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My story since school days Chapter 26


Next day I had to go to Rakesh's office.The job was for week.He had specifically asked me to wear saree to his office.So I
got ready wearing a yellow transparent chiffon saree.A low cut blouse with a deep back.The hooks were to the back of the
blouse.The blouse was very tight as it was pretty old.I asked Suresh to hook the blouse.My three fourth of the boobs were
visible through the blouse.I wore my saree.Clipped the pleats with an ornamental clip.It had a hanging ornament.I had tied
my saree well below the navel.I wore my kamarband.Wrapped the saree tightly around my bums and clipped my pallu
also tightly around my firm boobs.I wore my mangalsutra and a choker pearl neck piece.Put my red lipstick.Did my mascara.
Then my eye brows and little make up.Put red sindoor on my forehead.Wore a long hanging earing.Put my yellow glass bangles.
Put my nose ring which hung over my upper lip.Wore my high heel.I combed my hair and tied it till the end as usual.Clipped
it to the end with a tuft of hair open to the end.Suresh said,"aaj tu us naye office mein mardo ko pagal kar degi Chaitrali."
He dropped me at the new office.It was a small building only 3 floors.I had to go to the 3rd floor.I reached and there were
only men in Rakesh's office.I entered and there was a long passage and men sitting on either sides.The moment I entered
everyone started staring at me.They were all staring at my big round boobs bouncing and my bare back with my big curvy ass
swaying left and right.I had brought my tied hair to the front so that they can get a clear view of my open back.My heavy
boobs were held with just one clip behind.Some of them were staring my face,some my boobs and some my big tight curvy ass.
My long stringed bag was on my shoulder which was also moving with the rhythm of my body.

I went and knocked Rakesh's door.He welcomed me inside.He looked at me from head to toe.He took a round around me,watching
my curves.

Rakesh : Chaitrali you are one desi sex goddess.Tumhari yeh patli kamar.Uspar yeh kamarband.Tumhare yeh lambe ghane baal.
Aur use itni sexy tarha se baandhne ka tareeka.Yeh laal raseele honth.Yeh bade bade mumme aur badi gol tight gaand.Us din
tum jab tight skirt aur shirt pehenkar aayi thi main toh tumhara deewana ho gaya tha.Par jab Mr.Sharma ne kaha ki Chaitrali
ki adaaye saree mein ubharkar aati hai toh maine socha kyu na tumhe saree mein bhi dekh lu.Isliye tumhe saree pehenkar aane
ko kaha maine.Tum badhi chudakkad lag rahi ho is saree mein.

Me : (blushing) Thank you Rakesh.

He kept his hands on my shoulder and hugged me.He went behind me and held me by my waist.He pulled me towards him and held me
tight.His hands were around my waist and he kissed my neck from behind.His dick was semi erect and was hitting my big round
bums.He opened the zip of his pants and took out his semi erect dick.His dick was rubbing my bums and he was pushing it in
between my crack from over the saree itself.His hands were playing with my navel.He said,"Chaitrali I want to see you wearing
just your ornaments.Tumhare nangi badan par yeh kaise lagenge mujhe dekhna hai."I said,"Par Rakesh agar koi aa gaya toh, main
yaha aapke saath nangi khadi.Kya isme risk nahi hai?" He said he will lock the door and ask no one to disturb us.He went and
locked the door.He asked me to go the washroom in his room and change.I went inside the washroom.I looked into the mirror.I
removed the hook behind which was very tight and my big round boobs came out.I dropped my saree and removed my panty.I was
totally nude only wearing my ornaments.I had worn a nose ring,earing, choker pearl neck piece,mangalsutra,kamarband,yellow
glass bangles and my high heel.

I kept a step outside with my hand on my boobs.He came near me and stared at my body.He said,"Chaitrali tum bohot sexy lagti
ho is desi avataar mein.Tumhare bade mumme se haath hatao na Chaitrali jaan."He came near me and removed one hand from my boobs.
My boobs were now naked in front of him.Other hand was on my pussy.He removed that also.He looked into my eyes and I felt
ashamed so I closed my face with my hands.He said,"ufff Chaitrali tumhari yeh adaye mujhe pagal kar deti hai."He removed my
hands from my face and held me tight around my waist.His dick was semi erect already and was hanging out of his pants.When
he hugged me his dick was touching my waist.I was very horny.I thought in my mind.I was being exchanged by bosses for a week
just for fun.I had become a corporate fuck toy.Rakesh said I had a very horny face and a sexy figure.He said he liked my long
black thick hair.He said your hair is so thick that he can't hold it in one hand.He kissed my lips.My heavy lips were so horny
to take something inside and taste something hot.He kissed me deep and was massaging my boobs at the same time.He took a
chocolate and kept it on my lips.It was melting and I licked it with my wet tongue.He was looking at my expressions and jerking
his dick.It had become hard.He made me kneel down and I held his dick in my hand and started stroking it.He was still in his pants.
My mouth opened automatically and put my tongue out.He placed his dick on my tongue and I slowly slid it inside.He started
pushing it inside deeper holding my tied hair in his hands.While I sucked him he slowly opened my tied hair.He removed the clip.
My hair was open now.He said I was looking like a desi slut with my hair open and with all the desi nakhras. But a corporate one.
He kept fucking my mouth.He asked me if I liked gang bangs.I just nodded as his dick was in my mouth.He said,"I will arrange
for a gang bang in which you can also benefit.You can earn some money and make some new contacts."Every time he pushed his dick
inside my mouth my hanging nose ring was hitting his dick.He held my neck and took out his dick.I gave him a horny look while
taking out his dick.He made me sit on the sofa and opened my legs.He sat down and kissed my pussy.He put his tongue out and
licked my clit.He put his finger inside and started fucking me while licking.I was in heaven.I had become such a slut that
even if I walked nude in public I would be happy to get fucked by men around.I remembered of the day in school where Suresh
had asked me not to wear anything inside the uniform.That was the first time I felt horny and wet the entire day.I shall
narrate that day's incident also.Meanwhile Rakesh had made me all wet.He made me stand on the sofa seat with my knee on it.
Kept my hands on the back rest.I had turned around so that he can see my long hair and my big round curvy bums.He spread my
legs a bit and pushed his dick inside from behind.He held my hair tight and started banging me hard.

He started giving me harder and deeper thrusts.Both of his hands were holding my hair.He had a nice view of me from behind.
Long black silky thick hair,my kamarband, my big round heavy bums and high heel sandals.He fucked me hard.I turned around
and gave him a slutty look licking my lips with my tongue and biting them.My nose ring was moving to and fro with every push he
was giving.My long hanging earing was also moving.He fucked me for sometime and turned me around.He stood in front of me.He
said you have to give me a blowjob and I will come inside your mouth.I want to ejaculate looking at your sexy face.I took his
dick in my mouth and started moving front and back.He could see my long mangalsutra hitting my boobs with every move and my
choker pearl neck piece tight around my neck as I gave him the blowjob.He looked at my nose ring hanging just above his dick and
hitting it.My red wet lips were all around his big dick.He rubbed my bindi which I had made with my sindoor itself.I was moaning
with his dick in my mouth.After some seconds he came inside my mouth.It was hot sticky and salty.He sprayed it on my forehead
and said,"Chaitrali aaj se ek week ke liye yahi tera sindoor hoga.My cum.Tu meri rakhayl banegi?" I said,"Ha rakesh main tumhari
corporate rakhayl hu for a week."

Chapter 26