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My story since school days Chapter 30


After the resort episode with Prem,he used to always call me and we used to go out for shopping.He used to buy me sexy lingeries,
designer sarees and revealing blouses.He used to gift me jewelry on my birthdays.And he used to enjoy me whenever he got time,
at my place.He used to come over and fuck me hard and he had started calling me bhabhi. He knew that I was not the decent type
girl or woman and that I was a slut with so much of sex inside my body to be explored.He had started calling me rundi bhabhi,
sexy babe and all which used to excite me.

One day Prem called and said that his friend is opening a garment store.And he was searching for a model to do a small ad in the
local cable network.He asked if I would be interested to do that.He said there is good money and I can enjoy a lot.I asked Suresh
that night. Suresh said it's ok and to go ahead with the project.Prem called me next day morning and said that his friend is looking
for a spinster model and not a married one.But he said he has insisted him to atleast have a look at me.So he asked me to wear
jeans and some top.I said ok and I started getting ready.First I tied my long silky hair to a pony tail tightly with a hair band.
I wore a skin tight jeans which Prem had bought for me.It was a blue jeans which was tight all around my legs and my tight round
bums.Then I wore a red full sleeve shirt which was also tight and my boobs stood firm and bouncing when I walked.I had wore a thong
under my jeans and a push up bra under my shirt.I did little make up and applied a bright red lip stick.I licked my lips with my
wet tender tongue.I put kajal and mascara.Wore a long earing and my high heel. Prem called me and I went down stairs.When he saw me
he said,"Bhabhi you look so sexy. Ekdum maal lag rahi ho.Nobody would say that your married."I blushed on his compliment.We left and
reached his friend's shop.It was a pretty big shop with many branded stuffs.He welcomed us but he was conituously staring at me
from tip to toe.He took us to his office room.We sat and he started explaining.Prem got a call so he said he had some work and
has to leave.He said he'll call me in the evening.Prem's friend's name was Rahul.He was older than me.I brought my long hair to
the front so that he can have a good view of my boobs with my long hair.He said he wants to show his line of sarees,blouses and
some modern outfits.Some formal wears also.He called his shopkeeper and asked him to bring some samples which they had selected
for the ad.He kept the phone and said,"Bhabhi you look so sexy,nobody would say your married.Ad mein aap bohot garam lagogi."I just
felt shy and blushed on his remark.He said you have very long silky nice hair bhabhi, I thanked him for his compliment.The
shopkeeper brought a bunch of clothes and left keeping it on the table.Rahul got up and so did I.Rahul showed me one transparent
saree and a deep cut blouse which was open from behind with lots of ornamental works on it.Then he showed me some formal wear
which were some pants and shirts and some mini skirts.He showed some salwar kameez.And he said we have a wide range of lingerie
also, so if you are interested in doing that then I can pay you more for that.You will look very sexy in those.I blushed and said
I will think about it.He asked me to wear the saree and come.I went to the trial room taking the saree and the blouse.He also
gave me a sexy underskirt to wear for the saree.It was a red floral underskirt which was also transparent.The saree was also
red and so was the blouse.I went inside.Opened my shirt buttons and removed it .My boobs popped out and I unbuttoned my jeans.
It was so tight that I had push it down from over my big round ass.My ass also popped out.I could see the string of my thong gone
deep inside my plump round ass.I didn't remove my thong.I wore the red floral underskirt and the deep cut blouse.Tied the knot
behind and wrapped the saree around tightly.My deep navel was visible throught the transparent thin soft saree.I turned around
and my round big ass was tightly wrapped and the curve was propoerly visible.I came out and Rahul was stunned to see me in the
saree.He said,"Chaitrali you look beautiful in the saree.Can we do the shoot today itself?" I said I don't have a problem as I
was actually free the whole day.So he called his photographer,he said he will come in an hour.Rahul kept the phone and asked me
to try the formal wear.It was a short skirt with a zip behind and a white shirt.I turned around to go the trial room and Rahul
caught my hand from behind.He pulled me towards him and my boobs went and crashed on his chest.The dress fell down from my hands
and me hands were on his shoulders.He had held me tight around my waist and was looking into my eyes.He said,"Chaitrali you look
so beautiful and your curvy body just compliments your sexy hot face." I felt shy and looked down.He held my chin and made me
look up to his face.I blushed and I closed my eyes.My lips felt heavy and my lower lip parted from the upper one.He could see
my lips open and I bit my lower red lip.He slowly moved his hands on my gaand and gave it a slight press.I left a moan unggghhhh
Rahul said,"Chaitrali bhabhi aap ek garam raand ho.Mujhe Prem ne bataya ke aapke andar ki aag ekdum rundi jaisi hai.Aur aap
hamesha ek kutiya jaise chudna chahti ho." Rahul was talking all dirty about me which was making me wet down.He kept kneading my
bums and said,"Bhabhi aapki gaand bhi ekdum rundi gaand hai.Kitni moti aur shape mein hai." He dropped my pallu down and started
unwinding my saree around my boobs and then my round tight big ass.He pulled my saree and I was standing only wearing my blouse
and the red floral underskirt.He untied my underskirt and dropped it down.I lifted my leg and came out of it.He went behind and
untied the knot of my blouse and removed my blouse and my boobs sprung out, firm and heavy. Rahul held my boobs and pressed them
slowly.He kept his hands on my nipples and started rubbing them.My nipples started getting hard as I was getting aroused.I told
Rahul,"Please don't,someone might come." Rahul didn't listen to me and kept massaging my boobs.I was getting dragged towards his
lust.His hands were around my waist and was holding me tight.I was only in my red thong and red high heel.My long silky hair was
tied to a pony tail with a red hair band.Rahul went down to my chest and started sucking my nipples.He made rounds around my
nipple with his wet tongue and licked them and sucked them hard.My nipples had gone erect and hard.His hands were around my
bums.He said,"Bhabhi teri gaand kitni mast mulayam aur moti hai."Saying that he turned me around and slapped my huge round
plump ass."Ufff bhabhi kya chudakkad rundi gaand hai meri bhabhi raaand."He dropped his pant and took out his dick.His dick was
erect and slapped my bums with it.My plump gaand bounced with those slaps.He spat on my bums and slapped them again.He then
took out the string of my thong which had gone deep inside my plump ass.He removed the thong and it fell down.I was totally nude
in front of Rahul now."Uffffff bhabhi kya rundi badan hai aapka.Chudakkad kutiya maal hai tu bhabhi raand." I just blushed on his
dirty comment and he put his palm inside my bum cheeks and started shaking my bums.It was bouncing up and down.He then made me
sleep on the table edge and spread my leg.He went down and licked my clit.I left a loud moan ahhhhhh and Rahul continued to
lick my pussy.It was already wet with my lusty juices.I was in heaven when his tongue was touching my pussy.Rahul said,"Chaitrali
bhabhi kya chikni chut hai aapki.Is bhooki rundi chut ne kitne lund khaye hai meri raand bhabhi?" I said,"meri rundi chut ne
bohot sare lund khaye hai unnnnghhhhh Rahullll... " "ab meri baari hai khaneki" saying that Rahul took me up and made me kneel
on the floor.His dick was rock hard and straight long.

He held my red hair band with my hair and stood in front of my mouth.I opened my mouth.He placed his head on my lips and rubbed
my lips with it.There was pre cum on it.It was all over my red rundi lips."Mujhe is rundi mu ko chodna hai bhabhi raand." I opened
my mouth and he slowly pushed it inside and I started sucking it hard.He was moaning heavily.He fucked my mouth deep inside and
when it was wet enough he took it out.He made me stand on the floor like a dog.He held my hair in his hands and said,"Bhabhi ho
toh aapki jaisi ho,ekdum chudakkad pyaasi raand." I was getting horny listening to all his dirty language.He was behind me ready
to push his dick.Looking at my bums "Saali kutiya raand kitni moti gaand hai bhabhi teri.Aur teri yeh gaand tak lambe ghane silky
baal.Tujhe toh main apni rakheyl bana du bhabhi." He pushed his dick inside and started pushing it deep and hard inside.He kept
fucking me for a while holding my long hair.He was continuously abusing me and talking all dirty stuff.I was moaning heavily and
he got ready to cum.He came to my face and I opened my mouth.He fucked my mouth hard for some seconds and he came inside my
mouth.He had left too much of cum and it started over flowing from my mouth.I licked his dick clean.He then asked me if I could
become his rakheyl.He said,"Bhabhi tujhe chod chodkar mai ek raand bana doonga.I will fuck you every day and you can meet my
rich friends also.We can have parties and fun.Tu mere friends ki rakheyl banogi meri raand bhabhi?" I was excited that I can have
some gang bang and also make some good money.Rahul said I am exhausted now.We can have the photo shoot tonight at my place.He
gave me a cheque of 30000 rs for the shooting.He gave me another 10000 rs for sex he said.He said I am appointing you as my
slut.You will be my whore till you go to meet your husband.

I called Suresh and told that I have signed the contract of being a model and also a whore for the shopkeeper.

Chapter 30