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My story since school days Chapter 29


I had become a popular item in office and also in some of our client circle.My officemates used to flirt with me and I also liked that.
Some clients used to give me presents and gifts and flirt with me.They also never used to leave a chance to touch me keep their
hands around my bums.I also used to enjoy all the touching and caressing I got in office from the men around.

One day Suresh dropped me early at office as he had to go early for a meeting.So when I reached there were only 2 peons who
had come and they normally come early to clean the office.No one else had reached as I had reached an hour early.I went to my
room and the peons had not noticed me coming.They were in the pantry cleaning.I kept my bag and went and stood in front of
the full size mirror in my room.I had worn a tight blue jeans and a tight white shirt.I had tied my hair to a pony and left it open.
The hair band was on top of my head tied tight.Dark red lipstick and sindoor. I had worn a red high heel sandal.White shirt tucked
in so that the circle my big round bums would be properly seen.The blue jeans was skin tight and it showed the shape of my legs
and my bums clearly.I had worn a red thong inside. Didn't wear a panty to avoid the panty line.I turned around and looked at my
round curvy shaped bums and I thought how they were treated for that one week when I was in Rakesh's office.They were standing
so proudly and heavily under my waist and it could get attention of any man.They swayed left and right and bounced up and down.
My whiite shirt was also tight and the buttons over my boob were under immense pressure due to my heavy big boobs.I had worn
a red sexy bra.

I thought of having a coffee and left my room and went to the pantry.The 2 peons were chatting in the pantry.I overheard them and
I was their topic of conversation.They were saying,"Woh Chaitrali madam kya cheez hai yaar.Ekdum kadak hai.Aur suna hai ke usko
Sir ne bhi pataya hai.Usko chodte bhi hai aise maine suna hai." They were talking dirty about me and I was enjoying it. Other one
said,"Kya moti badi gaand hai Chaitrali madam ki.Jab chalti hai toh thumkakar chalti hai woh.Ek baar mujhe haath ghumana hai
us gaand par yaar." I was wet listening to all this.I went inside and they were shocked and excited to see me.They greeted me
good morning madam.I told them call me just Chaitrali.They were tall and wel built men.Taller than me.I went in between them
to get the kettle and turned my back towards them to make the coffee.I knew they were staring at my gaand so I dropped my
spoon down and bent to pick it up giving a sexy pose giving them a good view of my curve.I made my coffee and just started
a conversation with them.I asked how their jobs are going and said that I am enjoying this office.They said because of you there
is an energy in this office.I just blushed.I went near one peon and stood near him.His arms were touching my boobs from the
side and I told them that I feel all alone in the office.Nobody is there to talk with me as I sit all alone in my cabin.He held my hand
and said,"Chaitrali,hum hai na aap ke liye." I said but you both are so busy with your work.They asked me to wait after office hours
so that we can have some chat and leave.I sipped my coffee and little spill on my jeans.It was hot so I just cried in pain.So they both
took a tissue and tried to clean it.They were rubbing my thighs with the tissue.They made me sit on the chair and sat down on their
knees and were rubbing my thighs.I slightly opened my legs and he was looking at my crotch.The other peon was standing right
next to me holding my shoulder to console me.His crotch was right next to my face.Oh I was feeling the heat between the two men.
He started rubbing my thighs in a more erotic way.I left a slight moan,unnnnghhhhhhh.He started rubbing more towards my pussy
in between my thighs and slowly reaching towards my pussy area.The other one was holding both my shoulders and pressing them
also in an erotic way.His hands slowly started moving from the shoulders towards my neck and behind my neck.My pony tailed hair
was on his hands and he was massaging the back of my neck.I wasn't able to concentrate on both of them as a wave of slutiness and
lust was running in my mind.I started moaning and breathing heavily.They took the coffee mug from my hand and kept it on the table.
Now the one sitting on the floor was massaging my pussy from over the jeans and my hands were on his head and moaning.The other
peon standing took my face in his hands and directed it towards his face and he kissed my lips.The one of the floor was now licking
my pussy area over my jeans.Standing one was smooching me deeply and rolling his tongue with mine.They then made me stand and
the one on the floor stood up and opened my belt.He then opened the button of my jeans and unzipped it.His name was Arun and the
one who was massaging my neck was Sanjay.Arun had removed my jeans and Sanjay started to unbutton my shirt.They said we
don't want to spoil your office clothes,so we'll keep it aside.Sanjay removed my shirt and kept it aside.Arun kept my jeans on it.I was
standing wearing only my red thong,red sexy lace bra and my red high heel.And my hair tied to a pony tail.They looked at me and
said Chaitrali you look like ... and then they paused and looked at each other.I asked them what do I look like?They said you don't
feel bad if we talk about you like that ok.I said it's ok and asked them to tell me what I looked like.They said,"Chaitrali aap nangi ekdum
kadak item lag rahi ho."Arun went behind me and kept his hands on my gaand and started kneading them hard.Sanjay grabbed my
boobs and his hand went behind to unclasp my bra.The boobs popped out as soon as he opened my bra.He held my boobs with both
hands and dug his face in between them.He held my nipples with his lips and started chewing them.Oh I was in heaven.My boobs and
big round gaand were getting treated at the same time.Then Arun removed my thong which came out from my deep gaand cheek.Then
he dropped it down.Now I was only wearing my red high heel.They both were kneading and sucking my boobs and my big round plump
gaand.Now Sanjay went behind and Arun came to my front and held my boobs and pressed them.Sanjay was licking my gaand.I was in
between 2 peons nude and moaning out of pleasure.Sanjay took a broom stick and kept its long rod in between my ass cheeks and
started rubbing it.He said,"Chaitrali jis din maine aapko dekha,us din se mujhe yeh lakdi aapke gaand ke beech daalna tha."I
moaned,"toh daalo aur ragdo naa unnngghhhhhh..." He inserted the stick in between my ass cheeks and started moving it up and
down.The stick was in between my gaand and as if I was doing a pole dance.Arun was sucking my nipples and kneading my boobs
hard.Then they made me kneel down and stood in front of my face.I took one dick in my hand and other in my mouth. Arun was
fucking my red hot horny mouth and my hand was fucked by Sanjay.Arun held my pony tail and fucked me for a while.Then Arun
handed over my pony tail to Sanjay and Sanjay fucked my mouth.They both were wet and hard and erect.

They made me stand and made me lie on the small pantry table that we have.The table is so small that when I slept on it, my
head was to one edge of the table and my pussy to the other.My legs were out and my long pony tailed hair was hanging out
of the table. Sanjay went to the side where my head and hair was hanging out of the table and Arun went to the side where
my legs were open and out of the table.He opened my legs wide and placed it on his shoulders.He slowly took his dick and moved
it towards my pussy and pushed it inside.He started fucking me inside and out.Took his dick out and then in.He started giving
harder strokes and Sanjay inserted his dick inside my mouth.They were giving very good and hard strokes inside mouth and my
chut.I was enjoying both of them.They were treating me as a fucking object. Arun was rubbing my clit while fucking me.Then
after a while they stopped and made me stand like a dog on the chair seat. Arun came and stood in front of my face and Sanjay
went behind.He held my pony tailed hair and inserted his dick inside.He was churning my chut sideways and in and out. Arun
was treating my mouth like a fuck hole.He pushed it fully inside and I was choked for a second.He fucked my mouth hard and
when they both were ready to cum they made me kneel on the floor and asked me to hold the broom stick.They both started stroking
their dicks and I gave all the slutty expressions which made them cum.They came on the stick.Then they both held my pony tail
and I took their dicks in my mouth and cleaned them one by one.After that I took the stick and licked the cum that had been
sprayed on the stick.I licked it with my wet tongue giving long strokes of licking.They again became hard watching me lick like a
whore.But then we heard some sounds coming from outside.The men had come to work.It was time so I told them that tomorrow also
I will come early and get fucked by you both.

That day I felt very horny.Mr.Sharma also fucked me that afternoon.Evening I went home and told Suresh about the peons.He was so
horny he fucked me in all positions.He said that I am a whore,CORPORATE RAAND,RAKHEYL,CHUDAKKAD MAAL,THUKI HUI RUNDI BIWI..I
enjoyed those words when he fucked me that night.

Chapter 29