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My story since school days Chapter 35


always had this fantasy which I have shared many a times with Suresh and he gets very horny when we have this particular role play.
He fucks me hard like hell with his big long thick cock.I also go mad with him. Ok now let me share the fantasy.

I have got married to a villager and Suresh is the mukhiya of that village.My husband used to be very rich but had become very poor
and was in heavy debt because of the draught that hit the village.He had married me from another village.I was a slut since my paathshala
days.Many boys had already fucked me before my wedding.Some had fucked me in the paathshala, some near the village river during
the night time and some in their houses itself.So after marriage I was the new item for the small village.Whenever my husband used
to take me out in his jeep all the villagers used to stare me as I wore tight transparent sarees and revealing blouses.I also used to
smile back whenever some villager used to stare or wink looking at me.I was known as chamiya amongst some very flirtatious villagers.
Suresh was also one of them.He always used to wink looking at me and sometimes pinch my big huge heavy fleshy gaand.He used to
whisper in my ears sometimes when we were alone,"Chaitrali teri gaand mast moti aur bhari hui hai rundi.Chudvane aaogi mere ghar?"
I replied,"Par kaise aau?Main apne pati ko kya kahungi?" He said,"Tera pati abhi karje mein doob chuka hai.Main dektha hu koi rasta
hai ya nahi tujhe chodne ke liye.Tu meri rakheyl banogi?" I blush and say,"Ha banungi na.Mere pati mujhe theek se chodte bhi nahi hai."
"Toh main tujhe apni rundi bana du?" .I asked,"Par kaise?" He was horny when he knew that I wanted to become his keep,his whore.He
right away kissed me and kneaded my big ass.He said he will let me know how.

Then finally the day came when my husband had started selling everything he had.His big house,his cars,his cows and so on.But it wasn't
enough to repay his debts.So one day Suresh the mukhiya of the village summoned a village gathering where all the elderly and rich people
gathered.My husband had to pay money to many of those people and they all were very furious. Suresh had found a way to get my husband out
of trouble.So Suresh came home one day and asked my husband to come for the gathering.We were by then living in a small hut.I was just
wearing a silky towel to cover my body as I had to sell all my expensive sarees.I had nothing to wear other than some towels and some
lungis.I stopped going out of our hut as I had no clothes to wear. Suresh saw me when I brought water for him.He looked at me and I just
blushed.My husband was worried about his financial condition so he didn't notice us.Finally Suresh left when my husband agreed to
participate for the compromise with the many financiers in the village.

The day came and my husband left early in the morning for the gathering.Suresh was sitting under a big banyan tree which had a concrete
stage at the base of the tree.All the villagers also had gathered in the small ground.Suresh as an intermediator tried a lot of ways to
settle my husband's issue.But nothing worked and people were getting wild.So he told everyone to be silent as there can be a way out if
my husband agrees to a condition.Suresh told my husband,"See anyway you will have to leave this village and go somewhere to set up a
new business as nobody will finance you in this village.And everyone knows your wife is a sexy women who has so much of sex that your
not able to satisfy her." My husband got furious and shouted at Suresh for talking about his wife like that, though he knew I was a slut.
But when Suresh told him to leave her in this village and go away and that he would be left for free without any money to pay back,he
agreed to it.So Suresh sent a person to collect me from home and bring to the ground.One person came on a horse back and asked me to
go with him to the panchayat.I wore my silk red cloth around my body covering only my boobs and my big round heavy bums.I tied my hair
to a bun and put a hair band.Did my lipstick(yes I had my make up kit intact as I didn't want my husband to sell them).So I did little
make up and got ready.The man helped me to get on the horse back and held me tight around my waist from behind.He also used to flirt with
me as he was our neighbour guy.He said,"Chaitrali tera aaj gaav waalo ke saamne mukhiya khabar lene wala hai."The horse started galloping
and my towel started to loosen but I held it tight to the front where I had tied a knot.We reached the ground but on the way our neighbour
guy had almost massaged my boobs and kissed my neck and made me little hot.

I saw there were around 20 to 30 men gathered on the ground and Suresh was sitting on the concrete plinth under the tree.My husband was
standing in front of everyone to the front.I got down from the horse in front of all the men.Suresh introduced me to the villagers,"gaavwalo
yeh hai iski biwi.Kya item hai dekho yeh." I just blushed in front of the vilagers.Is rundi ko aaj yeh hum gaavwalo ko bech raha hai apne
karje ke badle mein.Aur bechne ke baad yeh gaav chhodkar woh chala jayega.Uske baad yeh item hum gaavwalo ki property hogi.Aaj hum
iska ek rate fix karenge." So Suresh took the account books to check how much money my husband had borrowed.It was a huge amount.Suresh
said,"Iska karza toh bohot hai.Hum iski keemat ek raat ke liye 5000 rupaye rakhenge.Aur yeh mere ghar mein rahegi.Ise main apne
ghar mein tabele mein bandhkar rakhunga.Saali rakheyl jaisi rakhunga isko.Aap log jitna karza hai uska hisaab lakar ise ek ya do raat
ke liye le jaa sakte hai.Aur jee bharke chodkar le aana agle din.Taki ise agle karzedar ke paas chhod sake."

All the villagers agreed to it and asked my husband to leave the village leaving me behind so that they can retrieve their money through
me or use me and compensate the loss occured. There were around 20 men from whom my husband had borrowed money.So they all came to the front.
Suresh told them that they can take me to fuck me,use me or they can even rent me out to the villagers and get their money back. Suresh
took the calender and marked their bookings on that with the approval of all the villagers.All of them were happy with the solution. Suresh
made me stand on the concrete platform and asked all the villagers to sit down. Suresh went behind me and pulled my towel making me nude in
front of the village.My boobs flung out and my big round ass became naked in seconds.I was feeling shy but my slut inside was getting
horny.My chut was getting wet.Suresh was behind,he held my boobs from behind and pressed them.He was pushing his semi erect dick inside
his dhoti towards my big round naked bums.I threw my head back on his chest and bit my lips and was moaning a bit. Suresh said,"Dekho
gaavwalo kaise yeh nangi rundi Chaitrali maze le rahi hai.Poore gaav ke saamne nangi hai phir bhi yeh maze loot rahi." He told the
villagers that he will fuck me on that concrete platform in front of everyone today.But before that he said he would make me run around
the ground naked in between all the villagers.I was just wearing my sandal,my mangalsutra and my long silky hair tied to a bun on top
of my head with a lose hair band. Suresh asked me to start running around the ground.I started running slowly first.My boobs were
bouncing up and down.My big heavy bums were swaying left and right and sometimes up and down.I finished one round and I felt
as if my hair band was getting lose. Suresh dropped his pants and so did many other men from the crowd.They started jerking looking at
me running nude around them.After the next round my hair band got fully lose and it felt down and my long black silky hair opened
and fell open till a little below my big round ass line.My hair was straight long silky with little curl towards the end.The curl to the end
was bouncing over my round plump ass while running.I saw many older dicks spraying the moment they saw me running with my
long silky hair open.It was a very erotic scene and I was getting hornier by every minute.I stopped to tie my hair but Suresh didn't allow.
He held my hair and started running behind me holding my hair.He was also nude and his erect dick was dangling up and down while
running.I was running nude and Suresh was running nude as well holding my long silky hair from behind.This scene many men cum and
the men who had already cum got an erection.

Finally after 3 rounds Suresh made me stand on the concrete platform in front of everyone.He was still holding my long hair.He made me
stand on a stool on my knees.He positioned me such that I was facing the tree and my bum was facing the crowd.I was standing like a dog.
He took a stick and slapped my ass.I moaned and cried,"UUUIiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaaa unnnghhhhhhhh."He gave a mic in my hand and asked
,"Chaitrali tu aaj se kya hai is gaav ki?" I said,"Main aaj se is gaav ki raand hu."He then slapped my bums again and told the villagers that
he will fuck me now and then everyone can come and fuck her one by one.He brought his dick towards me face and slapped my face.He
made me open my mouth and pushed his dick inside.I started sucking and licking it like a lolipop as I had not become so horny in my life.
He fucked my mouth for a while and went behind me.He held my bums tight and parted them.He pushed his dick inside and started
moving it inside out and then made it faster.He fucked me for sometime and when he was ready to cum he sprayed all the cum on another
stool which was placed aside.He called upon the next financer who had given loan to my husband.He came and pushed his dick inside.He
fucked me hard for sometime and I was moaning out of pleasure.I was in heaven. Suresh asked the next person to put his dick inside my
mouth and get ready for the fuck.The person who was fucking me came on the same stool.And then the person fucking my mouth went
behind to fuck me.Another person came to fuck my mouth and wait for his turn to fuck my slutty pussy.Like that around 15 men
fucked me back to back and the stool was over flowing with all the sticky cum. Suresh asked me to lick all that cum.He took a brush and
made it wet with all the cum on the stool and painted it on my face.He was painting as if he is painting a wall with some paint.He spread
all the cum on my sexy face and my mangalsutra was also full of cum.Some men couldn't resist and came on my boobs and mangalsutra
while giving blowjob.

Suresh said now Chaitrali is our village's legal rundi and that anyone can come and fuck my at his place.He got me down from the
concrete platform and made me stand on his jeep on the back seat.It was an open jeep and he tied my hands to the jeep. He drove me
in that position,nude and body fully wet with the cum of the villagers.My hair was also open.He took a round around the village and
brought to everyone's notice that if anyone in the village behaves like my husband or is in a heavy debt and unable to pay it,this is what
will happen to their wives.

He tied me in the tabela (cow shed) with all the cows during night time.So that according to the bookings all the financiers used to
come during night time to Suresh's house and fuck me in the tabela. Sometimes they used to come with friends for a gang bang.
Sometimes some old financiers used to bring customers to fuck me and get the rent from them to settle his loss made by my husband.
Suresh also used to fuck me.Sometimes gang bang with his friends or cousins.

I had become a permanent slut of the village.GAAV KI RUNDI BAN GAYI MAI.CHAITRALI GAAV KI GHODI RAAAAND BAN GAYI.

Chapter 35