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My story since school days Chapter 45


Suresh was making arrangements to take me to Dubai.He asked me to do a secretarial course which would help me find a job there.So I
went to a class which taught the subject.I had to enrol and had to go to get the admission first.I got ready wearing my saree and a deep
cut back open blouse.I did all my make-up and left home.On my way I had many onlookers.I got into my regular rickshaw and he drove
me to the classes.He said,"Bhabhi main wait karta hu."He winked at me saying that. I just blushed and went inside the building.It was a
2 storey building which had 6 flats which all had some or the other classes.There were college going students,there were elderly men
attending classes there.My class was on the first floor.I went inside and there was one man who asked me to wait in the reception.I
sat on the sofa.There were many men who were coming out after a class.They all stared at me and I just blushed looking at them.I
didn't see a single woman.I thought Chaitrali tujhe yaha koi pata lega shayad.I had left my long silky hair open with just a clip to the end
to hold it together and that it doesn't fly in the breeze.The receptionist then came out and asked me to go to the office inside where
the Sir sits.I got up and walked towards the room when I felt the receptionist guy was checking out my naked back and my big round
ass swaying left and right.I knocked the door and sir asked me to come in.Before entering the room I just turned around and looked at
the receptionist guy.His eyes were glued to my ass when he suddenly noticed me watching him.I just smiled and entered the room.Sir
was around 40 years of age,he asked me to sit down.He got a good view of my long silky hair and complimented me saying that I have
beautiful long hair.He asked me what course I was looking for.I said I was looking for a secretarial course.He said the classes are going to
start tomorrow and that I came to join in the right time.I just blushed and he kept on staring me.He was staring at my cleavage whenever
he got a chance.He gave me a form and asked me to fill it.I took a pen and started filling it.I had a doubt and asked him.He got up and
came and stood behind me.I knew he was watching my naked back as my blouse was very deep behind.His body was touching mine while
he was clearing my doubts.His crotch was touching my shoulder.I was feeling the heat inside me.

I finished filling the form and have it to him.He said there are some important characters you should possess for becoming a good
secretary.We shall train you for that.You have to be bold and outgoing.He then held my shoulders and made me stand.He looked in to
my eyes and said you have the right personality to become a successful secretary.He then took a round around me and was checking me out.
He said you have maintained yourself nicely which will help you become a good secretary.But you have to change your saree and start
wearing skirts and shirts for the classes.So that you get a feel of how a good secretary would be like.He looked at my sindoor and he
knew I was married.He asked if my husband would have any problem with my wearing short skirts and tight shirts.I said he is working
abroad and it won't be a problem.So he said then it would be ok for you to attend late night classes also right? I said what are late night
classes.He said there are some practicals which are given with special attention to individual students.He looked at me from tip to toe after
saying that.I knew what he meant by his looks.I just blushed and said it won't be a problem.I gave him the advance fee and left the building.
I got back home and called Suresh.Told him about the classes and said the Sir looks a little naughty to me. Suresh asked me to enrol and
have some fun and learn whatever I could learn.I said I had to do some shopping as the sir has asked me to wear skirt and shirts for the
classes.He said your sir really looks a little naughty, show him how a good secretary would be like.

That evening I went to Rahul's shop who had a good range of formal wear.I met Rahul and he showed me some really good and
sexy skirts.And also some very flimsy shirts.I liked 3 skirts out of the lot.One was a mini skirt which would show my thighs.Second was a
leather type material which was a little above my knee.And third one was a cloth material which had a long zip behind exactly at the centre
of the ass.It was end to end zip.I took 3 shirts as well.All short sleeved. Rahul took me to the lingerie section and showed me some stockings
garter belts and thongs and bras.I selected 4 sets of stockings,garter belts,thongs and bra.He then took me to the imitation jewellery section.
I liked a pearl choker neck piece, another leather neck piece which had a ornamental hanging to the front.He packed all of it and then he
got me some high heel sandals.I liked a red one which would go with one of my red skirts.Then I liked a black one as well.He packed all
my selected items and I asked for a bill.He said these are absolutely free and he took me to his office cabin.I wasn't wearing anything fancy.
Just a chiffon saree and a blouse and tied my long hair till the end.He opened my hair and removed my saree.He dropped his pants and
asked to give him a blowjob.Only wearing my blouse and petticoat I gave him a blowjob and it was a quickie.He came in my mouth and I
got myself cleaned and left his shop.

Next day morning I got my shower and sat in front of the mirror.I looked at myself and I told myself that I was ready for my next adventure
with a sir.It's been long since I was handled by a teacher.Last was during my school days.I blow dried my long silky hair and tied it to a bun
with a long pencil,just to give that secretary look.I got my bra which only covered my areola properly leaving all the other area fully naked
just held with very thin strings.Then I stood up and pulled my thin stripped thong up.It was to give a good shape to my ass when I wore the
short skirt and not to show that panty line.Then I pulled up my black linen skirt which had an end to end zipper.I pulled it up and looked
at the mirror while I pulled that zip up till the top going over the curvature of my big round plump ass.It was quite tight enough holding my
plump ass tight.I slapped my thick ass and it moved only a bit.It was tight and hard.Then I wore my shirt which was also tight and buttoned
them.After buttoning it could barely hold my big mangoes.They stood firm.I thought in my mind that Rahul knew all my curves so well that he
got the right sizes for me.I didn't wear my stockings.Just wanted to see how many men would go mad for me on the first day.I got into my
high heels and took a small shoulder hanging bag which had a long string and would keep moving and hitting the side of my thighs when I
walked.I locked the door and got out of my building.It was morning 11.00 and the watchman of our building and other men were staring at me.
Some even complimented me.I took my usual rickshaw and he said that I looked like a pataka. Pataka is bomb in Hindi.He dropped me in the
class and left.He said he'll come to pick me up after the classes and to just give a missed call.I said ok and I went inside the class building.

The receptionist guy was staring at me from top to bottom and I just blushed.He asked me to go and take a seat in the classroom.He walked
behind me to show the class and I knew he was checking out my back.He opened the door coming to the front brushing my ass and I went
inside.There were many men aged around 30 and 40.Some young boys as well.There was no seat at all when I was wondering to sit,Sir
came in and asked me to sit on the front bench in between 2 men.The man on the aisle seat got up and let me in.I settled down.I took my
glasses out and put it.It gave a more secretarish look to my face.My red lipstick and make-up made my face look more like a secretary and
a sexy look as well.

We all started standing up and introducing ourselves and I also did the same saying that my name is Chaitrali and blah blah.Sir just gave a
short normal basic lecture about the course and the structure and all.He gave us all one book to note down the notes.During the whole class
he was looking more towards me.And I also gave him some naughty looks.The heat inside me was building as I was the only woman in the
class in between 2 unknown stranger men and about 10 men in the whole class with another Sir who was also a male.I could feel my pussy
getting wet thinking of many naughty things running through my mind.Automatically my mouth was feeling the urge to take some hot
dick and eventually I put my pen inside my mouth and held then in between my lips.Sir was quite horny looking at me as he gave me
some very lusty looks during the classes.Classes got over and he asked me wait.All the men left and it was around 4.00 in the evening.
He took me to his cabin and said that,"Chaitrali you look so beautiful and like a proper secretary.Your skirt and shirt is just perfect.You
have got the looks to become a successful secretary,now you just have to be taught how to become an obedient secretary and efficient one.

He took me to his cabin and said that,"Chaitrali you look so beautiful and like a proper secretary.Your skirt and shirt is just perfect.You
have got the looks to become a successful secretary,now you just have to be taught how to become an obedient secretary and efficient one."
He asked me to stand so that he can check my height.I knew all this was just to get a chance to touch me.He took me towards the wall
where there was a long scale stuck to the wall.He made me stand against it.My big round big bums touched the wall first and then my back.
He held my shoulders and holding my chin he made my face straight.He checked my height and said it's just perfect for a secretary.And he
looked to my face in to my eyes and said the face you got is also just sexy and apt for a secretary.He said sorry for calling me sexy.It just
came out of my mouth looking at your attractive face.I blushed and said it's ok. His hands were still on my shoulder.He then made me stand
away from the wall and took a round around me.He said that I had maintained my curves very nicely even after marriage.I said thank you.
He held me from behind around my waist.I just shook a bit by his touch as I didn't expect him to progress so fast.He didn't leave his hold.
He asked me what happened.I said,"Nothing sir I just felt a shiver when you touched me." He asked me if I liked it.I didn't reply anything.He
knew that I also liked his touch so he proceeded further and held my around my waist fully with his hands.I could feel his semi erect dick
against my round tight big bums.He said,"Chaitrali your back side is so curvy and big and round and so tight."saying that he slowly moved
his hands upwards to my boobs and I felt both his palm on my boobs and he gave them a slow press.He then pulled my pencil in the hair
which was holding my bun.The pencil came out and my long silky hair fell all over him and he held me tight and was jerking his dick against
my big round ass.

He turned me around and I was looking down as if I was shy to look at his face.He said it's ok all this is part of the training.He held my silky
hair and planted a kiss on my red shiny lips.He slowly made his way into my mouth with his tongue and our tongue rolled and his hands
were fondling and caressing my bums.His chest was crushing my boobs.He slowly opened all the buttons of my shirt which was still tucked
inside my skirt.He could see my deep cleavage and he kissed my cleavage.He saw my fancy bra and pushed it aside a bit and pulled out my
erect nipples.He licked my nipples with his tongue and it was all wet with his saliva.He licked and sucked my nipple and I was moaning
holding his head and pulling towards me.As he had just started making me horny, someone knocked the door and I hurriedly put my bra
properly and buttoned my shirt.I tied my hair to a bun somehow and sat on the chair.Sir opened the door and it was the receptionist who
said that Sir's wife is waiting outside.I was a little disappointed and so was Sir.He said we will see tomorrow for the class.That night I went
home and called Suresh.I was so hot and horny that day.I removed all my clothes and was roaming nude in my house and I fingered myself
in front of Suresh on the cam that night.

Next day Suresh called me in the morning and asked me to wear a very sexy short skirt and a tight shirt and behave like a proper slutty
secretary in the class.I had my shower.I combed my long hair and plaited it till the end so it hits my tight round ass, and keeps moving
left and right over my short mini skirt.I wore my stockings, black ones, then my garter belt and clipped it with my stocking.I wore my
fancy nipple open bra.The opening was having floral patterns around the my areola.I pulled up my tight mini skirt and it fit tight over my
curvy big round gaand.I zipped it from behind and then wore my tight white shirt.The buttons could barely hold my boobs and my erect
nipples were popping out of my thin shirt material.I wore a coat over my shirt just to give a more corporate look to myself.I wore a broad
pearl choker neck piece.I put my bright red lip stick and my lip gloss.I moved my lips left and right and licked them with my wet tongue. Uffff
such a slut I was,"Chaitrali you had a dream of making it big in the corporate world being a whore and this is your first step towards it.", I
thought in my mind.My shirt was V necked so my cleavage was clearly visible and my boobs used to move up and down when I walked.I
just took a walk in front of the mirror to check I looked sexy enough.My long plaited silky hair hit my big gaand with every step and then I
sat back and put my kajal and mascara for my eyes and eye lashes.I had big round eyes which looked sexy enough to attract a man.My skirt
was a black color one and so was my coat.I wore my black shiny high heel sandal and took a pen and clipped it to the V shape of my deep
neck shirt and wore my very secretarish glasses.I looked into the mirror and I knew Sir would definitely try to get a chance to fuck me.I got
down and my neighbor uncle said that I look like a bomb and said that he'll come tonight at my place as his wife is out of town for 2 days.I
just blushed and said ok.It was around 11.00 in the morning and I reached classes in half an hour.Rickshaw driver looked at me and said,
"madame aap ekdum maal lag rahi ho."I just blushed and went inside the building.The receptionist said the sir is on his way.He also
complimented me for my attire.Blushed and walked through the passage towards my class.When I reached the door I could hear the men
talking about me."Suna hai woh nayi item hai na apni class ki,Chaitrali, ekdum patakha hai woh.Usko patana chahiye.Shadi shuda hai shayad
saali.Par suna hai uska pati abroad hai kahi.Aur woh akeli hai yaha.Jab chalti hai saali ki gaand kya machalti hai.Chhaavi hai woh saali maal."One
man was talking about me in a dirty manner and I was feeling the heat within me.The other men replied,"Ha tu bhi toh chhava hai, pata le us
maal ko.Thoda time use kar usko aur phir chod de.Usko bhi maza aayega shayad.Badi chalu lagti hai saali.Tu try maar."I opened the door and
went inside.The moment I walked inside everyone were staring at me and wished me good afternoon.They wished me back.I took my seat with
the man who was talking about me.He was continuosly staring at me and I just blushed and kept my bag under my desk.His name was Sanjay.
Sanjay said,"Tum bohot hot lag rahi ho aaj is dress mein Chaitrali.Aur tumne apne aap ko kaafi maintain bhi kiya hai.Ekdum maal lag rahi ho."I
just blushed and said thank you.Sanjay was tall and dark and he was quite handsome as well.He asked me about my husband and a little about
my personal life.Why I was doing this course and all.I said I would be joining my husband abroad and he has asked me to do this course.He asked
if I felt lonely without my husband around and some other indirect naughty questions.After a while Sir came and he started his lectures.He then
made a small test on the white board and asked me to solve the questions.So I got up and Sir sat on his chair.I started writing down the answers
on the board and I could feel all the men staring at my big round ass and my stockings.I dropped my marker on the floor and I bent down to pick
it up.I had to bend too much as I was wearing a high heel.My skirt had a 20 inch cut in the middle and I was sure that they must have seen a
little of the inner portion of my ass cheek.I had worn a thong to avoid panty lines on my tight skirt.I picked up the marker and continued my
writing.While I was writing Sir was also continuously staring at my ass.Someone threw a chalk on my ass and I turned around.Sir shouted and
said to behave to all the students.There were around 8 men including Sir.I was the only woman.I turned around as I was feeling horny.After a
minute or so , someone again threw a chalk to my bums.I turned around and told Sir,"Dekho naa Sir yeh log mujhe chhed rahe hai."Sir said,"Dekho
tum ek secretary ho aur sab kuch jhelne ki taqat honi chahiye.You should tolerate all these small things.Only then you become a perfect secretary."
I just blushed and Sir got up.He looked at my ass and said there are 2 chalk marks behind.He held my shoulder with his left hand and started rubbing
my ass to clean the chalk mark with his right hand.In the process he tried to dust the chalk off my skirt, by slapping my ass.My ass shook up and
down with every slap.I just moaned aahhhhh.Sir said that's all for today and we shall meet again tomorrow.Everyone left and Sir asked me to
wait after class.I knew for what it was.I waited in the classroom.It was around 2 in the noon.Everyone left including the receptionist.Sir went to the
front and locked the main door from inside.I was a little nervous and sexcited as well.Sir came to the classroom where I was waiting and he
came inside and closed the windows.He said nobody would come here to disturb us.I just blushed and he went and sat on his chair.He asked me
come to his table.I went and stood near him.He said,"Chaitrali today I will teach you how to be a good secretary.He had made a note and asked
me to note it down while he dictates. I took my pen from my shirt which was clipped in.He got a good view of my deep cleavage and he held my
hand and made me stand much nearer to the table and himself.He was on my right side and he started dictating.My notebook was on the table
and I had to bend to write.When I bent he sat back on his chair and was staring at my ass and he kept his hands around my waist.I just shook
by his touch but he said," it's ok Chaitrali you have to comfortable." He asked me to remove my coat and be a little more comfortable.He got up
and went behind me and unbuttoned the 2 buttons it had and removed my coat and kept it on the table.I was already feeling the heat inside my
slutty pussy and it was moist.He sat back on his chair and his hands back on my waist.I was still bending and writing.He could see my hard nipples
making an impression on my tight thin shirt.His hands went a little down over my ass and he reached the area where there was a cut on the skirt.
He inserted his hands inside the cut and went in between my thighs from behind.Oh I was so hot ,I said,"uuuiimaaaa Sir aap kya kar rahe ho.Chhodo
na mujhe."He asked,"Are you not liking what am doing?"I just blushed looking at him and he knew I was equally hot and loving it.He made me sit
on his lap and he stopped dictating the notes.His hands went on to unbutton my shirt.He opened all my buttons one by one and finally removed my

He made me stand and held me from behind.He slowly un plaited my long silky hair and opened it.It made him so horny that he started sucking
my nipples holding my hair from over the bra itself.My nipple area was open through the bra,so it was easy for him to service my boobs and
nipples.He spread his saliva all over my nipples.He made me stand on the bench.He slapped my ass and said,"Chaitrali you have the potential to
become a rundi secretary,a whore secretary which is needed to climb the corporate heights.I will reimburse your fees if you make me happy like
this at least a week and will recommend a job for you in some good company.He held my hair and brought me down the bench and made me
stand like a dog on the bench.He went behind and pulled up my skirt and he saw my big round tight fleshy ass.He slapped them and said,"You
have a good shaped round plump swinging gaand. Keep swinging your gaand as much as you can.This will attract any man specially in this
costume.Kya rundi hai tu Chaitrali."I said,"Sir make me a good naughty secretary,make me a slut secretary, make me a rundi.Sir I am all yours."
Sir dropped my thong down and my short skirt also.I was now only wearing my pearl choker neck piece and my fancy bra and stocking and garter
belt.He didn't want to remove my stocking and garter belt.I was wearing my high heel also.He spat on my chut from behind as I was in a doggy
position and rubbed it hard with his fingers.He inserted 2 fingers inside and finger fucked me for sometime.I was all wet already.He came to my
front and opened his zip.His dick sprung out and my mouth opened automatically looking at it's size.I put my wet tongue out and he placed
his dick on my tongue.I licked the head and the side of the shaft.I licked the entire dick and slowly slid it inside my mouth.I gave him a good
blowjob and he was hard and ready to push his dick inside me.He went behind and spread my ass cheeks.He spat again to lubricate me.He slowly
pushed his dick inside and holding my hair pushed it fully inside.He started moving inside out and started fucking me hard.He was shouting,"Saali
kitni gandi raand hai tu Chaitrali.Meri chudakkad raand secretary banegi tu?Ahhhhh Chaitrali raand.Shadi shuda hai phir bhi gair mard se chudwati hai.

Aaah aaah uuunnngghhhhhh uuuiimaaaaa mujhe chodo Sir aur zor zor se thok daalo mujhe.Apni rundi bana do mujhe. aaahhhhh Sir
aur thoko mujhe zor zor se thoko naaaaaunnnggghhhhhh. Oh fuck me.

He fucked me very hard.Then he held my hair and fucked my mouth for a while.He was ready to shoot his cum and he took his dick out of
my mouth and sprayed his hot sticky cum all over my face and lips.I licked his dick clean with my wet tongue and I left the class.Next
day I had fun with Sanjay.

Will let you all know how was that if I get more comments.Thank you.

Chapter 45