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Love Potion Mistake Chapter 1

Man, I have a mother you wouldn't believe. She used to scold me on my
small-small mistakes but still I loved her. I loved her not the way a son
loves his mother but the way a man loves his woman. As a child I had no
sexual thoughts about mother but as I entered teens everything changed.

Hell-O, I am Pujara. One day, when I was about thirteen and just
starting to realize my cock was growing and there was such a thing called
sex I came home from school early with a sore throat.

I entered the house quietly and heard noises coming from the living
room. I crept up behind the big planter and looked down into the living
room -- and immediately froze.

Mother was on the top-riding him, in a stooping position. Dad's long
slender cock stood straight up from his balls and she bounced on it and I
was amazed to see it disappear up her, and then slide out again and again.
Her ass cheeks where like jello and her breasts were jiggling a mile a
second. Dad wasn't saying a word, just moaning like a sick man. Mom was
shouting all kinds of obscenities, like. "FUCK THE JUICE OUT OF ME!" and
"ANOOP, YOU HAVE SUCH A BIG PRICK!" I could not believe what I was seeing!
I was sweating and my heart was beating.

All sorts of things raced through my mind -- was that how I was
conceived? Just a week before, my parents had sent me to my room without
supper for saying "Harami" (bastard) to someone. And look what they were
doing on that floor?

All of sudden everything became chaotic as if the world was going to end
or they would explode - he finally came - in a loud moan he held on to her
ass cheeks and he shot his furious load into my mom. Seeing my parents
having such pleasure, I wanted to find a woman like Mom whom I could fully
satisfy like Dad did and she, me.

Mom was a fair plump woman, with shapely boobs, large thighs and huge
sexy buttocks. She was plump, but not too heavy. Most of her excess
weight had settled in her breasts and her waist. She has very long hair
and big sexy lips. Saris always look good on her and with long black hair
half way down her back she looked like the Goddess herself.

Dad ran a string of furniture showrooms and warehouses, and you never
knew when he was going to be home. My dad worked sometimes sixty hours a
week. My mom stayed home and kept the house up, raised me and made sure I
had all I needed.

She was very strict in her religious behavior and she was busy in puja
more often than necessary. She used to visit temples frequently and meet a
saint (swami) called Hramu baba, which lived 40km away from us. She used
to visit the swami every month without fail. I saw her touch his feet and
beg for forgiveness at smallest of mistakes. Mom would address him Bapuji
(father) and he used to call her Rani Beti (daughter).

Some time during the night I had a dream. Mom was riding Dad and crying
out "Fuck me with your beautiful cock, Anoop. Fill me up with it and cum
in my pussy. It needs your love, let's make a baby."

"Yesssss, Raniii...ma, here it comes...my love juice...filling
your yoni up", cried Dad, "Let's make our baby".

"Anoop...Ahh...am cumminggg on your cock, am making our baby,"
screamed Mum, as they exploded together.

Mum lifted herself off Dad's cock and sat on Dad's chest. She opened
her pussy lips and told Dad with so much love "Look Anoop, look inside my
yoni, there's our baby, do you see it?"

"Yes, Rani, I see our baby", replied Dad looking inside Mum's love

I looked into the tunnel - And saw myself staring back at me.

I awoke to the sun's rays peeking through some openings in the wooden
windows of my room. At breakfast table I find it hard to look at my mom. I
sat across from her and admired her. Around her neck, she wore a thin gold
chain and a manglesutra (a thread tied around a woman's neck by her husband
on her wedding day). She had a pair of lovely earrings and a matching nose
ring too. She looked beautiful, a living goddess -- An image of those
enticing lips wrapped around Dad's thick cock last night flashed across my

After that day when I saw my parents going at it on the living room
floor, I had a perverse desire to watch it again -- and I did. I snuck
around and pretended to be asleep nights, peeked in their window, told
lies, hid, crept, anything to watch them fuck. And that's all they did, no
foreplay -- oh, Dad stuck his fingers up her twat a few times and sucked
her big nipples, but nothing more than that -- just straight fucking, in
various positions. I watched each time -- and began to realize that, after
I had witnessed the scene, I would be sexually excited! I would go to my
room or to the bathroom, lock the door, and masturbate.

I had a habit of seeing dreams. One night, in my dream, I felt that I
was on top of a tall and plump woman. My cock disappeared into a hot
buttery tunnel that pulsed and massaged the length of my manhood as it
engulfed it in sweltering sweetness. My face was between two fleshy,
pillowy mounds that tasted of cream and almonds; my mouth suckling on a
long, red colored candy of a nub that arose from the heaving tit. My ass
was pumping up and down, and the succulent tunnel into which my dick slid
in and out rose up to engulf my masculinity.

It felt hotter and tighter with every thrust. I felt a buzzing, boiling
commotion in my balls. That turned into a fiery thick magma that moved
thickly into my cock and burned its way up in searing sweet rise.
Everything was in a soft blur. It became unbearable and blissful. And
then my cock was twitching hard, shooting a lava of creamy white goo deep
into the sweltering pussy in which my spurting penis was buried. Oh, it
felt so incredible.

I opened my eyes and struggled to see the face of that amazing woman
between the two fleshy tits upon which my chin rested. I heard a woman's
cry: "OH, Mohan, YES!!" Just then, the face came into view. It was my
I could feel myself turning a bright red. Then, I imagined her rolling
me over, sitting on top of me, and riding me. With the vision of her big
tits bouncing up and down and side to side, while I made love to my mother,
I imagined reaching up and feeling her big boobs and fingering her nipples.

Suddenly, I realized that was lying in my bed, in the dark, and my eyes
opened in shock. It had all been a dream, a strange, frightening dream.
But something happened. I felt a wet, warm, sticky cream all over my
tummy. I had cum in my sleep. The dream was frightening, but also all so
real and yet otherworldly. Everything was engraved into my mind's eye, but
for the face of the mystery woman into whom I had emptied my lust. But
somewhere I knew. The voice, her face: it was Mom. Wiping myself clean, I
felt vaguely dirty. The woman's face and her voice. They were...no, it
couldn't be.

Oh, my God, I'm getting just as deranged as a sex maniac. With my
imagined sexual thoughts of my mother, I could feel my cock hardening to
the stiffest it's been with the overload of sexual thoughts I was having
about my Mom.

I felt very guilty and decided not to think such dirty thoughts. But at
night, again the sexy body of my Mother Rani came into my mind. Despite
admitting that it was wrong but the fact was that my mom Rani was the sole
object of my jack off fantasies. In reality I used to transform myself to
the obedient and loveable son of my beloved mother.

Then something happened that brought her closer to me. One day I came
home and found her weeping. I thought that some close relative of her has
died so I reached for her and put my arms around her to snuggle her in a
loving embrace.

I rocked and snuggled her, holding her close. She closed her eyes and
gave herself to my strong and commanding embrace. As I snuggled her
tightly, I became aware of her big, fleshy tits pressed squarely my chest.

"Please tell me, what is the matter?"

"Your father is having an affair Pujara"

"How can you be so sure?"

"You know how he started to come late on one pretext or other"

"He maybe really busy"

"NO-Look what I got from one of his pockets"

She handed me a photo. It was of a girl of about 20. Who she was I had
no idea so I tried to console mom by saying that the photo might be given
to dad by someone for handing it over to some one else. Why my father ever
felt the need to cheat on mom was beyond me.

"What will happen to us if he decides to take everything from us?" She
started sobbing. There was no point in my trying to make any argument in
favor of my father. I just kept quiet.

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