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My story since school days Chapter 44


Suresh got a job abroad as I had mentioned and I was left alone in the house.I was horny and always liked men staring at me whenever I
used to go out.I was regularly meeting the 2 bachelors in our complex.And many other sexcapades happened.I was enjoying my sex life
with friends and new friends and neighbours. I was the item of our society.In our building itself there was one man who was around 45 years
of age.I used to call him uncleji,like the others did.But he always had an eye on me in a different way.He used to give me stares and sometimes
even wink at me if no one is around.I just used to blush and give a smile.I knew he liked me getting naughty with him.

One day I was going to the terrace for a walk when I heard uncleji talking to someone on the phone.He was saying,"Arey yaar badi maal hai woh.
Par ek chance mil jaye use akele mein milne ke liye toh maza aa jaye.Badi chalu padosan hai saali woh."I stopped and was listening to his
conversation.Later I came to know that he was talking about me.He said,"Yaar uska naam Chaitrali hai.Tu kabhi aa hamare building mein,tujhse
milata hu.Ekdum mast item maal hai.Pakki chalu item bhi hai."I was horny listening to all his conversation.I started walking upstairs and he
suddenly disconnected his call as he saw me.He wished me good evening and I also wished him back.I could feel his excitement when he saw me.
I was wearing a silk shining plain cream gown.I had tied my long hair to a bun.I had put my red lipstick and little make-up, just in case if any man
pops up in the terrace by chance.But I already saw uncleji and he had made me wet by his conversation and his thoughts that he wanted to fuck
me badly.We went to the terrace corner and started having a chat.

Me : Uncleji aap kisse baat kar rahe the? (Uncle who are you talking to?)

Uncleji : Bas mera ek dost tha Chaitrali, jo tumhe last time dekha tha aur pooch raha tha ke woh ladki kaun hai. (It was a friend of mine Chaitrali who saw you during his last visit to my place and asked who is that girl in your building?)

Me : toh aapne kya kaha uncleji ? (So what did you say?)

Uncleji : Maine kaha ke woh khoobsurat ladki meri padosan hai. (I said that beautiful lady is my neighbor)

Me : (I just blushed)Uncleji aap bhi na meri faaltu ki taareef kar rahe ho. (Uncle you are simply praising me.)

Uncleji : Nahi. Tum sach mein bohot khoobsurat ho. (No . You are really a beautiful lady.)

Me : (just blushed)

Uncleji : tum akeli kaise manage karti ho? Tumhara pati abroad hai na ? (How do you manage all alone?Your husband is working abroad right?)

Me : Hai mere pati abroad hai. (Yes he works abroad.)

Uncleji : Tumne apne aap ko bohot achcha se maintain kiya hai.Tum jab sharmati ho toh bohot hi hot lagti ho.Tum akeli kaise manage karti ho? (You have maintained yourself very well.You look hot when you blush.)

Me : (I understood what he was asking but thought of acting a little innocent) Kya manange uncleji? (Manage what ? uncle?)

Uncleji : Mera matlab hai tum poora din akeli rehti ho.Pati nahi hai, toh tumhe akelapan nahi mehsoos hota? (I mean your home alone all day without your husband.Don't you feel lonely?)

Me : Ha hota hai, par kya karu, bore ho jaati hu. (Yes Uncle I do feel lonely.I get bored.)

Uncleji : Toh tum khush kaise rehti ho?Tumhe shadi shuda khushi milti nahi hogi na? (So how do you stay happy?How do you satisfy yourself?)

Me : (blushed) nahi uncleji.Bohot akelapan mehsoos hoti hai. (I can't satisfy uncle.I feel lonely.)

Uncleji : Maine tumhe dekha us din khidki se.Tumne kuch nahi pehna tha.Aur tum kuch kaam kar rahi thi.Kya tum ghar mein kuch nahi pehenti? (I saw you from the window the other day.You were nude and roaming around the house?You don't wear anything at home?)

Me : (surprised and blushed) Uncleji aap bhi na...Mere khidki par kyu jhank rahe the?Ha main kabhi kabhi akelapan duur karne ke liye, nangi
ghoomti hu ghar mein. (Your so naughty Uncle.Why were you peeping through my window? Yes whenever I feel lonely I roam around naked without clothes.)

Uncleji : Kya main bhi aau tumhare ghar ek din ? Hum dono aise hi ghoomenge aur masti karenge? (Can I also join you one day? We can have some fun together?)

Me : (blushing) Par koi dekh liya toh? (But uncle what if someone sees us?)

Uncleji : koi nahi dekhega.Main dopeher ko aata hu.Tabhi toh sab society wale sote honge.Koi nahi dekhege, theek hai? (No one will see us.I will come in the afternoon when all the people in the society will be asleep after lunch. Is that ok?)

Me : (just blushed)

Uncleji : Toh main kal afternoon ko ata hu 2 baje. (So Ill come tomorrow afternoon at 2.)

Me : Theek hai uncleji. (Ok uncle.)

Uncleji : Main tumhe saree mein dekhna chahta hu.Toh tum saree pehenkar baithi rehna. (I wish to see you in a saree.You wait for me wearing a saree.)

Me : Theek hai uncleji.Main aapki raah dekhungi. (OK Uncle I shall wait for you.)

Uncle had already come very near to me in between the conversation and his hands were touching my hands now.He took my
hands in his and I didn't mind.He slowly started caressing my hands and I was slowly getting horny.He was continuously talking
to me and praising my beauty and talking about my well maintained figure.His hands slowly went behind and was massaging my
back.We both were standing against a wall.It had become dark and it was just both of us on the terrace.His hands reached a
little above my plump gaand and finally he placed his hands on my big round bums.I could feel his hands moving over my
silk night gown.It was black in color so nobody could notice what we were doing even if someone popped in suddenly.In between
the conversation itself he gave a little press to my bum cheeks and I left a slight moan.

Uncleji : Tumhari jaisi ek chalu aurat ko maine nahi dekha Chaitrali.Kya tumhe pasand aa rahi hai jab main tumhe waha dabau toh? (I have never seen a naughty lady like you.Do you like when I press your bum?)

Me : (moaned unnngghhhh) Pasand aa rahi hai uncleji, dabate raho.Aur zor se dabao naa unnnghhhh (I love it uncle.Please keep doing it unnnghhhhhh.)

He slowly moved his other hand on my thigh and started massaging my thighs.My hands had went around his neck and he started
moving his hands from my thighs to my big round firm boobs.His hands were massaging my boobs from over my silky night gown.
He squeezed them for sometime and he hugged me.He kissed my neck and was squeezing my round bum at the same time.But
suddenly he got a call from his wife.She called to ask him where he was and when is he returning.He asked if he could kiss me.I
blushed and agreed.He kissed my lips and as he was in a hurry he said he will come next day afternoon at 2 or 3.I said ok and he left.

Uncle left and I sat there alone horny and half used.I pulled my gown little up and put my hands inside.Moved my panty a little away from
my pussy and rubbed my pussy with my fingers.I rubbed for a long time and came there.I got up and left the terrace and went home.It was
around 10.30 at night when uncleji called me on my phone.We had a naughty chat.We spoke of sex and his likes and dislikes and mine also.
He said his friend whom he was talking to today in the evening also wanted to meet me.I said but it would be a risk if you both come to my
place.Suddenly if someone comes it might be a problem.He said nobody would be awake at that time as everyone would have had lunch and
sleeping.I said ok and he disconnected the phone.

Next day morning I got up finished my breakfast and went for a shower.I had my shower and came out and sat in front of the mirror.I thought
in my mind that I have sat in front of this mirror so many times to get ready to tease a man or for make-up to get fucked.I was sitting nude
and I dried my long silky hair.I made a bun out of my long hair and tied it with a hair stick on top of my head.I looked at my big round firm
mangoes and pinched my nipples with my fingers.They got erect thinking of 2 uncles going to fuck me that noon.I parted my legs and my
clean shaved pussy was shining.I rubbed them as well and turned around to see my big round gaand.I slapped my naughty gaand and it
shook up and down.I walked towards my wardrobe and looked for a nice sexy saree.I pulled a red transparent floral saree from a hanger
and a red plane back open,deep front blouse.It had a string to the back with a long latkan which went till the level of my big round bums.So
I chose to wear that for uncle.Then I took my long mangalsutra and put my sindoor and bindi.I wore my peticoat and my blouse.Tied the string
to my back and the latkan hung exactly over my big fleshy ass.I wore my saree tight around my bums and made a single pallu so that my
deep cleavage would be visible from the transparent yellow saree.After that I wore my kamarband above the pallu and I put my red lipstick.I could
feel my lips getting ready as I applied the lipstick slowly.I licked my lips with my wet tongue.After that I did my mascara and kajal on my big eyes.
I wore my yellow bangles on both my hands.I put red nail polish.I took a round big red bindi and stuck it on my forehead.Took my sindoor dabba
and put sindoor on my forehead.I wore my hanging earrings and put my septum nose ring.It hung over my upper lip as it had an ornamental hanging.
I got up and had a look in the mirror and I was all ready to be tasted by uncle and his friend.It was 2 in the noon when normally nobody used to be
outdoors in the society.There are 4 buildings in our complex.During the noon all the children and the college going students are not home.They all
have schools and colleges during the noon time.And all the men go for work, so only the housewives are there during that hour.And almost all of
them they go to sleep after lunch.And it's all silent and calm during the afternoon hours.

Around 2.30 my door bell rang and I was all sexcited to see both the old men.I opened the door and it was uncle and his friend.He introduced him
as Chacha.(uncle in hindi). They both came in and Chacha gave me a packet and asked me to wear it.I opened it and it was a gajra for my hair.I
was feeling shy as 2 uncles had brought me gajra for my hair and they were staring at me.They had already made me nude in their thoughts.Chacha
said I look very beautiful and sexy.I just blushed.He said I would look more sexy if I wore the gajra on my hair.So I went inside and wore the gajra
on my hair and came.I tucked the gajra with my hair stick which was holding my bun made out of my long silky hair.When I came in front of them
they were excited to see me wearing the gajra and the red saree.Uncle got up and went behind me.He said,"Uffffff kya lag rahi ho gajre mein
tum Chaitrali gudiya!!!." Chachaji also got up and turned me around.He took a round and was looking at my curvy structure and said ," yaar
teri padosan toh ekdum mast hai."Uncle said,"Bohot chalu bhi hai meri yeh garam padosan." They said they will take me to the garden for a
walk and sit there for sometime under the gazebo which is surrounded by lot of tree in our society.So they asked me to wear my sandal and
we left.I locked the door and we walked down to the garden.I was wondering what would they do to me in the garden.Chachaji had held my
left hand and Uncle my right hand.I was walking in between them.Luckily nobody was there in the garden as I told you they all sleep during the
noon.We reached the gazebo and sat on the bench inside.It was all covered around with bushes and trees so the sunlight was not reaching
inside.So it was shaded inside and cool also.They made me sit in between them.They said that they are very old close friends.They had a
girlfriend during their college days who liked 2 guys at a time to seduce her.And they used to go to a place like this behind their college.I
now knew they were planning something naughty outside.I was getting horny by the thought.They placed their hands on my thighs and
started massaging me.I also kept my hands on their crotch and could feel their hardness inside.They were discussing how to seduce me.
I was just listening to them and I was getting wet inside.They were saying we should first massage and fondle her here in the open as she
is also like it.And then take her to the terrace and make her nude over there and fuck her for sometime there.Then later in the evening
take her back to her apartment and fuck her there for the entire evening.As they discussed all this their massaging speed became faster
and hotter for me.They were now rubbing my chut are from above the saree itself.Someone opened the door and it was our watchman.
He saw us sitting on the bench and suddenly chachaji went behind me to hide himself and sat down.Now my ass was in front of his face.
Watchman came to us and asked uncleji what happened.Uncle said that we were waiting for someone.Watchman had some society topics
to chat with uncle.Meanwhile chachaji was licking and kissing my open back.I was biting my lips without letting the watchman notice me.Finally
the watchman left and chachji came to the front and started fondling my boobs.He said,"Yaar iske aam bohot mast aur mulayam hai.Ise
chooso main Chaitrali ?" I moaned and said,"uuuiiimaaaa chooso na meri aaamo ko chachaji...Nangi kar do na mujhee aaahhhh."He said,"
yaar chal isko terrace par le jaate hai aur waha nangi karte hai saali ko."Uncle and chacha took me to the terrace where there is a big place
before we enter the open terrace.It's a covered place and no flats are there on that floor.They started kissing my lips and uncle was behind me
kneading my big round fleshy gaand.He slowly dropped my pallu and chacha unwound it around my body.I was only wearing my blouse and
peticoat.They untied my peticoat knot and dropped it down.Uncle from behind opened my knot which had a long latkan hanging till my big
gaand.He removed my blouse and I was naked in front of them only wearing my high heel sandal,mangalsutra,my septum nose ring, and long
hanging earings.Chacha licked my lips and my hanging nose ring was hitting his nose while licking and kissing me.He licked my hanging
septum ring also.My tongue was out and both uncle and chacha licked me and smooched me deep inside my mouth.They licked my cheeks
and kissed my neck.Uncle went behind and dropped his pants.Chacha also dropped his pyjama like cotton pants.Both their dicks were ready
and hard for me.I could feel uncle's dick in between my bum cheeks and he had held my boobs from behind firm for chacha to lick my
nipples.Chacha was licking my nipples and also his fingers were rubbing my clit at the same time.He increased his speed and I was all wet.
"Yaar saali ekdum garam ho gayi hai.Isko din raat kutiya jaise chodne mein bohot mazaa ayega.Raand hai saali.Pati ghar par nahi hai toh
apne padosi se chudwati hai saali rundi.Chaitrali tum hum dono ki bahu jaisi ho.Hamari rundi bahu.Apne dono sasur ke lund ko mu me logi
hamari rundi bahu?" I said," Ha loongi, ab tumhari bahu ek number ki rundi item hai toh sasur ka toh kehna maanungi naaa..." They made me
kneel down and chachaji asked me to open my mouth wide.I knelt down and opened my mouth wide open and put my tongue out like a dog.
Chachaji place his dick on my wet tongue and slapped my tongue for a while.He then pushed his dick inside and started stroking and fucking
my mouth.My head was moving to and fro and I could feel my hair stick coming and my long hair getting loose.I was jerking uncleji's dick
with my hands at the same time.

After a while of mouth fuck my hair stick fell down and my long silky hair cascaded down and my gajra fell on my sexy face.Chachaji was
already out of control fucking my mouth seeing the septum ring hitting his dick head every time he pushed and pulled it out of my mouth.
When he saw my long silky black hair falling loose on my shoulder he came inside my mouth and my mouth was filled with his cum.Now he
took out his dick and uncle came to the front of my face.Chacha went behind and held my long hair and playing with it standing behind me.
He held it like a rope and uncleji started fucking my mouth.Fucking my mouth hard and deep inside and looking at chachaji playing with my
long hair made him also cum inside my mouth.They said they will take me home nude and with that cum all around my lips.We walked
nude to my apartment and we got in.Luckily we met no one in the staircase and we were very silently coming down.We entered my house
and they both got horny again.They took me to my bedroom and uncle held my mangalsutra and made me walk on the bed while chachaji
slapped and spanked my big ass.He bit my ass flesh and held my hair.He made me stand like a dog.And uncle came to the front for a blowjob.
Chacha shoved his dick inside my wet chut and started pushing his dick deep inside holding my hair.Uncle was badly fucking my mouth without
any mercy. Chacha was ready to cum and he took out his dick and came to the front for a blowjob.Uncle went behind and started fucking my
wet chut. They fucked me in turns for a while.I gave them blowjobs also in turns.After 20 minutes of being an obedient rundi bahu, they made
me stand like a dog and asked me to give blowjobs.I gave chachaji blowjob and he came all over my face.Then it was uncle's turn.He also
fucked my mouth and slapped my tongue and my face with his dick and finally came on my face holding my long silky hair in his hands.

My mangalsutra was all covered with their cum and also my septum ring with saliva and cum.They again fucked me that entire evening in
every position possible.Uncle made some excuse to his wife who was in the same building and they both stayed for that night in my house.
They fucked my that night as well.They took me to the terrace at mid night and fucked me there in the open.Next day morning they left
and I went to have a long bath as I was totally drenched in sweat and cum.My hair was also covered with cum and was in a horrible
condition.Late night I called Suresh and told him about the rundi padosan and chudakkad bahu role that I was playing with the uncles
around.Again like always I gave him a nude show on the webcam and was rolling on the bed and fingering myself in front of the camera for

Chapter 44