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Mother mallika Chapter 7

Mommy..Mommy..called out Sid after waking from a good sleep.Mallika was sitting in the couch along with her brother and was chitchatting about something while watching her usual TV soups. Being a weekend she was so relaxed and so was Siddharth."Mom.." calling he went and sat next to Mallika. " oh boy.. had a good sleep ?" asked Mallika.. "hmm" said Siddharth and wrapped his hand over her waist.
Gokul hands too were rested over her shoulders and his palm were placed just over her left breast. Gokul saw how casually Siddharth stroke her belly and was bit jealous of him though he was turned on. There was a mirror which was quite big right opposite to their couch and Gokul was just feasting over the image of his sister instead of watching TV. He did see Siddharth poked her navel a couple of times and also saw a small but horny reaction from Mallika...After a couple of squeezes Siddharth went to bath.

As the beauty spot was vacant and was inviting, Gokul placed his hand over Mallika's juicy belly and gave a tight squeeze making her moan a bit louder. " Aww.. oh boy, i thought it was just siddharth who got this weakness. I never know you too belong to the belly club" saying this Mallika just laughed out loud. "Well its not just me, anybody who see your exposed waist wont even think twice to play with their hand if they know you wont resist. And some who wont even care if you resist , they would just squeeze the juice out of it like me and sid"saying this Gokul simply mauled and squeezed the pulp out of her creamy belly.Mallika just laughed and moaned but was clearly enjoyed being groped by her brother.Just as they were playing, there was a knock at the door.

Hesitatingly Gokul got up and opened the door to see his Brother in law Sekar with a tired look. Gokul greeted Sekar for which he greeted back and went straight to his bedroom and slept. " He should be really tired" said Mallika and sighed.Sekar rose exactly at lunch time. Mallika had prepared a lot of dishes and many were Gokul's favourite. Sekar saw Gokul and Siddharth both in the kitchen with Mallika. He did too note each of their hand were just resting over the naked porting of her waist. "Is lunch ready" asked Sekar with a loud tone. " Just a moment dear" said mallika with a smile.Gokul quickly removed his hand and went to living room while Siddharth was still gliding her hand over her belly. " How was your trip Dad" asked the dutiful son. Sekar came closer and sat over a stool which was next to Siddharth and said " Just a business trip. Was really hectic Sid" saying that he just started tasting the papads that was being prepared. Siddharth on the other hand poked her navel and rotated his index finger for 10 to 15 seconds before leaving to the living room.

Chapter 7