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My story since school days Chapter 47


Classes went on for a month and Sanjay and Sir both were regularly fucking me.It was holi the next month and I had got all ready for the festival.
There were many men in our society to have fun during holi and they kept asking,"Holi khelne aaogi na Chaitrali?" I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali
many men will take advantage of the festival and all your body parts will be touched and enjoyed by the men in the society."A wave of slutiness went
through my body.

It was the day of holi and in the evening the society had arranged for the holi pooja and I also got my saree and blouse ready.I went for a shower
at 5.00 in the evening.People were going to gather in the ground of our society by 8.00.By 5.30 I finished my shower and came and sat in front
of my dressing mirror.I blow dried my hair and combed the full length of my long silky hair.Before starting the classes I had colored my hair to a
deep red color,which was still there on my hair.I had applied oil to my hair during shower to avoid the holi colors the next day.So my hair was
shining due to the oil applied.I took a yellow hair band and tied my long hair to a pony tail leaving the rest of my hair open.Yellow because my
saree and blouse were yellow.I took my panty and wore it.There was no need to wear a bra because my blouse was back open with just a string to
tie.And moreover my blouse was padded.It was a full sleeve blouse which went till just the shoulder from my wrist.It was a transparent chiffon
material,yellow in color.The front was also deep, showing my cleavage.I wore the saree tied the knot behind.Then I took my yellow underskirt,
pulled it till my waist and tied the knot.The underskirt was tight from the waist till a bit under my big round gaand.I then took my chiffon yellow
transparent saree and wore it tight around myself so that all my curves will be properly visible to all the hungry men around me.

Then I sat back again in front of the mirror and did light make-up on my face.I did my mascara for my eye lashes.Then I put kajal and took my
red lipstick.I applied the lipstick which rubbed my tender pouting lips left and right.I applied little gloss and my hungry slutty lips,which was tasted
and fucked by so many dicks, shined and was waiting for the night.I then took the sindoor and with my last finger I put sindoor on my forehead
and also made a round bindi out of it.I took my nose ring and wore the it on the left side of my nose.I took a septum nose ring and wore it on
the middle of my nose and it's hanging ornament hung over my upper lip.I then wore my hanging long earing.I took my long mangalsutra and wore
it.I hung over my firm round big mangoes till my navel line.I wore another choker necklace which I always like to wear with my mangalsutra.I took
my kamarband which neighbor uncle had gifted me recently and he had fucked me,making me wear only that kamarband.It sat around my waist
liine just a little below my navel.I had worn my saree well below my navel.I took my anklet and wore it.I put nail polish on my finger and toe.I
wore my toe ring.There were 4 of them.2 on each.I wore my high heel sandal and stood in front of the mirror.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali
someone is definitely going to sleep with you tonight.Tu apne thumke aur matke se society ke mardo ko pagal kar degi aaj Chaitrali.Tujhe aaj
raat ko koi na koi toh zaroor chodega rundi."

I called Suresh before leaving for the pooja.He asked me,"Kaisi lag rahi hai tu aaj Chaitrali?Rundi lag rahi ho kya?" I just blushed and said,"Main
toh hu hi tumhari raand naa Suresh." Suresh said,"Ha woh to tum ho.Theek hai zara dikhao toh sahi kya pehna hai tumne.Come online."
I got my computer and switched on my webcam for him.I stood in front of the cam to show him the complete view.He said,"Chaitru you look
very hot and sexy.You will make uncle go mad tonight for you."Ekdum chuddakkad lag rahi ho tum."We had little chat and it was time for me to
leave for the pooja.So I locked the door and went downstairs.Uncle was waiting for me and so were the bachelor friends Anil and Raj.I saw
chachaji also standing with uncle.I knew they were all waiting for me.All of them were staring at me and so were the other men.Raj and Anil
came to me and complimented me saying,"Bhabhi aaj aap ekdum item lag rahi ho.Ekdum ek number ki maal.Humne aap ke in lambe baalo ke
liye gajra khareeda hai.Aap agar building ke peeche water pump house ke waha aaogi toh hum aapke baalo mein laga denge.Aap aogi bhabhi?"
I said,"Haa aati hu,paanch minute mein.Main zara sabhi aurato se thoda mil lu,aur phir aati hu."It was 6.00 and it was dark already.So no one
would be there behind the buildings near the water pump house during that hour.And it would be dark there.I went and met the ladies in the society.
I had purposely kept my long silky hair to the front so that the men can have a look at my totally naked back with just a thin string.Men were
staring at my back and actually all over my figure.I went to the men group and they all wished me holi and asked if I would be coming for the
rang panchami(Color festival) the next day.I said yes I would be coming and they were all excited.Some men with whom am close to and whose
wives were out of town had held me around my waist just above my gaand,during the conversation.I broke the conversation and I looked around.
I couldn't see Anil and Raj.I knew they must be waiting for me near the pump house.

So I left the place slowly though all the eyes were on me.It was difficult to escape.Some people asked me where am I going.I said I'll just go and
call my husband and come back.I slowly went near the building which was empty as all the people were in the ground for the pooja.It was very
silent.I went behind the building and Anil and Raj were waiting for me.There is a small room where the pump is housed.They took me inside the
pump house and they both gave me a hug.They wanted to kiss me but I said my lipstick will be spoiled.So they kissed my cheeks and kissed my
open back.Then raj took a gajra and so did Anil.First Raj held my long open pony tailed hair and Anil stuck his gajra around my pony tail and pinned it.
Then Anil held my hair and Raj stuck his gajra in the same place.Now my yellow hair band wasn't visibleThere were 2 jasmine gajras around my pony
tailed hair.They said,"Bhabhi ab tum ekdum desi maal lag rahi ho.Hum dono ne aapko us din uncle aur unke friend ke saath park mein dekha.Aur fir
humne un dono ko aapke baare mein baat karte hue bhi suna.Woh aapko chodne ka plan bana rahe the." All their talks were making me crazy and
wet down under.They massaged my gaand and boobs and my cleavage.They asked me,"Kya aap hamare ghar aaogi aaj raat ko?" I said,"Dekhoongi,
chance mili toh aaungi.Ab mujhe jana hai,nahi toh log kya sochenge." I left the place and went to join the crowd on the ground.Uncle and chachaji
noticed my gajra and they came to me.They said,"Gajra tum par acha lag raha hai.Humne bhi aapke liye gajra khareeda hai."Uncle said anyway
we will be taking her to our friend's place so we will give it to her there itself.I was surprised they had already made plans without me knowing.I
asked uncle,"Kya plans banaya hai?I don't know about this?" Uncle said there is a local big shot who is coming to our society tonight for the pooja.
So he has been watching you since a long time.Recently he knew that you stay in my society.So he wanted to meet you.You can benefit a lot from
him. I knew in my mind that uncle was going to make me a call girl.And that thought made me horny.A married call girl.Uffff it sent a wave of
rundipana to my wet chut.Uncle said that he will be coming with 2 of his friends and we five will go to his farm house to play holi tomorrow.That
big shot fellow's name was Chandan.Chachaji said,"Jis din se Chandan tumhari gaand ko dekha hai,us din se woh tumhari gaand chatne ke khwaab
dekh raha hai.Sach mein woh tumhare badi moti gaand ka dewana ho gaya hai.Aur tumhari in lambo baalo ko choone ke liye tadap raha hai."
I just blushed on their statements and as we were talking,Chandan arrived in his big fancy car.Uncle went towards the car and welcomed him.They
both went and sat on the seating arranged by the society.Chachaji was with me.I saw Chandan staring at me and uncle pointing his finger towards
me.I knew uncle was showing Chandan that I was standing in this corner.He was around 40 years of age and was staring at me with all the lust
in his eyes.He made me horny with his looks itself.I thought in my mind that it's better to go with these men than going with Anil and Raj.I wanted
to see what they had got.So I went and told them that I won't be able to come tonight to their place.I told them tomorrow afternoon I shall come
and spend the full day with both of you.

As I told them and started walking towards chachaji, uncle signalled me to come to them.I walked towards them as chachaji asked me to carry
on.As I was walking towards them all the other men were looking at my swinging wide round ass.I gave little more thumkas to my gaand as I
walked and my long pony tailed hair was to my front.I reached the place where they both were sitting.Uncle introduced me to Chandan and we
shook hands.He was a strong and handsome man.When he touched me I felt as if he was touching my wet chut.His strong hands made me leave
a slight moan out of my mouth.He noticed it.Uncle asked me to sit on the chair in between both of them.So I turned around and bent in a very
erotic way as my big round gaand protruded more and as I sat down Chandan kept his hands on the seat and my big round gaand landed on his palm.
I was about to get up again but Chandan made me sit tight holding my shoulder.He said sit on my hands for sometime Chaitrali."Itni moti aur
shape wali gaand maine kabhi nahi dekhi.Chaitrali tum bohot khoobsurat ho."I just blushed and settled myself on his hands.He was kneading me
nicely.I threw my hair behind and it hit his chest and a bit on his face.I said sorry but he looked at me with his lusty eyes and said,"Chaitrali tumhare
yeh lambe baal mere lund ko khada kar degi." I just smiled and looked on to the pooja preparations going on.There were some ladies doing it.
Chandan kept kneading my ass with his right hand and suddenly he pressed them very hard.A moan came out of my mouth unknowingly.I said,"
Dard ho raha hai Chandanji.Itna mat dabao.Koi dekh lega." Chandan took his hands from under my ass and kept his hands around my waist.His
hands slowly moved from my waist to my naked back and he started moving his fingers all around my back.His touch was making me hot,
specially with what he was doing to me in public.I was sitting in between 2 men,one who has been regularly fucking me and the other who had
plans to fuck me.I felt like a call girl, a married call girl.Shadi shuda rundi.

All the rituals got over by 11.00 and we all left the ground.Uncle told me you go to the building and then come out once all the society people
have gone home.Chandan and chachaji and myself will wait inside the car outside the society compound.So I walked towards the building with
all the women.I got back home and was waiting for uncle's call.After half an hour when it was 11.30 uncle called and asked me to come down.
I locked the door and went downstairs.Slowly,without making any sound I walked towards the gate and went out.I saw a car waiting.I walked
towards the car and the back door opened.Chandan got out and made me get inside.Uncle was sitting inside.I sat and Chandan also got inside.
Now I was again sitting in between Chandan and Uncle.Chachaji was sitting in the front seat and Chandan's friend Sham a young guy was driving
the car.Chandan introduced me to Sham.Sham was around my same age.Uncle kept his hands on my thighs and asked Chandan,"Kyu Chandan,
kaisi lagi meri bahu? Hai na ekdum item? meri bahu?" Chandan said,"Ha uncleji aapki bahu ekdum chamiya hai.Main toh aapke bahu ki moti badi
gaand aur lambe ghane baalo ka deewana ho gaya hu." Uncle said,"Sabko nahi milti aisi badi gaandwali rundi bahu."He moved his hands over my
boobs and said,"Dekho Chandan itne bade aam hai mere bahu ki.Kya tumhe yeh aam khaani hai?" Chandan said,"Mujhe toh aapki bahu ko poori
tarha se khaani hai.Sirf aam nahi.Uski badi gaand uske yeh khoosurat honth aur uski geeli chut bhi."Chandan looked at me in my eyes and asked,
"Kyu Chaitrali, khaane dogi na mujhe?" I said,"Haa Chandanji, main toh khaane ke liye hi bani hu.Main bhi chahti hu ke tum sab mujhe khaalo."

We reached his place and it was 1.00.It was quite a long trip so Chandanji asked me to go and take some rest as next day morning we have to
play holi.And you would need a lot of energy to play the game.He winked saying that.I knew what he meant.But I was horny and wanted someone
to fill my pussy.Everyone went to sleep in their rooms and so did I.It was a big bedroom.I was about to settle down when uncle called and said
that he will come to my room after everyone's asleep.He said give me a missed call before coming so that you keep the door open.I said ok and
I was happy that someone will fuck me and quench my thirst.After a while uncle called when all the lights were off.I also switched off my room lights.
And kept the door open.Uncle came inside and locked it from inside.It was dark and I had just kept the table lamp on.He came and sat on the bed
near by me.He said,"Chandan will fuck you right away if given a chance tonight.But he wants to do that with his friend Sham and chachaji and me.
Your looking so beautiful and sexy Chaitrali tonight.I wanted to take you to the garden and fuck you there itself.But I thought of fucking you here in
the farm house." I said,"Aap bhi na sasurji, kitne shararati ho gaye ho." He pinched my belly and ufffffff it hurt me and I jumped up.He also stood up
and held me from behind.He held me around my waist and pressed my gaand with his semi erect dick.I could feel his dick rubbing in between my
ass crack.He brought my long pony tailed hair to my front and his hands moved on to my mangoes.He started massaging them hard and pressing
them.He was very horny.

Me : Sasurji apne bahu ke aamo ko dheere se dabao naa unnghhhhhh.uiiimaaaaaa aur masalo.

Uncle : Uffff meri rundi bahu..In aamo ko main masal masalkar aur bade bana doonga.Kitne gatheeli hai tumhare yeh aam meri bahuraand.Apne
sasur aur sasur ke dosto ki rakheyl banogi meri bahurundi?

Both his hands massaged and rubbed my boobs vigorously.

Me : Ha sasurji banungi main tum sab ki rakheylllllll...uunnnnnggggghhhhhhhhh... Mujhe ek nangi bahuraani bana do..Aur nangi rakhkar chodte
raho aap aur aapke dost..

He untied the string behind my blouse and dropped my pallu.He unwound my saree and untied my underskirt.He removed my blouse as well.I was
standing wearing only the thong,my mangalsutra,choker necklace,earrings,anklets,toe ring,nose rings and my pony tailed long silky shining hair.He
dropped his dhoti and his dick was all erect and hard.I sat down on my knees.I held his dick and started stroking it with my hands.He then held my
hands and pushed his dick inside my mouth.He fucked my mouth for sometime.I licked and sucked him hard.He was about to cum so I stopped.He
made me lay down on the table and spread my legs.He brought his mouth towards my toe and his sucked my toe with the toe ring.He licked my
toe ring and sucked them for a while.My toe nails were well maintained with long nails and red nail polish on it.He licked with his tongue and slowly
started moving his tongue from my toe towards the inside of my thighs and finally to my clit. He was licking and sucking me like a dog.He removed
my thong and threw it on the floor.He took me in his arms and threw me on the bed.He got on top of the bed and made stand like a dog on my
knees.He went behind and held my long hair and slowly pushed his dick inside my chut from behind.He started giving strokes inside and out.He
increased his speed.He was shouting,"Meri chudakkad bahurundi teri chut ekdum mast hai meri raand.Saali veshiya bahu hai tu meri."He was pulling
my long silky hair and the pony tail made him more horny and he was slapping my big round plump gaand while fucking me.He pushed deep and
harder inside.He could see my mangalsutra hitting my boobs and he held my kamarband with other hand.He was riding me like a horse.After
a while he turned me around and pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs.He said,"Bahuraandi ab tera sasur tujhe aage se chodega.
Maza aa raha hai na?" He pushed his dick.I was moaning,"uuuuuunnnnggggh sasurji apni veshiya bahuraandi ko aur thoko...zor zor se thoko...aahh
chodo mujhe sasurjiiii.." He fucked me holding my boobs in his hands and smooched me deep inside my mouth.He got ready to cum so pulled out
his dick and brought it near my mouth.I took it inside my mouth and sucked it hard and his dick started shivering.I knew he was ready to shoot.
I keep it inside my mouth itself and he came inside my mouth.My mouth was full with his hot sticky cum.

We both collapsed and went to sleep as we had to get up early next day morning to play holi with Chandanji and the others.

Chapter 47