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My story since school days Chapter 36


Aparna and me got ready for the farm house weekend party and the car from our office came to pick us up.On the way we picked up
Mr.Sharma and Shaliesh Sir also.Aparna sat with Mr.Sharma and I was with Shaliesh sir as they decided to swap their personal
secretaries.They kissed us and smooched us, kneaded our boobs on the way in the car. They couldn't do much because we were
decked up for the evening show for the 10 men.Our lipsticks got smudjed and we had to re do out lips.We reached the farm house.
It was on the outskirts of the city.Far away where there was no human existance far inside the sand dunes.

There was a big compound consisting of around 15 tents.Some tents were for the kitchen some store and rest of the 13 tents were
for the guests and then there was a huge circular area in between all the 13 tents where there was a round stage and many
mattresses kept all around the circular stage.We saw the set up and we knew we had to dance on that stage and it was all set up
for us to show ourselves that night.I looked at Aparna and gave a naughty smile and I got it back from her.Mr.Sharma showed us our
tent and asked us to keep our bags inside the tent and come out so that he can introduce us to all the 10 guests.We went to our tents
and kept our bags.Aparna said,"Chaitrali aaj raat ko bohot mazaa ayega na?Hum do rundiyan aur yeh 12 mard.Hum dono ko har ek
tareeke se chodenge.Kal morning tak hum do rundiyon ki aisi chudai hogi ufffffff main sochkar hi pagal ho rahi hu." I said," Ha Aparna,
barah lund hum dono ke liye wait kar raha hai bahar.Barah lund ke virye hum dono ke tan badan mein hoga kal savere.Hum dono
rundiyon ko yeh log cum se nehla denge." We kept the bags and came out.I was wearing a red saree and deep cut red blouse.My saree was
way below my navel.My navel is round and deep.Long silky hair plaited till the end with a clip to the end as usual.Kamarband which also
had a hanging to the front.Spetum nose ring, nose chain, red sindoor mangalsutra and all the nakhras.We walked towards the crowd and
went and stood near Mr.Sharma and Shailesh sir.All the 10 men were Indians who were settled in the UK and US.They were all equally
handsome and Aparna and me had already started feeling the heat inside.

Mr.Sharma introduced us to all of them saying that, they are our personal secretaries.They all one by one kissed our hand and complimented
our desi beauty.We were keeping on blushing on the compliments.Some shook hands holding our hands tightly.It sent tremors to my
leaking chut.Some kissed our cheeks instead of our hands.Some while kissing crushed my boobs as well.They all were wearing very nice
perfumes which made me mad.

After the introduction Mr.Sharma and Shailesh sir went and sat with some 2 3 men to talk about business.4 men took me aside to have a
chat.3 men took Aparna away to have a chat with her.There were many mattresses with cushions all around the stage.We 3 groups sat
seperately on those mattresses.Sirs were with 3 men,Aparna with 3 men and I was with the rest of the 4 men.They made me sit in middle
of them.There was a big flood light which lit all the area in between the tents.The 13 tents were around this circular space where the stage
and the seating were arranged.When we all got settled on our seats the flood light was switched off and only the arabic lamps were lit.It
had a very dim light.There was one such lamp with every group.One could barely make out what's happening in the other group from a
distance.The 4 men started a conversation with me.They asked me since when I was working with Mr.Sharma and Shailesh Sir.If I was married.
They asked if my husband knows about this weekend trip and if he has agreed for it.I said no, my husband is out of town.They complimented
my long silky hair.They said that they like girls with long silky hair and specially married ones.I just blushed on their remark.They said they
also like my red pouting lips and my big eyes.They said now a days very less married women like to wear sarees and keep long hair like you have.
I said, I like sarees because I get lot of attention from men around.They got excited when I said that.They said you will obviously get attention
because you have meat filled in the right places.I just blushed and smiled they all laughed saying a man wouldn't be a man if they don't notice
and stare at you.One man had held me around my waist and other around my shoulder.They shook me while laughing and my boobs were moving
left and right.They said if you get stares and attention from men even after wearing a saree what would you get if you walk nude in public.They
said laughing that I will get a lot of dicks if I walk nude on the road.One of them asked if he could open my hair plaits.I just blushed and said ok.
They knew I was enjoying the company of all of them together.He slowly opened the clip and the end of my hair which had a curl opened up.He
then slowly untied my hair plaits.Finally my long silky hair opened and I just put my hand inside and shook my hair and properly opened it.I brought
my hair to my front so that they can have a good view of my long silky hair.They complimented my silky hair and said that I should not tie my hair.
I should always leave them open.They asked if I can come with them to the UK with Mr.Sharma for a meeting.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali you
were a slut in the office and now your going to get customers from UK also." I just smiled and said I'll see if I can.

One guy started touching my ass and the other one asked why don't you come and sit on my lap.I blushed and felt shy.They said,"Haye aise
sharmili aurat toh meri jaan leti hai.Aao mere godh mein baithe jao." I got up and went and sat on his lap.He kept his hands on my thighs.The
other guy was sitting just behind me.He slowly kept his hand on my naked back and started moving it down towards my waist where my
saree was tied.He put his finger inside and was massaging my entire back.I closed my eyes and left a slight moan.2 guys got up and came and sat in
front of me.They kept their hands on my face and started massaging my cheeks and lips.My eyes were closed and I was breathing heavily by now.
I could feel the guy's dick erecting on whose lap I was sitting.He had held me around my waist and his chest was pushing the side of my boobs.
I was sitting in between 4 men and their hands were roaming all around my body and I was getting hot by every touch.2 guys who were rubbing my
face and lips had reached my boobs.They dropped my pallu and my huge boobs with my deep cleavage were naked.1 guy started licking my cleavage.
The other guy was pinching my lower puting lips and twisting and twirling it.He then put his finger inside my mouth and asked me to suck it.I sucked
his finger and the guy behind me untied the knot of my back open blouse and slowly slid the blouse from over my shoulder down till my boob line.The
guy in the front removed it totally and I took my hands out of the blouse.They said,"Look at Chaitrali she is such a slut,she has not worn anything inside.
Remove her saree and lets suck and lick her body all together for once."They made me stand and unwound my saree and removed my underskirt.I
was only in my high heels,kamarband, nose ring,nose chain,mangalsutra, a choker necklace and bangles.With my hair open I was standing nude in
middle of the desert in between 4 nude men.I was such a slut I thought in my mind.My nipples had become erect due to the cold wind running through
the desert.They were all around me.They started kissing and licking every inch of my body with their hands massaging all the parts of my curvy body.
I was moaning and I could slightly hear Aparna also moaning.When I looked at her direction I saw her in a doggie position and one man was screwing
her from behind and another sucking her nipples sleeping underneath.The third one was fucking her mouth.She had 3 men and I had 4.I was wondering
what would the 4th guy do to me while the rest 3 are fucking.I was thinking what if 2 guys insert their cocks together into my wet chut.I got horny
by thinking all this.They made me lie down on the mattress and they all got over me and started sucking my nipples my wet clit and my lips.They
were all over my body without leaving even and inch on my body.They turned me around and made me stand like a dog.They all slapped my ass
badly and my ass was bouncing with every slap I got.1 guy inserted his finger inside my chut and started fingering me.He fingered me badly.The others
were still slapping my ass.They were kissing my lips, fucking my mouth holding my long hair.They were fucking my hair with their dicks.One guy
from behind put his dick in between my kamarband and was fucking my back.One guy wrapped my mangalsutra around his dick and was moving to
and fro.They had made me hot and horny with all their kinky acts.Now they all stood all around me.I knelt down and I could see 4 dicks all around me.
I held 2 dicks in my hands and started giving hand jobs and one guy put his dick inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth.4th guy held my long
silky hair and was fucking my hair.He then lie down on the mattress and I sat on his dick and started riding him with 2 dicks in my hands and one in my
mouth.He was fucking me hard and my mouth was also fucked hard.2 guys to whom I was giving blowjob had held my long silky hair tight and the
guy fucking my mouth was slapping my face.The guy fucking my slutty chut was pinching my nipples and pressing my huge firm boobs hard.They all
fucked me in rounds in the same position one by one.

Rest of the party night coming.

If I get dirty and horny comments I shall continue...

Chapter 36