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Mother mallika Chapter 6

Siddharth casually placed his arm around mallika's waist and as usual stared squeezing the juice out of her belly. Gokul who was gazing at his sister started feeling jealous of Siddharth. This was nothing new to both Mallika and siddharth, and they were watching TV as if nothing was happening. After feeling satisfied Siddharth retired to his bed saying he was tired.Mallika was still watching TV with full attention. Gokul moved closer to Mallika and placed his arm just like Siddharth. Mallika for a moment turned to his brother and smiled. Gokul felt fully charged feeling her soft belly and started squeezing it gently. "god, what i have missed all this years" Gokul was thinking to himself when he probed into her deep navel. " Dei.. what you doing" asked Mallika with a sexy smile on her face when she felt Gokul was rotating his index finger in navel.Gokul ignored to reply but he hugged her closer and gave a kiss to her rosy lips saying " I missed you a lot sisi". Mallika dint expect a kiss and that too at her lips. But she played along as she always do and slowly opened her mouth giving access to her tongue. Gokul was so delighted to grab the offer and literally pounced on it. Both their tongues danced for a long 5 minutes and it was Gokul who withdrew his tongue. Mallika decided to retire to bed and Gokul leaned over the couch to sleep. " Gokul you can sleep along with us in Bed.. Couch won't be comfortable da" said the caring sister.Gokul quickly agreed without arguing.

Mallika was in middle with left and right side occupied by both her brother and son.And within a couple of minutes she felt a pair of hands travelling in her belly.It was nothing new to Mallika other than her brother joined the party along with her son.Light was still on and Mallika was reading a novel. Mallika smiled to herself when she realised both her son and brother took turns in probing her navel.Mallika was slightly turned on due to the events and she threw the book . As she did that her pallu revealed her milky cleavage . Siddharth went a step ahead and started removing her blouse. Mallika dint expect this at all and so was Gokul was was still digging deeper in her navel. Siddhath removed her blouse and threw it where she threw her book and started kissing her cleavage. Mallika just closer her eyes and placed her right hand over Siddharth's head . Gokul was more than happy to place his head over her sexy belly and started kissing it all over. Not knowing what to do Mallika placed her left hand over her brother's head and started rubbing his head slowly. Mallika was clearly not ready for the double attack and was completely turned on for the first time by her son along with her brother...

Chapter 6