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My story since school days Chapter 33


The party reminded me of the first party I had attended during my school days.

As you all know I was a failure student in my school and I was grown up to a sexy tight ripe slut.Peons used to fuck me,
rickshaw wala used to fuck me and 2 Sirs in our school also used me whenever possible.One was the PT Sir and the other
was the Physics Sir.I will refer them as PT sir and P sir.

One day when I went to school the principal annonuced that there will be a farewell party for the 10th std students.So everyone
can wear casual dress that day.I was excited to wear my tight jeans and top for the party.All my friends were wearing punjabi
dress or saree. But I thought of wearing the skin tight elastic denim jeans and a tight top that I got for my birthday.Only issue
was my long silky hair.So I asked Suresh what do I do with my hair.He asked me to just braid it till the end and leave it with a
clip to the end.I always used to do that.But Suresh said you should tuck in your top so that you big round ass would be properly
visible because of your tight jeans.And then when you walk the end of your hair will keep hitting your big round gaand.I also
felt it would make me look more sexy.

I got ready for the shower that afternoon as the party was going to start at 6.30 in the evening.After shower I walked out nude
and sat in front of the mirror.I dried my hair and combed it.Tied it till the end and clipped the end with an ornamental hanging
clip.I stood and turned around to have a look at my long hair.It was perfect.Silky long tied and the end of my hair was a little
under the line of my lower ass cheek.I looked at the mirror and I pinched my nipples which had become erect and hard.While
pinching I rubbed my chut.I knew someone is going to fall for me tonight.I sat down and did my make-up.Did my mascara,
eye shadow,kajal,lipstick, and pulled my elastic tight denim jeans up.It went smoothly till the line where my ass starts.But
after that I had to pull it up with all the strength I had.It finally slid up my ass and went and rested on my waist.I didn't wear
anything inside purposly.I then wore my bra and my tight t-shirt which also helped to show off my big round ripe boobs.I took
my purse in which I had my lipstick,just in case if it goes off.I took a rickshaw and reached school.It was crowded with many
fast food counters and game sections etc.I went to my friends and as I thought they all were wearing sarees and punjabi suits.
I was the only girl who was wearing a provocative outfit.Boys were all staring at me.Boys from 10th grade were also staring at
me.I was enjoying all the attention I was getting.Specially for my ass and my boobs.I purposly walked with little jhatka matka
with my ass.Boys were all around me making an effort to throw some topic and talk on it.I was just blushing and smiling.

I saw our PT sir and P sir at a corner watching me.They signalled me to go to them.I took little time so it doesn't become
very obvious that am leaving my friends all of a sudden.I slowly slipped out of the conversation and walked towards the
sirs.But then as I was walking towards them a classmate of mine stopped me and he started talking to me.I was overlooking
the sirs but they had left by then.I somehow finished the conversation with the classmate and was searching for both the sirs.
That's when I saw a piece of paper lying on the floor where the sirs were standing.I went and picked it up.I opened and it
was a message from the sirs asking me to come to the top floor.It had a big hall liked I had mentioned earlier.I slowly
sneaked out of the ground and went towards the school building.The building had lights only on some floors as it was
dark and school hours were over anyway for the day.I took the stairs and reached the 4th floor.When I reached there it was
dark and I couldn't see no one.I was about to turn and leave, when I heard a sound.I went near the hall main door and I
could hear both the sirs talking.I stood there silently without making any sound to listen what they were talking about me.

PT sir : Chaitrali jaisi itni madak item ko maine kabhi nahi dekha sirjee.

P Sir : Ha yaar saali kitni kadak item hai.Aur itni garmi hai uske badan mein,saali ekdum raand hai woh Chaitrali.Kisi bhi mard
ko pagal kar sakti hai woh.

PT sir : suna hai bohot saare ladko ne patakar rakha hai Chaitrali ko.Sabki chhavi hai saali woh.Uski shaadi toh paanch che
mardo se karvana padega, itni garmi hai us rundi mein.Kabhi kabhi toh drill ke beech mujhe dekhkar apni hothon ko chabati hai.
Aur mera toh lund khada ho jata hai use dekhkar.

P sir : ha mere bhi lectures ke beech last row mein baithati hai akeli.Aur last row mein baithkar ishare karti hai.Pen ya pencil
lick karti hai aur mu me leti hai.Saali raand kabhi kabhi toh apne boobs bhi dabati hai.Aur mujhe dekhkar apna tongue bahar
dalti hai.Saali raand ko jitna bhi chodo kam hi hai.Kitni garam aur gandi rundi hai Chaitrali.Maine suna hai saali ko auto driver ne
bhi choda hai.

PT sir : Maine bhi usko kahi baar school ke baad choda hai.Kya pata usko do mardo ke saath chudna pasand hai ya nahi.

I was over hearing all their conversation standing at the door.I didn't know when I had started rubbing my crotch over my jeans.I
had become wet inside.I wanted them badly.I slowly opened the zip of my jean and put my hand inside.I leaned against the wall
with my bums against it and started rubbing my cunt.I was breathing heavy and I almost forgot that they were inside the class and
that I was standing just outside the door.I somehow lost my balance and fell down.I held the door handle to control myself which
made some sound and both the sirs they came out.They saw me lying on the floor wearing a tight jeans and a tight Tshirt.They
were excited to see me.They said we knew you will come to see us.PT sir took me in his arms and they took me inside the class.
They sat on the desk and made me stand in front of them.P Sir asked why is your zip open you naughty girl?I moved my hands
over the open zip and looked down with shy.They asked me if I was listening to their conversation standing outside.I just blushed.
They knew I had listened.PT sir said,"Chaitrali tu aaj ekdum maal lag rahi hai." Saying that he came near me and removed my hands
which were covering my open jeans zip.He sat on his knees and his face was right in front of my chut.He drew the zip more down and
fully opened it.He saw my pussy was wet and he noticed I hadn't worn anything inside.He got up and told P sir,"Sirjee apni Chaitrali
rundi toh nangi hai andar se." His hands were around my waist and he went behind.Holding me around my waist he walked me
towards P sir.P sir held my boobs with both his hands and started pressing them.My 2 big round firm ripe mangoes were getting a very
good massage.PT sir brought my plaited hair to the front and held me around my waist.He kissed my neck from behind and his hands
were moving all around my chut. He put his hands inside my jeans through the open zip and started rubbing my cunt.It was all wet.
P Sir was busy massaging my boobs and playing with my nipples from over my tshirt. He looked at my long plaited hair and removed
the clip from the end of my hair.He then started opening my plaited hair and finally opened it full.PT sir bent down and held my
jeans around my waist from both sides and tried to push it down.It took some time to get over my big round ass and my tight
big plump ass sprung out of my tight jeans.He dropped it down and he saw my naked big bums.He dropped his pants and P Sir removed
my tshirt and threw it away.PT sir unclasped my bra and dropped it down.I was naked with my hair open and only wearing my high heels.

PT sir held me from behind and was kissing my naked back and my neck.I threw my head back and my long silky hair was over his left
shoulder.His hands were on my cunt and rubbing my clit with his fingers.P sir also dropped his pants and he kept his lips on my
nipples and held it in between his lips and started sucking and licking with his tongue.He spat on my nipples and pressed my
boobs.He licked sucked and pulled my nipples with his lips.My nipples had become hard and erect.He kept on sucking and biting my
nipples.I was in heaven and moaning loudly.Unnnnngggggggghhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh.PT sir's dick was erect and was in between my
bum cheeks.He was pushing and rubbing his dick in between my ass cheeks.I was rubbing my ass against his dick and my nipples
were in between P sir's lips.They had become firm and hard and then PT sir came to my front and P sir went behind.They did the same
thing to me again.P sir knelt down and parted my heavy ass cheeks.He spat inside and rubbed with his finger.My chut had become wet.
P sir said,"Apni rundi tayar ho gayi hai sir,chalo ab ise chodne ka time ho gaya hai.Iski lambe baal aur badi tight moti gaand mujhe
pagal kar raha hai sirjee."PT sir made me stand like a dog on the bench and P sir went behind me.He slowly directed his cock towards my
chut and PT sir was to my front.He made me open my mouth and pushed his dick inside my mouth.P sir started fucking me front and
back.My boobs were hanging and moving heavily.I was also moaning.

P sir held my long silky hair and started fucking me deeper like a horse.PT sir said,"Sirjee saali kya mast ghodi raand hai apni Chaitrali.
Aur zor se chodo ise sirjee."He fucked me for sometime and PT sir went behind.P sir came to the front and started fucking my mouth.
They both fucked me hard holding and shifting my hair from one sir to other."Iske lambe baal kitne sexy hai sirjee...ufffff aur
iske baalo ko pakadkar iske mu ko chodne mein kitna mazaa hai...aahhhh" He kept fucking my mouth holding my hair.PT sir
got ready to cum and he came and stood in front of my face.They made me kneel down on the floor and held my head and jerked
their cum on my face.I took my kerchief and cleaned my face.They again put their dicks in my mouth and fucked me hard.I cleaned
their cum on their dicks and wore my jeans and top.

I was thoroughly fucked by both the sirs. I tied my long hair to a bun as there was no time to plait it again. When I went back to the
ground, I met my girlfriends. They asked me what happened to my hair.I said I was feeling awkward as all the men and boys were
staring at me.I went to the boys and flirted with them for sometime.They were commenting on my tight jeans and tight top.I was again
wet listening to all their dirty comments.They said," Chaitrali tu aaj ekdum tight item lag rahi hai.Bohot sare ladko aur sir ka pant tight
ho gaya hoga." I just blushed on those comments.I left school late night after the fair got over.Next day I told Suresh about my fuck
with the sirs.He was horny and he fucked me in the classroom after school hours.

Chapter 33