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My story since school days Chapter 3


This incident happened when I was in school.As I told you I was known as item or maal in my class by the boys.They often used to call me
that way.And my husband Suresh liked it.And so did I.One day 3 boys from our class were planning a picnic for the weekend.They were
discussing the trip when I came in.They asked me to join them.I said I will let them know.I asked Suresh and he said to go and enjoy.I called
them and told them that I will be joining them for the weekend picnic.I was ready wearing my short skirt and a tight t shirt.The skirt was
tight and my round tight bums were bulging out.And my t shirt was also tight.I had tied my long black hair up.I also had my red lipstick.
Amit and his 2 friends came to pick me.We left in Amits car.As the car reached a remote area Amit came to the back seat and his friend went
to drive the car.Amit kept his hands on my thighs and said that they can enjoy a lot today.I just smiled.He kissed my cheeks and said that
I look like a tight item today."Kya maal lag rahi hai tu aaj.Tu aaj hamare saath maze lootegi na?"I blushed and said yes.
He kissed my lips and pressed my boobs for a while.We reached the place.There were no people around there and there was a waterfall.
We went there after parking the car.They went inside the water and Amit came back to take me in the water.They threw me in the water and
made me wet.Amit took off my hair band and my hair opened flowing till my big round tight bums.
Amit held my tight bums and started pressing it hard.He took me outside the water in his arms and made me sleep on
the ground.He took off my t shirt and brought down my tight skirt.And I was lying nude in front of him.He took my hard nipples in between
his lips and started sucking them.His hands were playing with my tight bums.And his dick was rubbing my pussy.He also took off clothes.
He brought his dick in front of my mouth and I licked it with my wet tongue.Finally I took it inside my mouth and gave him a good blowjob.
He was ready to cum and sprayed all the cum on my face holding my long hair.His friends also came by then.They also took off all their clothes.
One of them came near me and started pressing my breasts hard.The other one was fingering my pussy.They were saying,"Chaitrali tu ekdum mast cheez hai.
Maal hai saali raand.Is item ko aaj bohot chodenge.Rundi saali."Amit sat aside for a while.Then he also came and inserted his cock inside my
pussy,other one's cock in my mouth and third one's in my hand.I was giving him a handjob.They fucked my mouth and pussy for a long time.I
was moaning continuosly.They sprayed their cum all over my body and face.Then we went into the water and again they fucked me hard.They fucked
me till the evening.They treated me like a rundi,a whore that day.We went back to our homes.Next day I explained all this to Suresh in the
school.He got very horny and took me to the lonely classroom after school hours.He fucked my mouth for a long time.And also my big round
tight gaand.He said,"Chaitrali tu meri pakki rundi patni hai.Humare shaadi ke baad hum bohot maze karenge.Tujhe main chod chod kar raand
bana doonga.Meri rundi hai tu.Meri kutiya hai tu,you fucking whore."He sprayed his cum on my face and cleaned his cock with my wet
tongue.And we left the school.

Chapter 3