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My story since school days Chapter 46


That day I went back home and by evening my neighbor uncle and chachaji came to my place.They fucked me that night.They gifted me
a saree and a very sexy blouse which was back open with just a thin string tied behind.Front was fully open, just some cloth enough to
cover my nipples and a bit of my circular shaped boobs.I had worn that saree and blouse that night for them to fuck me.They fucked me
crazy that night.Next day morning I got ready for classes.

I put my kajal and did my mascara.I thought of giving a slight desi touch to my secretary attire,so I put my sindoor.Then made a round bindi
with the sindoor itself.I put my red lipstick and gloss.I was thoroughly fucked by Sir,uncleji and chachaji in the last 24 hours and I was ready
for more cock for the day.I looked into the mirror and I licked the mirror right over my face and the mirror got all the saliva from my wet tongue.
I wore a hanging earing, and my pearl choker necklace.Just stuck around my neck tight.

I then took my black stockings.Pulled it up and clipped it with my garter belt.

Took my ornated thong and wore it to avoid panty lines on my skirt.

I wore my nipple open bra and clipped it behind.

Then I took my black tight silky skirt and pulled it up and zipped it from behind.I wore my white full sleeve shirt which had a deep V neck
and exposed my cleavage line.

I sat down and combed my long silky hair and tied it to a bun and stuck a pencil to hold it tight.

I wore my toe rings and then my high heel sandal.

I looked into the mirror and I was looking like a desi married whore in a western corporate slutty outfit.I got up and took my long bag and
left my apartment.I was feeling wet by thinking that all the make-up and nakhras I have done today will be unleashed by either Sir or Sanjay or
someone else.I got a lot of attention as usual from the society people.I reached the class and Sir had not come.He was not going to come
and the other students had also come to the class.They were inside the class.The receptionist guy asked me to go inside and do some classwork
which Sir has left for us all to do.I wanted to listen what the men were talking in the class,so I went and stood at the door and again they were
talking about me.

I thought of standing there and listening to their conversation.Sanjay was also there inside.I could hear him.Other men were teasing him
saying,"Kyu Sanjay teri chhaavi Chaitrali nahi aayi ab tak? Babu (the receptionist) keh raha tha ke kal Chaitrali ko Sir kuch extra lessons
sikha rahe the.Kuch chakkar chalu hai kya unka?" Sanjay got angry and asked them to shut up and stop talking about his girl like that.They
said,"Uske chaal chalan se saali ek tight item aur chaalu bhi lagti hai.Tune usko pata liya hai kya Sanjay?" He said,"Ha pat gayi hai woh."
They asked,"Toh ab maze kab loot raha hai uski?" Sanjay said,"Main usko date par bulaunga aaj" They said ,"Dekh lena woh turant maan
jayegi.Saali ekdum chaalu item hai woh."Sanjay was getting angry but the others were enjoying to tease him with my name.I knew Sanjay
was also only interested in tasting me and not some kind of love or anything.I felt his lust for me the very first day.

I knocked the door and got inside.The moment I entered everyone were silent and staring at me and so was Sanjay.I went and sat with
Sanjay.They said,"Sanjay fan chalu karu?Bohot garmi hoti hogi na tujhe?" I knew what they meant.I just blushed and looked at Sanjay.
He pushed a little more towards me and his thighs were touching mine.I was already wet thinking of so many men craving to touch me
and Sanjay wanting to fuck me.On the board there were columns with everyone's names and some questions which SIr had left to solve.
Mine was last.Every men went and completed their answers and at last I went and stood near the black board.All the men were staring at
my big round ass.I could feel their eyes feasting my ass.I started writing down the answers on the board.My ass used to swing up and down
as I tried to reach the top of the board to write answers against the questions.I purposely jumped a little to give a nice swinging view of
my big round plump ass to all the men behind me.Some one again threw a chalk like last day on to my ass.I turned around and Sanjay
shouted at the men as he was sitting on the first bench.I turned back around and someone again threw a chalk.My skirt again got the dust
from the chalk thrown to my ass.Sanjay came to me and he kept his hands on my as after asking my permission.He rubbed the chalk part
thoroughly like the Sir did the other day.But Sanjay's was more in an erotic manner.Up and down he rubbed travelling the entire mound of
my round ass with his palm.Others started whistling and said,"Sanjay teri chhaavi ko kisine mara toh tujhe feel hua huh?Chal hum log nikal
rahe hai, tu Chaitrali ka answers finish hone tak wait kar." I just blushed as Sanjay looked at me.They said good bye to me.They left and
Babu came and said that he had to go somewhere so he is leaving the key on his desk.He asked Sanjay to lock the door when he leaves.
Babu also left and we both were left alone.I was horny as hell and wanted Sanjay very badly.But I wanted to be a shy slut for him.

Sanjay stood behind me as I kept writing the answers.He made me sit after finishing my answers.He said he was waiting for me to be
alone and that he wanted to propose me.He said he wanted to marry me.(I knew he was just trying me out).I said that I am married and
that my husband is working abroad.He kept looking at my boobs in intervals and said that he was very sad knowing that I was married.He
said he wants to hug me once.I blushed and asked,"Agar koi aa gaya toh?" He said that he'll go and lock the main door of the class.He left
and came back after locking the door.I was feeling the wetness in my thongs.I went and stood by the window watching outside.He slowly
entered the room and came and stood behind me.Long hair tied to a bun.Big round tight curvy ass is what he could see from behind.I felt his
hands being placed on the side of my waist.I was a little shocked and horny also.I didn't move which gave me more confidence to proceed
further so he moved his hands to the front from under my hands and held me tightly from behind.He pulled me towards him and my big round
bums hit his semi erect thing.He kept his chin on my shoulder and kissed my cheeks.I turned my face to the other side closing my eyes and
leaving a slight moan.Ahhhhh.He then kissed my neck and moved towards my ears and licked my ear lobe.His lips were all over my shoulders
and neck and I had closed my eyes,enjoying every second of it.I was moaning,"Ohh Sanjay bas karo naaaaaahhhhhh..."He also moaned,"Kyu
Chaitrali tumhe pasand nahi aa raha jo main kar raha hu???" I moaned and said,"Unnngghhhhh kuch ho raha hai mujhe."He could clearly
see my deep cleavage from behind and he slowly moved his hands over my ripe mangoes.He asked me,"Kya main is aam ke tokri ko
khol du Chaitrali darling? (Shall I open this basket of mango?)" I moaned,"Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai Saannjjaaayyyyy unnnghhhh."He slowly
opened one by one all the buttons and my shirt was open from the front.He was excited to see my front open bra which showed my erect
nipples through the opening in the bra.He slowly took his fingers and moved on to my nipples.He slowly rubbed it up and down and sideways.
I was moaning holding my hands on to his pants behind just around his crotch.My ass could feel the bulge getting bigger inside his pants.I threw
my head back on his chest out of pleasure from what he was doing to my nipples.My pencil which was acting as my hair stick was getting lose.
He was busy with my nipples and finally he slowly removed my shirt.Now I was in my tight black skirt,stockings,garter belt,back open panty,toe
ring,choker pearl necklace and my high heel sandal.He had unclasped my bra already after my shirt.My mangoes were totally naked and Sanjay
was treating very nicely and slowly.He was arousing me slowly by licking and sucking my boobs and also fondling them with his hands.
While all the fondling and sucking was going on we indulged in a little conversation.He made me to converse.

Sanjay : Chaitrali pehle hi din se meri nazren in aamo par thi.Kitne bade aur gatheele hai.Jitna madak tumhara chehra hai utna hi madak tumhara
yeh garam badan hai Chaitrali unnnggghhhhhh ... He kept sucking me...

Me : Sanjayyyyy aahhhhh meri chuchiyo ko dheere se chooso naaaahhhh...Mujhe chhod do naa Sanjay koi aa jayega...uunnggghhhhh..Main ek
shaadi shuda aurat hu...Mujhe aise mat chooso naaa Saaannnjayyyy unnnghhhhhh.

Sanjay : Chaitrali par tumhari nipples toh bohot maze le rahi hai meri chusai ka...(He took my nipples in between his teeth and slightly bit them)

Me : meri chuchiyo ko mat kaato Sanjay...

Sanjay : Chaitrali tum kitni mast madak badan hai...Aur tumhara chehra kitni chudakkad hai Chaitrali.

Me : Sanjay chudakkad matlab kya hai?

Sanjay : Chudakkad matlab ekdum rundi jaisi ... (He was now kneading my big round ass from over my tight skirt and also sucking my nipples.
He had made me sit on his lap.)

Me : Yeh rundi matlab kya hai Sannnjayyyyyy unnnngghhhhh...(I bit my lower lip and gave him a lusty expression.He made me stand and his hands
went behind to unzip my skirt.He held the zip and slowly started to move down.)

Sanjay : Rundi matlab jo aurat nangi hojana chahti hai ek paraye mard ke saamne.

While his hands were slowly unzipping my skirt bringing it down...

Me : Sanjayyyy unnnghh meri skirt mat kholo naaa...mujhe sharam aa rahi hai.

I got up quickly and I started to walk away from Sanjay,but he held my hands from behind.He also got up and I just stood still where he held me.
He came from behind,I could feel it.He had already unzipped my skirt half and he could see my thong string on top of my ass crack.He slowly
unzipped my skirt fully and he sat down on his knees to bring it totally down.It slid down slowly first exposing my thong string then my ass cheek,
then the thong string which had gone deep inside my big round plump ass cheek,then my garter belt strings which held my stockings with it's clip,
and finally my black semi transparent stockings.My skirt dropped down and he waited to see if I would get out of my skirt lifting my legs.He was
staring at my naked ass and long legs.I slowly lifted my legs to get out of the skirt on the floor.He got a signal that I also really wanted to be nude
and treated by him.He was still kneeling down on the floor and once I was out of the skirt he brought his lips towards my plump ass and gave a kiss
on my ass.He took out his tongue and started licking my plump globes.He parted my ass cheeks and slowly took out the string of my thong which
had got lost inside my plump ass cheeks.His hands went to my waist holding my thong and was about to bring it down.

Me : Sanjayyyyy woh mat utaro..Main poori nangi ho jaungi naaaaunnngggghhhh

Sanjay : Sharmao mat Chaitrali , tum meri chhavi ho naa..Yaha toh sirf hum dono hai.Aur yaha koi nahi aayega...

Me : Sanjay, chhavi matlab kya hai ?

Sanjay : Chaavi matlab ek khoobsurat aurat jiska badan ekdum madak aur kadak hai.Tum meri chhavi ho na?

Me : Ha Sanjay mai tumhari chhavi hu...

He slowly slid my thong down and it dropped on the floor.I came out of that and Sanjay again started licking and kissing and kneading my plump

Sanjay : Kitni mulayam aur badi gaand hai tumhari, Chaitrali ufff tumhari gaand ko kaatne ka mann kar raha hai.

Me : Kaato na meri gaand ko Sanjayyyy unngghhhh.

My eyes closed automatically feeling the pleasure while he kissed and bit my big round ass.He then turned me around to see my pussy.I turned
around with my eyes closed and my hands covering my face with shyness.He was excited to see my clean shaven shining pussy.My pussy was
already wet.He got up and removed my hands from my face and I looked to the right side with my eyes closed and I was breathing heavily.My
boobs were moving up and down and my nipples erect.He removed his shirt and he hugged and turned my face towards him and smooched me
deep inside my mouth.We played a lot with our tongue and I was scratching his back with my red long nails.

Sanjay : Chaitrali mera lund bohot tight ho gaya hai.Kya tum mera lund apne mu mein logi? Kya tumhe lund choosna pasand hai Chaitrali?

Me : Ummmmm haa mujhe pasand hai.Main apne pati ka bhi choosti hu.Main tumhara lund choosna chahti hu Sanjay.

Sanjay : Phir mera zip kholo aur daal do apne mu mein.

I got on my knees and unzipped his pant and his dick sprung out of his pant.He looked at it.It had a big head and it was pretty thick and long
enough.My red lips which was wet with the saliva parted and I opened my mouth and placed my lips around his head.I kissed it and his head
got my red lip marks.I took my tongue out and licked the head and licked the entire length of his dick.Then I slowly opened my mouth and pushed
his dick inside my mouth.I started sucking his dick and he was moaning with please.I looked up into his eyes giving a lusty look and I was also
moaning while sucking his dick.I was vigorously sucking him moving my head front and back.While doing that my pencil stuck in my hair came
off and my long silky red colored hair open and cascaded down.When he saw my hair open his dick got harder and he started fucking my mouth
holding my long hair.

Sanjay : Uffff Chaitrali tumhare yeh lambe baal mere hathon mein aur mera lund tumhare mu mein...Kya chudakkad nazara hai meri raand.Kya
main tumhe raand bula sakta hu Chaitrali ?

Me : Ha Sanjay mujhe pasand hai jab koi mujhe raand bulaye.Mere pati bhi mujhe rundi hi bulate hai.Aur unke kuch dost bhi mujhe bhabhi raand
bulate hai.Main tumhari hi rundi hu Sanjay.Mujhe raand banakar chod daalo unnnnngghhhh Sannjayyy

He held my hair like a ponytail in his hands and slapped my face with his dick.He made me stand up and made me sit on the desk.He went down
and parted my legs wide enough.He then went to my pussy and put his tongue on my clit and licked it.I was in heaven the moment he started
sucking my clit.He licked me for sometime and I was all wet.He then took his dick and directed it towards my pussy and pushed it inside.He brought
my long silky hair to my front and kept in exactly in between my big ripe mangoes.He held my hair and pushed his dick deep inside.He started
fucking me harder and deeper.He looked at my face and was calling my raaand,rundi,chuddakkad maal,chhavi and I was moaning heavily and loud.

After a while he made me stand on the bench on my knees.I knew he wanted to fuck me doggy style.

Sanjay : Chaitrali meri kutiya banogi?Main tumhari gaand ko dekh dekhkar chodna chahta hu.

Me : Ha Sanjay bana do mujhe apni kutiya, aur kutiya raand banakar thoko mujhe.Ek dhandewaali ki tarha.

He got horny with my words and pushed dick right away inside my wet chut and held my hair from behind.

Sanjay : Tumhari yeh laal lambe silky baal kitni mast hai.Tumhari gaand tak lambi hai tumhare yeh laal baal.

He held my silky hair and kept fucking me for a long time.He then asked me to sit on the bench and suck him.I opened my mouth and sucked him
for sometime and when he was ready to cum,he came inside my mouth and I drank all his juices.He held my hair and asked me to keep my hair
open whenever I come to class.He after a while again fucked me and it was evening 6.00 when we left the class and I went home and told
Suresh about how Sanjay fucked me.That night as usual I went nude on cam for Suresh.

Chapter 46