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Mother mallika Chapter 8

Lunch was a less eventful affair. Sekar was so hungry that he dint even converse with Gokul and Siddharth while eating. After a heavy lunch all 4 sat before TV and only then Sekar started talking freely. Gokul inquired about Sekar's trip for which Sekar gave a long story. Siddharth dint even care to listen to it and was already started squeezing Mallika's waist as he was sitting right next to her. Gokul was too sitting next to her in the 3 sitter sofa.. Sekar was sitting just opposite to them. As sekar was explaining stuff to him, he saw Gokul hand slowly marching towards Mallika's thigh. Mallika on the other hand was just focussing on the serial that was playing on TV. And yes he successful completed the boring story and by that time Gokul hands too got landed on her thighs. Sekar couldnt figure out whether he was squeezing it but he was sure it is something beyond the brotherly love.Sekar heart skipped a beat when he saw Siddharth's fingers digging in his mother's navel. Certainly its not how a son would do to his mother and its certainly sexual he thought to himself. Sekar didt know how to react and he just turned to TV but his mind was asking so many questions like " why are they behaving like this and why is she not opposing to their behaviour". Sekar was so confused and was wondering what he must do.Her brother and even her son dont miss a chance to feel and play with her.He remembered how he insulted Mallika a few weeks ago calling her fat but he spitted on himself for such a comment when he saw her now. She was in fact oozing with sexiness and horniness, he thought.

Midway during Gokul's thigh squeezing session, he got a call from someone and went out. As the place got vacant Sekar quickly sat next to Mallika.Still he saw his son squeezing her belly in which ever way possible. Strangely Sekar was getting turned on seeing his own son playing with Mallika's sexy body...

Chapter 8