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My story since school days Chapter 38


We reached the couches where they were all sitting.I walked in between the men only wearing my jewelry and a transparent chiffon saree and Aparna
in her micro mini skirt and her nipple sequin.They all stood up and fell in line on either side of us.We were in the centre and they were standing as if they
were welcoming us standing on the right and left of us.Their dick were all erect seeing us rundis in this outfit.As we walked past them all their erect
dicks hit our thighs.We also brushed our hands on some of the cocks.We went till the last man standing and turned around and took a walk back.
They liked as their cocks were hitting us as we walked past them.They then asked us to walk backwards so that our bums can hit their cocks.
So we walked sideways facing out back to them.Our big round huge plump asses were hitting their cocks.We did some 5 6 rounds and they
were all excited.Then they all sat down and asked me to sit on one couch while they treat Aparna nicely in front of me.All the 7 men (Mr.Sharma
and Shailesh sir were watching the show sitting aside)... surrounded Aparna and started slapping her big round tight bums which was swinging
heavily with every slap it got from the men.Some men spat on the big boobs and slapped her boobs with their dicks.She was still wearing her
sequin and red mini skirt.One man held her pony tail and was smooching her badly.He then fingered her mouth.Other man also joined and
put his finger also inside her mouth.Her mouth was expanding.One more man came and put his finger also inside her mouth.I wondered what
all will they do with me.At the same time one man held her pony tail and tied it to his dick and started jerking his cock.He said he liked long
silky hair a lot and looked at me and winked.I just blushed on his remark as I knew he had some big plans with my long silky hair.One man
was kissing and biting her bum cheeks while another was inserting his finger in her bum hole.Another man was fingering her pussy.She was
getting treated well and I was getting horny here sitting in between Mr.Sharma and Shailesh sir.They were abusing Aparna right in front of
us and Aparna was loving every bit of the abuse.They said,"Shailesh kya shadi shuda raand ko paalkar rakha hai tune.Sharma teri bhi rakheyl
kuch kam nahi hai.Kya item hai saali rundi Chaitrali.Kitni madak hai yeh kutiya saali Chaitrali." Saying all this he slapped Aparna's face with his
erect pre-cummed dick.Their cocks were glistening with the pre-cum.They all rubbed their cock heads on her face and one by one fucked
her mouth.2 men also tried to fuck her mouth together.Other 2 were fucking her big huge boobs and shoving their dicks in between her
cleavage.The other 2 men were busy fucking her chut.Out of 7 men only 3 men liked Aparna as they wanted a modern office slut character.
So they 3 fucked her hard.Her mouth her boobs and her wet dripping chut.The other 4 men also enjoyed her at the same time but they
wanted to fuck me so they had reserved their cum for me.Mr.Sharma and Shailesh sir were massaging my boobs and rubbing here and there
and making me hot for the fuck.They didn't remove my saree.I was sitting there watching Aparna get fucked by the men and both my bosses
massaging me from over my transparent saree itself.Mr.Sharma made me sit on his lap and I could feel his dick getting hard. Shailesh said
he wanted to get a handjob from Chaitrali.So Mr.Sharma made me sit down on my knee in between both of them and they opened only
their zip of their pants.I took their dicks out and started jerking them giving them slutty expressions.They finally came on my hands and I left
and washed my hands.

The 3 men fucked and smeared all their cum on Aparna's face and they had torn off her red skirt during the fuck.She was only in her
silver kamarband and her red heart shaped sequins were also gone.Her face was covered with the cum from the 3 men.I was wondering
what my condition would be as I had 4 men fucking me.Aparna came and sat in between Mr.Sharma and Shailesh sir.They started
fucking Aparna together.

I got up and walked towards the 7 men waiting for me.I walked past between all the 7 men one by one giving slutty expressions,biting my
lower lip and licking my upper lip with my tongue and blushing on their dirty comments.I was also enjoying the slaps I was getting from all
the men on my big round swaying gaand.The thin transparent chiffon material was feeling good on my nipples and it was arousing me.I
was swaying my ass purposely more to the left and right to tease all the men sitting around me.They were all looking at me and jerking their
cocks.My transparent chiffon yellow saree,my kamarband hanging over my navel till my crotch area.My lips with red lipstick were becoming heavy
and wet thinking about the number of cocks it will have to take tonight.My long mangalsutra hanging over my boobs were enjoying the bounce
and the attention from some men staring at them.My long silky hair tied to a bun supported with a rose stem were ready to be opened and
fucked.My body was ready to be naked wearing only my high heel yellow sandal.My nose ring and nose chain were ready to taste the cum
which the men would spray.My sindoor was ready to be smudged with the cum as well.My long hanging earrings were ready to shake
crazily when my wet chut will be fucked by the men.

Chapter 38