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Indian Mother & Son In Rice Fields Chapter 1

Indian mother set eyes on son after husband moves England

This story is about my mother Sushma and myself. My name is Ramesh and we live in a village near Indore in Madhya Pradesh. My father Sh Raghunath has gone to England, to try for better luck there last year. He has told us that he will come back every year, for an annual leave of about 2 months, but now he has told that he cannot return for 5 years, as to get a permanent visa there, he has to stay in that country for 5 years continuously.

This has been a shocking news for me and my mother, as it will mean that still for another 4 years we will not be able to meet my father.

Let me introduce you to my family. I am only child of my parents. I am 20 years old, well built and standing at 6' tall, with about 80kg weight . we are basically farmers and hard work in fields and having milk and good diet at home has developed me like a bull. I am studying in BA 1st year. I am very horny guy and having sex relationship with 3-4 girls of my village.

We have big agricultural land and our fields are far from the village. We normally grow rice and sugar cane crops. We have our cattle shed also in the fields, where I daily go for work and many a times my mother also go with me to help.

My mother is of about 43 years old. As she belong to a farmer family and due to hard work at home and in fields, she is very well built. Though she is bit dark in color but she is very chubby and plump in body. As she is well and tight built, so she does not seems to be fat but plump. Her body weight must be about 75 kg at 5'6' tall. Her body contours will be about 42-36-40, though I had never got any chance to check her undergarments but she is very big and chubby lady.

I have already told that she is chubby in physique. Her boobs are very big, the size is about 38DD and also her back and buttocks are very fleshy. When she walks, her big buttocks jiggle in her sari and give a very sexy image.

She always wears sari at home and outside. In summer season, she discards the sari and wears only petticoat and blouse at home, which give a very sexy and clear view of her dark but very big boobs and in petticoat her big buttocks are clear to my lusty views. I think in times of summer heat she does not wear panty even, because many a times, while ogling her big body I failed to find her panty outline.

I had been ogling her boobs and sexy and curvy body in blouse secretly at home. I don't know if she was aware of my ogling or not, but she never gave an indication of having noticed my lusty looks.

Being my father away, has made me "man of the house". My mother used to tease me by calling "man of the house", whenever I refused to do some work asked by her.

As I was regularly fucking my girl friends in college and getting ration for my big cock, so I never tried anything with my mother but just used to watch her sexy body which was on free display at home. I was not having any intention to fuck my own mother.

I don't know about the sex life of my mother, but I thought that she must be masturbating in her bedroom. Now, as about one year has passed for my father to having gone to England and mother must be starving for a real fuck. And the news that father will not be able to come back for another 4 years was really shocking news. Also my mother was physically fit and sexy lady, so I didn't know how she will be able to handle her sex life.

Since, having got the news of father not coming home, I had noticed that mother was feeling somewhat itchy. She was like a bitch in heat. Many a times I had heard her moans in her bedroom, as she had increased her masturbation sessions.

As these were the very hot summer days, so at home I used to wear only a lungi while keeping upper body naked and mother only petticoat and blouse. Many a times I had noticed her watching my bare chest and bulging muscles in chest and abs. certainly those looks were not of a mother but lusty glances from a sex starved horny lady. Sometimes she used to tease me saying that as my father is not there and I was the "man of the house" so I should take care of "all the duties of a man of house like my father did".

There was a clear hidden message. I also started feeling the heat and used to joke back in such times saying that she was "lady of the house" so she also should do all the duties as such. To such replies she normally answered in a joking tone," if you do your side of duty then I am also ready to do my duties." Such were the pranks we used to call on each other, but still we had not done anything to cross the limit.

Due to sweat her blouse normally became translucent and I have noticed that her bulging boobs were clearly visible from it. Usually she was not wearing a bra underneath so her dark nipples, which were big as grapes and big areola was clearly visible to my ogling and lusty eyes.

I noticed that when I used to leach at her, she had a mischievous smile on her face but she never reprimanded me for that, or gave an indication that she was aware of my ogling. The same way, sometimes when I was having a morning hard on and going to bathroom, she would ogle my hard cock and in the same way I would show as if I had not seen her ogling my hard cock.

I wanted to fuck her and make love to her, but the ice between us was, of a mother son relationship and it was still there and I didn't know how to melt it. So I was just waiting for the lucky day.

One day the sky was cloudy. We had planted rice in our fields and filled them with water. Mom asked me to go to fields to check if the water is properly filled and no breakage to the mud barriers shielding the water was there, because if the water spills out, we will again have to fill the fields and it will cost much.

I was reluctant to go and wanted to watch some porn on my computer. Mom insisted me to go, and even offered to go along with me to help me in checking the fields.

I agreed to her as it would mean that I will be there in secluded fields with mother and I wanted to spend some time with her.

We both started to fields. Mom was wearing her usual sari and I was wearing my lungi and T shirt.

As our fields were far from the house and village so it took us about ? hour to reach there. We were having our normal chat on the way. When we reached our rice fields, the sky was overcast with clouds. It seemed that it will start raining anytime. We were not having any umbrella to save us from rain. The only shelter available was our cow shed, but that also was still far on the other side of the fields.

Before we could think anything, suddenly the rain started. We were getting wet. Mother asked me to check the rice fields for water storage. She also started checking the mud boundaries made to stop water from slipping.

We found that on one place the mud guarding the water had broken and water was flowing out with speed. Mother asked me to put mud on the breakage. I put some mud but it was also washed in the speed of water.

Mother asked me to give her the mud and she will put it on breakage. She was bending from waist down and putting mud on breakage. I stood in front of her and was handing her the wet mud to put on breakage. As mother was bending down from waist, so from her blouse, her boobs were bulging our. It was an erotic scene. As her boobs were big in size and due to her bending, I could see right up to her nipples. Her nipples were getting erect and I was enjoying the free show to me.

I was giving her mud and my attention was on her cleavage, which was clearly visible to my lusty eyes. Mother also noticed my eyes fixed on her boobs, but she pretended as if she had not noticed me watching her dangling boobs and kept bending the same way and kept busy. She was moving sideways while putting mud on the sides and with her movements, her boobs were also dangling sideways like a pendulum. It was a very erotica scene and my cock started getting hard.

Rain was getting fast and we both were drenched in rain. As the cow shed was only shelter and far away, so we could not do anything. Both of us were drenched and our clothes had clung to our bodies as if the clothes were pasted on our skin. Her sexy body and boobs were more prominent. As nobody else was there, so I was enjoying the fleshy body of my mother.

Our clothes were wet and hence her black bra was clearly visible. Suddenly the water from a nearby place also started flowing out.

Mother rushed to that place to save water and asked me to hurry and give her the mud to put there. She again bent waist down as before but now the mud was on her back side. So I had to stand behind her and give her the mud. I noticed that due to getting wet, her sari had gone translucent and her black panty was also clearly visible to me.

I was deliberately standing right behind her so that I may watch her big buttocks. Her panty was clearly visible in her wet sari and I was enjoying it like anything. Mother perhaps knew of my lusty eyes glued to her butt but she did not say anything. Suddenly she moved back while putting mud on the broken point and her buttocks touched my hard cock.

I feared that mother will admonish me but she kept bending like before as if nothing has happened. As she was silent so it gave me courage and my cock twitched again and now it was throbbing. Mother's panty was a small V shape, and it disappeared in her buttocks. From the back side only the upper side of her panty was visible. Otherwise it seemed as if she was not wearing any panty at all. The outlines of her buttocks were clear visible from the wet petticoat.

I was giving her the mud and she was putting it on the broken fence. I was time and again touching my throbbing cock on her butt and ass but she was behaving as if she was totally oblivious to the hard and hot cock poking her butt crack. This was the situation to my advantage and I was taking the maximum benefit of it.

After some time, the fence of mud was ok and water was not rushing out. So mother stood straight and looking toward my hard cock, which was by now making a tent in the lungi, asked me to wash our hands of mud and go back to our house.

I washed my hands of the mud on my hands with the water logged in the rice fields. I was thinking as to how to enjoy with her more or to make another move. Then mother also washed her hands with the water in field, and turned to go back to our home.

Just then, as she turned and moved towards our house, she slipped on the muddy and wet fence of the rice field and fell on butt in the muddy water in the field. As the mud fence, to stop the water from spilling out was wet and slippery and it was the only place to move, so mother slipped and fell. She felled on her butt and all her sari and herself was dirty with mud. The mud was there on her sari and on her big buttocks.

She cried out a bit due to the fall and tried to stand up again. I tried to help her and gave her my hand. She was lying in the mud and muddy water. She held my hand and pulling it towards her tried to stand up. But as she was very heavy and plump, so when she pulled my hand for support, she pulled me along and I also fell in the muddy water. Now we both mother and son were fallen in mud and our clothes were pasted with wet mud.

I got up and reaching behind my mother, put my hands below her armpits to support her to stand up. As I put my arms under armpits, and circled them around her waist to help her to stand up, my arms touched her big boobs. As her boobs were very big, so they were resting on my forearms.

Mother felt my arms on her boobs, but didn't say anything, and taking support of my arms pulling her, she tried to get up. When she tried to get up, she naturally bent a bit forward for balance. And when she got up, and my arms were still encircling her like an embrace from back side, my hard cock touched firmly her buttocks, and due to rubbing of her butts on my cock, my lungi became filled with mud on my cock area.

She stood up, and her all back side ( buttocks) were filled with mud, and also my front side( my cock) was also filled with wet mud, due to touching her back while helping her to get up.

As a reflex action, I tried to rub my hands on her buttocks to remove the mud from her butts. I was trying to sweep away the mud from her butts. Actually I was not trying to rub her buttocks but was only trying to clear the mud from her sari.

Mother felt my hands rubbing on her buttocks, but she didn't stopped me. Perhaps she was enjoying the touch of a male hand on her big buttocks. I also felt that actually I was rubbing with pressure, my own mother's buttocks. This sensation increased my lust and I started rubbing her butts more vigorously.

In reciprocation mother also tried to sweep away the mud from my front side, and started clearing the mud from my lungi. My lungi was raised above as my cock was rock hard. But mother didn't seem to mind it and in the pretext of cleaning my lungi of mud, kept rubbing her hand on my hard cock.

Obviously we both were in heaven. We were enjoying our sex game in the pretext of mud. But naturally we could not keep doing it for long.

Our clothes were totally filled with mud and also drenched with rain, so I asked mother to go to home and get ourselves new and dry clothes. Mother looked toward my tented lungi, which was still muddy and also her own sari in the same condition and pointing toward my lungi ( perhaps my hard cock), said in a husky tone,

"Ramesh! Just look your condition. Do you think we can go to our home through village in such condition. We both seem to have wrestling match in mud."

I also looked on our condition and said,

"Mom! There is our cattle shed nearby. There is also a room for our servant. He lives there to look after our cattle, but these days he has gone to his native village for some days. There is nobody inside. Let's go there. There is also a cemented tank of water for cattle, and we can wash our muddy clothes there and also wait for some time for the rain to stop and also our wet clothes may dry up a bit. Then we may go home."

Mother said,

"Ramesh! You are right. Let's go to servant quarter and get our clothes cleaned. And by that time the rain may also stop."

We both went toward servant room near cattle shed. Mother was walking ahead of me, as her wet sari was glued to her body, so her very big buttocks were swaying sideways and giving a sexy scene and making my already hard cock, much more harder every second. I was rubbing my cock through my lungi and walking behind my mother.

We reached inside servant quarter. Mother was standing near me. She was silent and thinking what to say or to do.

We both were feeling horny and knew that, but our mother son relationship and also the natural hesitation was there.

After a small pause, I said,

"Mom! You take off your clothes and after washing them in the water in bucket, put them on the cord, to dry them up.'

Mother hesitatingly untied her sari and put in water bucket. I also untied my lungi and also banyan and put in water. I was standing in just my underwear, which was totally wet and my cock was getting more hard and prominent by seeing mother in only petticoat and blouse. My cock was tight and making a big tent in my underwear.

Mother also saw, my raging hard on and a smile came on her lips. She saw my muscular body and my gym sculpted abs. I was looking like a big bull. Mother was watching my almost nude body but there was lust in her eyes instead of pride of a mother.

I was also ogling her body. Pointing toward the mud on her petticoat, I hit an idea and said,

"Mom! See your petticoat is also filled with mud. Also your blouse & petticoat are drenched in rain. So you may take these also off and washing the mud away, put these on cord to clean and dry up."

Mother could sense the lust in my tone and my ogling eyes. She said in whispering tone,

"Ramesh! Have you gone mad. How can I open my petticoat and blouse in front of you?"

I said, "Mother! What do you say this? I am your son and have tasted your milk thousands of times in childhood. I am your son and your own creation. There is nothing to be shy of your own son. No one is here except we both and also nobody is going to come here, as the servant is gone to his native and there is raining heavily outside. So please don't be shy and open your clothes. Otherwise you may get cold and your clothes may also not dry up. See I am also standing in just underwear."

Mother thought something and then hesitantly said,

"Ramesh! It is very odd and shameless to open my petticoat & blouse before you, and also I feel bad as I am so fat and old. I have gained a lot of weight and look so fat and ugly. I myself feel ashamed to look at my own body. How can I open the clothes before you?"

Saying this, mother kept still and silent. I joking and making the atmosphere light, smilingly said,

"Oh mother! What do you say? Who says you are fat. You are so fit and beautiful. I think there is no lady in the village who can compete you in beauty. Even the girls of my college will die to get a sexy body like you."

In the heat of lust, I called my mother "sexy". I was fearful, but mother didn't seemed to mind this word.

She smilingly said,

"Ramesh! It is so nice of you to speak all this, but I know that you are flattering your old and fat mother. Actually you are so handsome. I had never noticed before that you have developed like a bull. See how big your arms and your abs are. You are so handsome. I bet there must be so many girls in your college dying to befriend with you."

I smilingly said,

"Mom! I don't like the girls in my college. They all are so thin. Now the trend is changing. Now the boys like the girls who are big and plump and chubby like you. The time had gone when boys lusted skinny girls. But now the boys love only the girls, who have some flesh on them, so that when they love each other, it doesn't seem that he is caressing a bunch of bones, rather the boys now love big girls like you. So I was not flattering you, but you are actually very beautiful and sexy according to modern likings. You have the body, which the young girls will die for. Anyway we will discuss, my girlfriends later, as it is getting late. Now you open your blouse and petticoat and let your clothes dry."

Saying this I smiled on her.

Mother shyly opened her blouse and threw it in the water bucket. She was having a protruding big belly and her big boobs were confined in her small black bra. Her bra was small to her big boobs. She must be 38DD minimum, and her boobs were bulging out of her bra. Also her bra was wet and fit, so her boobs and even her big areola was also clearly visible through it. Her nipples were so big, and I could see the outline of them in bra. The nipples must be about 1- 1 ? inches long and erect. I don't know whether the nipples were erect due to her feeling chill through wet bra or she was feeling horny, but she looked a goddess of sex.

Automatically a whistle came from my mouth. Mother turned red on hearing it and I also was ashamed. I innocently said to her,

"Mom! I am sorry for whistle, but this is a proof that you are so beautiful. You call yourself fat, but I can bet that if you go in public in modern clothes, you will turn many heads and will kill many passersby with your looks only."

Mother was naturally shy and said,

"Ramesh! Thank you so much for your compliments but don't forget that I am your mother and a son is not supposed to say all these words to his mother, also son is not considered to whistle his own mother."

I replied, "Mom! I am sorry, but you call me "man of the house" , and he has this right to his " lady of the house". I am having the position of my father, I should be given all the rights available to him and so I can admire my beautiful " lady of the house"."

Mother was shy but she again teasingly said,

Chapter 1