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Mother mallika Chapter 5

"Hey sidhu"
came a voice when siddharth was watching some tv series at home. It was his uncle Gokul ( Younger brother of Mallika). It was a pleasant surprise for Gokul as its been like 3 years since he saw his uncle. Gokul was a software engineer and was in US for all this years. He is in his late 20's but yet to be married.
" Uncle wow u never said us you are coming"
said sidharth running towards his uncle and hugging. Sidharth loves Gokul so much and they both used to have a blast when together. Though he is uncle Siddharth would share everything with him. But last few years there were little to no contact between the two.
" I wanted it to be a surprise to u"
said Gokul. As he was saying this Mallika entered. She was in a black saree that day with a sleeveless blouse and generously showing the side curvy belly. Sadly her navel was covered.
"Sisi... i missed you so much"
saying that Gokul hugged his sister in the tightest way possible. Mallika was surprised so much as she never expected him to be here. She was so happy that she started to cry seeing her brother.
" Dei.. cant you inform us before coming"
asked Mallika pushing him away.
Gokul: I wanted it to be a surprise sis. So how are you. So happy to see you.
Mallika: God you have become so lean. I am good da. Happy to see you.
Saying that Mallika again hugged him and gave a kiss to his cheeks.
Gokul: Everybody would look lean standing next to you
saying that he gave a pinch to her belly that was exposed.
Mallika: ouch! grr u stared teasing me now itself?
Siddharth: Uncle, stop teasing my mom. Dont you think she is beautiful?
Gokul: of course! My sister is so beautiful.
Saying that he kneeled in front of her and gave a strong kiss at her belly.
Siddharth felt something usual but he liked it. Mallika just raised him and gave another kiss this time closer to his lips and said " We missed you boy"
Gokul: I got a job here and would join in a month. With your permission can i stay here for a month.
Mallika with her hands in her side belly said " You are going to get beatings for asking permission"
Gokul: So where is Sekar uncle?
Mallika: He...hmm should be here by tomorrow.
Siddharth: Alrite. I am hungry.
Gokul: Yeah me too!
Mallika prepared a grand dinner for her brother and all 3 ate till their neck.Siddharth was the first to complete and he rose and retired to bed.Mallika and Siddharth had all the conversation possible over the dinner. After finishing they decided to watch some movie like they used to do during childhood. Mallika called siddharth too but he said he would join them in few mins.
Mallika played some bollywood movie and Gokul was not so interested. But he chose to watch it as his sister was watching it with interest.He turned to her to see her pallu drifted so much and her deep navel was exposed. Gokul has never seen her sister like this and she looked damn sexy. His mouth automatically opened and he stopped watching the movie completely. He couldn't resist his hands from squeezing her belly and kissing her navel but he dint know what to do.As he was wondering Siddharth came and sat in the middle...

Chapter 5