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My story since school days Chapter 43


I spent 2 weeks in the native and Suresh called me to tell me that he has pre-poned my return ticket as Dinesh had to come back to the city.
He called my inlaws and told them that he has booked Chaitrali's ticket for return and that she will be travelling next day.I packed my bags and
Suresh called me that night.He said he is with Dinesh's wife tonight and they are having good fun.I told him that I am jealous and wanted to join
them as soon as possible.He said Dinesh and his wife will be with us till my in laws comes back from the native.I was excited about the journey
with Dinesh.I had a good sleep that day and next day afternoon was the train, again 2 days travel.This time it was with Dinesh.My in laws came
to drop me and we bid good bye to them and the train left the station.It was a cabin that Suresh had booked and just for both of us.Dinesh
closed the door and asked how were my holidays?I said I had fun there and also attended some functions.I was wearing a normal saree as my
in laws were with me to drop me.Dinesh said," I missed you so much my rundi Chaitrali.Do din main tujhe jamkar chodunga.Is cabin ke har ek
corner par rakhkar chodunga tujhe."He got up and closed the window shutter.I was very hot for him.He said he will go and get freshen up.It was
7.00 pm.He left and I closed the door.I thought to get ready for him.I opened my bag and removed my lingerie.A back and front open panty and
my front open bra which had an opening all around my nipples.I took out my stockings and pulled it up and wore my garter belt and clipped it with
my stockings.Lingerie was red colored so I took out my red transparent odni.(Duppatta)I draped it around my body,just under my arm pit line till
the bottom of my big round fleshy gaand.I opened my hair bun and combed and tied it properly back to a bun on top of my head.I applied red
lipstick and I already had red nail polish.I wore my long mangalsutra and stood in front of the small mirror in the cabin.I looked like a married
whore.I put kajal and mascara.Put my red sindoor and put a round bindi.

After a while Dinesh knocked the door and I asked who is it.He replied,"It's me Dinesh,darwaja kholo."I opened the latch and came and sat back
on my seat.I took another red transparent duppatta and put it on my head and covered myself like a nayi naveli dulhan.I said,"Open the door Dinesh.
It's open." He opened the door and came in.As soon as he saw my sitting on the seat with the red duppatta, he closed the door and locked it.He
came and sat besides me and I could smell a manly perfume which almost took my breath away.He slowly touched me and slowly slid down my
red duppatta.I was nude with only the lingerie when the red transparent duppatta slid off my skin slowly.I felt horny and thought of showing some
nakhras of innocence and nautankis.I got up suddenly and went and stood by the wall facing the wall.He also got up and came and stood behind me.
He dropped his lungi and I could feel his thing hitting my protruding heavy fleshy bums.He pushed my bums with his dick towards the wall.He kissed
my back from behind.My back had only the bra strap and my back open panty drew him crazy.It had a hanging pearl thing just above the opening
and it hung above the crack of my big round gaand.I was very horny when he licked the exposed part of my bum through the opening.He put his
tongue inside my bum cheeks and was kneading my gaand with his hands at the same time.He said,"Chaitrali rundi teri gaand kya mast hai.Uffffff
is gaand ko toh main mar markar ek laal rundi gaand bana dunga."He stood up after a while of sucking,licking,pinching and biting my round gaand.
I was still facing the wall when he was playing with my big round ass.He turned me around and looked at me in my eyes.I felt shy and closed my
face with my hands.He removed my hands and I just looked down.He held my chin and lifted my face to look at him.I looked at him and he
rubbed my lower lip and my lips parted.He slowly kept his finger on my lips and made me open my mouth slowly.He slipped his finger inside and
I took his entire finger inside and started sucking them.He licked my cheeks while I sucked his finger.His other hand was playing with my boobs
and my naked nipples through my bra.I stopped sucking and I was moaning out of pleasure when he was kneading my nipples in between his
fingers.He then went down and put his lips on my nipples which were already erect and horny."Chaitrali teri is badi rundi bablo ko masalne mein
bohot maza aa raha hai.Teri yeh nangi nipples bhi kya mast hai raand Chaitrali."He unclasped my bra and dropped it down on the floor.My big
round firm boobs sprung out and he held both my mangoes and started pressing them.He said,"Chaitrali tere yeh bade bade aamo ko masal
masalkar aur bade kar doonga.Aur tere pichwade ke tarboozo(watermelon) ko main apne lund se chodunga."I was getting horny with all his
dirty talks.He made me sit on his lap and started sucking my nipples.I was facing him and my bums were on his dick.He kept sucking my
nipples badly and I was moaning loudly,"Aur chooso Dinesh apni rundi Chaitrali ke aamo ko.Zor zor se chooso." My nipples had become wet
and erect.He then made me stand and I sat in between his legs like a dog.I opened my mouth wide open.He saw my open mouth with red wet
lipstick and his dick was harder.I put my tongue out and started licking his head like a dog. Dinesh said,"Chaat saali kutiya veshiya,aur chaat mere
lund ko."He held my hair bun in his hand and pushed his dick inside my mouth and I started giving him a nice blowjob.His rod was moving inside
and out of my rundi mouth faster and faster.His dick started shivering and I knew he was ready to cum.So I stopped the blowjob and he made me
stand up and kept me on the seat.Made me stand at the edge of the seat like a dog and parted my bum cheeks.He could see my back open panty
and spat inside my bum cheeks.He made it wet, but it was already enough lubricated with my juices.He directed his dick towards my entrance and
pushed it inside.I left a moan and he held my bun tight and fucked me inside out like an animal.I was shouting,"Ufffff unnngghhhhh chodo mujhe
Dinesh apni rundi banakar chodo.Thoko mujhe aur zor zor se thoko apni thuki hui kutiya raand ko." He was slapping me wildly and badly on my
big round gaand.After fucking for sometime he sat on the edge of the seat and made me sit on his dick.He was facing my back and he had held
my shoulders and was pushing his dick from down and I was also humping on his dick in the same rhythm.I was jumping and his dick was going
deep inside with every jump.My hair bun started getting lose and after a couple of minutes of jumping on his dick, my long silky hair opened and
it fell over his chest.He got more horny when he saw my long silky hair falling open while fucking me.So he held my hair and started fucking me
harder underneath.After a while he made me stand up and made me stand like a dog again on the seat.He held my hair and placed his dick on my
tongue.I took it inside and it was all wet with my juices and his cum.He gave him a good blowjob with my red wet lips and he came in my mouth.
I could feel his hot sticky cum in my mouth.He said,"Chaitrali raand,kya mast muh hai tumhara.Ekdum chudne jaisi hai.Chudakkad rundi Chaitrali.
Meri raand tujhe abhi is cabin mein main nangi hi rakhunga,stop aane tak."I blushed and asked,"Agar koi aa gaya toh?" He replied,"Toh kya?Woh
tumhe nangi dekhenge aur chale jayenge." I got horny by the idea.He asked,"Theek hai na tumhe koi problem nahi hai na?" I blushed and said,"Nahi
mujhe koi problem nahi." He said,"Uffff meri raand,tujhe poori duniya ke saamne nangi ghumana chahiye and sabhi mardo se chudwana chahiye.
Meri patni bhi tumhari jaisi hi ek rundi hai saali." I said,"Ha mujhe Suresh ne kaha." He made me nude and kept my long silky hair open.I was just
wearing my long mangalsutra and earrings. We had dinner after he got dressed up.It was night at 9.00 and someone knocked the door.I took my
red odni and covered myself as I was feeling little shy and scared.So Dinesh said if it is not someone whom we know I'll signal you and you remove
your odni. Only then I'll open the door.He got up and opened the door half and checked.He signalled me and I dropped my odni off.I was sitting on the
seat with my legs crossed.My long silky hair I had brought to my front covering my left boob.

Dinesh opened the door and it was the TC of the train who had come to check our tickets.He wasn't a very old man,may be in his late 30s.He was
shocked when he saw me sitting naked on the seat.He got a little surprised but Dinesh asked him to sit.He was continuously staring at my figure.
I felt shy and gave him a shy look. Dinesh said,"Meri patni hai sir,main ise chod raha tha,tab aap aa gaye."He didn't know what to say.Dinesh winked
and I knew he wanted me to seduce him. Dinesh then said,"Chaitrali zara sir ko apna tickets dikhao."I got up in a seducing way and threw my long hair
behind.Now both my globes were a visual treat for the TC.I turned around and showed him my big round plump gaand.I bent down as the tickets
were inside the bag and the bag was under the seats.I bent down and my big round bum cheeks parted and he could see my wet dripping chut and
he couldn't hold himself watching that sight.He saw my long silky hair and told Dinesh that he has a very sexy wife. Dinesh asked,"Kya sir aapko ise
chodna hai?"I was getting horny by the idea that I was married and I am being fucked in a passenger train by one known man and one stranger.I
turned around and showed him the tickets.I purposely dropped the tickets in front of him and I said,"Sorry sir, main uthakar deti hu."I bent down
and he saw my huge round firm mangoes hanging.I knelt down in between his legs and he was all horny,I could feel it.I saw his thing growing inside
his pants.His pant started bulging.While I was on my knees I looked at him straight into his eyes and slowly put my tongue out.I picked up the tickets
and gave it to Dinesh.I moved my wet tongue towards his crotch and licked his zip area.I kept my hands on his thighs and licked his area again.I then
slowly kept my fingers on his zip and unzipped him.He was a little smelly but I slowly removed his dick outside.It was getting hard.I opened my mouth
and took it in between my red wet lips.I licked it's head with my tongue and started giving strokes with my mouth.He spread his legs wide and I
took his entire cock in my mouth and he held my silky hair in his hands.Somehow there are many men who like to fuck mouth holding the girl's hair.
I love it too.He held my hair and started slowly pushing his dick inside out.His dick had got wet with my saliva.He said he wanted to fuck me.So Dinesh
got up and made me stand like a dog again.Dinesh loved to fuck me like a kutiya raand.TC went behind and pushed his dick inside my slutty pussy.
Dinesh also took out his dick and pushed it inside my mouth.TC held my long hair and started fucking me.He fucked me for sometime and was
ready to cum.He took his dick out and I knelt down on the floor in between both of them.They both started stroking their cocks and I took both
the cock head inside my mouth.I couldn't accommodate both of them.They then came inside my mouth.TC took out his dick and sprayed some cum
on my face and slapped my face.TC said he will come in the morning again to fuck me and that he had to go now to complete his work.He left and
Dinesh took me over again.He fucked me that entire night.The following morning TC came back.They both fucked me in the cabin and also in the
washroom.Both together.

I reached back and told Suresh what all happened in the village and in the train. Dinesh and Suresh both fucked me and Dinesh's wife Sukesha for
one whole week.They fucked us in the open terrace and wherever possible.

Chapter 43