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Love Potion Mistake Chapter 3

By the time we came back to our home it was evening. I got into
bathroom & bathed quickly. I sprayed perfume on my body & put on my best
silk dhoti & kurta. As mom was not in sight I started Watching TV. I was
in a very exciting state. Suddenly I heard sound of rumjhum coming from
bangles and I saw mother standing at the bedroom door. Oh my God! She was
dressed like a newly wedded bride, a pink kanjivaram silk pata sari with
matching blouse! A heavy gajra of jasmine flowers in her hair! A thick
set of bangles in both of her hands! She was looking like a queen! She
invited me shyly with her eyes. I got up & followed her. Oh my god! Her
bed was well decorated with jasmine & rajnigandha flowers. The room was
nicely perfumed. The whole scene was just like a Suhag Raat situation. My
mom was sitting on the bed with her head & face covered with anchal of her
sari. I went mad with lust! I sat beside her & pulled down her odhni
(head cover) & looked at her. She looked at me & blushed!

I embraced her & kissed her passionately. She looked at light. But I
refused to switch off, 'there is no need to be shy anymore.' She blushed

I was impatient to see her naked. I asked her to take off her dress.
Somewhat to my surprise she agreed. Soon she was wrapped in only tiny
black laced panties and matching bra. Her black-laced brassiere pressed
her tits tightly together and up, accenting a deep cleavage that rose and
fell gently like the Queen Mary at sea. My fingers traced and touched her
soft skin. Then they somehow slipped under the clasp at the back of her

Mom sighed warmly, gently wrapping her arm up over my neck, nuzzling her
face into my chest, and gently closing her eyes. My cock was hard, very
hard, and throbbing, too.

I tenderly kissed her once on her ear and once on her nose, mother cooed
happily, nestling still tighter unto my chest. Her graceful but sudden
turn brought our lips brushing together. Her lips opened lightly and she
kissed me softly and squarely on my lips. This happened just when my
fingers brushed up against her nipple.

I nervously slipped my palms into her brassiere and began kneading her
tit flesh. Before she had a chance to respond, I brought my lips to her
full, lush lips and thrust my tongue in. to my surprise her lips were
already parted. As soon as my tongue entered her mouth, it was met by her
tongue. Hers flickered, slithered, danced, and wrestled with that of mine.

Soon I took rest of her cloths she closed her eyes. I looked at her
pussy & parted it to see inside. I was really thrilled to see my birth
place, so forbidden for a son! It was clean shaved, looking just like a
hot baked cake. The crack was so inviting. I put my lips & kissed. Put
my tongue there & started licking. Her vagina was tight enough for a
middle-aged mother, tight as if it hadn't been entered in so long a time.

The smell was so vulgar & wild. My mom was shocked but said in mock
anger "ahh...ahh...what are you doing?" It was a new thing for her. She
was moving her butt wildly in lust. I moved on her and started fondling
her mature boobs & biting her nipples. We kissed & played our tongues and
caressed each other. I pulled her face towards my cock. She was shy at
first, but put it in her mouth after sniffing it. Oh my God, I was in
seventh heaven!

I moved closer and grabbed my mom with uncontrollable lust. My mom
whispered-"hey, what are u doing? Leave me."

I was mad with sexual emotion. I told-" mom, please...don't say no. I
love u and I want u." my mom became restless hearing such things from me.

I had started kissing mom. I did not listen to her. She blushed and
tried to pull out. But I was strong like a bull. I whispered - "see mom,
for god's sake co-operate please."

Mom was still afraid of the consequences. "I understand your desire but
this is not right for us."

I want her to give in, even if I have to make her pregnant. I kissed
her lips passionately and said-"I know this is wrong, but I love u so
deeply that I can not live without you! You are Rani of all Ranis (queen
of queens). Come on mom"

I moved to her slit to find my finger slipping in with no problem. As
soon as I hit her clit she shudders. "ahhhhhh... even if you take me but
don't forget that I am your mother..." she said

I got up and brought my cock down and met the head of it with my mom's
pussy. I thrust my solid cock into her vagina.

She groans, biting her lips. I thrust.


I brought my body down over hers and started to thrust in and out of
her... With each thrust her breathing gets heavier and she is no longer
fighting to get away but to increase my assault. She loses all control and
starts to shake, her pussy grips my cock sending me over the edge. It was
so warm and so smooth and felt really great. My mind was turning loops
with the thoughts of my sperm being released into my mother's body and of
our sexual juices mixing.

"Pujara... I can't believe we are doing this...This is so wrong...
This is so, so wrong... But it feels so good... So good. This is what
you've been dreaming about...To fuck your very own mother... Well let me
feel your cum shoot in my pussy Pujara... Yes, yes, harder you dirty
boy... This is what you want to do isn't it Pujara? To cum in your own
mother... ooo.. fingering my ass.. You are a very nasty boy...
Aaahhh... Deeper son, deeper... Yes, yes,that's it Pujara... Ram that
cock into your mother... Oooh... Oooh"

All the while I kept licking her face sucking her lips, ears and tongue.

I started to pound her pussy and she was almost screaming with delight.
Mom and I were both about to come. I told her I was getting close and she
let herself go. She held me tight against her as I continued to fuck her
pussy. Our timing was perfect as during her climax, my body gave rise and
I pushed my dick all the way in and into her cervix. "Oooooohhh...
mommy..." I shout unloading my seed deep into her pussy,

"Oh my God!" Mom screamed out to me. She must have thought I was going
to pull out before I shot my cream. I just couldn't bring myself to pull
my dick out. I shot load after load into my Mom's belly. I just kept my
cock buried in my Mom until I began to grow soft. Eventually my dick
slipped out and I was on lying on top of my Mom.

We both looked at each other at that moment, completely lost in each
other's eyes. It was apparent to us both that this was the most incredible
feeling of love making that either of us had ever felt.

We lay down on the bed together, turned out the light and held each
other, still wet with the fluids of our love making all over our bodies.

I don't know how much time we spent in relaxing state but after some
time I looked at Mother and found her sleeping. Her relaxed face was
surrounded with a tangled mass of the black hair that covered her labia.
The sweet mouth, showing some trace of pink lipstick, gaped open a small
amount to allow the slight rattle of a feminine snore to escape. During
the sleep she had pulled her top leg up toward her chest exposing her pussy
lips and the bottom of her ass. Neither her nipples nor labia were lying
relaxed as she slept.

A look at her made my cock stir again. Gazing at the nakedness of my
mother, I contemplated what we could accomplish in one week. I wanted to
make love to her in every conceivable way, as often as possible.

Lovingly I touched one of her breast. Her eyes fluttered open, closed
and then opened wide as she realized where she was and who was sitting,
naked, on the bed. "Pujara!" She gasped, sitting up and reaching for the
sheet to cover her nakedness.

"Don't do that Rani," I ordered in a soft but authoritative voice.

Without meeting my gaze she dropped the sheet, a gesture of surrender
that exposed her breasts. I gently pushed her onto her back, pushed the
sheet to the bottom and sat on the edge of her bed. She lay nude with arms
at her sides and looked at me with a mixture of confusion, anticipation and
maybe just a tad of hate for what I made her realize about herself.

"Not again . . ."

Cupping her left tit in both hands, I lowered my head and sucked in the
nipple and areola. There was an intake of breath, barely audible and I
could feel the beat of her heart through the flesh of her breast. I
allowed one hand to move down and massage her soft belly.

"...so soon," she protested

She seemed unaware of her own hand stroking the nape of my neck and
holding my head to her breast. The protest seemed to address her own,
raging emotions.

I positioned myself beside my mom and brought my lips to her mouth. My
tongue probed her depths and she slowly started to suck on it and lick it
with her own. She turned on her side and her, bed warm, body fused with
mine. My hardened dick once again found itself nudging the valley between
her awakening cunt lips.

Our position allowed me access to her plump white ass. My hand kneaded,
messaged and probed until I was afraid I might make her black and blue.
Our mouths never abandon the give and take of tongues. Mother was again
responding, protests long forgotten in the rising excitement of passion.

Breaking the kiss, I placed my mother's hand on my throbbing hot penis.

"I want to fuck you again, mother," I said in a business as usual tone.


"Yes what, mom?"

'Yes, I want you to."

"Want me to what?"

"I want you to fuck me," she shuddered out in a soft whisper and stroked
my cock.

Her face flushed with both excitement and embarrassment at using the

Her lips returned to mine, then after one long deep kiss I ever so
slightly applied a downward pressure on my mom's shoulder. She pulled her
head back to look questioningly into my eyes.

I held her gaze a few seconds before increasing the pressure.

She twisted downward until her face lay on my stomach then nibbled and
licked her way to the place where my hot, rigid meat erupted from a forest
of dark pubic hair. She weighed my testicles in her hand as she rained
tiny motherly kisses up and down my shaft; little sounds of pleasure
escaped her lips. I lay back on the bed with my arm extended and my hand
entangled in her fiery tresses urging her further.

Mother's tongue flicked out like an asp and teased the head of my penis
tracing a circle around the sensitive ridge. My back involuntarily arched
pushing my manhood closer to her. She engulfed the head with her hot mouth
and let her teeth make contact with the skin behind the ridge. Looking
down I could see her small straight nose buried in my pubic hair and the
feel spasms of her throat. Her cheeks became concave from the sucking
pressure as she pulled back. The style and intensity of the blowjob bore
witness that she was no novice at sucking a cock, a thought that was
extremely exciting to me.

Not wanting to repeat the lack of staying power I had exhibited first
time I pulled mom's face away and gently brought her lips to mine. Again I
told her I loved her.

"Pujara, honey, please excuse me a minute. I want to clean up a little
before we go on."

She stood and walked to the bathroom. The freckled alabaster globes of
her bottom swaying. Her cheeks sagged slightly causing lines at the bottom
of each and forming an inverted "T" where they met the cleft. That ass, my
obsession, still flared out from the relatively narrow waist forming the
proverbial upside down heart.

I could hear the water running and assumed she was cleaning away the
fruits of our prior labors.

With her pretty hair freshly combed she stepped from the bathroom; still
totally naked, ample breasts bobbing as she walked. I thought how much
lovelier a mature woman is than a young hard-body. My mother's natural
tits sagged and exhibited some slight stretch marks but remained full with
healthy colored nipples and areolas. Her nicely rounded belly protruded a
little. Firm rounded thighs met at the untrimmed nest of soft hair
covering her mons. I couldn't take my eyes away!

A happy smile tugged at her freshly painted pink lips.

"You make me feel like a newly wed when you look at me, honey." She
confided, "I can see the love in your eyes."

"I do love you mom!"

Taking her place beside me on the bed she pressed her form against me.
Her perfume piqued my senses. Our lips met in warm tender kisses with
tongues tentatively exploring each others lips and teeth. The earlier
sense of urgency was replaced with soft, slow savoring of the each other's
body. Each caress, each touch and kiss radiated love.

Mother's hand slowly and gently stroked my engorged penis as she looked
into my eyes.

"You make me feel more of a woman than I have for years," she said, her
eyes never leaving mine.

We kissed more deeply now and my fingers probed her wetness. Uttering a
slight moan my mother spread her legs to facilitate my further exploration.
I found her clitoris and rolled it between my thumb and finger tugging
slightly in the process. Little almost inaudible sounds issued forth from
the depths of her throat, her breathing became more rapid and the grip on
my penis tightened.

As my hand continued to administer to her willing pussy my tongue probed
her neck, jaw line and bathed her ear.

"Please, Pujara, it's time," she said as she moved her thighs wider

I climbed between her outstretched legs and rested back on my own heels.
Before me I saw the wet blossoming inner petals of my mother's vulva
against the puffy swollen outer lips.

She reached for my stiff, blood bloated dick and guided it to the mouth
of her pleading vagina. I eased my cock head very slowing into the
opening. It was like dipping it into hot oil.

I was tantalizingly slow; allowing only an inch or so of rigid meat to
enter her cauldron before slowly withdrawing. Mother was bucking in an
attempt to impale herself fully on my staff.

"Please don't tease me," she begged; her voice raspy with desire.

I pulled out until the head of my penis was just resting against her
pussy lips. Then ever so slowly I eased it in until the black and the red
of our pubic hair meshed. Mother raised her hips and ground her pussy
against my pelvic bone straining to take in every last millimeter of my hot

We settled into a slow rhythm with mom actively thrusting herself onto
my manhood. The increasing tempo was paced with her moaning and my
guttural sounds. In the morning light I could see the arousal sweat on her
upper lip, her forehead and flushed breasts. Sucking and slapping sounds
from lathered body parts filled the room.

My mother was fucking her own son with all the enthusiasm of a

With a loud prolonged groan my mother thrust her hips, forcefully,
against me and clung tightly to my shoulders as her heels dug into the back
of my thighs. Her body became rigid and a strong shudder wracked her
followed by several spasms of her abdomen.

"Oh god, oh god!" She cried out to no one, "oh god!"

She slowly regained control and her body slackened onto the bed; my cock
still buried deep in her dripping cunt. Her eyes fluttered open and I saw
a look of fulfillment. The tip of her tongue darted out to lick her pink
lips. My heart was bursting with love and the rest of my body shook with

I renewed the rhythm, slowly because my own climax stirred in the pit of
my stomach. As I thrust and withdrew I sucked on her sweat covered tits. I
tried to suck in as much flesh as possible feeling the nipple far back in
my mouth. I switched from tit to tit always maintaining the slow
penetration and withdrawal of my penis in her scalding vagina.

Mom drew my mouth to hers and kissed me. I could feel her body starting
to respond again; her warm, oily, wetness flooded my pubic hair. I
increased the speed of my stroke and she responded by raising her hips and
re-issuing the throaty moaning. My orgasm was rapidly building to the
point of no return.

Our bodies were now crashing together to a sound resembling the slap of
wet meat on a butcher block. We strained together to reach the crescendo.
My orgasm started at the very base of my testicles with that vibrating,
electric shock feeling that you can feel all the way up in your throat.

Mother was reciting her mantra, "Oh god!" Over and Over.

I buried my cock deep into my mother, straining and pushing her against
the bed's headboard. As my first rope of hot seed erupted she was
overtaken by her second orgasm. My cock throbbed semen into my mother for
what seemed like minutes as she convulsed beneath me. Finally I collapsed
on top of her shaking body.

We clung to each other's sated, sweat soaked body; occasionally offering
a sweet kiss or loving caress. Limbs entwined we lay in a twilight-zone of
love and satisfied lust.

I don't know I long I slept but that was the most satisfying sleep of my
life. The smell of mom's wonderful cooking woke me up. I made my way to
the kitchen and stood there watching her make us breakfast. It felt so
right being in the same room with this woman as she moved about the
kitchen. I felt like a married man watching his wife preparing our meal.

I spent a week of ball draining sex skin-to-skin with Mother.
Afterwards Mom asked me whether I was still under the spell. I told her
that I would like to continue as her lover for rest of my life. Mom
blushed and said that she too would like to have me as her lover. There
was no need to consult any Swami Dada.

Then one day my dad met me alone and said,

"Son, I don't know how to bring this up but, I think your Mother isn't
quite well. She suspects me of cheating."

"I know that it's not true."

"Son, the fact is that due to my age I am loosing my sex drive and it
seems that your mom is slipping into some sort of depression or something."

"Yes Sir, I have noticed that she is doing strange things, things that I
cannot tell you dad."

"I want you to be as nice to her as you can. Can you do that for me

"Yes sir, why not," I replied

Dad never brought it up again, nor did I. Mother and I continue to have
sex with each other.

Chapter 3