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My story since school days Chapter 11


Next day I left Shekhar's place and went home to collect my clothes for a month.On my way I saw some school girls at the junction.One of the girls was inside the shop at the junction.I saw the girl talking and laughing with a man sitting inside.Later I came to know that he was their physical training Sir.It reminded me of my school days with my physical training sir.We used to call him PT sir.He was young and handsome.Normally the PT period is always the last one.After that the school leaves.Sir always had an eye on me.I used to play hand ball.So whenever there is a girl's game he comes to me and gives me advice.He never leaves a chance to touch me.I also used to enjoy it so he was a little too bold with me.Moreover in the school most of the boys in my class and 2 3 sirs knew I was a girl who liked to be with men.Like I had mentioned earlier my uniform was one piece like a frock below the waist and tight on the top with buttons stitched till the waist.We also had a lace around the waist which is tied behind to a bow.As I had said, since I was a failure, my parents had not stitched me a new uniform for 2 years.So it had become tight below the waist as my bums had grown and also was tight on the top.My bums used to stick to my frock and my boobs used to bulge out tight and round.They used to bounce whenever I walked or ran around.During the game Sir always used to stare at my bouncing boobs and swaying bums.There was an interschool match which was going to be held after a week for which we had started practising during the school and sometimes after school.One day after the last PT period Sir asked me to stay after school as he wanted to show me some tricks and wanted to brief me about the game strategy.I agreed to it but I knew what he wanted, because he sometimes used to share non-veg jokes with me and also used to say that if I am there in the team we can easily win the match coz the players in the other team would be simply staring at me all the time.He also gave a naughty smile after asking me to wait, so I confirmed and I was getting thoughts of what would happen and started getting excited.The PT period got over and the other girls wrapped up and left the school building.He asked me to wait in the hall on the top floor of the building where people used to visit only during occassions.It's a big community hall.With a small changing room for the functions basically.It was getting dark and Sir came.It was around 6.30 in the evening.Sir came and asked if I have inform my parents about getting back home late.I said yes it would be better.He went to the office made the call and handed over to me.I said I have some special classes and I would be late.He prompted to say that I'll be very late.So I told my parents that I'll be very late.They said ok and I kept the phone.We went back to the hall.He closed the door and he started talking about the game.He took the ball and asked me to hold it.He asked me to show the posture before I would score the goal.I showed him but he went behind me and adjusted my waist position and also my face.His hands were still around my waist and he held my hand and changed the angle I was holding the ball.He said this is how you get into action before jumping to score the goal.He then asked me to do some warm up.He asked me to take some rounds around the hall.I had tied my hair to a bun with a hair band.It was a little lose so I kept my hand on the hair band and he stopped me immediately.I said I want to tie the hair band tightly before I start running.He said it's ok you just start running around.He sat on a chair.I started running around and after a round my hair opened out from the hair band and it flowed down till my big firm round swaying bouncing bums.I stopped to tie my hair but again he asked me to continue running with my hair open.I continued running.After a round he stopped me and said you have to tie your hair like this and he started tieing my long silky hair.He again tied it to a bun and asked me run again.Again after a round it became lose and it opened.He then stopped me and went behind me.He held my hair and asked if I would take a hair cut.I promptly denied it.He said but how can you cut such beautiful hair.I just blushed."Chaitrali you have very beautiful hair.It compliments your beautiful face also.I don't any other student who is as beautiful as you are."I just blushed again.He was still holding my hair in his hands.He was behind me and I could feel that he was nearing me.He slowly kept his hands on my waist and slid it my front holding my waist fully from behind.I could feel a tremor of sluttiness inside me.It was dark outside and after school hours a failure slutty girl with her Sir all alone in a big hall. The thought started driving me crazy.He slowly brought himself nearer and now his chest was touching my back and his thing was touching my big round bums.I could feel the semi-hardness of his thing.He held me tight around the waist and I was breathing heavy.He said,"Chaitrali you have an amazing body.I think you need some work out for your body.It is a little plumpy and heavy for a sportswoman."Saying that he gave a peck on my neck from behind tightening his grip around my waist.He brought my hair to the front and it was hanging over my big boobs.He said,"Chaitrali let us remove these clothes so that you can feel a little comfortable."He slowly started un buttoning my top and untied my bow behind and held my boobs slowly."Chaitrali your body is ripe and is ready to take over some good work out."I just smiled and said ok.He asked me to go to the changing room and wear the clothes which are kept inside.I went inside and I saw a very short skirt and an elastic band for the top.I changed my uniform and wore the short skirt and the band around my boobs.The top couldn't hold my boobs fully and my bum cheeks were visible from that short skirt.I came out and Sir asked me to run again with my hair open.After 2 rounds he stopped me and I could see the bulge in his pants.He went behind me and held my hair again and held me around my waist.He said,"Chaitrali how do you feel now.I can see the fire inside you."He was staring my eye straight and I was also staring at him with my fire burning inside.He pulled me towards him and kissed my lips holding my hair.He inserted his tongue inside and I also opened my mouth and our tongue met and started licking each other.He kissed mycheeks and went on to lick my neck.He then slowly slid my top and my big round boobs popped out free from the tight elastic band.I was topless and he stared at me huge melons.He asked me to run again.I ran a round with my boobs bouncing heavily and my hair open.He stopped me.Asked me to bend and brought down my skirt.I was standing naked in front of him.He dropped his pants down.I saw his thing was semi erect.
Sir : Chaitrali you look so sexy without any dress.Now I know why some of the boys in your class refer you as item.
Me : (blushing) They all tease me a lot sirrr.
Sir : You are a teasable item Chaitrali.I know how Physics Sir had rode you in the bus during that picnic.He told me about your interest in men.I always have been
admiring your beauty and your curves and your ripe body.

He held my waist and kissed my lips.Went behind holding my waist he kissed my neck from behind.

Me : ungghhhhhh Sirrrr.
Sir : Chaitrali when you walk your big round tight ass sways and moves right and left.And your long silky hair hits them as they are punishing them.Your big ripe firm round boobs also bounce as if they are teasing every man's dick.Since Physics Sir said the incident I wanted to show you my dick and give you some fun.He said you like being a slut and enjoys every bit of it.Can I have my dick enjoyed by you tonight?
Me : Sir I would like to have you inside me tonight.(I was already wet)
Sir : Chaitrali he said you also like being called a whore in hindi.Do you know what the hindi word for whore?

I acted as if I dont know.

Me : No Sir I don't know what it's called in hindi.
Sir : Chaitrali it's called "rundi". Would you like if I call you "rundi Chaitrali" whenever we alone? I would like to call you a rundi.Will you become my personal raand Chaitrali?
Me: I would love if you call me a rand.And I will become your personal rundi too.(blushing)

He held me by my waist pulled me towards him tightly and my boobs were getting pressed by his chest.His thing was in between my legs and he kissed my juicy lips.He inserted his tongue and we rolled our tongue for a while.He took me and placed me on the table edge.Opened my legs and put his face on my pussy and started licking it.I was moaning with pleasure.He inserted his tongue inside and tongue fucked me for sometime."Chaitrali tu jab tere lambe silky baalon ko khule choddkar bhag rahi thi tab mera lund khada ho gaya tha.Kaisi raand jaisi bhag rahi thi tu.Aaj main tujhe ek rundi jaise chodunga."He made me sleep on the table with my face to the edge of the table and brought his dick towards my face.I could smell his manhood which aroused me.I opened my mouth and put my tongue out.He placed his dick on my tongue and I started licking it.I licked the tip of it and slowly slid it inside my mouth and started giving him a blowjob.He held my hair which was flowing down the table and fucked my mouth for a while.When he was hard he went to the other side of the table opened my legs wide and slid his thing inside my wet slutty pussy.He started giving gentle strokes and later made faster strokes.He held my big round firm boobs and was shouting,"Chaitrali meri rundi kya chudakkad cheez hai tu,meri raand."I was moaning heavily and was moving up and down on the table.He fucked me hard for a while and when he was ready to shoot his cum he took it out and sprayed all over the table and some on my lips and cheeks.I stood up on the table like a dog, he held my hair and said, "Chaat chaitrali is table par gire tasty cum ko. Saaf kar is table ko aur fir mere lund ko." He was holding my hair and I licked all the cum fallen on the table and then took his dick in mouth and licked it clean as well.He said whenever he wants me he will wait after school so that he can fuck me.I agreed to it.

I was all wet sitting in the bus thinking of it all.I had to go home, get my clothes and come back to Shekhar.He had told me that he will bring his officer to fuck me tonight.

Chapter 11