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Son Fucks Indian Mother Chapter 1

Fucking my Indian mother.

I was in my office when the telephone call came from my native village. The call was from my old uncle and the message sad. "Sister drowned, please come urgently." Immediately I took a one week leave and left for my village which was around 300 miles away. While traveling in train, I thought about my past. My family consisted of my two younger sisters and my Mother, who is a 50 year old widow. My Father had died when I was only 10 years old. And now I was 22 years old.

Last year, my youngest sister died due to electric shock while ironing. My Mother witnessed the tragic death of my youngest sister and the shock made my Mother lose her mental balance and my Mother became a mental patient. She was not of the violent type. She just mumbles meaningless words and just sits around. If you tell her something twice or thrice she will obey, without knowing what she is doing. After my youngest sister's death, my Mother was looked after and taken care of by my other sister. She used to bathe my Mother, dress her, feed her and look after her in all means. Now she is also dead, which leaves me to take care of my mad Mother. What a cursed life, I thought.

Within hours I reached my house, the scene there was sad. All my relatives were assembled crying. Only my Mother was sitting in a corner knowing nothing. I took control of the matters and the cremation was over. Then came the topic of my mad Mother.

My relatives asked me about my plans for my Mother. I had only two options. Either leave her with my relatives to be taken care of, or take her with me to the town where I am working and admit her to a mental asylum. I was not sure about how my relatives will look after her. So I told them I will take Mother to my place and admit her in the mental asylum.

Within two days I took Mother to my place in car. We reached my flat. It was around nine PM when we reached my flat. I took Mother's bags (packed by my relatives), inside and took her also inside. She just mumbled something meaningless and followed me inside.

I changed cloths, then decided to have a bath. Then I remembered that Mother is also in need of a bath. Then I realized that there is no one else but I myself should give Mother her bath.

When I thought of giving Mother a bath, immediately I thought about it. I had to undress my own Mother and give her a bath. Which meant I have to make her naked. The very moment some most evil and perverted thoughts crossed my mind. I looked at Mother.

Now I will tell about her figure. My Mother, a 50 year old widow, is a very fat lady, with large mountainous breasts, a bulging stomach, pillar like thighs and a huge protruding ass. She at that time was dressed in a saree and blouse and she was dressed by my relatives. The idea of undressing my fat Mother made my cock jerk. I decided to go ahead. I told Mother that we will go to the bathroom. She simply stood there.

I took hold of her hand and led her to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, I put on the light, put the towel in the cloth rod, and told her to remove her cloths. Still no response. She just mumbled something and stood there looking blankly. I reached for her saree and removed it.

Now Mother had only her blouse and her underskirt. I looked at her, my cock throbbing. Her huge breasts looked as if they will tear her blouse. Her large ass was pushing out her under skirt towards outside. I wondered what will be the reaction of my mad Mother if I proceed with undressing her. Hesitantly I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned it and removed it. She didn't even notice that I had removed her blouse. Now her breasts are covered only n an old fashioned bra. I removed that also. My God!! Her breast sprang out and stumbled downwards, aching down. They were really huge with nipples the size of thumb. My cock started leaking pre cum.

Then my hands reached the knot in her underskirt and untied it. Removing her underskirt by pulling it upwards and over her neck, I was thrilled by the sight. She wore nothing else underneath. My fat old mad Mother standing naked in front of me, completely at my disposal.

The scene simply was electrifying. Her bulging stomach stooped downwards and I looked eagerly between her thighs. My Mother's cunt was very fat and it was bulging out and a forest of hair covered it. Her naked ass, fat and huge was thrust outwards. I started shivering with lust. My cock had raised its head and was throbbing.

I took the mug and took water and poured it on the body of my naked Mother. She continued standing accepting everything. After pouring water some more times, I took the soap and started to soap her body. My hands reached her pillow-like breast and I applied soap over it squeezing it to my heart's content.

Covering Mother's large stomach with soap and caressing it, my hands reached her cunt. I applied soap to her fat hairy cunt, rubbing it. She simply stood mumbling. I reached for her clitoris and started massaging it, and at the same time looking upward to her face for any change of expression. She continued standing expressionless. My fingers pulled and rubbed at mother's clitoris for many minutes. Then I inserted two soapy fingers into Mother big cunt. It entered easily. I pushed them deep into Mother's cunt and fucked it in and out. All the time I watched her face but she was not even knowing what I am doing to her. That knowledge made me bolder.

My one hand reached for her huge ass. I squeezed my Mother's large ass hard and roughly. My two fingers was fucking in and out of my mad Mother's cunt at the same time. I inserted one soapy finger into Mother's asshole.

It also entered easily. Ahh!!The heat inside Mother's asshole was terrific. I inserted another finger into Mother's ass. I rotated my fingers inside Mother's ass and fucked it in and out, the fingers of my other hand doing the same to her fat cunt.

I tried to make her climax but she was simply standing knowing nothing, her mad mind elsewhere. Fucking my fingers into Mother's cunt and asshole for several minutes made me take decision to fuck my mad Mother there itself. I removed by lungi and became nude myself.

My rock hard cock was thrust upwards. I applied some soap to my throbbing hard on. Squatting slightly, I leveled my cock with Mother's fat thrusting cunt. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down Mother's soapy cunt slit several times looking at her face. She was staring blankly to the wall opposite, not knowing what her evil son is doing to his mad Mother. I slowly thrust my cock inside Mother's cunt. My whole cock entered her soapy cunt easily to the hilt.

It was an out of this world experience. My cock buried deep inside my own mad Mother's fat cunt. The knowledge that I can use my mad Mother as my personal fuck toy made me bolder. I started fucking my cock in and out of Mother's cunt. It went in and out easily, lubricated by the soap.

I bent my head and caught hold of Mother one big nipple between my lips and started sucking it violently into my mouth. All the time my cock was fucking in and out of my mad Mother's cunt very hard and deep. Mother's body rocked to my thrusts. My belly was crashing with Mother's big belly with each stroke. I reached around with my both hands and squeezed hard on Mother's both ass cheeks. Spreading them open, I thrust two fingers inside Mother's asshole and started fucking them in and out in tune to my deep thrusts into her cunt.

Occasionally, I watched her face. She was not knowing that her own son was abusing her in such a depraved way, by misusing her mad state of mind. My mind reeled with the perverted pleasure of fucking my mad Mother. My cock throbbed inside her fat huge cunt. My thrusts became deeper and faster. I fucked violently in and out of my Mother's huge cunt. At the same time, my two fingers were subjecting my Mother's asshole to a harsh finger fucking.

My fingers were squeezed by Mother's elastic asshole. There was tremendous heat inside Mother's asshole, which was felt by my fingers. I decided to fuck Mother's asshole the very next time. By this time I was reaching my climax. I sucked her nipples deep and hard into my mouth, increasing the speed of my fucking. I never stopped fucking my fingers hard into her asshole. Flap, Flap, Flap, the sound of my belly crashing onto Mother's hanging belly echoed inside the bathroom. I gathered all my strength, squatted more conveniently and fucked my mad Mother real hard.

My each violent thrust made her shake all over. Nearing my climax I increased my speed. My cock shot in and out of my Mother's cunt. When, my cum, gushed out, I thrust my ejaculating cock deep inside her cunt and held it there. My cum flooded Mother's cunt and flowed out and ran down her big thighs. I removed my softening cock out of Mother's cunt and watched her expression. Still nothing.

I finished her bath, thinking about the numerous perverted ways I could use my mad fat Mother. And indeed I used her for all my perverted pleasures.

Chapter 1