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My story since school days Chapter 17


Suresh's friend's name is Akash.Akash called in the evening and said that there is a little surprise for him.He said that he
has booked a private farm house and we'll spend the night there.So he asked us to pack the dinner that we've cooked and be
ready.He came to pick us up after half an hour with his wife.Her name is Aparna.Aparna is very beautiful and has a very
curvy body and Suresh said we both are very good friends and that Aparna is very sexy and slutty like me.Aparna hugged me
and we left our place for the farm house.It was in the outskirts of the city.We reached the place.It was surrounded by desert.
We had a small villa type of an accomodation.It had a private closed pool 2 bedrooms and a stable which 3 4 horses.It was a
very romantic set up.Aparna and me took a walk around the lawn and had a look around the stable and the pool.Suresh and Akash
got rooms ready by then.We went inside and the bedrooms were also pretty decent and big enough.Akash said we'll play for sometime.
Suresh brought the cards and we 4 started to play.After half an hour Aparna and Suresh were very much into the game.Akash and
me were a little bored.Akash asked Suresh to stop the game and go out in the pool.Suresh and Aparna weren't interested at all.
So Akash asked me if I was ready to go out with him.I agreed to him and Suresh asked us go out have a walk around the area for
half and hour and then we'll get into the pool.
So Akash and me left the villa and thought of going to the stable and spend
sometime with the horses.Akash asked me to wait there and he headed for the stable which was a little far away from the villa.
After 10 mins Akash came back with one horse.He said we'll both ride on this horse.I was a little scared but Akash said he'll
take care of me.So I agreed and had trouble getting on the horse as I was wearing a saree and blouse.So Akash somehow helped
me to get on top of the horse.In the process he had to hold me to my bums and push me up.He squeezed my bums while pushing me.
I first sat side ways and once Akash also got up he helped me put my one leg onto the other side.Now Akash was exactly behind
me and he held me by my waist.He said,"Chaitrali bhabhi aap dariye nahi, maine aapko tight pakad rakha hai."He held me tight
around my waist.His hands were inside my pallu and on my belly.The horse started to walk and his chest was hitting my back.
My hair was tied to a bun and stuck with a hair stick.I could feel that my hair stick was slipping inside my bun and that my
bun will open and my long silky hair will open out.After a couple of gallops my hair stick came out and Akash caught it.My hair
opened and it was all over Akash's chest.He held my hair and brought it to my front.Akash said,"Bhabhi aapke lambe silky baal
bohot khoobsurat hai."I blushed and said thank you.He sat more nearer to me and held me more tightly.I just left a moan.He
said,"Bhabhi aap bohot khoobsurat ho."I just blushed and thanked him.He said Aparna and Suresh will enjoy each other for
sometime.So we shall also go to the stable and have some fun.I asked him what did he mean by that.He said Suresh and he used
to enjoy Aparna together before I came here."Suresh akela hota tha aur Aparna ko Suresh bohot achha lagta tha.Toh main aur
Suresh ek din Aparna ko puri raat chode.Uske baad hamesha hum dono Aparna ko, milkar bohot baar chode.Movies bhi hum teeno
saath mein dekhne jaate the.Aur theatre Aparna ke dono baaju baithkar hum dono maza lete the.Suresh ne bataya ke Chaitrali
jab aayegi toh use Akash bhi bohot pasand aayega.Kya tumhe main pasand nahi?" I just blushed and said,"Ha Akash mujhe tum
pasand ho." " Main tumhe bhabhi hi pukarunga.Theek hai na?" I said,"Theek hai."

Akash : Bhabhi chalo tabela aa gaya.Main aapko utarta hu. (He got down of the horse and helped me get down) Chalo bhabhi
andar chale. ( He held me around my waist just above my big round bums,his hands were almost touching them.)

Me : Akash ye toh bohot achhi jagah hai. ( There were 4 horses inside the stable)

Akash : Ha bhabhi hum thoda waqt yaha bitayenge.

He held me upfront around my waist slowly moved his hands on my big round tight bums,pressed it a bit and I bit my lower
lip and moaned slightly.He hugged me and I also hugged him.He turned me around and held me from my back.His dick was almost
erect and was rubbing my bums.He moved my long silky open hair a little aside and kept his chin on my shoulder.

Akash : Bhabhi tum ekdum mast maal lag rahi ho aaj.Main aur Suresh bohot achhe dost hai bachpan ke.Usne mujhe bataya hai ki
kaise tum dono school aur college mein enjoy karte the.Aur kaise aapko bhi yeh sab kitni garam karti hai.Bhabhi tumpar yeh
peela saree and blouse bohot acha lag raha hai.Ekdum kadak item lag rahi ho.Bhabhi kya tum mujhse chudvaogi ?

Saying that he gave a peck on my cheek and I blushed.He knew that I also wanted it.He held me tightly around my waist.Put his
on my navel and went little down.He dropped my pallu and kept both his hands on my boobs and started caressing them.I was
moaning with pleasure.

Akash : Bhabhi tumhare mumme bohot bade aur soft hai.Main inhe aamo ke tarha maslu?Bhabhi aapki gaand bohot badi aur
tight hai.Bhabhi kya tum meri rundi banogi aaj raat ke liye?

Me : Ha Akash main tumhari rundi banungi.Apni bhabhi ko raand banado aaj raat is tabele mein.

Akash : Uffff meri bhabhi raand.Meri chudakkad rundi bhabhi.Appko aaj bohot zor se chodunga.Chod chodkar meri personal
rakheyl bana dunga.

He untied my blouse lace to the back and removed my blouse.I was standing only in my bra and panty.He removed my bra and
panty and made me nude.

Akash : ufff meri nangi bhabhi aapka badan ekdum chudakkad hai.

He took me in his arms and threw me on a hay stack.He made me kneel down and held me long silky hair.

Akash : le mera lund muh me meri rundi bhabhi.Mu me lekar choos and chat mere lund ko.

I put my wet tongue outside and he kept his dick on my tongue and I started licking it's tip and slowly took the whole
cock inside my mouth.I started sucking and licking his dick.Akash held my hair and started fucking my mouth hard.Akash
was moaning while fucking my mouth.He then took out his dick and made me lie down.He put his finger inside my cunt and
started finger fucking me.Then he made me stand like a dog and held my long black silky hair tight and inserted his dick
inside and started fucking me.

Akash : Bhabhi tumhe mai kutiya banakar chodunga.Tu meri rundi kutiya hai bhabhi.Aapke lambe baalo ko pakadkar chodunga.
Aap ekdum rundi lag rahi ho bhabhi.Aapka mu chodte waqt aapka chehra ekdum raand jaisi thi.Bhabhi raand mmmmmmmm.Aapke
lambe baal kitne sexy hai aur aapki gaand bhi.

He slapped my bums and was fucking me hard holding my hair in his hands.

Me : Akash apni bhabhi ko aur zor se chodo.Baalo ko pakadkar chodo apni rakhel bhabhi ko.Chodo Akash.Thoko mujhe.

Akash : ufff meri thuki hui bhabhi raand.Aapko thokne mein aaj bohot maza aaya.Main aapko ek din Suresh ke paas se
apne ghar le aaunga aur din raat aapki chudakkad chut ko chodta rahunga.Aap mere saath rundi bankar aaogi na?

Me : Ha Akash main rand bankar aungi tumhare ghar chudvane.Mujhe aur zor se thoko na ...unnnnghhhhh

He fucked me hard and then when he was ready to cum he made me kneel down and inserted his dick in my mouth.He fucked my
mouth for 5 minutes and dishcarged all the hot thick cum in my mouth.

Akash called Suresh and asked what were they doing.Suresh said they were in the pool having some fun.Akash told me that
they were having fun in the pool and said that we should also go to the pool.He brought one horse.We both were nude.He
made me sit on the horse.His dick was hitting my ass.The horse started walking and with every move his thing was hitting
my big round plump ass.His hands were around my waist and slowly he moved them on to my boobs as they were swinging
heavily.He held my boobs and I could feel his palm moving over my nipples and it became hard.He knew I was again getting
horny.He started slowly pressing my boobs and kissed my neck from behind.He brought my long silky hair to the front.He kissed my earlobes and turned my face towards him.He planted his lips on mine and kissed me.Slowly he entered his tongue
inside my mouth and we started rolling our tongue.He smooched me for a while pressing my boobs and his thing was almost
erect.He stopped the horse and got down.He also got me down and there was a small bush.He tied the horse to a tree there and we went near the bush.He made me lie down and looked into my eyes.

Akash : Bhabhi aapko jitna bhi chodu kam hai.Mera lund wapas khada ho gaya.

I just blushed on his remark.

Akash : Bhabhi kya aap mera lund apne rundi chut ke andar logi aur ek baar?Main aapko wapas chodna chahta hu.Kya main
apne bhabhi raand ko thok sakta hu?

Me : Ha Akash isme poochne walli kya baat hai ? Main toh tumhari bhabhi raand hu naaaaa.Aao meri chudakkad garam chut
ko chodo.Zor zor se thoko aur is rakhail bhabhi ko ek pakki rundi bana do naaaaaaa unggghhhhh.

He made me stand like a dog again.He opened my ass cheeks and he spat on my cunt.He lubricated his dick and slowly
inserted it inside my slutty cunt.The horse was standing right in front of us.He was fucking me like and animal in front of
an animal.He held my silky hair again and slapped my swinging ass.He pressed them hard as it was plump and slapped them hard with every push inside.He was pulling my hair and fucking me.Every movement his thighs were hitting my swinging ass and he was going deeper and deeper and harder.

Me : Akash thoko apni rundi kutiya bhabhi ko...Main tumhari chamiya raand hu.Rakhayl hu tumhari.Raand hu tumhari.Mai tumhari keep hu.Apni bhabhi ko keep banado aaj.Raand ki tarha chodo apne bhabhi ko.

He got horny listening to me and got ready to cum.He removed his dick out and pushed it inside my mouth.He fucked
my mouth hard and he came on all over my face and my hair also.My silky hair had become sticky with his hot cum.He
slapped his semi erect dick on my face and asked me to clean it.I took it inside my mouth and cleaned his dick.Then
we got on the horse again and left for the pool where Suresh and Aparna were having fun.

We reached the pool and got down from the horse.Akash tied the horse and we went to the pool.Suresh was inside the pool
with Aparna.They both were nude and Suresh was sucking Aparna's boobs.The moment we went there Akash held me and said,
"Dekho bhabhi Suresh Aparna ka choos raha hai.Kya main bhi aapka choosu ?" I blushed and said,"Haa Akash mujhe yaha
sulakar meri chooso."He made me sleep by the edge of the pool and came over me.He took my nipples inside his mouth and
started sucking and licking them.My hair was open and was on the pool deck floor."Bhabhi aap ekdum chudakkad raand jaise
lag rahi ho.Aapka chehra ekdum rundi jaisi hai abhi." He kept sucking my nipples and pressing my boobs hard and then he
made me stand and took me in his arms and threw me in the water.I got my balance and Suresh called me near him.He said
see Aparna is also a slut like you.Akash and me used to enjoy her before you came here.She also has all whore thoughts
like you have and Akash is quite free about her.I looked at Aparna and she just gave a naughty smile.Aparna was not very
tall but her curves were good.She had huge boobs and a big round ass.She had long hair a bit above her waist.A little
curly they were.She had juicy lips pouting ones.A man will greedily suck on to her lips forever.She had a red lipstick.
Suresh asked me why don't you try Aparna.Kiss her.We both blushed and Suresh brought Aparna near me.Aparna held me by
my waist,it was the first time I will be tasted by a female.She put her lips on mine and kissed me.Her huge boobs were
pressing my round firm boobs.We started kissing passionately and Suresh went behind Aparna's back and held her hair and
kissed her neck.Suresh made us sit on either sides and Aparna held Suresh's dick in her hands and started jerking it.I
started licking his balls and he had held my hair.Aparna started giving him a blowjob and after a while gave it me.I
gave him a blowjob moaning heavily, which he likes.He then called Akash and asked him to handle me.Akash came and he
inserted his dick inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth.Then he made me stand by the pool deck and inserted his
dick inside me.He fucked calling me bhabhi raand, chuddakkad ghodi bhabhi and all slutty and dirty words.Suresh was
fucking Aparna and hitting her hard.Then after a while Suresh came to me with Aparna.Aparna started sucking my nipples.
Suresh put his dick inside my mouth and held my hair and started fucking my mouth.After sometime Akash was ready to cum.
He took his dick out and Aparna and me stood on our knees.Our mouths were open and Akash and Suresh sprayed their hot
sticky cum all over our face and again fucked both our mouths in turns.

They lay down on the floor and we also took some rest sitting inside the pool and fondling each other.

Chapter 17