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My story since school days Chapter 37


While they were fucking me I just took a look at Aparna and the 3 men were also screwing Aparna and I could hear her moan loudly as she was also enjoying
the fuck with the 3 men.One man was holding her hair and fucking her in doggy position.One man was fucking her mouth and the 3rd one was fucking her
boobs lying down. Aparna was stripped nude like me by the 3 men and she was enjoying them like a whore.They had not removed her ornaments as I think
all these men had a fetish for ornaments and long hair and desi sluts like us.Because the 4 men with me also didn't remove any of my ornaments and they
were getting hornier with all my desi nakhras like moaning and shouting uiiiimaaaaa unnnghhhhhhh,, chodo naa mujhe apni rundi banakar.I was talking all
dirty slutty words and they were getting hornier and hornier.I shouted Chaitrali tum sab ki personal rakheyl hai,rundi hai, and the dicks were pushing harder
inside all my holes. Aparna was wearing a mangalsutra which one guy had held and fucking her mouth.Her kamarband was hanging and moving as the guy
behind her fucked her like a dog.She wasn't very interested in wearing all the jewelry.But I wasn't like her.While the man fucking my mouth was increasing
his speed looking at my nose chain and my nose septum ring, my kamarband was held by the person fucking me from behind.He had held my kamarband
tightly with one hand and slapping my big round bums with another hand.My mangalsutra was hanging and my choker neck piece was around my neck
very tight as I was breathing heavily.My glass red bangles were making the noise as my hand was busy stroking the 4th man's dick.I was moaning
and finally they stopped fucking me.They had some other plans for both of us.The men who were fucking Aparna also stopped fucking her.

They all came towards us and the men stood nude all around us with their dicks all erect and wet.Aparna and me were standing in the middle of all
the nude men, stark naked, me just wearing my anklet, red high heel, my kamarband which had a hanging till my wet chut, my mangalsutra which
was long till my navel, my choker neck piece around my neck, nose chain, a septum nose ring, sindoor,long earings, my forhead jewlery had fallen
down somewhere and red lipstick which had got all smudged beacuse of the blowjob and mouth fucks.Aparna had worn only her mangalsutra her
sindoor lipstick which was also gone and her kamarband and also her high heel.She was more of like a modern slut but I was like a typical desi
bhabhi slut.One of the men also said that I look like a desi raand and Aparna looks like a modern whore with short hair and short skirts and tights and
all.Mr.Sharma had told them that I am a proper desi raand.One man came up with an idea.He asked me to wear the saree and asked Aparna to wear
mini skirt, just a saree and just a mini skirt.

So we went to our tent and took our saree and her mini skirt.We looked into the mirror and our face was wet with saliva and pre cum.They had licked
and slapped with their dicks all over our faces.We washed our faces and we did our make-up again.I did my lipstick,I knew there was no point in
wearing the lipstick again as my mouth will be fucked again badly.The red lips shined as I applied gloss to them.I bit my lower lip looking at the
mirror.Aparna noticed it and she got up and came to me.We both were nude.She held my boobs from behind and brought my long silky hair to
my front.She pressed my nipples and kissed my lips.We kissed and smooched each other.I said,"Hum do rundiyon ko yeh sab milkar aaj raat ko
khoob chodenge na Aparna?" She replied," Ha Chaitrali tujhe toh woh sab ek desi raand ki tarah chodenge aur mujhe ek modern slut jaise.Bohot
maza aayega." We heard a water splashing sound from outside.We looked out from the window of the tent and they had arranged a water rain
on the stage with many shower head kind of things attached to the stage.We looked at each other and said,"Yeh mard hum dono nehla nehlakar
chodenge shayad aaj raat ko." We giggled and went back to do our make up.We saw in a corner there were many gifts for us which someone
had kept while we were out.There were many bouquets and flowers and perfumes and a lot more.We went back to the stool and I did my mascara.
I did my eye shadow,applied lip stick again and I tied my long hair to a bun.I took the jasmine flower mala and made a gajra out of it for my bun.
I took a rose which had a long stem to hold my hair bun which worked as a hair stick.I wore my choker necklace.The necklace covered my entire
neck and it looked like a the neck belt of a dog leash.Then I wore my long mangalsutra hanging over my boobs.Then I wore my kamarband which
they can hold while riding me from back like a horse.I looked at myself and said,"Chaitrali you are one horny girl since school days,you have
made jewelry work for each and every sexual activity."I licked my upper lip with my tongue giving a whore look to the mirror.I wore my long
hanging earings and my forehead piece.I looked like a fresh married bride.I put sindoor on my maang and made a bindi out of that sindoor.
I took my yellow transparent chiffon saree and wore it around my waist tightly with just a knot at the front so that the moment the knot is
opened my saree with cascade down over all my curves and drop down.I brought the pallu to my front from around my shoulder and held the end
of the pallu in my left hand.I turned around and I my ass crack was nicely visible through my saree as I had nothing worn inside.My boobs were
very much visible as I had made just a single layer pallu.My nipples were poking out of the chiffon material.Then I wore my high heel yellow
sandal and looked at Aparna.She was also ready.She wore a red tight mini skirt.I made her turn around and I could see her ass cheek
bulging out of her tight mini skirt.She had worn a silver thin non-decorative kamarband around her flat stomach.She was totally nude with just
a micro mini skirt and a red high heel sandal.Her boobs were naked and hanging with her erect nipples.I got my bag and took out a red heart
shaped sequin and put them on her nipples.She had tied her little curly, silky, shoulder length hair to a pony tail with a red hair band.She also
looked at me and said you look like a desi married raaand.She asked me to wear the yellow glass bangles.I had forgot to wear that.So I
grabbed my bag,took out the bangles and wore them.I looked at her and said you also look like a besharam shadi shuda rundi secretary.She
was wearing a red sequin for her nipples. a thin silver kamarband, a tight elastic micro mini skirt and a red high heel.Her hair tied to a ponytail
with a red hair band.Her lips were also red and her big eyes made her look more sexy and slutty.

Mr.Sharma called us on our phone and asked if we were ready as they had finished a round of whisky and are waiting for us both to come
to the stage.I giggled and said,"Hum bas aa rahe hai." and disconnected the phone.Aparna said,"Shayad sabhi mardo ka lund wait kar raha hai
hum rundiyon ke liye, na Chaitrali?" We held hands in hands and walked out of the tent and all the men looked and stared at us, watching us
walk towards them.The stage had sprinklers and we saw the men were all nude and having drinks as we walked towards them.We also noticed
there were some ropes which were kept on a table with some sticks as well.We saw some men jerking their cocks looking at us walking towards
them.I whispered,"Aparna hum aaj inki rundi banne waale hai.Kya kya plan banaya hai aur kaise kaise chodenge pata nahi aaj hum do rundiyon
ko."We giggled and walked towards them.

Chapter 37