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My story since school days Chapter 2


It was time for our results to come out.I knew that I was going to fail this time too.So was a bit
nervous.As our sir announced my name I came to know that I had really failed.And he asked all the
failures to wait after school hours in the classroom.I was the only girl and 3 other boys.School got
over and we were waiting for sir in our class.The 3 boys were not scared but enjoying and commenting
on me.I said that I am really scared.They said,tu kyu dar rahi hai.Tujhe to dekhkar sir pass kar
denge.And they winked looking at me.I just smiled on the remark.Then after sometime sir came.He
called the roll numbers.He scolded all the 3 boys and it was my turn now.He sent all the 3 boys one
by one back home.Now I was alone with sir in the class.He was a young sir.He smiled at me and asked
me why I failed.He was not at all angry on me.I also got cooled down a bit.He told me that look at
other girls,some want to become doctor and some engineers.But I always used to think of sex.I used
to think of becoming a whore in my future,looking at the sexiness in me.He said dont worry we have a
way out.I was excited and asked what way.He looked at me and started staring at my huge boobs.He
asked me to follow him to his cabin.We reached his cabin.He let me in and locked the door.There was
a table and chair in the room.We both were all alone.He said that if we can spend some time here he
can pass me without any problem.I knew he wanted me.I just smiled and he knew he got the signal.He
came near me and held my shoulders.He pecked my cheeks and then kissed my lips.He said he was waiting
to fuck me since a long time.He sat on the chair and asked me to take off my uniform.I was shocked
but also excited.Slowly I removed my uniform and also my panty and bra.I was standing nude in front
of my sir.He opened his clothes and came near me and started licking my nipples and inserted his
finger inside my mouth and asked me to suck it.I sucked it for sometime and then he made me sit on my
knee and suck his dick.I took it in my mouth.He said,Chaitrali you have a sexy mouth,suck it hard.I was
licking and sucking his dick.It got hard in sometime and then he took me in his arms holding me
around my big bums and my breasts were in front of his face.He kept me on the edge of the table.Then
he inserted his dick inside my chut.He was moving it in and out for a while.Now he was ready to cum.
He made me sit down and holding my bun inserted his dick inside my mouth.He cummed in my mouth.I
licked it clean and also licked his dick clean.He said,tu salee garam hai.I loved fucking you.He made
me sit on my knee and asked me to give him a blowjob.I took his dick in my mouth again and started
sucking it and licking it.When he got ready to cum he took his dick out of my mouth and sprayed it
on my big round gaand.He said,Chaitrali teri gaand bohot badi hai.Sexy gaand hai tera.I smiled on his
remark and said thank you.He made me sleep on the table and licked my whole body.Each and every inch
of my body.Then again he was hard.He placed my head to the edge of the table and stood to the top of
my head.Then he again inserted his dick in my mouth.He fucked my mouth for another 5 mins.And his cum
was sprayed on my whole face.He then got ready and I also wore my uniform.He said he will pass me.He
also wanted one more chance to fuck me and I agreed.He left the room.I was supposed to meet Suresh
everyday after school hours.So I went to meet him.He was waiting for me.I told him what all happened.
Suresh was very excited.He then proposed me for marraige after education.I was surprised and shocked.
I had become a whore.I asked him why me.He was very good at studies and had a bright future.Many
girls were after him.So that they can have a comfortable life ahead.But he said he always wanted a
whore like me as his wife.He said I was a perfect rundi for him to share his spicy life.We hugged
and kissed for a while.He said he will take me out for a day for sex.

Chapter 2