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My story since school days Chapter 15


I got my things packed up.Got packed all my sex toys my lingerie and my sarees. My make up kit and dresses.I hired a taxi and left for the airport.Checked in and sent my luggage.The flight was almost empty.I got a seat on the second last row.There were many men who were staring at me.I was wearing a saree, wrapped around tightly, deep cut blouse and had tied my long silky hair down till my big round bouncing bums.I had tied the end with a hair clip which kept hitting my round heavy bums while walking.I had worn my saree well under my navel, so that my navel was visible.I walked towards the waiting lounge and sat there.I could see that there were many men and less women.I sat there for an hour.Many men were staring at me.It was time, and the flight boarding had started.I got with one cabin baggage that I had.I started walking towards the exit where it said Dubai.There was a queue for boarding.The man behind me was slowly hitting my back.I didn't mind as it was a little crowded.I got into the aircraft and reached for my seat which was on the second last row as I said earlier.There were 2 men sitting, one on the window seat and other on the aisle.My seat was in between.The person on the aisle seat was a young man and other was an older person.I opened the compartment above and was keeping my bag in it, when I noticed that the young man was staring at my navel.He saw me watching him staring my navel.I just smiled.He gave me little space to get inside.I could feel his face against my huge round bums.I sat down and was struggling to get my seat belt.The young man asked me if he could help me with it.I smiled and agreed to it.He said his name was Ashok. I said mine was Chaitrali. His hand went behind me to find the buckle.His hands touched my hips and slightly rubbed my big round firm boobs.He apologized for it and I said it's ok. He got the buckle from behind and clip in my seat belt.He was still staring at my navel.He asked me about my travel.I said I am going to meet my husband.He said your husband is one lucky guy to have a beautiful wife like you.I just blushed on his remark.We got settled and he said he is working as an engineer in Dubai and is going back after his annual leave.There was little jerks in the aircraft because of bad weather.I was a little scared so I held his hands.He was a little shocked in the start but then he got relaxed.He held my hands tightly and told me don't be scared.After sometime the jerks stopped but he didn't leave my hand.I also didn't mind it.He said he liked my beautiful face and that he was staring at my face in the waiting lounge.I just blushed and said thank you.He asked me about my married life.I said after a year of my marriage my hubby left and then after a year I am going to join him.He asked me how I managed a year.I knew what he meant by that.But still I asked him what he meant.He said how were you controlling your sexual needs.I smiled and said I just controlled.(In my mind I knew what all I had done in that one year.I had become a slut for so many people around.I was a married slut) He held my hand and said even I try to control myself when my wife is in India.I asked how he controls in Dubai.He said he has some girlfriends in Dubai.He asked my number and said we can also meet up if you can and winked at me.I just smiled and said ok. He gave me his number and asked me to call whenever needed.He was still holding my hand.He held them tightly.The row in front of us was empty.He asked if we could sit there.I agreed to it and we went and sat on that row.He made me sit on the window seat.He sat next to me.He asked if anyone else has touched me other than my husband.I said yes before my marriage I had a boyfriend.(I thought in my mind, since school days I've had boys and men around me,tasting me all the time.)He asked me if I would mind him touching me.I said it's ok.He kept his hands on my thighs and started rubbing from over my saree. Slowly his hands traveled in between my pallu towards my navel and then on to my blouse caressing my boobs.He held my hand and kissed my hand.I just left a slight moan.He sucked all my fingers and I was feeling as he is sucking my nipples.He licked them and sucked them.He then took my hands and kept it on his thing from over pants itself.It was semi erect and he asked me to rub it.I started rubbing it from over his pants.It got hard and I held it in my hand and started rubbing it vigorously. He asked me to open the zip and do it.He kept his blanket over his crotch and I put my hand inside.I opened his zip and took his dick outside.When the air hostess used to pass by I removed my hands out.I started stroking it hard and after sometime he came on my hands.I removed my hands out of the blanket and my hand was wet with his hot thick cum.I licked my hands and cleaned the cum on my hand.He kissed my lips and gave a deep smooch.He put the blanket over me and put his hands inside saree from just under my navel.He reached for my cunt and rub it from over my panty. He rubbed it very hard and fast.I bit my lower lip and was moaning.After a while I came and he took his hands out.My saree got loose.We both were exhausted and wanted to proceed further.But we decided to meet up sometime in Dubai at his place.I got up to get my saree right.While coming out of the window seat my big round bums were facing his face.He held them and gave a kiss on my bums and then left me.I went to the washroom and I was totally wet.I did my saree properly and got back to my seat.He kept on caressing my boobs and pinching my nipples.The flight landed and I was excited to share this with Suresh. I finished my immigration.Some of the emiratis were staring at me at the immigration counter.When I was out Suresh was waiting for me.We left the airport and drove home.I told Suresh about my in flight experience, he was excited to know that he gave his number to me and that we had planned a fuck at his apartment in Dubai.

Chapter 15