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My story since school days Chapter 48


Morning at 7.00 I got up and went for a shower.I applied little more jasmine flavoured oil to my long hair to avoid the colors to stick.I came out
and wore a white saree and a white blouse.Blouse had just a piece of cloth to cover my boobs and rest all were strings.It was back open,obviously
as it had a knot behind.I combed my hair properly and made a bun with a hair stick to support the bun.I wore my kamarband and mangalsutra.I put
my sindoor and also a bindi with my sindoor.I applied my red lipstick and little make-up to start the holi.There was all the chances that blouse might
come off once wet.I didn't pin my pallu to the blouse's string also.So my pallu can also come off showing my huge boobs and protruding nipples
when they make me wet.I looked at myself in the mirror and I looked like a slut.I wore my white high heel sandal and left my room.Chandanji,
chachaji,uncle and Sham were waiting outside.They were sitting and talking about me.When I reached in between them uncle said,"Chaitrali
jaakar Chandanji ke godi mein baith jao.Hum thode hi der mein holi khelna shuru karenge."As I walked everyone were saying,"Kya maal lag rahi hai
Chaitrali tum aaj.Isko aaj nehla denge nangi karke." I just blushed on their comment and sat slowly placing my big plump ass on Chandanji's laps.He
was watching my naked back with just a thin string and then he slowly moved his hands around my waist from under my saree pallu.His hands were
roaming around my navel and playing with my kamarband.Chandanji said,"Uncle aapki bahu ka hum aaj bohot mazaa lootenge.Ise tabele le chalte hai."
Uncle said,"Ha Chandan,yeh to lootne jaisi cheez hi hai.We all will destroy her today.We will fuck her till the last drop of our cum."Chandanji said,"Chaitrali
kya mast item lag rahi hai aaaj.Kitni nakhrewaali hai aapki bahu." Saying this he kissed my back and moved his tongue all around my naked back."
Everyone started rubbing their crotch watching Chandanji licking and kissing my back and me moaning with pleasure."Chandanji uunnnngghhhhh mujhe
aise mat chuo naaaa kuch ho raha hai mujhe." Chandanji made me stand and took me in his arms and took me to the tabela,cow shed.Everyone else
followed us.We all reached the cow shed which was very big.It must be having at least 20 cows and 10 to 15 bulls.Chandanji made me stand in the middle
the cow shed where there were khatiyas kept.Khatiyas are the wooden cots which had ropes woven which act as the mattress.There was one khatiya
for one person and they were arranged in a circle.Everyone sat on their respective khatiyas.Uncle Chachaji and sham.Chandanji also went and sat on his
own khatiya.

Chandanji said,"We have a plan for a game.We have 3 buckets of balloons filled with colors.And some buckets filled with water color.Each person has his
own color and buckets of balloons.You will be our canvas wearing the white saree.Now each one of us will throw these balloons on you which you
have to dodge.And also we will spray colors from the pichkari.(Pichkari is a hand water pump filled with colors to spray color water on others.)And you
have to dodge that as well.The person who makes the more number of marks on your white saree with his color will win.And he will remove one thing from
your body what your wearing.We will choose a winner every 5 mintues.So the game will continue for 5 minutes and then we check whose color has
got more marks and then take out one thing from your body what your wearing.Then again for the next 5 minutes we play and again the winner removes
one thing.During the game nobody is allowed to get down of the khatiya.If the person gets down he will be disqualified.Is the game clear to everyone.?"
Everyone shouted yes and so did I.Now I was standing in the centre of all the four men sitting on their khatiyas armed with balloons and the pichkaari.

The game started and Chandanji threw the first balloon which came and crashed on my boobs.Everyone shouted and uncle threw the second one which
came and hit my ass.My ass and boobs became wet and I was running around the centre,when chachaji sprayed his pichkari on my ass with a lot of water.
My saree around my ass area got fully wet and the saree started becoming heavier for me to hold on.My wet saree was hugging my curve and showing it
properly.While running my boobs were bouncing heavily as I had no bra inside.And my heavy bums were also swinging and bouncing.Sham threw a balloon
which I tried to dodge but it came and hit my bun and my hair stick fell down and it opened my hair bun.The next moment Chandanji sprayed water on
my hair and my hair got little wet.Uncle attached me with another balloon on my ass and chachaji sprayed a big load of water on to my hair.Now my
hair got totally wet.I was still running and dodging the balloons and the water,but the balloons were continuosly hitting my ass and boobs and water
was making every inch of my body wet.After 5 mins they stopped and the winner was Sham.He came near me and removed my kamarband.Then again
the game started and the next winner was uncle.He came and removed my earrings.Next up was chachaji.He removed my bangles.

Game continued and I got all drenched in water and the color.Last to win was Chandanji as he had kept all his dark colors for the last round.He came
and removed my saree and I turned around as he unwound my wet saree exposing my blouse and underskirt.My nipples were poking out from my
thin blouse material.He opened the string of my blouse from behind and removed my blouse.Parts of my boobs were not colored because of the blouse.
Chachaji came and untied my underskirt.I was wearing only my thong and high heel.Only things on my body were the mangalsutra and the high heel
sandal and my thong.Chandanji went behind and pulled down my thong and dropped it on the ground.He was mad to see my big round plump ass.He
removed his dhoti and so did everyone.All their dicks were swollen.I was thinking in my mind what a sexy holi this is,a married slutty woman like me with
4 men, naked covered with color and water standing in a cow shed.I was very horny.Chandanji took me near the bulls where they were tied and made
me stand there.Chandanji said,"Uncle main aapke bahu ko in jaanwaro ke beech chodna chahta hu.Kya aap sabko bhi aise hi chodna hai is raand ko?"
Everyone agreed and Chandanji held my long wet silky hair and made me walk like a dog towards the bull.He tied me to a pole near the bull with a rope
around my neck.He tied the knot loose.They all came and stood around me and took some color and applied it all over my face and boobs and gaand.
They rubbed my lips in the process and my gaand was slapped and pinched and my nipples were pinched and twisted and I was moaning in pain and
pleasure.Uncle said,"Chandan we will sit here and watch you fuck my bahurani.Tu pehle ise chod le,Phir hum sab milkar isko saath mein chodenge."I
was getting horny by their ideas and all the dirty thoughts they had for me.

Chandanji made me stand like a dog again and brought his dick in front of my face.He slapped my cheeks with his dick and I put my wet tongue out.
He first slapped my tongue and then pushed his dick inside and started fucking my mouth.Others were shouting,"Saali rundi ke mu ko aur zor se thok
Chandan." My mouth was getting fucked badly as he had held my long hair tight in his hands.My hair was oily so it didn't really catch the color.Uncle
threw some water over me.My colors started coming off my body and Chandanji kept fucking my mouth.They all were shouting,"Chodo chandan uske
mu ko.Thoko aur zor se us rundi ke mu ko." Chandanji increased his speed and after a while when he was ready to cum he stopped.He went behind me
and slapped my big round gaand.I was wearing only my mangalsutra and high heels.I was standing like a dog on my knees.He held my long silky hair
and tied it to his thick long dick.He started masturbating and stroking his dick and my hair was getting pulled with every stroke.He then untied my
hair from his dick and spat on my wet pussy opening my bum cheeks.He pushed his thick finger inside and started fingering me.Uncleji Chachaji and
Sham threw red color water on my face and sprayed some water from the pichkaari to my boobs.Chandanji was still holding my long wet hair and
fingering me.He then made me bend down and pushed his dick inside my pussy from behind.He pulled my hair hard and it was painful and gave me
pleasure also.The more he pulled my hair the deeper he went.He kept fucking me harder and deeper.The other three were shouting,"Destroy her
Chandan.Aur chod saali raand ko.Kitni garam bhabhi hai Chaitrali.Thok saali chudakkad raand ko."

Chandan was fucking me harder and harder.I was shouting,"Destroy me Chandanji.Chod daalo aaj apni rundi Chaitrali ko.Rakayl jaise chodo mujhe.
unnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhh...Ufffffff ahhhhhhhhhhh uuuuiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaaaaa..." He was ready to cum and he took out his dick.He came to my face
and holding my wet long hair he slapped my face with his dick and pushed his dick inside my mouth.I gave him a good blowjob and he sprayed all his
thick sticky cum on my face.

Then uncle chacha and Sham came to fuck me and Chandanji went back to his seat.The 3 men untied me from the rope which was tied to my neck.
And they made me sit on the bull.Sham sat with me behind and he was nude.His dick was hitting my big round plump gaand and I was horny.A married
slut with stranger men sitting on a bull.Sham said,"Chaitrali tumhari jaisi ek raand ko maine aaj tak nahi dekha.Nangi chaar mardo ke saath."I blushed
and said thank you.He got me down from over the bull and uncle and chachaji held my hair and made me stand like a dog.Sham went behind and
pushed his dick inside my chut and started fucking me hard.Uncle pushed his dick inside my mouth.They both were fucking me thoroughly inside out
while chachaji held my wet long hair.Uncle held my mangalsutra and fucked my mouth.They changed the holes and again fucked me.Chachaji was
still holding my hair,so that it doesn't fall on my face.Sham's dick was inside my mouth and Uncleji fucking me from behind.Uncleji left me and
chachaji's turn came.He pushed it inside and started fucking me hard.Uncle held my hair, handed over by chachaji.Uncle rolled my hair around his
dick and started fucking my hair.Sham's dick was ready to spray his sticky cum.And so were uncle and chachaji.Chandanji shouted,"Fuck her and
destroy her.Chaitrali is my rakhayl." Chandanji asked me to shout. I shouted,"Zor zor se thoko mujhe.Main ek gandi rundi aurat hu.Chod chodkar
barbaad kar do naaaa mujheee unnnghhhhhhhh." Chandanji got up from his khatiya and came towards us.Chachaji, uncle and Sham were ready to
cum.Chandanji came and held my wet hair and made me stand.He took me towards the bull and made me kneel down just next to the bull.They
stood all around me and Chandanji still had my hair in his hands.I started jerking his dick with my hand.And rest others also started jerking theirs.
After a while of jerking and blowjobs Chandanji sprayed his sticky hot cum on my face.And rest of the men sprayed on my hair and face again.

They took me to a pipe inside the cow shed.They made me wet with a hose.The hose was to bathe all the cows.They again fucked me during the
shower.Chandanji kept me nude the entire day in the farm house.They had kept me like their fuck dog with a leash around my neck.They took me
for an evening walk like a dog.They fucked me in the garden that evening and night.

Chandanji asked me to if I can join his political friend for a tour.He said there will be around 10 politicians during the tour and with them will be some
women.Beautiful sexy married women.He said the group is falling short of 2 women.So asked if I could come and ask any of my friends to accompany
me.I said I'll ask one of my friends and let him know.

Next day morning I went home and was with Raj and Anil the entire day at their apartment.Evening I went home and had a long chat with Suresh.
Asked him about the tour and he asked me to go and have fun.He asked me to take some pictures of the party.He was very horny that day
thinking his wife is going to be a political slut now.

Chapter 48