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My story since school days Chapter 28


Suresh and I had got married and he had left the town for a better job.I was left alone obviously and I started taking
tuition and making 2 bachelor friends and was having fun in life. Suresh used to call me daily and we used to have long steamy
chats,he used to come on webcam, I used to be naked in front of the cam posing for Suresh. One day one of my friends had come
to invite for her brother's wedding.I was excited as it was the first wedding I would attend after my marriage.I went to
shop a nice saree and stitched a sexy blouse,deep cut which would show off some of my assets. Saree was also transparent red one.
Blouse was a red sleeved one with the front very deep so that my deep cleavage would be visible and back had just a string
to tie.The blouse was quite away from my neck and little of my shoulder was also open.I got up in the morning.Wedding was at
10 in the morning.I had a bath.I came out and sat on the stool in front of my dressing mirror.I blow dried my long hair and
combed it.I braided it till the end leaving little hair to the end unbraided and clipped it.It was a hanging ornamental clip.
I removed my towel and I was nude in front of the mirror.I looked at my big two round firm globes and my round deep navel and
my shaved pussy.I got up and turned around to see my big round curvy bums and my long tied hair with the hanging ornamental
clip.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali all these assets will be on display today."I sat back on the stool and brought my tied
hair to the front and took my kajal.I applied kajal around my big eyes and applied maskara. Did my make-up.Put a dark red lipstick.
I put a red bindi.I wore my forehead jewelry which hung on my forehead.I put my septum nose ring.It also hung over my upper lip.
I could easily touch it with my tongue.Wore a long hanging earring. Took my choker necklace and wore it around my neck.Then was
my long hanging mangalsutra. It was quite long and went till over my navel line.I was sitting nude without a piece of cloth only
with these jewelry.I wore my panty which had an opening on the back.It exposed the crack of my round bums.I wore a strapless
push up bra and wore my blouse,tied a knot behind.Wore my silk red petticoat[underskirt].And wore my saree,wrapped it tight
around my ass and tied it well under my navel line.And I put the pallu on my shoulder.I didn't pin it.Then I took my kamarband,
and tied it around my waist over the saree itself.It also had a hanging ornament.I wore my red bangles and some gold ones on
both the ends of the red bangles.Put a red nail polish.I got up and looked at myself and I knew many men would feast me
visually today at the wedding.

It was 9 and I left home.While leaving the compound of our society there were many eyes which were stripping me nude.I got
into and auto and reached the wedding hall.It was very crowded and I knew very less people from the crowd.Had a talk with all
of them and found a chair to sit.There were many men who staring at all the decked up women who had come for the wedding.But
many men were staring at me all the while.I got excited and was feeling their eyes stripping my saree , making me nude and
fucking me hard.Oh I was so horny with all these ideas running through my mind.Finally my friend came to me,thanking me for
attending the wedding and she came with a man,whom she introduced to me.He was also all alone in the wedding knowing no one
around.So she asked him to give me company and she left.We sat and started talking about each other.He said his name was Prem
and I also introduced myself as Chaitrali. He said he runs a jewelry business and has a showroom in the city.Before I could
say something he said that I looked beautiful.He said I had a very good figure and that I should try modelling.I was going to
tell him that am married but he didn't give me a chance.He asked me if I was interested in modelling.I said I don't know I
haven't thought of modelling till date.He insisted that I should give it a try.He spoke about his jewelry collection and
said that I had a good sense of wearing jewelry.He said he liked the way I had worn the kamarband, nose septum ring and
the forehead jewelry.He said he is doing an advertisement for his shop and was searching for a suitable lady for it.He
asked if I was interested.I said I would have to think about it.He asked me to think and let him know.He took my hand in his
and said your bangles are also as beautiful as you are.I just blushed.He knew I was comfortable and I was also getting quite
an attention from him.So even I didn't bother him touching me.He knew that and said that he'll drop me back home if I don't
mind.I agreed to it.We had food together.We went to my friend and told her that we are leaving.We got into his car and on
the way he kept touching me wherever there was a chance.I also didn't mind him touching me.He asked me out for a coffee that
weekend.I agreed to it and he was happy.He was continuously staring at my boobs.And whenever I used to talk my hanging septum
nose ring used to hit my upper lip.He said your nose ring is hot it always hits your lips while talking.You have a very
beautiful face Chaitrali.I blushed and he took my hand and kissed.I just blushed and he knew I was comfortable with it and
he left taking my phone number.He called me in the evening that day and asked me about the modelling proposal.I told him that
am still thinking about it.He again insisted me for modelling for his shop.That evening Suresh called me and I told him about
this incident.He asked me to go ahead and try a bit of modelling.So next day Prem again called me and asked.I told him that I
am ready to do it.He asked me to come to the shop that evening.

Evening I wore my saree and make ups as usual.I reached there and it was a big shop.He saw me and came towards me and said
thank you for accepting the offer.He hugged me and took me to have a look at the jewelry I would be wearing for the photo
shoot.I saw the jewelry and I was excited.If I wear all that jewelry I won't have to wear any clothes,there were so much
of jewelry.I was getting horny by the thought of wearing only the jewelry and no clothes. Prem called the photographer and
asked him to come for the test. Prem gave me the jewelry and asked me to wear it and get ready for the trial shoot.There was
nose ring,earing,kamarband,forehead jewelry,bangles,anklets.I wore all that and did the make up.I was looking like a desi
sexy lady.After a while the photographer arrived and he set the lights and camera for the shoot. Prem also came.Only we three
were in that room.The photographer showed me some poses.But as I wasn't doing it properly he came to me and showed them.He
was touching me here and there.He was very professional so it was okay. Prem was watching me and he was staring at me with
lust in his eyes.He also came and gave me some poses.He was touching me everywhere and was also looking at me if I was enjoying
it.I was actually enjoying all that.I was also wet.The photo shoot went on for an hour and the photographer left. Prem asked
me to come home.I agreed to it as it was only 8 in the evening and there was nothing to do going back home.We reached his
apartment and he brought some water for me.We sat in the living room and he started talking about me,my beauty and my shape.
He proposed me saying he wants to marry me.I was thinking in my mind,didn't he see my mangalsutra on the wedding day that we
both had attended.I had no sindoor that day.He asked me again if I would marry him.But then I had to tell him that I was already
married and that my husband is abroad.I said I would be joining him next year.He was upset and sad to know that I was married.
He then said ok we can be good friends.I said okay to that.He again held me hand and kissed and said that I look very beautiful.
I could see that he was desperate to have me.He said that I have maintained myself very well.He asked me if he can take me to
a hill station for 2 days.I said I'll think about it and let him know.He said ok and he asked if he can take me out for a day.I
agreed to it.He said he'll come the next day morning and that we'll go for a long drive.He dropped me home and that night I had
a video chat with Suresh. He was excited and asked me to go ahead and see what happens.The next day he came to pick me up and we
went to the city and he bought me some sexy sarees and designer blouses.He dropped me home and asked me to come for the shoot
the next day.He gave me cheque as advance and he left.Next day I got ready in the morning and left for the shoot.It was at the
photographer's studio.When I went there, there were make up men and photographer and Prem. Prem took me to a room where the
make up was done.He had also bought a saree a blouse and another dress for some modern jewelry. I went to the room.Did the
make up and then went to the trial room and got ready wearing my saree.I came out and Prem took me and made me stand in front
of the white screen.The photographer gave me some poses.I was wearing all the jewelry and Prem was staring at me with all
the lust in his eyes.I was feeling shy when the men were staring at me.The photographer took some pics.After the shoot Prem
asked me to get ready for the modern jewelery shoot.I went inside the trial and there was a mini dress.When I wore it, the
dress was very tight around my big round bums and around my boobs.I thought it would tear if I even take a step.It was very
much above my knee level.It was like a piece of cloth only to cover my intimate parts.The dress started just after a good show
of my cleavage.My upper chest was all naked because that is where I was supposed to wear the modern ornaments.The make up man
did little make up on my upper chest and his hands would sometimes travel over my cleavage and little on my boobs,but I didn't
mind.Then they made me wear a diamond choker piece and a diamond bangle.He made me wear a diamond kamarband also.The dress was
of silky blue color.When I came out the photographer, his assistant and Prem were all staring at me. Prem looked at me and
winked and said I look hot.I just blushed on his remark.The he made me give different poses.They turned me around and took
some photos showing my big round tight ass with my face facing the camera.The photographer touched and brushed all my body
parts while directing me for the poses and so did his assistant. Prem was enjoying the show.By now he knew that I liked men
touching me here and there.I was enjoying all the touch that I was getting from the men around.Finally after 4 hours the
shoot was over and they all packed up. Prem said he'll drop me home.He gave me the pending cheque and said he will come to
pick me tomorrow morning to go to the hill station.I agreed and went home.Reaching home Suresh called and I told him what
all happened that day.He asked me to come on webcam and I was lying nude on the bed for him.I did what all he asked me to
in front of the cam.

Next day morning I got ready for the 2 day tour to the hill station with Prem.I wore my saree a very deep cut blouse which
had a string to tie at the back leaving my entire back naked.I had worn my saree very low so that my navel and my deep back
was properly visible.Tied my hair to a bun with a hair stick.Did my make up and put lipstick.When I was applying lipstick
I looked at my lips getting rubbed by the stick and I thought in my mind,how many dicks were tasted by these lips.I put my
wet tongue out and I had so many cum till date with that tongue.I was proud of being such a slut.I wore my high heels and
Prem called me said he is downstairs waiting for me.I looked at the mirror and I was looking good.Turned around and saw my
big round bums tightly wrapped around with my saree.It was protruding out of my saree.I locked the door and went downstairs.
Prem was excited to see me.He must have thought a married woman is ready to go out to a hill station alone with a bachelor.
He must have also thought what a slut I am.I had a small bag of clothes to change.I had packed my lingerie and some
revealing blouses and dresses.I knew he might get naughty during the trip so I just was prepared for it.I had shaved my
pussy and waxed my legs.Packed some erotic lingerie sets.

We left and the drive was of 4 hours, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.On the way he complimented me a lot on
my beauty.He got a call from his friend and as he was driving unfortunately he put the phone on a loudspeaker.They had a
normal discussion and then he asked where he was.He said he is on his way to the hill station.His friend asked,"Akela hai kya?"
Prem said no.So his friend asked,"Tune Chaitrali ko pataya kya?".Prem was shocked because I heard that and I looked at him.
He disconnected the call saying that he will call him later.He kept the phone and looked at me.I just blushed.He said he was
sorry about that.He said he had told his friend about me.So that is why he asked.I said it's ok.He kept his hands on mine and
again said sorry.I held his hands and said its ok.He didn't leave my hand and drove off.We reached the cottage.We checked in.
The room was very romantic with a big bed.Prem asked me to get fresh so that we can go and have lunch.I got ready wearing a
very tight mini skirt and a tight top.The skirt had a zip behind from top end to the bottom end.It was so short that it had
just covered my big round bums.Top was also tight and my boobs were standing out proudly.It was a red silk shirt.I had worn
my front open bra which had openings for the nipples and a back open panty which had a heart shaped opening to the back
exposing the crack of my round gaand.I wore my high heel and came out of the room.Prem was stunned to see me.I had just worn
a choker pearl neck piece and tied my hair to a bun with ornamental hair stick.Prem said,"Chaitrali you look very sexy." I just
blushed and we left for lunch.At the restaurant I got a lot of stares from the men.They were all undressing me.The way they
were looking at me,I felt as if I was walking nude in front of them.Prem saw that and said,"Chaitrali tumne sabhi mardo ko
pagal kar diya hai.They all are hungrily staring at you." I smiled and said it's ok I have got used to men staring at me.We
sat and ordered good.I just had a fruit juice as I wasn't very hungry.He also just had a soup and we left the restaurant.

There was a swimming pool in our cottage so after lunch we went there and sat.He asked me about my college life and post
marriage life and all.He asked me if I had boy friends before marriage.To which I said yes I had a couple of boyfriends.He
asked if I had sex with them.I said yes I have had sex with them.Then he started talking about sex.About licking, blowjobs,
kissing smooching and all.By now I was horny and I wanted him badly.He came near me and sat.He asked me if I was interested
in having sex with him.I just blushed and he got my signal.He made me stand and went behind me.He said he liked my skirt
and asked if he could unzip it.I just blushed and said ok. He slowly took the zip in between his fingers and moved it down
to the end and he could gradually see my panty inside which had a heart shaped opening behind.I saw my bum cheeks through
the panty and got excited.He dropped my mini skirt down and I stepped out of it.He then held me from behind and unbuttoned
my silky red shirt.I was wearing the shirt unbuttoned.He then slid it from my shoulders and both my hands came out of that
shirt.I was only wearing my front open bra and back open panty. He turned me around and was staring at my tight and erect
nipples which were naked through that opening of my bra.He stared at them for sometime and I was feeling shy so I kept
my hands on my boobs.He held my hands and removed them.He then kept his hands on them and said,"Chaitrali you are such a
naughty lady.You have worn such erotic innerwear.You want to be naked in front of me right?" I just blushed and said,"Yes.
Mujhe tumse chudna hai Prem." Prem said,"Chaitrali tumhari jaisi item mujhse chudna chahti hai.uffff I am very lucky."
His hands were pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples and my eyes were closed.I was moaning out of pleasure.He turned
me around and sat down.My round bums were in front of his face.Because there was the heart shaped opening he took his
tongue out and licked in between my bum cheeks.He licked my gaand crack and I was holding my boobs and playing with my
nipples.He said,"Chaitrali tumhari gaand kitni naram, moti aur soft hai."Saying that he dug his face inside my ass cheeks and
started licking and spiting inside.He then slowly started removing my panty.It came down softly through me legs,I lifted my legs
and he smelled it and threw it away.He made me lean against the wall and parted my bum cheeks with his hands and spat and
licked my pussy from behind.I was moaning and saying,"Aur chaato naaa unnnngghhhhh meri chut ko Prem.Main tumhari
item hu Prem,tumhari personal item."He said ," Oh Chaitrali tu meri maal hai saali item.Tujhe meri ghodi banake chodunga aaj."
He knew I didn't mind calling me with all dirty words. He said,"Chaitrali tu jab shaadi ke din apni moti gol gaand hila hilakar,thumke
lagakar aa rahi thi,tabhi maine socha tha teri gaand ko main ek din chaatunga.Tum ek shadi shuda chudakkad chamiya ho meri
Chaitrali darling."He licked my pussy for a while and turned me around facing him.He then unclasped my bra from behind and
my bra dropped on the floor.I was totally nude wearing only my high heel and the choker pearl neck piece on my neck.He took me
and made me stand in front of the mirror and he said,"You look like a sexy married whore,ek shadi shuda raand lag rahi hai."When
he called me a raand a wave of sluttiness ran through my body and my chut.

He then took me in his arms and took me to the swimming pool.It was attached to our cottage so it was a private pool.He made me
stand off his arms and my hair stick fell and my bun opened.My hair fell open and he was horny looking at my hair bun opening.He
held my hair and smooched me.He then made me kneel down and held my hair.His dick was swollen and was hard and erect.I held
it with my hand and licked it with my wet tongue.I kissed the tip and it got my lipstick mark.He then opened my sexy mouth and
put my wet tongue out and placed it on my tongue.I took it inside and started sucking it hard.He was moaning holding my hair
in his hands.He couldn't hold my entire hair in his hand.Some hair was falling on my face.So he made me sleep by the edge of the
pool and dropped my hair in the water and made it wet.Now he could hold it fully in his hand.So I again started giving him a
blowjob and he started fucking my mouth.My mouth was being fucked badly.He made me stand and licked my face.He said,"Teri
is sexy face ko chatne mein bohot mazaa aa raha hai Chaitrali." He then again fucked my mouth for a while.Then he made me
stand like a dog and pushed his dick from behind.He pushed it and took it out.Again pushed and started stroking in and out.He
held my hair tight and was pulling me towards him with my hair.His thighs were hitting my big fleshy round bums and I was
moaning heavily,"Prem chodo mujhe aur zor se...Apni raand bana doo ajjjj unnnghhhhhh." He could only see my big round
bums and my long wet silky hair from behind.So to make it more horny I looked behind and started giving sexy erotic expressions,
biting my lower lips and opening my mouth and moaning,a ahhhhhhh unnngghhhhhh.He then fucked me hard for a while.He then
lied down on the floor and asked me to sit on his dick and ride him.I slowly positioned my pussy on his big dick and started jumping
up and down.He was watching my big round boobs bouncing.When he got ready to cum he made me stand and held my hair.He
said he had a fetish for hair and wanted to spray his cum on my silky hair.I thought if it would spoil my hair but then there was
shampoo so I agreed.After stroking he sprayed it on my forehead and on my silky long hair.He then cleaned his dick with my hair
holding a tuft of hair in his hand.I licked it clean after that.

That entire night he fucked me in different place,In the pool in the kitchen on the floor and in the garden.He said he will give
another contract of his friend's jewellery shop.He said if I liked modelling and fun then he can arrange a lot of clients for me.I
said I'll think about it and we left the resort the next day.That night I slept nude rolling on my bed giving an online show to Suresh.
I told him what all happened.He called me all dirty words like RAAAND, THUKI HUI RUNDI, badi gaaand waali item, and many more
words which made me very horny.

Chapter 28