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My story since school days Chapter 32


I just wondered what a slut I had become,thinking that Prem met me at a common friend's wedding and from there he took me
for modelling then I became his whore. Rahul met me later through Prem and I did modelling for his shop as well, finally became
his rundi also.Then he sold me to his friends and they shared me with their cousins.I was enjoyed by a lot of men.

Back in the office I was being regularly fucked by Mr.Sharma my boss and my office mate Kumar.The 2 peons never left a chance
to knead my ass whenever I was alone with them or in the elevators.I had become a sex property of the company.Aparna was
also just a sex object, but in another department.We both used to go to gym to maintain our curves.We both used to have some
fun in the gym also.She was equally naughty like me and also a proper rundi.

She called me one day in office from her department.She said her boss has organised a party at a farm house in the outskirts of the
city.And there are some 10 15 men attending the party.She said,"Chaitrali main abhi hi gili ho chuki hu, 10 15 mardo ke baare mein
sochkar.Shayad mujhe boss un sabse chudvane le jaa raha hai."

Me : Aparna tumne accept kar liya kya boss ka offer?

Aparna : Ha Chaitrali woh mujhe 2 mahine ka salary extra dene wala hai.Toh maine accept kar liya.Aur waise bhi dus pandhra
mardo ke saath rehne mein mazaa ayega.

Me : Aparna tu kitni badi rundi hai re.Akash ko bataya tune ?

Aparna : Tu bhi toh ekdum badi gaand waali raand hai naa Chaitrali...

Me : Gaand toh teri bhi badi hi hai Aparna, mujhse thodi choti hai,par tu hai ek, number one raand.

Aparna : Giggled, Chaitrali shayad tumhara boss bhi tumse offer karega is trip ke liye.

Me : ha yaar Aparna, par mujhe Suresh se poochna hoga.

Aparna : Toh tum tayar ho na aane ke liye?

Me : Mujhe toh koi problem nahi hai.Hum sirf do aurate hi hongi na? Bohot mazaa karenge. Do nangi rundiyan dus mardo ke
ssaath poori raat. Mazaa ayega...mmmmmm
I took the pen in front of me and put it into my mouth and sucked it.

Aparna : Ha tum aur main bohot rundipana karenge us raat.

Me : Aparna if your free now can we meet?Tumne mujhe garam kar diya hai.

Aparna : Ha main free hu.Tum aa jao meri department mein.Boss nahi hai aaj.Come to my room.

I got up went to the mirror did my lipstick properly which got smudged because of the sucking and licking I did to the pen.I adjusted
my saree and blouse.I opened the door and turned around to lock it.As I turned around one peon was passing by.He held me from
behind around my waist and kissed my naked back.My long hair was tied to a bun so my naked back was visible.He slowly pushed
his dick against my gaand.He turned me around and kissed my boobs from over the saree.I was already horny having a conversation
with Aparna and this fellow landed at the right time.Just as we had started to enjoy in the corridor,we heard a sound of someone
coming, so we parted and he went to the pantry.He winked and asked me to wait after office hours.I just blushed,gave him a naughty
smile and a flying kiss.

I took the elevator and went to the other block of the office building where Aparna was waiting for me.When I reached there the men
in her department were staring at me and wishing me good morning.I wished them back and knocked on Aparna's door.While
standing in front of the door I gave all the men a nice view of my curves and my big round ass.I dropped my purse in front of the
door and bent down to pick it up showing my curves to the men behind me.I looked behind and gave a smile to the men staring at
my big round ass.I had a pen in my hand which I put it to the corner of my mouth and bit it with my teeth.I opened the door and went
inside.Aparna was waiting for me.She came to me and hugged me.She said,"Chaitrali you look hot in this transparent white saree and your
deep cut red blouse.Tumhari aam ekdum kadak lag rahe hai is saree mein."She hugged me and our boobs crushed each other and our curled
around each other's waists.She moved her hand to my round bums and held it with both her hands.She gave them a little press and I
moaned a little.She was wearing a very short skirt as she had a meeting that day.Her hair was tied to a bun like me on top of her
head and she was wearing a coat on top of the mini skirt.Mini skirt was very tight and her ass curve was visible properly.She planted
a kiss on my red lips and I too responded to her kiss.We opened our mouth and rolled our tongue together.I held her big round ass and
lifted her tight mini skirt a little up and kept my hands on her ass cheek.I started kneading her ass tightly and she was moaning
in her mouth as we were lip locked.Both our red lusty lips were kissing and licking each other.We licked each other's face.And I
opened the buttons of the overcoat and removed it.She was wearing a tight shirt inside.I unbuttoned them as well.I removed her shirt
and turned her around to remove her skirt.The zip was behind and I opened the zip and dragged it down.Her heavy curvy ass made it
little hard to come down from above her bums.I said,"Aparna teri gaand kitni badi aur gol hai.Yeh skirt neeche laana bohot mushkil
ho raha hai.Finally I managed to drop her mini skirt down.She was wearing nothing on the top underneath her shirt.But she was wearing
a transparent thong under her skirt.

Me : Rundi Aparna,tu andar se nangi hai?

Aparna : Ha Chaitrali aaj meeting hai na, toh boss ne kaha hai andar nangi hokar aana.

Me : uffff Aparna raand, tujhe aaj clients chodne waale hai ?

Aparna : Ha Chaitrali, tu join karna chahogi? Actually contract sign ho chuka hai, par unko mujhe yahi office mein chodna hai.Toh
sirf aaj chudai ke liye aa rahe hai woh do clients.Actually Shailesh sir ne kaha ke Aparna ko le jao jaha le jana hai.Par unko
koi hotel mein nahi karni hai chudai.Yahi office mein karni hai.Isliye Shailesh Sir aaj chutti par hai.Aur woh do clients mujhe
Shailesh sir ke cabin mein chodne waale hai.Tum agar aana chahati ho toh aa jao.

Me : Main nahi aa sakti kyunki Mr.Sharma aaj office mein hai.Par Aparna tu aaj do mardo ki rundi banane waali hai na.Kutiya bankar
chudnewaali hai tu naaa...uunngghhhhh

I kissed her lips and pressed her nipples which had become hard by now.She removed my saree and my underskirt.Then she went behind
and untied the knot of my blouse and removed it as well.I was only in my panty.I had not worn any bra.

Aparna : Saali rundi tune bhi toh kuch nahi pehna hai upar.

Me : Ha morning ko Mr.Sharma mere aamo ko chod rahe the,tab unka paani pura meri bra par spray kar di.Isliye nikaal diya.

She violently kissed me and started kneading my boobs.She kept her lips on my boobs and started sucking them.I was moaning loudly.She
then made me sleep on her table and took a dildo out of her drawer.I asked her where she got the dildo from.She said once she had
gone for an official tour with Shailesh sir,that's when he had gifted it to her.She licked and spat on the tip of the dildo and
started rubbing it on my clit.I was moaning loudly,uunnnggggggghhhhhh uuuuuiiimaaaaaaa.She slowly pushed it inside my cunt and
started moving it inside out.She started moving it faster and faster.I held my boobs and started pressing them.I was lying on the
table and she was moving up and down with the dildo and I was also jerking it by moving my body up and down.My bun opened and my
long hair fell open.I came on that dildo.Aparna washed the dildo and came back.I was lying nude on her table.She brought it back
and held my long hair and put the dildo in my mouth.I spat on it and sucked it and made it all wet.I got up and Aparna slept on the
table and spread her legs.I slapped her chut with the dildo and spat on her chut. I slowly inserted the dildo into her cunt and pushed
it deep inside.I started stroking it inside out fast and faster and deeper.She was moaning and shouting,"Chaitrali tumhari rundi Aparna
ko aur zor se chod." With one hand I was stroking her with the dildo and with other hand I started rubbing her clit. She started
moaning more louder and finally came.I took out the dildo and washed it.We both opened our mouth and took it inside from both ends.We
sucked the dildo and pressed each other's boobs and played with nipples.We sat on the sofa kissing each other and playing with each
other. Aparna got a call from the reception.She picked up the call and the receptionist said that the clients will arrive in half an
hour. Aparna got ready and did her make-up and I also wore my saree and blouse and got ready to leave.Just when I was about to leave
I got a call from Mr.Sharma and he said he wants to meet me.I left Aparna's office block and rushed to my cabin.

I reached my office and went to Mr.Sharma's cabin.

Mr.Sharma was on a call so I went back to my cabin and got myself properly dressed.I removed my saree and wore it again wrapping it
tightly around my big heavy ass.I opened the drawer and took out my decorative pin for the pleats under my navel.I had wrapped my
saree very low under my navel.Took my kamarband and tied it around my waist.Took out my perfume sprayed it.Wore my nose ring which
Mr.Sharma likes a lot.He loves to see it shake over my upper lips when I give him a blowjob.I opened my bun and took a brush and
brushed my long silky hair properly till the end.I made a bun of my hair and stuck a hair stick lose enough for Mr.Sharma to open
it.I put my sindoor and made a bindi with the sindoor itself.Applied my blood red lipstick.I looked into the mirror and I was ready
to be taken over by Mr.Sharma.I went close to the mirror and touched my reflection with my boobs.I looked again to the mirror and
put my wet tongue out and licked the reflection of my face on the mirror.I wanted someone to fuck me badly.And I got a call from
Mr.Sharma.He asked me to come to his cabin.I left my room and reached Mr.Sharma's room.He said,"Chaitrali darling this white
transparent saree and the red blouse matches you.Ekdum maal lag rahi ho aaj."He went and sat on the sofa and asked me to come
and give a blowjob.I went and sat in between his legs.But suddenly he got up and made me stand.He went to his table and opened
the drawer.He removed a box from inside.It looked like a jewelry box.He came to me and asked me to open it.I opened it and it was a
choker necklace with stones on it.Red stones.He took it from my hand and took me towards the mirror.Made me stand in front of the
mirror and he went behind.He brought the necklace to the front and took it behind to tie the knot behind.I was so happy.He held me by
waist from behind.I thanked him for the necklace and I was just keeping on feeling it.It was wide and half of my neck was covered.
He then said this is for you Chaitrali,I had asked my friend to bring it from the US.I thanked him again.He said,"Aur ek cheez hai
tumhare is chudakkad badan ke liye."He went back to the drawer and brought another box.He said this is for you but only for office
purpose.Necklace you can take home.He gave the box to me and I opened it.It was a leash. It had a leather collar and a metal chain.
The metal chain had a leather handle to it's other end.I took it out and he asked me to wear it.He removed the choker stone necklace.
He then removed my saree and untied my blouse from behind.I was now only wearing my thong.Mr.Sharma knew that he had sprayed his
cum on my bra in the morning while giving him a blowjob,so the bra wasn't there.I was wearing only my nose ring,long hanging earings,
kamarband,anklets,high heel and my mangalsutra.He had dropped my thong down.My bun was still intact.It was lose.He then took the leash
and tied the leather collar around my neck.He held the leather handle and said,"Chaitrali meri raand,chal kutiya ban jaaa."I got on my
knees and said,"Lo sir main ban gayi tumhari kutiya."He made me walk like a dog till the sofa and made me sit in between his legs.He
had spread his leg.I licked his crotch from over his pants and held his semi erect dick in between my lips.I started rubbing it hard
left and right with my lips.He was still holding the leesh.I then opened his zip and took out his dick.He dick sprung out and my mouth
opened automatically.He slapped my red lips with his dick head and also my nose.My nose ring started moving left and right after his
slap.It was a hanging one so even when I talk it keeps on dangling left and right.I took his dick in my mouth and he started fucking me
holding the leash. My head was moving front and back as he increased his speed.My hair stick was slowly getting lose and finally my long
silky hair opened and it rolled down till my big round gaand.

Mr.Sharma stopped fucking my mouth and made me stand on the sofa.My knee was on the seat and my hands were on the back rest and my
ass was facing Mr.Sharma.Mr.Sharma opened my ass cheeks and spat inside my gaand.He left the leash and held my hair from behind.He
said,"Chaitrali kya madak gaand hai tumhara.Kitni kadak raand ho tum.Oh fuck Chaitrali." He pushed his dick inside my chut and
started moving front and back.He fucked me for a long time and was continuously pulling my hair towards him and fucking me.I was
moaning aaahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh unnnnghhhhhhhh unnnnghhhhhh and he held my hair and tied it around his hand.Looking at
my silky hair and big round plump ass I could feel his thing getting harder inside me.I was moaning also loudly.He then got ready
to cum and made me kneel down on the floor and kept jerking his dick right on my face.His dick was on my forehead and his balls
were hitting my mouth as he jerked.He had held my hair with his left hand.My hair is always his weakness.I gave some slutty
expressions biting my lips and putting my tongue out and licking his balls.He was moaning loudly and I knew he was coming.He sprayed
all his hot sticky cum on my face and forehead.He sprayed little on my silky hair also.My face was covered with cum.He rubbed his
cum drop on my sindoor and said,"Rundi tujhe yeh wala sindoor jyada match karta hai." He licked my nipples and went to clean up.I
also went to the washroom and got cleaned up.

Mr.Sharma told me that the managers of the company has arranged a party at a farm house on the outskirts of the city with some of
company's prestigious clients.So he said,"Chaitrali keep yourself free for the weekend.Its a night party and you have to be there
for the whole day and night.There might be 10 to 15 men for the party.You have to carry all your ornaments and the sex toys for the
party.You know what I mean right?We can't afford to lose this contract.I will give you 2 month's salary extra only for this party."
I agreed to it and went back to my cabin and called Aparna to tell that I also got the same offer for the weekend farm house party.
She had just finished her business with her clients.She was happy and excited to know that I will also be there for the party.She
said Akash wanted to meet up this weekend with you.He wants to spend a night with you.I just giggled and said,"Hum dono kitne
lucky hai aise pati jo hume mile hai.Suresh also wanted to meet you this week.We will enjoy the wife swap at my place."

Chapter 32