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Mother mallika Chapter 3

It was 7 am when Siddharth woke up.He marched towards living room to find Mallika on sofa reading newspaper. Apparently she had already took bath and was in a black color saree with a short n tight blouse. She had wore the saree in the most sexy way possible and in fact right below her breast entire midriff was open till at least 3 inches below her sensuous navel. With every breath she took her stomach was slowly rising making her deep navel expand and contract in a sexy way. Siddharth was already turned on and her sexy body made his lips dry. Yet Siddharth like a good fellow controlled all his emotions and sat next to his mom. "Morning Siddu" said mallika without looking at him. She was going thru the paper interestingly. " morn...Morning mom" said siddharth with bit of a struggle. "Mom its already 7.30 aren't you getting ready to head to office" asked siddharth with a innocent face. Still Mallika dint turn to look at him. " I am not going today, need to clean up the house,Dad is coming tomorrow nah " said the erotic mother. " oh yeah mom. I too will help you in the chores" saying that slowly he his right hand over her shoulders and placed his palm over her waist. Finally mallika kept the paper aside and said looking at him " Thanks a lot dear" . Mallika leaned over him and gave a series of kisses on his cheeks. Not just today Siddharth always helps her whenever possible, the real reason only siddharth knows. Encouraged by her kisses Siddharth moved to belly from waist and placed his middle finger exactly on her navel. He couldn't resist at all, straightaway he dugged both his index and middle finger inside her Deeep navel. Yes it is indeed deep. At first mallika dint react but started moaning when he started rotating his fingers. " oh boy, remember dad is coming tomorrow, stop flirting with your mom " said Mallika and winked at him. Both mother and son laughed out loud. All those while siddharth hand was feasting over her creamy belly. He slowly took his fingers out from the sweet spot and started squeezing the flesh below her navel. As he was doing his business, Mallika was checking on her mobile and was whatsapping her friends. Mallika had a lot of friends mostly males though. With every squeeze she received she uttered a "mmm". For some reason it looked really sexy.
Mallika slowly got up and swayed her way to Kitchen. Mallika in no way is a slim lady. She is plump but no one could match the erotic juicy body of hers. Not just Siddharth many close friends even relatives took full advantage of her. Mallika is definitely not a slut but a friendly person by nature which many exploited. Its next to impossible for mallika to get angry on anybody who she is close to her. Siddharth heard a knock at the door, wondering who would it be he went to open the door.As he opened he got pleasantly surprised to see his cousins, Ram and shyam. Yes there were two and most interesting part is they are twins. Just like twins in movies they exactly look alike and hardly anybody would identify who is who. " wow brothers get in" said the excited Siddharth. Both were just 2 years younger to siddharth and were in their 12th grade. And just like Siddharth both were crazy about their aunt Mallika. Even siddharth would be bit soft on his mother but this duos would play with her as if she is their Girl friend. Mallika too loved the young twins and she considered them as her buddy though they are not even half her age. As soon as they got in their first question was " where is aunty". Siddharth could see their excitement when they asked him. Siddarth pointed his fingers towards kitchen. Both quickly rushed towards kitchen.Both hugged her from behind keeping their chin at either side of her shoulder. Mallika initially got shocked however when she realized it was them she was excited too." Guys how are you" asked mallika who was literally jammed between the twins. Both ignored to reply for that and started kissing her in her cheeks. Siddharth too came in and saw the scene where his mother was getting hugged and kissed by them. Strangely he was excited. Mallika uttered a ouch when she felt one of them where pinching her juicy ass. Instantly she found it was shyam, yes this is the first thing he would do to her whenever they meetup. Ram was more of a kisser and he would even lick her earlobes sometimes. Mallika loved being the center of attention of their love for her, but just like Siddharth it was more of lust. Mallika moaned a bit loudly this time when shyam gave her a pinch in her sexy waist folds. " looks like you have put some weight, but never mind you are sexy" said Shyam giving another pinch to her folds. Yes, Shyam would not mind to talk whatever he had in his mind and Mallika was quite impressed with that trait of him. Though they were so younger than mallika, they never had any problem in talking whatever they wanted. Shyam would even describe about his crushes in school with mallika. Usually they would stay at least a month with her during their annual holidays but it was a pleasant surprise visit. Both carried her and brought her to living room and all that while Siddharth was standing there with a wide open mouth...

Both ram and shyam placed her in sofa and sat with mallika in the middle. " Guys i am so so happy to see you back. why dint you inform me before coming, i would atl least prepared some special dish for you to eat ? " asked mallika with putting her hands over their shoulders. In that process her saree drifted and her sexy body was in full display. Ram replied that it was planned at the last moment and they already had lunch before coming. Shyam is the naughty of the two. He quckly placed his hand over her cheesy belly and gave it a tight squeeze making Mallika moan a little. " ahh Aunty when did you started wearing sarees" asking shyam with still his hand feasting her soft belly. " it was siddharth's idea and i too felt its time to try out sarees.Does it suit me boys" asked mallika. This time Ram too kept his hand in her elastic waist and gave it a nice squeeze. " you look dashing aunty and in fact you look like a bollywood diva" said Shyam and he inserted his index finger in her deep navel. "hmmmmm" uttered Mallika and Siddharth was having a new experience. He was seeing his cousin brothers squeezing and enjoying his mother but he was too excited to see the happenings. Ram and Shyam are really good students and were staying in the hostel which was 80 km away from Mallika's home. Either of them dint have any girl friends and as a matter of fact they were too shy to talk to girls. But somehow they are not only comfortable but at time naughty too with Mallika around. Both their parents are doctors and are mostly busy with their work. Siddarth came closer to them in the living room and he could still see their hands on his favourite spot of his mother. Mallika smiled at siddharth and said " uff look at them, playing with me as if i am their girl friend". Without knowing how to react siddharth faked a smile. Siddarth too was unable to control seeing his mother in such posture. She was looking extremely sexy and too with two boys who are not even half her age squeezing the juice out of her belly, the scene was erotic to the core. Siddharth tried to calm himself,pulled a chair and sat near them. "So guys, how is uncle and aunt and how is studies going on " asked mallika. She was bit releived now as Ram had taken his hand of her belly, but still shyam was roaming his hand over her whitish elastic waist. Ram said that he got some doubts in C programs and wanted some assistance from Siddharth. Siddharth immediately took Ram to his room and he too despartely wanted to leave the place as he was having a hard time hiding his hard on from his mother. Mallika quickly turned her head to Shayam and asked " What about you,dont you have to study that ". " hmm no aunty i took biology, i guess you can help me with my doubts in biology" and winked at her. " boy stop flirting with me , i am your aunt and not girl friend " said mallika and gave a gentle pinch to shyam's cheeks. Shyam kelt his head on her shoulder and gave a series of kisses on her neck and slowly started kissing her cheeks. Mallika was used to such kind of affection from Shyam and she dint mind at all and in fact she kept her hand over his hand and was rubbing his hairs gently. " I missed you a lot aunty ummmmmm" said shyam in between shifting to kiss the other cheek. " me too dear " said mallika and gave a kiss at his forehead. " Aunty, sid bro is correct. Please wear sarees and its suiting you wonderfully" . Saying that Shyam kept both his hand on her waist and was slowly squeezing it in a rhythm. Shyam's eyes spotted her navel and he was taking aback instantly. Though he already probed in her navel, this is the first time he is having a closer look at the sweet spot. He was surprised to see its depth. Mallika saree had gone 4 inches below her navel and she was oozing with hotness. Just next to her navel shyam saw a beatiful mole on her belly.May be the same mole may not have been visible if it was on someone else belly but being extremely white it was clearly visible. Even mallika was aware of that and mostly she would cover her saree in such a way that it was not visible. Mallika too was aware that he was looking at that mole and asked " what are you researching there my boy " and laughed. Coming back to sense Shayam replied " Nothing aunty this mole on her belly is so beautiful" . Yes shyam is extremely a frank straight forward person and mallika really liked him for that. Shyam would even share if he had any problem or fight with his parents. Mallika loved him just like she loved and cared for siddharth. Mallika got reminded of the incident she had with the coffee boy in the bank and shared the same with shyam. On hearing that shyam laughed and just like that fellow shyam checked as if it was mole. Mallika and shyam both were laughing out loud. " Aunty i guess that fellow might have wanted to touch your belly and he did with that excuse" said shyam whose hands were still on the folds of her waist. Mallika laughed at that comment and said " hmm well , then what about them " and looked at shyam's hands on her waist . " haha aunty i dont need a excuse to feel your belly" saying that he kept his face on her belly and started kissing. Seriously mallika was not expecting it but she dint resist shyam. After feeling content shaym got up and went to siddharth's room to check on the other two. Mallika too got up and prepared coffee. shortly after, all three came out and sat in the sofa. Mallika brought cofee for the three in a tray . And as she was approaching , three pairs of eyes glued at her. With every step she too her navel was jiggling just like a jiggle in a pond when a stone falls. All had their coffee and the twins were about to leave. Both of them hugged mallika in tightest way possible. Ram hands occupied her belly and shyam groped her ass. Mallika dint mind at all and she equally was hugging them tightly. After about a minute both twins left saying bye to siddharth...

It was a rainy evening and moonson had come quite earlier this year. Mallika who had planned to go out for buying grocery had to cancel it. In fact she had gone all the way till the main gate of the apartment and had to return due to heavy rain. And yes she got drenched in rain and she was looking like a goddess . The rain helped a lot to reveal her sexy body, her boobs were now clearly visible. As she rushed back to the lift, in that process her saree knot gone down from her navel to 3 inches making that zone extremely sexy. On reaching her flat,she knocked the door. Siddharth was quick to open the door and as he opened he was stunned. Mallika had to ask him to move twice to get him back to his senses. "Mom...you are... you are so wet, let me bring the towel" he said and went to her room in a flash. Mallika felt really blessed to have a concerned son like siddharth. She thanked god in her mind for such a wonderful son. Siddharth is certainly is not a bad son, he loved his mother and top of that he too lusted after her which only siddharth knew. Siddharth came back with towel, bra,blouse and a petticoat. Mallika dint expect it at all and as he came closer the power went off. Thankfully they had inverter and the living room where mallika was present had still power because of inverter." oh my god power went..ufff" siddharth said as he came towards his sexy mother. " Thank you so much siddu" she said and brushed his hairs on his head. "Mom quickly change it or else you would catch cold" said the concerned son. " saree is not fully wet siddu, just towel is enough" she said and took the towel to dry herself. "mom look at your blouse, saree its fully wet, please change it" saying that he pulled her saree forcefully. Mallika dint expect it but as he pulled her saree she gave in and rolled anticlockwise so that saree gets pulled away completely. Siddharth throwed the saree to a corner and smiled at his mom who was standing there with a wet transparent, sleeveless blouse and petticoat. With every breath she inhaled and exhaled her belly and breast made small movements which looked extremely hot. Mallika smiled at her son for being so caring about her and was about to leave to her room to change her dress. " mom where are you leaving, better change it here itself, there are no power in other rooms" said siddharth with a caring look. Mallika looked a bit uncomfortable. quickly siddharth said " let me go to the room, call me after dressing up " and was about to leave the hall. Quickly Mallika held his hand and said " oh boy just stay here, you are still my kid". Mallika smiled at siddharth and pushed him to sit in the sofa. Mallika started toweling her hairs and siddharth was glued towards his mother. He was watching her without a blink of eye. After finishing with toweling mallika started unbuttoning the hooks on her blouse. After unhooking 2 of the 3 hooks, mallika looked at siddharth to see what he was doing as there was dead silence in the house. Siddharth was looking at her breast with a slightly open mouth. " Boy.. i asked you to sit here and not to look at me " she said with a raised eyebrow and a teasing smile. " Mom i was just..." utter siddharth and was unable to complete it. " Oh Siddhu, i was just kidding da, could you help me to unhook the bra" said mallika as she removed the blouse completely. Mallika was standing there with just bra and petticoat. Siddharth had never seen her like this and was still sitting in the sofa with a wide open mouth. " Siddu.. cant you hear me " she said , only then he came back to his sense. "Sure mom" came the reply and he inched closer to his mother. Siddharth went behind her and was searching for the strap which was covered by her hair. " Mom your hairs are.." saying that he starting smelling her her,which was giving a sweetest odour which any perfume cant give. " oh let me pull them " she said and pulled it over her shoulders. Siddharth was still not sure whether its dream or true. He was standing behind his most beautiful mom who had asked him to unhook her bra. " boy..quick" she said as siddharth was standing there like a statue. Siddharth slowly put his hand over her bra and started to unhook. " Its tight mom, how to unhook it" asked siddharth who was feasting over her naked back. " wow Einstein had found out. Boy i knew it was tight and the hook had problem, thats why i called you" ,Mallika laughed as she said that.Finally siddharth unhooked but still had his over her back. " Thank you boy ,you may go now" said mallika who was still holding the bra in her hands. Siddharth came back and sat on his sofa facing mallika. Though she was still holding the bra, he could clearly see her heavy boobs. To his utter disappointment, she covered her boobs with the towel and changed her bra. She did the same while changing her petticoat .Siddharth shifted his focus back to his favorite zone, her navel. With each passing minute its beauty and depth seems to increase manyfolds. He couldnt control to crush her belly and kiss at her navel. Mallika decided not to wear blouse or saree as the bra itself was bit tight. She too came and sat next to siddharth in the sofa. " uff heavy rain. Dad is coming tomorrow, did you book the cab dear" asked mallika placing her hand over his shoulders.Siddharth quickly placed his hand over her belly gave it a tight squeeze and replied " ummm mom ". Mallika now got quite used to siddharth's pinches and squeezes to her belly. Though she wondered why he is doing that, she never questioned or resisted him . But today his squeezes were so tight that it even made mallika to moan loudly . Siddharth kept his face on her boobs and gave a quick kiss at the cleavage. Mallika took some magazine and was reading it with one hand over siddharth's head, brushing his hair. Siddharth who thought that she would get angry for kissing her breast was surprised and he gave another kiss this time, directly on her boobs. Mallika who was reading , looked down on her cleavage and gave siddharth a kiss on his forehead, and again got into reading. Siddharth was surprised as well as thrilled and gave her boobs a gentle bite. " hmmmm" mallika moaned and she got up to make dinner and yeah the usual chappathi.

Dinner was served and both went to bed. Mallika was still in her bra and petticoat. Siddharth slept hugging her as if she is a teddy bear toy.Alarm started ringing @ 4. Mallika got up bathed and dressed herself in jeans and tshirt. It was 4.45 when she waked siddharth. Siddharth got up and got ready to go to airport. Mallika again look terrific in this dress as well. Tshirt she was wearing was short enough to reveal her navel. As they got down the lift siddharth quickly placed his hands over her waist. Both took the cab which was waiting and went to airport. As they reached the airport they found sekar was already waiting for them. Mallika face brighted to see her hubby after months. Mallika got down and rushed towards her husband to hug him, but sekar was not in the same mood. He pushed her and shouted why were they late and added that he was waiting there was 30 mins. Mallika and siddharth dint expect this, instead of hugging and kissing which was usual between them ,this shocked them. All three got into the car and throughout the travel , noone spoke to each other. Mallika was embarrassed as she was shouted at in front of many including their driver. All three got in their house and still Mallika dint speak a word with sekar. Sekar once again shouted at them stating house is untidy . Sekar looked at her Tshirt and asked " dont you have better dress to wear, what's this? And why are you flaunting your belly, who you think will be seeing it ? reduce your weight before trying anything.." Saying that he went to bath. Mallika was literally in tears, though sekar used to tease her, he had never humilated her. By no means Mallika was slim but she had a curvy figure which would turn anybody including her son, but strangely Sekar showed no intrest in her. Their sex life had fully stopped at least 10 years ago but still they had love for each other. Sekar in early forties was a healthy good looking man with clean habbits. He had been a good father and a loving husband so far but mallika had never experienced this sort of behavior from him. Siddharth sat next to Mallika and tried to convince her. Mallika had already applied for leave as sekar was coming, she quickly changed her mind and started to prepare breakfast. She left to work with heavy heart. Both siddharth and sekar had their breakfast after mallika left. " still your mom have not learned to cook well" commented sekar while eating. Siddharth too dint like his behavior. Throughout the day Mallika was feeling low . It was 6 when she returned home. She had gone to work with a blue saree and a sleeveless blouse. Siddharth noticed that she have covered her belly completely as such not a inch was visible.Siddharth quickly greeted her and went out to play basketball.

"Welcome mallika.. hmm this saree seems to suit you and good that you have covered your belly bag hahaha" sekar commented as she entered. Mallika ignored that and went to her room straight away. Mallika was a strong woman both physically and mentally. Though she was sad because of his behavior, she decided to prove him wrong and also to make him feel sorry for his behavior. Until he feels for his mistake mallika decided not to allow him to touch her. She changed to a pink transparent saree and also tied it atleast 5 inches below her navel , with pallu she covered one of the breast leaving the other one uncovered. she looked extremely stunning and hot , as she saw her in the mirror, she smiled at herself seeing her beauty. " You teased my body right, lets see if you can resist it." she thought to herself and went to kitchen.Soon doorbell rang and sekar opened the door . " what a pleasant surprise, get in karthick" said sekar. Karthick works with sekar and is a juinour to him who is just 25 years old. " Mallika bring cofee" sekar shouted as Karthick sat in the sofa. Sekar sat opposite to him in one seater sofa. " Heard you are back home sir, that's why just came to see you" karthick spoke with lot of respect. " Yes karthick, hope everyone is fine in your home" asked sekar and once again shouted mallika to bring coffee.

Chapter 3