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Mother mallika Chapter 9

Gokul came back and surprised every one saying that he is going to fly in another

30 mins to Delhi as he got some important stuff to do over there.Sekar was the

one who was really delighted to hear that. " uff.. thank god" he thought to himself.

Mallika was the one who was really disappointed. He quickly gave a hug to Mallika

and shook hands with Sekar and Sid and left(rather ran ). "Can i have a coffee"

asked sekar and Mallika swayed her way to kitchen to prepare it.

Soon the time flew away and it was already 30

past ten in the night. With Sekar to left and Siddharth to right, Mallika was with her

Kindle reading some story. And yes it is something Sekar has bought her when he

returned home and Mallika was quite happy with it. Siddharth was not feeling the

absence of Gokul tonight as Sekar has literally replaced him and yes , now both the

father and son's hands where fighting for space in her sexy belly. Though siddharth

found it odd he enjoyed it in some way. Mallika as usual, other than occasional

small moan whenever Siddharth poked in her navel, dint react much and was

concentrating on the story she was reading.Sekar on the other hand was just

talking to his son about his trip and was too was advising him regarding his

studies.Siddharth was in no mood to listen to any of those and he was just

enjoying every bit of her belly that was available to him. " I got to say Saree suit

you so well" said Sekar with slowly moving his middle finger in her navel cave. "

hmm humm" murmured the sexy wife.Mallika had completed one chapter and she

sensed both father and son's hand on her belly was motionless for quite sometime

and yes they are already slept. She could just smile when she saw siddharth hand

in her navel while he was still sleeping...

Mallika was the first to wake up and it was just 5 in the

morning.After taking bath she wore a gorgeous pink saree and a sleeveless blouse.

She decided to skip the bra and was in just a sleeveless blouse that so DEEP in the

front showing 50 % of her boobies. But she covered her tits with the pallu. It was

around 6 when the door bell rang. It was the milkman. As Mallika opened the door

Milk man mouth too widened seeing the erotic lady of the apartment. Mallika just

smiled and collected the milk and turned to see Siddharth sitting in the couch and

brushing his teeth. She wished him good morning and went to kitchen. In less than

couple of minutes Mallika felt her ass being groped. And yes it was her sweet

son.Mallika just tuned and kept both her hands on his shoulder and gave a kiss on

his forehead. As she did that , her pallu moved a bit to reveal her protruding

boobies. Siddharth dint waste even a second as he dug his face on her cleavage

and started to kiss as hard as possible with maintaining a squeeze pattern on her

ass. Siddharth went a step ahead and removed her pallu and even unhooked her

blouse to have full access to her breast. Mallika dint expect this at all but she dint

want to stop him as she thought it would make him upset deeply. In less than 10

seconds Mallika was standing there half naked with just peticoat and that too way

below her navel. With left boob in his mouth Siddharth started squeezing her

" ummm Siddharth" moaned Mallika as he sucked her breast. After repeatedly squeezing ass cheeks and sucking boobies siddharth felt satisfied and left to hall without even looking at his mother. Mallika quickly hooked her blouse and wrapped the saree around her, although kept her belly and navel quite open to the world.Siddharth started watching TV as if nothing had happened and Mallika too was preparing breakfast without giving much of a thought to what unfolded. Both mother and son got quite accustomed to such lovemaking.

"Good morning son" saying that Sekar walked in with newspaper in his hand. "Dad..." saying he acknowledged his father with a smile. Within a couple of minutes Mallika walked in with coffee and sandwiches. As Mallika walked towards them, Sekar eyes got fixed at his wife's belly. With every juggle it made,it made her extremely erotic.All 3 started sipping the coffee. Sekar casually placed his hand over her belly and started to squeeze it out just like his son.Mallika as always dint react other than occasional moan. Both mother and son eyes met and they quickly exchanged a cheeky smile."cheese sandwich is delicious" said siddharth. "oh yeah. really delicious"uttered sekar as he probed in her navel. Siddharth was watching it and he clearly understood what his dad was referring . Mallika on the other hand was delighted both for her son's compliment and hubby's naughty comment. As sekar was playing with his index finger on her navel, he looked at siddharth and was started talking about his early days of marriage. He saw his mother smiling with a bit of shy (something he has not seen often) as sekar was getting nostalgic.
After a couple of long squeezes Sekar left to wash his car." aw it turned red" said Siddharth placing his hand over her belly that has turned a bit red because of continuous squeezing. Mallika smiled and said " Well, what do you expect it to turn to". Both mother and son laughed their ass off."Not just the cheese sandwich, the milky bar too was delicious this morning" saying that he gave a quick squeeze at her boobies.Mallika quickly pulled him closer and gave a long french kiss with her tongue exploring his mouth several times.

Mallika pushed Siddharth when they heard sekar walking back.But Siddharth was completely turned on and he dint really care. He quickly hugged her and kissed at her lips, though she refused to open and pushed him away. "Mommy please.." he pleaded. She once again successfully pushed him just a moment before her husband entered.

Chapter 9