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Mother mallika Chapter 11

Balu was supposed to leave that day and he was packing his stuffs. Siddharth was helping his grandpa. In came Mallika with coffee tray and a trademark smile. " You can stay a little longer right?" asked Mallika giving coffee to Siddharth and Balu. Ah Mallika come here and saying that he gave her a tight hug. Mallika dint expect this but still played along. Siddharth kept watching his mother's body getting crushed in the name of hug and started sipping his coffee. Balu hands slowly lowered and reached the waist of the lady. Siddharth kept his coffee down and his mouth widened automatically as his fruit of obsession is getting the treatment. Balu and Mallika continued to converse but balu hands spoke more than his mouth." You have been really a great daughter in law. I am blessed to have you kid" saying that his left hand moved from waist to her ass cheek and his right hand moved to her belly folds. Mallika was blown away from his compliments and continued to hug him listening to his flattering words.Balu's hand intensified the pressure at both butt and belly,making it a double squeeze.Siddharth had to clear his throat to bring them both to reality, and balu left her. Siddharth quickly got blessings from him grandpa. "Siddhu keep your mom happy always" said balu with his hand wrapped around her belly."Sidd, could you please find my wallet,i misplaced them" said balu and Siddharth vanished to his room quickly to search for it. Mallika too was abt to search but she felt balu's middle finger entering her deep navel. " Ahh pa. Let me find your wallet" said Mallika with a sexy smile. "Who know i might have placed inside them" saying that balu rotated his finger making the sexy mom moan.Balu quickly pulled his finger out as he saw siddharth coming. Siddharth handed over the wallet and balue bid gud bye and left...

Siddharth was really turned on by the events unfolded and as soon as his grandpa left he locked the door and went to his mom.Mallika who was preparing her usual chappathi saw her son standing there with burning desire in his eyes." babe come here" Mallika rose up and hugged him tight. She even placed his hands over belly and gave a quick kiss on his lips.Siddharth literally pounced on his mom and started kissing her lips with full force.Mallika dint expect this from the junior however she slightly opened her mouth to accommodate his tongue a little. Siddharth kept moaning "mom" and kept squeezing the juicy body of her.Siddharth suddenly started removing her blouse and saree and made her stand there with bra and panties. "Siddhu what.." that all she could murmur and before that her bra too got removed. Siddharth started to suck her boobs with squeezing her ass."Dear..calm down" is she could murmur and her panties too got removed by the loving son.

Chapter 11