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My story since school days Chapter 18


We left the desert camp and reached home.Slept the next entire day and evening Aparna and Akash came home.Akash had
arranged an interview for me, so he had come to talk about it.Aparna was wearing a transparent saree and a backless blouse.
As they got in Aparna and me hugged each other and kissed on each other's lips and Suresh and Akash enjoyed a short show.
We sat and I went in to bring some water.Akash asked me if I was ready for the interview.He said the post is of a personal
secretary.You might have to accompany him during the meetings.You'll also have to do some administration job there.Salary
is good. Aparna also works in the same company but in a different department for a different boss.So you don't have to worry.
Aparna has arranged everything for you there.Interview is just a formality.You just have to be dressed good.Boss is an Indian
so better dress in an Indian way. Akash Aparna and we both left for having dinner.We reached a hotel.As we entered, the
hotel was full and the waiter arranged a seat for us in a dark corner.As Aparna and me were walking by the passage all the men
were staring at our swaying asses and firm round boobs standing out of our pallus.We got seated.Aparna sat with Suresh and I
with Akash.It was pretty dark couldn't see anything.Waiter came and he lit a candle on the table.Akash kept his hands on my
thighs and asked what I'd like to have.He asked would you like to have some saucage for starters and winked.He said he had
got one big saucage meat which I would love to lick and taste.I just blused on his statement as I knew what meat he meant.

Aparna was also blushing and giggling as Suresh also had some naughty comments on her.I was wearing a red saree with
a backless blouse as well.My front had very deep cut so my cleavage was totally visible.Suresh ordered some food and we
finished eating.We left out of the hotel.Akash had his hands around my waist and Suresh had Aparna with him.When we
were out Akash said,"Ok Suresh you have fun with Aparna and see you tomorrow in the evening.We can talk about Chaitrali's
interview." I never knew that Suresh had arranged to exchange us after the dinner.I asked them about the clothes,Suresh
said everything is packed for the interview and also your make up kit.So had Akash also for Aparna.I got into Akash's car and
we left the hotel.We reached at Akash's home and I was a little shy to be there alone with Akash but I thought he has already
fucked me hard so I'd better be his good shy slut for the night.Akash got fresh and came to the living room.

Akash: Bhabhi aaj tum bohot khoobsurat aur hot lag rahi ho is saree mein.Hum jab hotel ke andar ja rahe the ek pakistani
group Aparna ko aur tumhe ghoor rahe the.Tum dono ki gaando ko dekh rahe the.Aur jab main washroom mein gaya toh
waha do log tum dono ke bare mein discuss kar rahe the.

Me : Kya keh rahe the woh log ? I was excited to know.

Akash : woh keh rahe the "woh do aurat ekdum maal hai na.Unki gaand toh kya machal rahi thi.Dono ko chodne ka mann kar
raha hai yaar."

I got hot listening to those words and bit my lower lip.Akash saw that and said,"tum sach mein bohot chudakkad lag rahi ho
meri rundi bhabhi.Aaj raat mere ghar mein mai aapko chodunga.Main aapko hamare ghar ke bahar corridor mein nangi
chalvana chahta hu.Kya aap chalogi mere liye bhabhi?" I got excited by the idea of walking nude in his apartment corridor
at late night when all the neighbors are slept.He came near me and hugged me keeping his hands behind me on my ass and
slowly pressed them.He planted his lips on mine and kissed me.Entered his tongue inside my mouth and tongue fucked my
mouth.He said,"Bhabhi aap yeh laal saree mein ekdum rundi maal lag rahi ho." Saying this he dropped my pallu to the ground.
He took me in his arms and took me to his bedroom.He opened the curtain, he has big huge windows in his bedroom.He said,
"Bhabhi aaj main aapko khidki khule rakhkar hi nangi karunga,chalega na bhabhi?" I said,"Ha chalega tum mujhe duniya ke
saamne mujhe nangi karke chodna chahate ho na.Apni rundi bhabhi ko nangi karo naaa..."He took off my saree and I was only
in my blouse and petticoat.He dropped my petticoat down and removed my deep cut blouse also.I wasn't wearing anything
inside.I was standing nude in front of my husband's friend.He made me stand in front of the window and I felt as if I
was standing nude in front of the entire world.His apartment was on the 10 th floor.He came and stood behind me and I could
feel his hard thing in between my ass cheeks.He started moving it inside out of my cheeks holding my boobs tightly.It was
around 2.00 late night.He asked me to wear my red high heel sandal and took me out to the corridor.I had plaited my long
black silky hair till my big round bums.He made me walk in his apartment corridor for sometime.I was getting excited by
the idea of walking nude in a public area in front of my hubby's friend.Was getting wet just by thinking if someone comes
out when he is fucking me in the corridor.Akash asked me to walk like a dog and he took me to a corner making me walk like
a dog,holding my long hair in his hands.He dropped his shorts and took out his dick.I opened my mouth and he slid his dick
inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth.He held my hair tight and fucked hard in my mouth.Once his dick was all wet
with my saliva he turned me around and pushed his dick in my slutty cunt from behind.I was getting fucked like a dog.
Akash fucked me for a long time.He said he wanted to do something dirty.He took me to a neighbour's main door.He asked
me to give him a blowjob.I took it inside and started jerking it with my mouth.When he was ready to cum he said,"Bhabhi
main is door par apna cum spray karunga and aap use chatkar poora clean karna."He then sprayed the cum on to the door
and I stood like a dog and started licking the cum sprayed on the door.Akash again got horny looking at me doing it.
Akash said,"Bhabhi mera toh wapas khada ho gaya aapko mera cum chatate hue dekhkar.uffff meri bhabhi raand main
aapko wapas peeche se thokna chahta hu."He went behind and again started fucking me like a dog.He came all over my
big round ass."Bhabhi maine aapke badi tight gol gaand ko poora geela kar diya."We went back to his apartment and
relaxed for a while when he told me about the interview next morning.He said the boss wants his secretary to be a
very desi lady who wears all desi outfits only."Bhabhi aap toh unko asani se impress kar sakti ho.Aapko samajh
mein aa raha hai na main kya bol raha hu." and he winked.I understood what he meant."Bhabhi aapko uske saath tour
par bhi jana padega.Usko ek personal rundi chahiye than a secretary.Use business pakadne ke liye,aap jaisi ek
aurat chahiye saath mein.Jab uske clients ayenge aur jab meetings hogi aapko ekdum kadak maal jaise tayar hokar
jana hoga.Mere khayal se aap toh uske saare clients ko khush kar dogi." I just blushed on his remark and we went
to sleep as I had to get up next day for the interview.

Next day morning I got up and Akash had already left for office.I went for a shower.I got my hair dried after
my shower.Sat in front of the mirror and I looked at myself.My hair was open and my body was covered with just
a towel.I could see my huge boobs standing proudly and firm.I dried my hair and combed it properly.I plaited it
and clipped it to the end.Suresh had packed a green saree for me.So the color of the hair clip was also green.
I put little make up on my face.Did my eye brows,maskara and eye shadow.Put a bright red lip stick and I looked
like a perfect desi whore.I brought little saliva to my lips and licked them back inside my mouth and I thought
of dirty sticky hot cum going inside my mouth after a thorough fuck.I got up and dropped my towel.My two globes
were shining and standing firm.I saw my navel which was round and lickable.Then my clean shaven pussy and my legs.
I turned around and saw my huge round slutty swaying bums which gets a lot of attraction from men.I put my middle
finger inside my bum cheeks and it moved up and down.I wore my green thong and the string behind went inside my
bum cheeks and got stuck to my bumhole.(I thought in my mind.Chaitrali you were such a whore during school days
and also in college you were such a slut fucked by peons,rickshaw drivers and after marriage getting fucked by
policemen and young neighbor men and flaunting yourself amongst young boys in the society.And now you are going
to become a corporate slut.)I didn't wear anything under my blouse as Suresh had packed a very deep cut,backless
blouse.I wore the saree and it was so transparent that it would barely hide my cleavage and navel.I took a
walk in front of the mirror and looked behind.My long hair and the clip was hitting my bum with every step I
walked.I smiled at myself and thought in my mind,"Chaitrali tu aaj ekdum rundi lag rahi hai."I wore my green
high heel sandal and a hand bag which could only fit my small purse and my mobile but had a very long strap
to hang on my shoulder.The strap is so long that the bag actually reaches till my waist.
I had to take a taxi as Akash had already left.I got out of the apartment locked the door and took the lift.There
were 2 men behind me and they were very excited to see me when I entered the lift.They gave a smile to which I
returned a sweet smile.I got out of the building and took a walk on the footpath towards the taxi stand.Two three
taxis honked at me but I didn't mind.Suresh had told me these taxi drivers honk at sexy women.So I knew they must
have seen my curves when I walked.I reached the taxi stand and all the eyes were on me and my body.I was being
stripped by the taxi drivers and gang banged in their minds.I walked towards one taxi and he asked me,"Bhabhi kidhar
jana hai?" I told him the address and got into the car.On the way he was continuosly watching me in the mirror.I just
smiled back whenever I caught him staring at me.We reached the place and I gave him his taxi fare and left for the
building.It was a multi storeyed building,plush interiors and I was supposed to go to the 15th floor.I reached the
reception desk and they directed me to the elevator.I had to meet Mr.Sharma who would be my boss and my interviewer.
I called Aparna,she told me the room I have to go to.In the elevator I asked one man where the room was and that
I had to meet Mr.Sharma.He looked at me from head to toe and gave a naughty look and directed me.I walked towards
the door thinking that Mr.Sharma must be one very naughty character with the look I saw on the man's face in the
elevator.The floor was huge with windows all around and I could see the cityscape.There were many cubicles and men
were all staring at me sitting in those cubicles.I suppose they were staring at my huge bouncing ass and my firm
I reached Mr.Sharma's room and there was a waiting area and some stools kept.I sat on one of the stools.They
were so small, it could hardly fit my big round bums.Half of my bum cheeks were outside the stool surface.After a
while a person came and asked me to go into the room where Mr.Sharma was waiting for me.I got up and walked to the
door.When I entered it was a very big room.It had a big office table and a sofa a table with a mirror and Mr.Sharma
was sitting behind the office table.It was a very plush office.Mr.Sharma greeted me and asked me to close the door
and come in.I turned around and I was sure he must have had a good view of my long silky hair,open back and my big
round tight ass.He asked me to sit.I sat and he asked me to tell something about myself.I told him about my
qualification and he asked me about my life in Bombay and my school and college days.A naughty smile came to my
face the moment he asked about my school and college life.He said Aparna has detailed everything about me and he
said you can join from tomorrow onwards.He then asked me that I might have to work till long hours.

Mr. Sharma : Chaitrali aapko yaha late hours kaam karne mein koi problem hai?
Me : No sir.
Mr. Sharma : Tumhe kabhi agar late night kaam karna ho toh ?
Me : Koi problem nahi hogi sir.
Mr. Sharma : Aapke husband ko koi problem nahi hogi na?
Me : nahi hogi sir.
Mr. Sharma : Aapko mere sath kabhi outdoor meetings ke liye bhi chalni hogi.
Me : koi baat nahi main manage kar sakti hu.
Mr. Sharma : Aparna ne tumhare baare mein kaafi kuch bataya.Main chahta hu ke tum hamare clients ko hamesha
khush rakhogi.Maine Aparna se kaha tha, hame tumhare jaisi ek confident aur bold aurat chahiye is job ke liye.
Tum kaafi khoobsurat ho Chaitrali.Married aurate shaadi ke baad moti ho jaati hai, par tumne apne aap ko kaafi
achhe se maintain kiya hai.Aapko yeh saree bhi achi lag rahi hai.Aap office sirf saree hi pehenana.Aur kuch nahi.
Jab kabhi meetings hogi usi waqt sirf short skirt aur shirt mein aana.Tum aur bhi hot lagogi us dress mein.

I just blushed on his remark and he got up and came near me.He came and sat on the table right in front of me.
Mr.Sharma is married and his family is in India.He is tall and handsome.Middle aged.He kept looking at my face.
I was a little nervous but was also feeling very shy as he was directly looking into my eyes.He then asked me
to stand up.I got up and he took me and made me stand in front of the full height mirror.He asked me to look at
my mirror image.He said you look so beautiful and sexy and that he is lucky to have a secretary like me.I just
blushed on his compliment.He stood very near to me that I could feel my protruding bums touching his thing.I
could feel him very near to me.All the thoughts started running in my mind.A school going whore,a college raand,
item maal in our society,sexy bhabhi for neighbors and now my would be boss is going to make me a corporate slut.
He said you look like quite a modern female to me.You look like you are very open to various thoughts.I knew where
he was taking the conversation to.Slowly without touching me he pushed his thing against my bums and I was pushed
a little to the front.I left a little moan.He noticed that and slowly kept his hands on my waist.He asked me if I was
comfortable.I said yes to it and he slowly moved his thing further towards my bums.My bum got a little more pressed.
I could feel his thing in between my bum cheeks.Chaitrali you have very well maintained your hair.They are so long,
right length, he looked down to my bums,I saw it on the mirror and he said they are so silky and straight.Whenever
you wear a short skirt and shirt tie your hair to a bun with a hair stick;I think it would look nice on you.I knew he
wanted to open my hair very desperately.He was continuosly looking at my body.I had started to feel the heat inside
me growing.He kept his hands on my shoulder and turned me around.Now I was very much near to him and my boobs
were almost touching his chest.His hands went down from my shoulder towards my waist again and he looked into the
mirror and said,"You have got a lovely back Chaitrali.Your long silky straight hair compliments the curve of your
bottom.I just blushed and the heat was building.He pushed me little towards him holding my waist and my big
round firm boobs hit his chest and bounced back.I could feel my nipples getting hard inside my blouse.He looked
at my face and said,"Your lips are filled with meat, your lower heavy lips are just kissable and what a lovely shape
you have got for your lips.Your big eyes make your face more sexy and kissable.I can see the heat inside your
eyes Chaitrali."He then looked onto the mirror where he could see the reflection of my back.My backless blouse and
my round tight ass with my long hair over it was giving him a treat.He asked me if he could keep his hands on my
big round bums.He asked,"Chaitrali can I just feel your big bottom with my hands.Can I just keep my hands on
them?"I asked if it was necessary.He said yes, some of our clients like good looking girls and their assets.So
sometimes they might want to feel the assets of our company.Saying this he kept his hands slowly on my bums.
I could feel his palm slowly touching my bums and gradually his both hands were on my bum cheeks,his fingers
were dug deep inside my plump bum cheeks.The moment he pressed them slowly, I left a slight moan and bit
my lower lip which was red and a little wet with my saliva because my mouth had opened in between these acts.
He saw it and said,"Chaitrali I would want to feel your lips also", and saying that he pushed me towards him and
my boobs were crushed into his chest and my mouth opened slightly and I was breathing little heavily by now.He
saw my sexy facial expression and planted his lips on my wet red lips.As my lips were little open he found his tongue
moving inside my mouth and I rolled mine with his.While smooching me deep in my mouth his hands were exploring
the entire circumference of my big round heavy bums.My big firm boobs were crushed by his chest.He was keeping on
pushing me towards him and with every push my boobs were hitting his chest.He turned me around again facing the
mirror and held me around my waist.He said I have a very inviting and sexy figure and asked me how much did I
measure.I blushed and said 38-28-40.He was excited by the 40.He pushed it with his semi erect thing from behind.
I saw him bring my palited hair to my front and he gave a peck on my neck and I closed my eyes.He started
kissing my neck and was thrusting me from behind, hitting my bums with his thing.He kept his hands on my shoulder
and slowly unpinned my pallu and it dropped down.I was standing only in my blouse in front of the mirror with
my would-be boss.He unwrapped my saree.He said sometimes our clients would like to see the beauty of our
company and asked if it would bother you.I blushed and said no.He undid my petticoat and it dropped down.He
got mad after seeing my green thong and removed the back lace of my blouse only to make me nude.I was standing
only in my green thong and green high heel.My big round firm mangoes were fully naked and he was watching me
from tip to toe.He kept his hands on my boobs and my naked nipples could feel his palm.He held then tight and
massaged them for a while.I had started breathing heavily.He turned me around and asked me to touch his
crotch.I touched it with my right hand.My red long nails had made him horny and I could feel his bulge growing.
He made me kneel down and asked me to open his zip.I slowly brought down his zip and took his thing out of
his underwear.He had applied some perfume, and I thought he was all ready for my interview.It was clean shaven
and his thing was semi erect.Looking at it my mouth opened automatically.My mouth had got used to taking cocks.
I put my tongue out which was wet and he placed his cock on my tongue and took it inside.I held his cock with
my lips and started jerking it inside and out of my mouth.It was growing inside my mouth.I took it out and
licked the head of the dick.He made me get up and made me sit on his table.He held my waist picked me up and
placed me on the table.He said,"I want to see your well maintained long silky hair."I was sitting on the table.
He went behind and took off my clip which was to the end of my hair.He then started unplaiting my hair.And
my hair opened,I put my hand inside my hair and just opened it properly and brought it to my front.It covered
my left boob and Mr.Sharma said,"Uffff Chaitrali kya lag rahi ho,khule lambe baal,green thong,green high heel
aur yeh nangi badan."He said there will be many of our clients whom you have to impress and keep happy.He said
daily when I come to office I have to come to his cabin and give him a blowjob.You should be always ready to
keep our clients happy.No one can stop your professional growth then.He dropped his pants and came near me and
took me in his arms and kept me on the sofa.

He made me sit on the sofa and put his cock inside my mouth again and this time he held my long black silky
hair and fucked my mouth hard.He said,"Oh chaitrali your mouth feels so good."After that he made me stand on
the sofa keeping my hands over the back and facing my back towards him.He slid down my thong and inserted his
finger inside my cunt.He said,"Chaitrali your pussy is nice and beautiful."I was all wet by then.He took his
cock and inserted it inside.He slowly started moving and gradually increased his speed.He held my long hair
for balance and fucked me hard pulling my hair towards him."Chaitrali I appoint you as my personal whore
today."He fucked me for a while and he got ready to cum.He turned me around and I opened my mouth.He
sprayed all his hot cum inside my mouth.My mouth was filled with his cum.He held my hair and stroked
my mouth for a while.He asked me to wear more revealing sarees and blouses at office.He said he was very
happy with my performance and submissive attitude.He went to his desk got my appointment letter and signed
it.He asked me to meet the HR manager and that he will assist me with the visa procedures.I got up and
wore my thong,my blouse, petticoat and my saree.I couldn't do my hair as I didn't have a comb.I just did
it with my hand and clipped my hair leaving it open after the clip.I took my letter and he smooched me
once more and said he will expect me in his cabin tomorrow morning.I just smiled and left his room.

Every men sitting outside were puzzled looking at my open hair and my lip stick was also gone.I
thought in my mind,"Chaitrali you wanted to become a whore during school days and today you become a
corporate slut with good money.You will enjoy your job.You are going to be a sex toy of this company for
the clients and may be for some of the staff members and of course the boss."I just gave all the men a
slutty expression and a shy smile and left the building.Called Suresh right away and told him that I got
the job.

Chapter 18