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Love Potion Mistake Chapter 2

To attract father mom started dressing seductively. Her blouses started
to show more and more of her solid cleavage. Her ample breasts were often
on display through the thin material of her blouse. Her nipples standing
up like tips of two bullets with her slightly rounded stomach and her deep
belly button totally exposed. I was afraid to look at her directly fearing
I might get a hard on by seeing her exposed flesh. We were really awkward
around each other and I kept my distance.

Just when the marital trouble was going on between my parents something
more interesting happened. One day I was changing in my room. By chance
the door was open. Mother was standing in the family room, staring at me.
I wondered how long she had been there. She saw everything but then she
had seen my cock more than anyone in the world! But it was different now,
it was big, bigger than her husband's, perhaps bigger than any man's that
she had ever seen, and I think it startled her and gave her a feeling of
what she may have missed in life.

After that day I never again went naked in front of her, but often, when
I walked through the house in my undershorts, she would take a good hard
glance at my full crotch.

She looked confused. I had a beautiful body and perhaps she was jealous
of that. I guess she wanted to be the only woman in my life -- maybe even
in my bed, although I don't think this was ever a conscious thought on her

I came home after playing some cricket. I looked inside the fridge for
something to eat and drink. There was not much inside. I saw of glass of
milk covered with cloth. I pulled the glass and took a large gulp. I felt
that it tasted a little different but I kept drinking. After finishing it
I took an apple and put the TV on. Just then I saw mother pop out from
behind the door and streak across the room. I couldn't help admiring her
beautiful, bare ass bounce and bob as she moved to fridge.

"Hey Ram" I heard her cry as she opened the fridge door.

"What Happened?"

"Who drank the milk?"


"Oh no" mom was casting me concerned looks

"Why what's wrong?"

"You fool, it was meant for your father"

"So what. Give him another glass of milk."

"It was not a simple glass of milk, it was ..." she started sobbing

"What it was?"

"It was given to me by the Hramu baba (swami). Baba advised me to give
it to your father slowly through tea and said that as your father will get
it he will follow me like a pet."

"You mean it was a sort of love potion"

"Yes. And you took it all in a gulp, hey god."

"Come on mom, this is the twenty-first century. People don't believe in
that kind of stuff any more."

"Sometimes you can be a real pain in the ass" she said and went away.

Then all of a sudden, I had an idea. I had to have her. I was drunk
with desire.

Same night just before going to sleep day I saw mom changing in the
bathroom. The door was semi open. I saw Mom stood at the mirror and
remove the small amount of make-up she wore. She was wearing these snug
fitting faded blue tight churidar and her full gorgeous butt looked
extremely sexy as she leaned over the sink, looking into the mirror
removing her make-up. She had on a loose white cotton top, nothing sexy
but still rather sultry looking. I could see her firm breasts encased
inside her bra, stretching the white top, leaving no doubt to their size of
nipples which were at least the size of grapefruits. While watching my
mom, my cock hardened to its full length.

She slowly pulled her top up over her head and exposed her gorgeous set
of white lace bra encased tits. I could see her dark nipples and white
breasts through the sheer white lace material of her blossoms bra. Her
tanned cleavage was stunning as the white lace material pushed those
beautiful globes together in such an erotic way.

She then stood back from the mirror a little and undid her bottom. My
heart pounded in my chest as mom slowly bent over and slid her bottom down
her lovely legs. As her sexy panty covered big sexy ass came into view, I
felt pre-cum leaking from my shaft as my cock throbbed with excitement.

Mom wore matching sheer white-laced hot pants type panties, which I
could see the sexy tan lines and white globes of her perfect big watermelon
shaped ass. She stepped out of her churidar and again admired her sexy
body as she stood in front of the mirror. Looking in the mirror to see her
front, I admired her dark nipples and then I saw her black pussy hair
through the thin material of her sheer white panties. God, this is a rare
chance to see a son his own mom's heaven door wow!

Just as she was dropping her bra to bin she seemed to look straight at
me through the mirror. I quickly walked away.

"Hey you, what are you doing here?" I heard her from back of bathroom

"I'm sorry, Mother."

"You sick little man, you are evil like your father! He enjoys looking
at women. It disgusts me, the both of you do!"

As I saw her coming out semi naked, I moved closer and grabbed her with
uncontrollable lust. My mom shook wildly and whispered-"hey, what are u
doing? Leave me."

I was mad with sexual emotion. "Mother, what's happening to me?" I
shouted out at her, "I don't know why but I want to kiss you."

My mom became restless hearing such things from me and said, `Good
Lord... You want your mother... My God...Your own mother... How
disgusting... Well I'll teach you, you little bastard..."

"O mother, you are the most beautiful of all women that I have seen and
known. You pearl white skin and you large pinkish brown areolas are making
me crazy. I don't know what to do mom, just need to feel you mother.
Please don't stop me now"

"What are you doing with me son; I am going to inform your Father about
this. Let him come, he will skin you alive.' Tears flowed freely from her
eyes. Crying hot tears,

Mention of father made me sober. I let her go. "You know very well why
I am behaving like this Mother ... because of the milk I took,
Mom...Please forgive me... that milk is making me desire you...Please
don't tell father...Please forgive me mom... Please talk to swami; he
might give us a solution"

This statement made her think. "Yes, you are right I have to... I
think we both have to meet Swami baba"

Before mom could meet Swami I swiftly contacted him. I told him about
drinking the magic milk and my desire for my mom. I nicked a golden
necklace of mom that I handed to him for taking my side.

The next day I met swami baba (Haramu) along with mom. This time I let
mom tell him about my taking the milk that was meant for my father, he was

"You brainless pashu (animal), you commit mistakes and I am supposed to
correct them, how funny"

"Please bapu ji, save us from disgrace" mom pleaded

"There is no way out" he paused and looked at me for a long time.

"We will reward you handsomely if you ... save us from this dirty
spell." I assured him.

"Let me seek guidance from almighty Shiva"

Swami joined his hands in front of the shiva-lingam (phallus) decorated
it with flowers and chanted.

"om kamdevaya namah, om shivaya namah, om ratidevi namah, om vyabhichaar
namah, om asaya kamkrida shishuna drishyante, om matriyoni namah, om
matrivakhsha namah, om matribhaga namah, om asaya sangamasya kaami putra
putrid prajanante, om kamdevaya namah"

After completing this he said to us, "Bahut sankat hai, (you are in
grave danger)"

"Please do something to save us from the wrath." mom pleaded

"There is only one opai (remedy)... and that is to behave like husband
and wife for one week..."

"What are you suggesting bapu ji? Are you asking me to become my son's

"Only for one week Beti... once the spell is lifted you can live again
as mother and son.

"Is this the only way?" She asked

"In my humble opinion yes, otherwise the spell will harm you in more
ways then one."

Hearing this, my heart jumped in my chest and my cock in my pants.
Reluctantly mom was agreed to swami ji.

Swami took us in front of the Shiva lingam and asked me to put some
vermillion in the center of my mother's hair. I smeared it in her head
which actually meant that I was taking her as my wife. The Swami then gave
me a manglasutra to tie around my mother's neck. My mother looked worried
as she had one already. I quickly removed the one tied by my father and
tied my mangalsutra around her neck. The swami got up and told us to take
seven rounds of holy fire. Then he declared us husband and wife for one

"What after one week?" Mom asked

"I am sure that things will get normal or ... we `ill have to try
something different," he replied with a devilish grin.

Luckily Dad was gone to a business trip (or pleasure trip) leaving mom
and me alone with each other.

Chapter 2