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My story since school days Chapter 1


This is my real story.I have been married for 2 years now.My name is Chaitrali.Ours was a love
marraige.My husband Suresh was my schoolmate.
Since then we had been together.My husband Suresh used to get a hard on
thinking of me with someone else.I had failed 2 years in school and Suresh was my senior.As I had
failed for 2 years I was the big girl in our class.And I was noticed easily.We had a white uniform
which was tight at the top and below waist it was like a frock.My uniform was very tight as my
parents did'nt stitch a new one because I failed to pass for 2 years.It was also short.My knees
and some part of my thighs were visible.I already had big round firm boobs and round tight bums
which were standing out of my tight uniform.Slowly I started enjoying my uniform as it exposed me
and I used to get lot of attention.I had developed the feeling of a whore inside me.Suresh also
knew that very well.I used to get stares from sirs and other boys in our class.They used to find
a chance to have a talk with me or brush my tight body.I had long silky hair flowing till my tight
bums.When going to school I would make a bun of it or tie it down and clip it to the end.When I
walked that clip used to hit my bums which was an exciting feeling.Suresh used to meet me after
school hours at an empty classroom and he used to tell me what the boys and sirs in our school
talk about me.He used to say that all the boys just want a piece of me.Some boys used to say
that kya lag rahi hai Chaitrali aaj.Mast maal hai.Kya tight gaand hai aur ball bhi bade hai.I used
to get very hot listening to all these and Suresh used to kiss me and carress my whole body.
I used to go to school in a rickshaw.And the driver also was interested in me as he had seen
me talking to many boys.He asked me out for a day bunking my class.He said he will take me for
a ride one day.I said this to Suresh and he said to try it out and go with him.So one day we
decided and the driver came to my place to pick me up for school.I got dressed and tied my hair
like a bun,and also a red lipstick.He had come alone to pick me up.He had dropped other students
and come back to take me.I sat in the rickshaw and he drove to a lonely place nearby a mountain.
He stopped there and got out of the rick.I also got out.We walked inside the bushes.I was standing
in front of him.And he was staring at me with lust.He came near me and kissed my lips and kept his
hands on my big ripe boobs.I was also now feeling the lust in me.He inserted his tongue inside and
we smooched for a while.His hands went behind me and held my round tight bums.He started pressing
them hard.Then he opened the buttons of my uniform and opened it off.I was standing nude in front of
him.I was not wearing anything inside.He also took off his clothes and his dick was already erect.
He started kissing my big breasts and licking my nipples.He said,Chaitrali tu ekdum jawan maal hai.I
was feeling his big dick in between my legs while he was kissing me.He went to my back and started
kissing my neck with his hands pressing my breasts.He was also rubbing his dick in between my bum
cheeks.I was moaning ahhhhhhh.He then opened my tied hair which then rolled down till my bums.He
made me stand on my knee and brought his dick close to my face and asked me to take it in my mouth.
I was excited to see an erect cock and I caught his dick in my hand and started masturbating it.
Then he inserted it in my mouth and I started sucking it and licking it with my wet tongue.I was
loving it.He fucked my mouth for sometime and then made me stand like a dog and inserted his dick
from behind.He held my long silky hair and started fucking hard.He fucked for 20 mins and then when
he was ready to cum he took it out and inserted it in my mouth again.He sprayed it inside my mouth
and all over my face.He slept with me and kissed and licked my whole body.He said,Chaitrali tu ekdum
mast rundi hai.

Chapter 1