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Mother mallika Chapter 1

"What for breakfast mom" asked siddharth. "chappathi with chenna" came the reply from mallika's room. "Mooom not again. i am bored" said sid. Siddharth who was frustrated just a minute ago had his mouth open in astonishment when he saw his mom. Mallika who just took her bath had come out in red color Madisaar (saree). Being an auspicious day she had worn it. Mallika though in mid thirties is a modern woman and rarely she wears saree. Its been years since siddharth has seen her in anything other than chudhidars and jeans,T shirts. Mallika's mother that is sidharth's grand mom who is in US had instructed her to wear madisaar as it was an auspicious day. Mallika too with lots of hesitation did the same with the help of youtube videos. Mallika who is not at all used to saree was finding much difficulties with madisaar. Having said that she had managed to wear it. Mallika had tied the saree below her navel and the entire plumpy waist region was visible. The dark red saree complement her whitish body very well. Her buttery creamy waist with a deep navel added to her hotness. With towel tied to her hair she smiled at her astonished son. " Mom ..." said sid with still astonishment and surprise in his face. " Its all because of your grandma. She wants me to look ugly with this stuff it seems said Mallika and started applying lipstick. "Not at all mom. you look awesome." said the stunned siddharth. Mallika smiled in acknowledgement to his complitement and said "hmm". The ninteen year old stepped closer to his mom. His eyes was fixed in her deep navel whose depth only god knows or his father knows. Mallika kept aside the hand mirror and lipstick and looked at siddharth whose eyes was feating her belly. " oi whats the matter, anyting wrong with the saree" asked Mallika. After a long time siddharth made a eye contact with her mom and said " nothing mom you look absolutely stunning "and placed his hands on her waist and gave her a hug. Mallika too gave a tight hug and kissed his forehead saying " thanks sid". Mallika was always more of a friend to siddharth and he shared anything and everything with her. With his dad in US for a project mom-son bonding further enhanced. Siddharth hands which was on waist still enjoying its folds over there,gave her a pinch saying" mom please do wear sarees often" Mallika uttered a "ouch" and said "sure sidharth".Hug lasted over a minute and his head was over her breast as she was a foot taller than siddharth. For mallika siddharth is still a kid. She always used to hug him kiss him everyday as if he is a 3 year old kid. Siddharth too never missed an opportunity to hug or kiss her and that's why he never complained his mom treating him as a kid. Though siddharth has admired her beauty many times,today was really special for him as he happened to see her in sexy saree. He cursed himself for not seeing her navel for all this years. Her mobile rang and it was sekar her husband. she took it and sat in sofa talking to him. siddharth came and sat near her. He put his hand over her and rested it in the folds of her belly. "He is a very good child don't worry" said his mom to his dad. On hearing that he got closer to her cheek and gave it a kiss. Mallika smiled at him and continued with her conversation. " yeah i have worn it and siddharth is loving it" said the mother referring to her saree. Siddharth moved his hand from the waist to her navel and fingered it with his index finger. This is the first time he is doing anything like that and Mallika never felt anything sexual about it,though she paused to speak for a couple of seconds and smiled at siddarth. Siddarth too was happy that his mother was smiling which helped his confidence at large. Siddarth once again probed deep in her navel making his mother close her eyes,however she continued talking to him. After 25 long minutes she kept the phone and asked siddharth " boy what are you searching over there" siddharth who hands was slowly but constantly squeezing her belly said " nothing mom i just felt like playing with it. Anything wrong mom " asked siddarth with a innocent face. Mallika beamed with smile and said " nothing sid and kissed over his cheeks.

Mallika worked in a govt bank and Sekar was working in a MNC. Finance wise they were sound and Siddharth was indeed living a luxurious life. Into second year of engineering Siddharth was a studious fellow when it comes to studies, and that made his parents to give him enough freedom. Mallika was a star in the place she worked. Managers,clerks even customers try their level best to chat with her. Unlike other bank official who frown upon their customers as if they are giving money from their pockets,Mallika always had a smile on her face and dealt customers with love and respect. Over sixfoot with weight that completements her height, she looked like a bollywood diva. Had she been into movies, she would have gained fans and followers all over the world. Film industries loss is SBI's gain.

Mallika was getting ready for another day of work.Siddarth woke to see him mom preparing breakfast in the kichen. Once again he was taken aback to see his mom in saree and this time with backless blouse with a black saree. Her entire back was naked and siddharth could not beleive whether it was dream or reality. Mallika had never gone to work in sarees. Controlling his excitement he went into kitchen. "Morning mom" said Siddharth wothout showing any sort of excitement. Mallika turned and greeted her son. " Its 8 dear, i know its holidays but try to wake up early" said Mallika in her sweet voice. Yes! like her looks and volpulous body, her voice is also a treat to hear. Mallika sings well and in fact she has recently started taking carnatic music classes for the kids in the apartment. Siddarth nodded and made a quick scan of her from head to toe. She had tied her saree an inch above her navel but belly was oozing with hotness. With black color saree, her belly looked like a dimond stone in a coal field. Anybody looking it cant resist themself from feeling it. "mom what a surprise, so you are gonna go with saree today"? asked siddharth. " Yeah baby, with all the compliments you gave yesterday i was really happy and too wanted to try saree as many your father bought for me are new and unused" said the sweet mother while packing lunch for her. " yeah mom you look really good in saree" sid said with him had over her naked back. He loved the smoothness of her back. Mallika turned and gave him a hug and left for work.

She took her activa and stopped near the gate to find sanjay waiting there for the school bus. Sanjay is a grade 10 student and he resides with his dad in the flat opposite to her. Sanjay lost his mother few years back and therefore Mallika had a soft corner on him. She always use to assist him during exam times and his father too was a friend to her. Like siddharth , sanjay too was surprised to see her in saree. " What happen to your bus. Guess its already late?" mallika asked sanjay with concern. " i am not sure aunty, i will ask my dad to drop " said sanjay. Mallika said that she would drop him and convinced him to come with her. Sanjay sat on the bike and was holding the back handle for balance. Mallika looked at him thru the rear glass and said " Hold me boy,i am not going to bite you" and laughed. Sanjay hesitantly kept his left hand over her shoulder. Mallika herself took his right hand and kept it over her waist and started to ride.Sanjay felt as if electricity was passing thru him. Quickly he kept his other hand too over her waist and started to feel its divine elasticity.Mallika felt his hands rubbing slowly throughout the ride and that reminded her son siddharth's behaviour yesterday. She reached the school and siddharth wanted to feel more of her. With a sad face he got down and thanked mallika. She gave him a kiss in his cheeks and left. Back home siddarth felt the time aws going too slow for him and images of his mom was rolling over his mind throughout the day. Mallika reached the bank and while getting down she found her saree to be below her navel. She tried to pull the petticoat up but it was rolling down slowly back to the same position, thanks to the skin's smoothness. She covered the navel with pallu and got in...

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