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My story since school days Chapter 31


I was very much excited with my new modeling role and I was making good money and was being enjoyed by some rich men.I had
almost become friends with Prem and Rahul's friends.They were 6 of them including Prem and Rahul. One day Prem called me and
said they had arranged a party at Rahul bunglow and wanted to invite me also for the party.I asked Suresh about it and he
asked me go ahead with it.I called Prem and confirmed myself for the party.He said that I will be the only lady in the party.
That excited me even more.I knew Vikas,Vimal who were brothers and Manoj who was one friend of theirs.These 3 were coming for
the party also.So it was 5 men and me alone.That evening I took a shower.Came out of the bathroom wearing my towel.I blow dried
my long hair and brushed it.I tied it to a bun on top of my head with a hair stick.I did little make up.Red lipstick with a gloss.
Red bindi and sindoor.A hanging earing, a septum nose ring which also had a hanging.It hung over my upper lips.I opened the
wardrobe and took out a saree and blouse and an underskirt which Rahul had gifted me from his shop.The blouse were all strings.
The only portion which had little cloth were on my breasts.From the side my boobs were visible.And it was very deep.My entire
chest with my deep cleavage was all naked.Back also there was one single string tightly tied.It was black with red floral
prints on it.The saree was red color chiffon material.Very transparent and thin material it was.The underskirt was having
floral perforations.I took my red thong and pulled it up till my waist.I turned around and the string of my thong had gone
inside my huge heavy bums.I slowly kneaded my bum cheeks and bit my lip.I knew they were going to be treated very badly tonight.
I pulled up the underskirt and tied a knot very much below my navel.I took the blouse and wore and tied the strings behind.
I looked into the mirror and I was looking like a married whore.I grabbed the saree and started winding it tightly around my
curves.I didn't pin my pallu to the blouse as the blouse only had a string on my shoulder.So I just took the pallu around my back
and brought it the front and held it's end with my right hand.I walked to the mirror and looked into it.My hair bun on top of my
head,a sexy face with make, red lipstick red sindoor,red bindi,my nose ring and long hanging earing.My deep cleavage and my naked
arms and chest,transparent saree through which anyone can easily see my deep cleavage and my navel.I turned around and saw my
tightly wrapped saree showing the curve of my bum and my naked back, with my long silky hair tied up on my head to a bun.Oh
I was already feeling something inside my body.

Prem called me and I went downstairs.I walked towards the car and Rahul was also there with Prem.Rahul took me inside and said,
"Uffff meri bhabhi kya lag rahi ho aaj is saree mein.Ekdum chamiya lag rahi ho.Aaaj hum bohot mazaa lootenge aapki." I just
blushed and he planted a kiss on my cheeks.He was sitting on the back seat with me and Prem was driving.Rahul,"Prem apni
bhabhi kya item lag rahi hai na aaj?" Prem replied,"Apni bhabhi pehle se hi ekdum kadak item hai yaar." I just patted Rahul for
the comment.His hands were around my naked waist.After sometime we picked up Vikas and Vimal and then we went to pick up
Manoj.I was sitting in the middle of Rahul and Vikas and Vikas was rubbing my thighs.Rahul hands were on my left thigh and their
rubbing was making me hot.I closed my eyes and put my head back enjoying the massage.They took my hands and kept it on their
crotch and I started rubbing them vigorously.Vimal was sitting behind us.As I threw my head back enjoying,Vimal from behind
started kissing my lips standing behind.He was rubbing my red lips and put his finger inside my mouth.Manoj and Prem were on the
front seat.Manoj said,"Prem jaldi chala,apni item bhabhi garam ho rahi hai." I have been fondled and kissed and sucked by Manoj,
Vimal and Vikas before this during an outing with the same gang before.But this was the first time I would be really tasted
inside out by them.I was excited thinking of that.

After a while we reached Rahul's apartment.Nobody was there as his family had gone for a month's vacation.We all entered and got
settled down.Vikas was sitting with me with his hands around my waist.It was around 8 in the evening.Rahul went and got freshened
up.He asked me if I want to get fresh.So I went to the washroom which had a huge mirror on the wall.I looked at myself and I thought
Chaitrali all the five men are going to fuck you hard tonight.You will have five cocks all around you.The very thought made me
so horny and I just rubbed my cunt from over my saree.I left a moan out of my mouth.They started calling me from outside,so I came
out and they all were sitting on the couches wearing only their undies.I noticed all the undies had a bulge inside.I came and sat
in middle of all of them.It was a small stool which could barely accommodate my big round heavy ass.Half of my plump bums were out
of the stool's seating surface.

Prem said we are going to play a game with you bhabhi.We all know that you have been Rahul's rakhel after he did his photoshoot for
his showroom.Now he said that he can't afford you anymore and so he has decided to sell you to anyone of us.I thought in my mind
that I have become just a sex object for them and I am on sale tonight.From next day onwards someone else is going to own me.It sent
wave of lust to my wet choot.Tonight I was going to be auctioned.Prem had bought a couple of jewelry for me.It was in a briefcase.
He asked me to take it and go inside and wear the jewelry and come.He asked me only to wear the jewelry.I went inside the bedroom
and opened the case.There were many kinky jewelry which he had made.There was a long mangalsutra, a golden decorative kamarband,
long earing,nose rings,and red bangles.He had brought a golden colored high heel sandal also.I had only seen such high heels in
porn movies.There was a gold jewelry which was more like a thong.I wore all that and I opened the door of the bedroom to go to the
living room where everyone were sitting.When I walked I could feel my big round bums moving up and down with every step I took.And
my firm round boobs were also bouncing as they were totally naked and nothing to hold them.I went and stood in front of them,they all
removed their undies and held their cocks in their hands.Oh I was horny seeing all the big cocks surrounding me.They made me sit
on the same stool and Prem slapped my bum which was falling out of the stool surface."Bhabhi kitni moti aur badi gaand hai aapki,stool
se bahar aa rahi hai aapki gaand."Then Rahul said,"Main is bhabhi raand ko ek mahine se apni rakheyl banakar rakha tha.Par ab meri
family wapas aa rahi hai toh main apni rundi bhabhi ko bech raha hu.Maine papers bhi tayar kiye hai bhabhi ke sale ke."I was horny with the
idea of the game.They were talking all dirty about selling me and buying me. ufffffff I wanted to be treated as just a sex object, a slut during
my school days and this was that day where I was going to be sold as a sex commodity or a toy for sex.Rahul said,"Bhabhi ke auction ke
liye sab tayar hai na?" Everyone shouted yes. Rahul made me stand on the stool wearing the high heel.I stood on it and I was so turned
on looking at everyone under the level of my chut.It was wet already and they all watched me sitting on the couch.Vikas and Vimal said
we both are going to buy bhabhi on a partnership basis. Rahul agreed to it.They said we can give you 10000 rs.Prem said 20000. Manoj
said,"main toh bhabhi ke gaand ke liye sirf 20000, mine is 40000. Vikas and Vimal said,"Rahul mujhe bhabhi ke baal dekhne hai."
Rahul came near me and removed my hair stick and my long hair fell a little below my big round bums.My hair was straight,silky, and had
a little curl towards the end which I always used to curl it with my finger.My hair was of equal length.Vikas and Vimal got up and they
analysed by smelling my hair checked the length and all.Vimal in the process of analysing my hair licked my naked bums.They held
my hair and pulled it lightly and after all the analysis they said we will give you 60000 for this raand bhabhi.I was getting hornier and my
rundi inside was getting hotter and hotter with all their play and dirty talks.They went and sat back on the couch.Next Manoj said before
I big I want check bhabhi's gaand.Rahul got up and turned me around.Now my big round gaand was facing all the five men.Manoj got
up and I could hear him coming near me.My eyes were closed just waiting for his hands to touch my gaand.The moment he touched me
a shiver went through my body and I bit my lower lip to hold the moan which might come out of my mouth.He held both my gaand
cheeks with both his hands and started kneading them.He made it bounce by pushing from the bottom of my gaand cheek.It bounced
nicely and shook in a very erotic way.Manoj then opened my bum cheeks and took a look inside.He could see the small golden thong
line which was dug inside my gaand cheek.He spat inside and gave a good massage to my gaand.I had closed my eyes and was enjoying
him analyse my gaand and giving a show to the rest of the men.He was happy with my gaand and went back to the couch.Prem shouted
80000, but Prem didn't want to analyse the thing he was purchasing as he had seen it earlier.So Vivek and Vimal's turn came and they
said they wanted to check my chut.I was still standing on the stool, nude, just wearing the high heels and my hair open.They came near
me and stood right in front of me.My chut was right in front of their face.Vimal parted my legs and kept one finger on my chut.It was
very wet and he rubbed his finger on my clit.I left a moan and bit my lower lip.Vikas also came near my chut with his tongue and licked
my chut.It was a very longggg lick.Ufffffff I started to moan pressing my boobs.My nipples were erect.After licking and fingering they
were happy and went back to the couch.And they said 100000."Is raand bhabhi ko hum dono 1 lakh denge."

Vimal and Vikas went back to their couch and their dick was hard after licking my chut and fingering me.Rahul then called up Manoj
to bid.He said he can't bid more than that.Manoj looked at me again from head to toe.He said,"Rahul mujhe ab bhabhi raseele honth check
karne hai."Rahul got up and came to me.He held my hands and got me down from the stool.He looked at my face and held my lower lip in
between his fingers and pulled it slightly out.Holding my lips that way he took me to Manoj.I walked towards Manoj and Rahul left me
with him.Manoj made me sit on my knees and I brought my long silky open hair to my front on my right shoulder.Manoj looked at my
face and held my chin and pulled my face towards his and he kissed my lips.He rubbed my lips with his thumb and and lower heavy lips
went towards my left side and I closed my eyes erotically and gave him a sexy look.I left a slight moan ahhhhhhhhh...He then said,"Bhabhi
mujhe aapke honth mere lund par feel karni hai." I looked at Rahul as he was still my owner and he nodded his head to do it.I looked
back to Manoj and gave a naughty smile and bit my lower lip.I was sitting in between his legs and I opened my mouth and put my tongue
out to give him a good view of my mouth.Then I held his dick with my hands which had long nails with red nail polish.I started stroking
him slowly and then brought my mouth towards his dick.I opened my red lips and took the tip of his head in between my lips.I held his
head in between my red lips and held it tightly.I moved front and back holding the head in between my lips.Then I held his dick in
my hands and gave it a long lick from the start of his dick till the tip of the head.Held his dick and slapped it on my lips. Manoj was
happy and Rahul asked me to go back and stand on the stool.I walked in between the men towards the stool.My round bums swayed little
more and all the five dicks were desperate for me.I stood back on top of the stool and brought my long silky hair to the front. Manoj bid
120000 for me. Vikas and Vimal shouted 1.5 lakhs. Prem said pass and the bid came to Manoj. Manoj said I can't go any further than this.I
give up.I can't buy bhabhi for more than that.Am sorry. Rahul then finally called up on Vikas and Vimal. They both went inside and brought
a cheque book.They wrote a cheque of 1.5 lakhs and handed it over to Rahul. Rahul took out the sale papers from his bag.Rahul asked Vikas
to read out the sale terms loudly.I was still standing on the stool nude and they all standing around me.

Vikas started reading,"Sale of Bhabhi-Today on so and so date Bhabhi Chaitrali has been sold by Rahul to Vikas and Vimal for a period
they would like to keep and for an amount of 1.5 lakh rupees.The new owner can keep Bhabhi as their rakheyl [keep], bhade ki rundi,
[whore for rent] or Bhabhi on re-sale according to their like.If they want to rent out Bhabhi, the rent for one day and one night
would be 5000 rupees which has to be paid to Bhabhi's new owner.If they want to make Bhabhi their keep,then she won't be available
for rent.But if the client insists for a night,then Bhabhi's rate for a night would be 10000 rupee, also payable to Bhabhi's new
owner. Vikas and Vimal hereby understand the terms fully and would sign this contract as valid from so and so date."

There was a space for all the five men to sign. Rahul said we will sign the contract after little fun.Listening to the contract itself
had made me horny and wet.Now I was going to be used as a sex toy by all the five men. Rahul said before I sign the contract I am still
bhabhi's legal owner.And as being the owner I would like to share my bhabhi with my friends tonight. Rahul came near me and took me
in his arms and asked everyone to follow him to his bedroom.They all were nude with their dick erect and hard. Rahul threw me on the
bed and I stood on my knees.They all got up on the bed and stood all around me.I could see all erect hard 5 dicks around me ready to
fuck me.

Rahul asked me to take Vikas and Vimal's cock in my hands.I held their cocks looking at the brothers.I gripped them in my palm and
Vikas said,"Bhabhi aapke yeh laal nail polish waale haathon se hum dono ka lund hilaogi?" I said,"Kal se toh tumhari yeh raand
bhabhi,rakheyl hi toh banne waali hai naaa...toh lund toh hilaungi main...dono kaaa.ungggghhh" I started stroking their
dicks with both my hands and my boobs were bouncing up and down and sideways.Vikas held my long hair in his hands and was moving
front and back as I stroked him.Vimal slapped my face and kissed my lips.He put his tongue inside my mouth and rolled it with mine.
Vikas left my hair and Manoj took over my hair.He tied it around his erect dick tightly and started stroking his dick with my hair.
My hair was getting pulled by every stroke Manoj was doing.Vikas' and Vimal's dicks were in my hands.Rahul and Prem were watching
me getting used by the 3 men.Prem came near me and asked me to open my mouth."Bhabhi aapke mu ko bhi main thoda kaam deta hu.Mu
kholo naa bhabhi."I opened my mouth and put my wet tongue out and he placed his dick on my tongue.I took it inside and started moving
my head front and back to stroke it with my mouth.It slipped from my wet mouth but Prem again shoved it inside my mouth and started
fucking my mouth.My boobs were moving up and down heavily as my hands were stroking 2 dicks,my mouth was being fucked and my hair
was also tied to a dick and was being fucked.Rahul saw my boobs not getting any attention so he sat and held my right boob and
started sucking it.He licked and spat on my nipple.He then took it into his mouth and sucked it hard.He said,"Bhabhi raand,aapki
jaisi itni badi rundi humne dekhi nahi hai,jo paanch mardo ke saath ek saath chudvana chahti hai.Bhabhi aap ek pyaasi rundi ho.
Hamari veshiya rundi bhabhi ho aap.You are our keep Chaitrali bhabhi.Our dirty whore.Chudakkad bhabhi raand.Apne mu ko kya chudwa
rahi hai.ufffff" I was just moaning as my mouth was getting fucked.After a while of stroking Vikas and Vimal, Prem left my mouth
and went to hold my hair to keep my head steady.Vimal came in front of my face and I took his dick in my mouth.Vikas held my boobs
and started sucking my left nipple.Rahul was on my right nipple.They both greased my nipples with their saliva.Then Prem made me
sleep on the edge of the bed.He dropped my long hair to the side of the bed as my head was just at the edge.Vikas went and knelt
down in between my legs and spread my legs.Vimal came and sat on my chest with my boobs in his hands.He was massaging them hard.
Prem went and stood right in front of my face as he was ready to fuck my mouth.Rahul and Manoj stood on either side and kept my
hands on their dicks to stroke them.They all got ready and Vikas inserted his dick inside my chut.Vimal kept his dick in between
my boobs and started to fuck my boobs.Prem put his dick in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.Rahul and Manoj were stroking
their dicks with my hands wrapped around it.Vimal started fucking my boobs hard and Vikas was fucking my chut.I was moaning
with little sound as my mouth was filled with another dick.Prem's balls were hitting my nose and face when he was fucking
my mouth.Rahul and Manoj were fucking my hands.I was been fucked by 5 men at the same time.Only my asshole was spared.I had told
them that I don't want anal sex.But I had said it's ok if they insert a fat pen or pencil in my bum hole.So Vikas who was fucking
my chut took a fat pen from the table and made me lick it.Prem removed his dick out of my mouth for licking the pen.Once I licked
the pen Prem inserted his dick back to my mouth and Vikas inserted the wet pen into my asshole.I was fucked everywhere now.All my
body parts were getting good sexual treatment.Vikas was shouting,"bhabhi raandddd, ufff veshiya bhabhi..." he pushed his dick
deep inside with every shout.Vimal was treating my boobs like a chut.I was just moaning,mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Prem was fucking my
mouth ohhhh ahhhhhhhhhhunnngghhhhhhhhh.Vikas fucked me for a while then Vimal came over to my chut and inserted his dick.He
started fucking me hard and deep.Rahul came to Prem and asked him,"Prem is rundi bhabhi ke mu me do do lund kaise lagenge?"I looked
at him and Prem took out his dick little out and Rahul tried to push his dick from one corner of my lip.Slowly he managed to
push his dick inside and I could barely hold both their heads.Manoj replaced Vimal after Vimal fucked my chut for a while.Manoj
fucked me for sometime and then they all made me stand like a dog.

Rahul said,"Friends ab hum bhabhi ko ek rundi kutiya jaise chodenge.Bhabhi ke lambe baalon ko main pakadta hu.Aur tum sab ek
ek karke bhabhi ke peeche jaakar bhabhi ko rundi jaise chodo.Is madak raand ko har ek tareeke se chodna hai."Rahul held my
hair.He was standing in front of my face holding my hair.They all went behind and started inserting cocks one after another.They
fucked me hard and deep.I didn't who was fucking me.They all fucked me in turns.Fucked me,removed the cock and next came in.After
that next one.They all fucked me twice and thrice in rounds.Rahul had put his dick inside my mouth and was fucking my mouth
holding my long hair.My sindoor had got smudged from my forehead and my bindi made of sindoor was also smudged.My septum nose
ring hanging over my upper lip was covered with precum and saliva.My hanging earings were moving to and fro.Behind me they were
slapping my gaand and fucking my chut.Rahul said,"Nobody drop the cum inside bhabhi,I will go and bring the contract letter."
He left my hair and the person behind fucking me held it.He was pulling my hair towards him like I was a horse and fucking me
hard.Rahul came back with the letter.He said,"Jab tum sab cum karne ready ho jaoge tab tum sab yaha aa jao.And bhabhi will
sit down and give us a blowjob.While getting the blowjob if your ready to cum, you have to drop some cum on the paper.You
have to drop it against your name.That will be our sign.Paper was kept right in front of me.Now everyone got ready for the
final round of fucking. Prem went behind fucked me and he left.Rahul came then Manoj then Vikas and then Vimal.They all
stood in a line according to the names written. Rahul asked me to kiss on the paper against each one's name.I took a lipstick
and applied it on my lips as the earlier lipstick had gone because of all the blowjobs and mouth fuck.Vikas came in front of me.
I was kneeling down with my mouth open and the paper in front of me.I had kissed and made a mark of my lips on the paper.Vikas
pushed his dick in my mouth and fucked me hard.When he was ready to cum he sprayed it all over my face and dropped a drop against
his name on the paper. Rahul asked me to lick that drop and smudge it.I licked Vikas' cum drop on the paper and smudged it.Then
Vimal came and fucked my mouth.He came all over my face and on my hair.I had kept my hair to the front so it also got all wet.He
dropped his drop of cum on the paper and I licked it
ed my mouth and came on my face again.His drop I licked and smudged on the
paper.Then Rahul,my previous owner came and held my hair and fucked me hard in my mouth.He said,"Bhabhi raaaand,Chaitrali
meri chamiya,chudakkad ghodi,meri garam rakheyl,aaj main tujhe bech raha hu.Ab main sirf tujhe bhade par utha sakta hu meri
Chaitrali Bhabhi raand."I gave him an erotic look and he came in my mouth with a load of cum.He dropped his part on the
paper and I smudged it with my cum coated tongue.

They all were horny seeing all my slutty acts. Rahul said,"Contract has been signed and now Bhabhi is Vikas and Vimal's
property.I have sucessfully sold Bhabhi. Vikas and Vimal can decide whether to keep bhabhi as their keep or if they
want to do business by renting her out.Toh kya socha Vikas aur Vimal tum logo ne?Bhabhi ko dhandewaali raand banana hai
ya apni rakheyl banakar rakhna hai?" I was again getting horny listening to Rahul.Vikas and Vimal discussed and they
said,"Bhabhi ko hum don apni rakheyl banakar rakhenge ek mahine ke liye,fir uske baad hum bhabhi ko dhande par bitha
denge tum logo ke liye." Ohhhh I was thinking during my school days only I knew inside me there was a raand.Now they all
know that I am a dirty married whore..They all stood around me and started jerking their cocks.My sindoor was all mixed with
the cum.I had kept my mouth open for more cum to come.Slowly they all filled my mouth with all their cum and they all collapsed
onto the couches.They all were exhausted.

Next day Vikas and Vimal took me home.They fucked me hard for a month.They shared me with their cousins also.Then after a month
they sent me out for rent to the same gang.They gave me lot of money shopping and jewelry.I spent 1 night with one person the other
night with another person.

I was regularly updating Suresh about my sex business.He then asked me to leave India and join him.That's when I applied for the
passport.Lots happened in between all that.Finally I met my husband had long steamy nights with him telling all my sexcapades in

Chapter 31