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My story since school days Chapter 42


I reached with my mother in law and father in law.Just before getting down from the train Dinesh took me to the washroom to
fondle me and kiss me and I gave him a good blowjob.We got down from the train and Dinesh left for his hotel room and I left
with my in-laws.We took a taxi and left for our house which was in a village area.City was 20 kms away from our place.While
driving,the taxi driver was continuously looking at me from the mirror.Mother in law and me were on the back seat.He was
staring at my and I just used to smile whenever he looked at me.After half an hour we reached home and we 3 got fresh.I had
a long bath washed my hair as Dinesh had used me very badly for 2 days.And there was cum on my hair which wasn't washed
properly.I cleaned myself properly.After half an hour I finished my bath and came out.When I came out I heard some guests had
come and I could hear their conversation in the living room.I closed my bedroom as I was just wearing a towel.I locked the door
and I could hear only men talking.I slowly opened the door and peeped the living room and there were 2 middle aged men talking
to my father in law.They were like typical villagers and both looked very rough working in farm.I closed my door and went back
and sat on my bed.I opened my towel and my wet hair.I blow dried my hair and lied down on the bed without wearing anything.
I fell asleep and woke up after 2 hours.I got dressed in a gown and came out.Mother in law said we had to visit the near by temple.
By evening 6.30 we had to leave.I got ready wearing a yellow saree and a matching yellow blouse.I put my lip stick and my nose ring.
I wore a normal sandal as it was a village.In the village I had to be a little careful.So my blouse was also normal one.But somehow
when I wore my saree I was looking very curvy and sexy.Mother in law and me left walking to the temple.On the way many villagers
were staring at me.I could feel their eyes imagining me nude walking past them.I gave little more matkas and thumkas to my gaand so
that they could enjoy my curvy shape more.My long hair was plaited till the end.We reached the temple,prayed and left.On our way back
we met the 2 men who had come in the morning to our house.They greeted mother in law and me as well.They said that it is their
son's engagement and that's the reason they had visited my father in law in the morning to invite us all.Mother in law said we will surely
attend the function.We left and then on our way we met one more guy whose name was Jagan.Jagan was Suresh's childhood friend.He
looked handsome,tall and dark.He shook hands with me and I felt a manly touch which entered my body through him.He said Suresh's
wife looks beautiful.He had paddy fields in the village and was doing good business.He had some other businesses also.Mother in law
asked about his family and children and we left.As we walked back I turned around and looked behind.I saw him staring at my big round
ass,suddenly he looked at my face and smiled.I just blushed and smiled back.He was conituously staring my back till we left the street.

We reached home.It was late evening.I went to my bathroom,stripped myself.Removed my pallu and dropped my saree.I opened my
blouse buttons and opened it as well.I was only in my red bra and panty.I slid my panty down and unclasped my bra from behind.Now
I was totally nude and looked into the small mirror which is there in the bathroom.I brought my long plaited hair to my front and slowly
fondled my nipples.They became erect.I was thinking of Jagan and his lusty looks.He had made me horny.I slowly lied down on the floor
and took the shower head and started spraying water on my pussy.I rubbed my pussy with my hands and started fingering myself slowly.
I rubbed the shower head on my pussy also.After a long steamy rubbing and fondling I became wet.I slowly pushed the shower head which
was long cylindrical and wet.I pushed it inside out and was moaning taking Jagan's name.I came after some mintues. I came out nude and
called Suresh.I said I met your childhood friend and that he was giving me all naughty looks.Suresh said that they used to be very good friends.
And they had kissed many girls together whenever Suresh used to go to the village during vacations.He said Jagan knows many slutty girls
in the village.He asked me if I was horny thinking of his character.I got shy and Suresh understood.He asked me if I want to enjoy him during
the stay.I said yes I want to enjoy Jagan. He said he'll call and ask Jagan to arrange for a night.I got very excited.I disconnected the phone and
I slept nude that night thinking of Jagan. Next day morning Suresh told me that he spoke to Jagan and that he is very excited to meet me.I
asked him how will I meet him when mom and dad are here.He said Jagan will tell you and take care of that.You just enjoy.

After 2 days, morning we got ready for the engagement.I wore a red transparent saree and a low back blouse.Very low back,actually only
a small strip is there to my back.Other thank that I was bare back actually.Till my saree line which also I had worn pretty low.So low that
my big round ass started just after the saree line.My blouse front was also low and only my nipples were properly hid with my blouse.Rest
of my globes were waiting to come out as I wore my blouse.Tight and very revealing.My nipples were erect and poking through the blouse
material.I wore my saree as usual,tight around my big round fleshy gaand and pinned it to my shoulder with the blouse.My chest with cleavage
was visible and so was my deep navel through my transparent red saree.I wore red bangles.Put my red sindoor and made a round big bindi
with the sindoor itself.Put red nail polish and wore my long mangalsutra.I wore a neck piece which had matching red stone work on it.Wore
my long hanging red earings.Plaited my long hair and tied it with a red hair band to the end.I put gajra on my hair and came out.We three hired
an auto rickshaw and left for the engagement.All the men in the hall were staring at me.Many elderly men came and shook hands with me
as I was introduced as Suresh's wife to them.They all looked at me hungrily.Men were all checking out my curves as I walked in the hall meeting
friends and family.Many men complimented me saying Suresh is lucky to have a beautiful wife like me.Finally my in laws went and sat with the
elderly people.I was sitting alone when I saw Jagan coming towards me.He came and sat with me.He said,"Chaitrali tum ekdum mast maal lag
rahi ho.Suresh ne kaha tum ek badi chudasi cheez ho.Kal mujhe phone kiya tha.Tumhe ek raat ko lekar jaane kaha,par kisiko maalum nahi
hona chahiye.Main raat ko aaj phone karta hu.Dus ya gyarah baje.Tum pichwade mein jo mera khet hai waha aa jana."I said,"Theek hai
par kisine dekh liya toh?"He said,"Us waqt koi nahi rehta waha.Gaav mein sab so jaate hai 9 baje tak." I just blushed and said,"Theek hai
main aa jaungi." He said,"Chaitrali bhabhi tum yahi saree pehenkar aana.Aap bohot madak lag rahi ho is saree mein Chaitrali bhabhi."
I just blushed and said thank you.He asked me to come with him outside where there was a room for the groom to get ready.The groom
was also Suresh's friend.Jagan asked me to leave after 5 minutes after he leaves.He said he will be waiting in the room for me.I said ok
and he left.After 5 mintues I got up and went out of the hall.In the same building there are rooms for the bride and the groom to get ready.
I walked towards the groom's room where Jagan said he would be waiting.But on my way through the corridor before the groom's room
a door opened and Jagan's hands pulled me inside.He said this is the hall caretaker's room.He said he paid him some money to stay away from
the room.There was a small bed and a small table which had an old tv kept on it.There was just a small window in that room.It was shabby and
not clean.He took me inside and locked the door.He turned around and looked at me.He held my hands and turned me around.He was checking
my curves,my big round plump ass and my huge firm boobs.He slapped my ass and said,"Bhabhi tumhari gaand mast badi aur gol hai."I just
blushed and said thank you."Bhabhi aapko Suresh majboot chodta hoga na?"I said,"Mujhe ek rundi ki tarha chodte hai woh."Jagan said,"Bhabhi,
kya aap meri rundi banogi aaj raat ko mere khet mein?"I was horny with those words and thinking of getting fucked in open that night.
He opened his dhoti and held me around my waist from behind.He kissed my naked back till my waist.He turned me around and kissed my lips.
My heavy wet red lips were waiting to be felt by him since last night.He pinched my lips holding them in between his fingers and licked them with
his tongue.He licked my lips and put his tongue inside and rolled it with mine.We smooched for sometime and he asked,"Bhabhi kya tum mera lund
apne mu mein logi?"I said,"Mujhe lund bohot pasand hai.daal do mere mu mein...unnnghhhhhh"I sat on my knees which was little difficult with
my saree.I sat and his crotch was right in front of me.As he had pulled his dhoti down long back,his dick was standing in front of me.I took it in
my hand and started stroking it.I put my wet tongue out and licked his head.I took it inside and started sucking it like a lollipop.I started blowing it
inside out and licked and made it all wet with my saliva.After a while of stroking and blowjob and handjob he was ready to cum.I asked him,"Meri
chehre par mat chodo, meri mu ke andar daal do apna virye."I put his dick inside my mouth and pushed it deep inside and unloaded his cum
inside my mouth.I felt his thick hot cum.I put my tongue outside and licked his head clean with my tongue.He wore his dhoti and I also put my
lipstick and we left the room.

After attending the function we reached home at 7.00 in the evening.My in laws had their food and went to sleep by 9.00.I went to my room.
I started thinking how risky and fun it would be tonight to get fucked by Jagan in the open in his paddy field.It was 10.30 and I got ready.I wore
the same saree and blouse and my mangalsutra.I wore no panty and bra inside.At 10.45 someone knocked my window from outside.It
was Jagan.All the houses in the village had a huge area filled with plants and other trees around.So there is a big distance in between all the
houses in that row where ours was.Behind the houses are paddy fields owned by Jagan.Sprawling 2 acres of land.Normally by 7.00 the shops
close and the people go to sleep by 9.00.It's all dark and there would be only one lamp in front of all the houses that is lit throughout the night.
So when I opened the window it was all dark and Jagan asked me come out.I slowly opened my bedroom door and checked the room where
my inlaws were sleeping.They were snoring and were in deep sleep.I slowly closed their door and without making any sound opened the main
door and closed it and got out of the house.Jagan by the time came to the front of the house and we walked towards his field.It was a very
narrow lane and it was all dark.He had a small torch which he kept low so that nobody would see us.He had held my hands and we reached the
field.There was a huge tree in between the field and it had a small tent kind of a house meant for the farmers to relax during the noon.He took me
there and it was a small space with just one small bed.A khatiya actually.He closed the tent with a cloth and lit up a small kerosene lamp.He said
nobody comes here during this hour of the night.He took me and made me stand in front of the lamp and looked at my face.

Jagan : Chaitrali bhabhi Suresh ko ekdum chudakkad maal mila hai shaadi ke liye.Itni mast item patni ko paakar khush hoga na woh?

Me : just blushed ... ha khush hai woh.

Jagan : Bhabhi tumhari jaisi item aurat is gaav mein aur koi nahi hai.Tumhari yeh badi moti gaand.Aur tumhare yeh badi gol bable.Jab tum
chalti ho toh tumhari gaand kya hilti hai bhabhiiiiiiiii.Bhabhi tum ek desi chuddakkad raand ho.

His hands were fondling the flesh in my gaand.I was moaning and then he removed my saree.He unhooked my blouse and dropped my
petticoat.I was nude in front of him only wearing my mangalsutra and my long hair open.He slapped my bums and said,"Kya mast badi
gaand hai bhabhi aapki." He slapped me again and put his mouth on my nipples.He started sucking them.He was keeping on kneading my
gaand and sucking my nipples.Then he held my hair in his hands and took me outside."Bhabhi main tumhe bahar chodna chahta hu.Khule
aam bahar.Ek rundi ki tarha."He took me outside and took a mat with him.He spread the mat on the ground and made me stand on my knees.
He held my long silky hair all the while and he made me open my mouth and pushed his dick inside.I took it inside and started giving him
blowjob.He was not able to hold my long silky hair fully.Some hair fell on my face and he furiously fucked my mouth looking at my long hair
and my sexy face.He said I look like Rinku Ghosh from the bhojpuri movie.He fucked my mouth and I was moaning.I could taste his pre cum.
He then made me stand like a dog."Kutiya bhabhi teri aaj main gaand marunga."He held my long hair and pushed his dick inside my wet cunt
and started fucking me hard."Ohhhh rundi kutiya bhabhi...Chaitrali kya RAAAND MAAL hai tu meri rundi."He fucked me hard inside.Then he
stopped fucking me.He held me hair and made me walk towards the tree like a dog.He took the mat with him and placed it under the tree.
He was still holding my hair and again made me stand like a kutiya.I moaned and said,"Chodooo naaa is bhabhi veshiya kutiya ko.RRAAND bana
do mujhe Jagannnn...ahhhhhh" He kept fucking me hard and deep.He got ready to cum.He took his dick out and controlled it.Then again I
gave him a blowjob and he lied down on the mat.He made me sit on his dick.I slowly sat on his dick and his entire length went inside.He
started fucking me from the bottom and after sometime I started jumping on his dick.His dick rammed into my pussy in and out.I rode him
like a horse and finally he got ready to cum.He got up and pushed his dick inside my mouth.My mouth was filled with his hot sticky cum.He
rubbed my face with his dick and spread the cum all over my face.

He said next night he will arrange some other friends to fuck me in the same field.I blushed and agreed to it.He said,"Chaitrali tumhari jaisi
itni garam bhabhi rundi ko maine kabhi nahi dekha."He licked my face.He fucked me 3 times that night in that field.Morning at 5.00 I left to
go home.Till I left the village,whenever we got a chance we fucked and got fucked with his friends also.The night when his friends fucked me,
they made me walk all over the field nude and they fucked me in different places and they all treated me like a dog.My long silky hair was used
like a leash of the dog.They all pumped me deep and hard and wild.I drank all their cum that night and they had made me a whore.I had become
my husband's friend's whore.Whenever I used to go out with my in laws they used to throw stones to my gaand or whenever I used to go to the
shop to buy something they used to take me to a small street where nobody comes and they used to fuck my mouth and I used to give them
blow jobs.They used to call me bhabhi raand. Till I left the native they had fucked me several times.

Chapter 42