiling? Or if I remembered some incident.

I smiled and said,

"Oh Sasurji! It is just nothing. Actually I remembered a joke about such situation. It is like this that one day a lady, after taking her bath, asked his husband to hook her bra up. Husband jokingly said that he will take fifty rupees for the work done. To this the wife said, "You don't do it. As daily routine, today also, I will ask the neighbor to hook my bra up. He is so nice that he not only hooks my bra but adjusts the boobs also in bra cup with his hands. And he is no nice that he never asks for money even." Sasurji! I just remembered the joke, so a smile came on my lips."

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