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My story since school days Chapter 27


I was thinking of my school days and I remembered the first time when I went out of my house without wearing anything inside.
Suresh had encouraged me to do so.He knew I had a slut inside me.Those were the days when Suresh had been thinking of
proposing me.I knew he will one day propose me.So I used to listen to him and do whatever he wanted me to do.As I told you
all, that I was a popular item in school many boys were behind me.I used to flirt with them.They shared all double meaning
jokes with me.They never used to leave a chance to brush my body or touch me.As I had mentioned earlier we had a white uniform
which was tight waist above and a skirt under the waist.My uniform was short and it was well above my knees.It was tight
around my big round bums and the top was tight and my ripe round boobs used to protrude out of my uniform.My long hair always
plaited to the end with a clip.I sometimes used to put red nail polish which was not allowed in school.Sometimes the madams
used to punish me and made me kneel down outside the class.The Sirs and other boys passing by used to stare at me and look
at my body.Somehow I used to like kneeling down outside the class.And madame used to send me to get the chalks from the store.
I used to run down the corridor and give a good show to the boys in the other classes.My big round boobs used to bounce and
my big bums also used to sway heavily up and down while running.There was a blue band on the waist which was like a belt for
the girls.I used to tie it behind like a bow.My big round ass used to sway right and left and I could feel it moving while
all the boys used to stare at them.Girls in my group used to say that boys call me with some dirty words like maal,item,
patakhaa and also they say,"Chaitrali kitni chudakkad raand hai na saali." within the boy's group.They used to get offended
with those words.But I used to enjoy those dirty words so some boys used to directly call me item or maal. They used to
comment,"Chaitrali tu aaj sach mein maal lag rahi hai yaar."I used to get horny listening to all those words.

One day Suresh came to me during the interval.All the boys were playing and running around.I was standing in the veranda
and Suresh signaled me to come to the top floor which is all the time closed.There is only one classroom on that floor.
I went and Suresh was waiting for me.We had a half an hour break for lunch.He said he overheard some boys talking about me.
I was excited to listen,Suresh they were talking all dirty about you.He said they were saying,"A division ki Chaitrali saali
sabse kadak maal hai na apne school mein.Uske lambe ghane baal aur uski badi moti gaand aur uske bable [boobs] to kitne bade
hai.Jab bhagti hai sab upar neeche hitle rehte hai.Saali suna hai ke usko sir ne pataya hai.Aur sir ka lund bhi mu me liya hai.
Uske class ki ek ladki ko maine baat karte suna."I was horny listening to all this. Suresh said he wants to fuck me after
school hour on that floor.I happily agreed to it and he said, why don't you wear just uniform to school one day? I didn't
understand so I asked what he meant by that.He said you don't wear anything inside.No undergarments just your uniform and tie
your hair loose.There is a special class this weekend and teacher has asked to wear only uniform to school.So I said I'll try
doing it on that day.

It was a Saturday,I got up in the morning,had my shower, sat in front of the mirror and brushed my long black silky hair.I
wanted to wear something sexy but it was compulsory to wear the uniform.So I did little make up put my red lipstick,put
little kajal and tied my long silky hair to a bun and tied it very lose as Suresh had asked for.I left for school and reached.
The school was empty as it was a weekend and it was a holiday.I was wearing nothing inside.So I was feeling wet when men used
to stare at my boobs on my way.I was swaying my ass more wider and bouncing my boobs more up and down.Many boys of our class
had come and 2 3 of my girl friends also.As I entered the class some 2 3 boys from my group said,"dekh apni item Chaitrali
aa gayi.Kya lag rahi hai aaaj yeh."I just blushed on their remark.They must have seen my nipple poking out of my uniform as
I had worn nothing inside.My big round ass was also moving very sexily as it was also free without a panty to hold them.Sir
had not reached for the lecture.I went and sat on the last bench with my girl friends and some boys of our group.One girl said
"Chaitrali your nipples can be seen prominently.Haven't you worn anything inside?"I gave a naughty smile and said no.She
said your bums are also bouncing a little too heavily.I said I am completely nude inside.She was shocked and she said all
the boys were staring at my boobs when I came inside the classroom.She said that I look sexy in the uniform.She was a little
slut like me."Chaitrali today some boy will try to touch you here and there.Be careful."I just smiled on her statement.After
sometime Sir came.He was excited to see me.He asked me to go and get the chalk from the store room and to come fast.I knew
why he chose me to get the chalks.I left the classroom and ran to the store room.He got out of the class and was watching
my big round bums swaying left and right as I ran.And also while coming back he was staring at my bouncing boobs and on my
way back my long silky hair open.I stopped near him outside the class and tied my hair to a bun.He said that I looked
beautiful and to wait after the class.He winked saying that.I just blushed and said ok and gave him the chalks.He was looking
at me all the while during his lecture.My girl friends were saying,"Chaitrali today Sir is totally fida on you.He is keeping on
staring you."I just felt shy when they said that.I was sitting on the last bench with my friend.In between she went to the
washroom,I was feeling horny by Sir's stares and me coming to school without wearing anything inside my uniform.I took a
pen and kept it inside my uniform just under my wet chut.I moved it slowly on my chut and left the pen there itself.My friend
came back and sat besides me.After an hour Sir finished his lectures and said now you all leave and come back by evening 6.I
have some work to finish so you all can go home.It was just 11 in the morning.So we all left the classroom.Me and my friend
reached the gate of the school, I told her you leave I have wait coz my aunt is coming to pick me up.So she left and there
were 2 boys waiting to talk to me.They came to me and said that I look beautiful with my hair tied as a bun.I just blushed
and thanked for the compliment.They both were famous in the school for being with girls and commenting on girls.So most of
the nerd girls never used to even look at them.But I liked their company.They asked me if they could come little early
in the evening and stay after lectures.I asked why, they said they want to spend sometime with me.I knew what they wanted.
I just blushed and said ok with a naughty expression on my face.They were happy and gave me a hug and left.I then went
to the staff room where Sir was waiting for me.

I went inside and Sir was excited to see me.He said that my parent's had complained about my studies and has asked me to give
special attention to you.He then took me to the empty classroom on the top floor of the school.We entered the classroom and he
locked the door from inside.The windows were all closed.He had written some questions on the black board.He went and sat on the
bench and made me stand in front of him.He held both my hands and asked me why am I not able to concentrate on my studies.I
just looked down as I had no answer.He said your mind has become an adult thinking of all other things other than studies.I
just said I don't like to study.He asked me what else did I like.He asked do you like when you get attention from the boys in
your class? He was looking at my eyes and I was feeling shy.He asked me,"Do you like me staring at you?"I just blushed and
said yes.He asked,"Where do you like me staring?" I said anywhere with a naughty smile.He asked,"What do you feel when I
stare at you?" I said,"I feel like you are staring at my body and I feel something."He then asked me to fill the answers for
the questions on the board.So I took a chalk and I had no idea what the answers were and was standing in front of the board
without a clue.Sir got up and came and stood just behind me.I was feeling scared and horny also.There was just a uniform in
between him and my body.He was behind me and I was facing the board.He came so near that I could feel my round heavy bums were
being touched by his crotch.The cloth of the uniform wasn't very thick, so I could feel his thing getting hard.He then kept
his left hand around my waist and the right hand on my right hand and he started writing the answer.He pressed my hand very
seductively and was pushing his crotch against my big round bums.He then asked me to repeat writing the answer and removed
his right hand from mine and kept that hand also around my waist.He then kept his chin on my shoulder when I was writing.He
said in my ears,"Chaitrali I can see your erect nipples through your uniform.Are you not wearing anything inside?"Saying that
he slowly moved his hands and kept it over my boobs and pressed them slowly.He squeezed them and I left a moan.He turned me
around and looked at my face.He said,"Chaitrali you look very beautiful and sexy." He looked at my big round eyes and heavy
pouting lips.He held my lower lip and slowly parted it from the upper lip and he could see my teeth parting to open my mouth
fully.He saw my wet tongue inside and holding my round bums and kneading them, he planted his lips on mine and inserted
his tongue inside.I also rolled my tongue with his.He smooched me for sometime and I was all wet.He looked at me and
said,"Chaitrali you are so sexy my darling."He then slowly unbuttoned my uniform and took out my boobs.He knew I wasn't
wearing anything inside."Chaitrali you have not worn anything inside?Why?" I said,"Sir I like when boys and men stare at
my boobs when I wear nothing inside." Sir said,Oh Chaitrali you are such a horny little girl.You like to tease men huh.I
just blushed and he turned me around and made me face the wall.He went down and opened my skirt from behind.He saw my big
round naked bums.He also saw my wet chut.He said,"Chaitrali do you know what this is called in Hindi?(holding my bum cheeks)"
I said,"No Sir." He said it's called "gaand".You have a very nice gol gaand Chaitrali.I just moaned when he kissed my
gaand and put his finger inside my chut.He then took off my uniform and made me kneel down.He put a scale in between my
bum cheeks and opened my hair.My long hair fell down and he came and stood in front of me.He opened his zip and took out
his dick.He asked me to hold it.He knew that I was going around with some boys and rickshawalas, so dick wasn't a new thing
to me.He said I heard from some people that you have some boyfriends.I held his dick in my hand and started stroking it.It
was hard and erect.He asked me did you like my dick?.I just blushed and said yes.He asked to take it in my mouth.I opened
my mouth and kept it on my tongue and slid it inside.I gave him a blowjob and he was moaning with pleasure.He said,"
Chaitrali you have such a good mouth.Suck it hard Chaitrali."I was also moaning and sucking it hard.He held my hair and
started fucking my mouth inside out.He said I know you like being called an item,maal and all.I have heard boys calling you
with those words.He asked me what the word "rundi" means?I said no,but some boys talk amongst themselves that I am a rundi
of our society.He said,"Rundi is a girl who gets excited being with men and they always seek attention from men.They like
to flirt,tease and also sometimes like to be touched and teased.There is nothing wrong in being a raand. But you are one
sexy raand Chaitrali.I must tell you.Will you be my rundi?" I just blushed and said yes Sir,I would like to be your raand.
He then took my inmy arms and made me stand on the bench like a dog.He went behind held my hair and slapped my bums.He
spat inside my bum cheeks making it wet and also on my chut.He then slowly slid his dick inside my wet chut and holding my
long hair started stroking my chut.He then increased his speed and started fucking hard.I was in pain but it gave me immense
pleasure as well.I was moaning loud and breathing heavily.He fucked me like a dog for a while and was ready to cum.So he
came to my face and asked me suck his dick.I sucked him hard and I could feel his dick going to cum in my mouth.He sprayed
his cum all over my face and inside my mouth.He then asked me to go and wash my face.I went and washed.I went nude to the
washroom.Then after coming back he made me sleep on the floor and fucked me on the floor.This time he sprayed his hot cum
on my boobs and on my bums.I got washed again and he asked me to come to this classroom every weekend.He said he will talk
to my parents and tell them that there will be special classes every weekend for me.He helped me pass all my exams with good
marks.I had become his whore during school days.My Sir's rundi student.

Chapter 27