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My story since school days Chapter 5


It was my second year in college and I had made a lot of friends boys and naughty girls as well.All the girls in my group knew that
I was been fucked by the peon and some other boys regularly.One of my friends [boy] in our group was getting married.He was a gujju
and they get married at an early age.So before marriage he had organised a bachelor's party for his college friends.One day after college
Jignesh came to me and asked if I could attend the bachelor's party.I was confused and asked why me for a bachelor's party.He said he
has invited all the college group friends and some of his personal friends also.And he wanted me to come as the only girl to entertain
dance and make the event lively.I asked him how many of them are invited.He said around 8 boys would be there.He said I asked you
because your the only beautiful and bold girl in our college group.I blused on his remark.He asked me to wear something seductive so
that we all can have some fun.I said I'll think about it and let him know.And we left the college.I went home and called Suresh and
told about it.Suresh said it's going to be a fun party and you will also enjoy them all.Suresh asked me to go ahead and join the party.
I called Jignesh and told him about my confirmation.He was excited.He said the venue is his farm house and that he'll come to pick me up.
I told my parents I'll be going to my friend's place for a night over study because she is all alone and her parents were away.So by
evening at 6.00 I got ready. I was wearing a tight jean and a tight top.Tied my hair as usual as a bun,applied little lipstick and left
with Jignesh.He had already picked 3 of his friends.His friend was driving.2 of them were in the front seat and 2 at the back.I sat on
the back seat in between Jignesh and his friend.Jignesh introduced me to his friends.The other 4 from our college were coming directly
to the farm house.We reached the farm house by 9.00 as it's far away from the city.It was a big farm house,huge lawn a swimming pool and
a cow shed.We went around and had a look at it.Then we entered the house.It was a big hall and Jignesh told me that there is a surprise
for me.He took me to the bedroom.The bedroom was huge and it had a bed which was decorated with flowers as if it were someone's first
night.I asked him why is all this been done?He said ,"Chaitrali I wanted to do a rehearsal of my wedding before it actually happens.
He opened a wardrobe and showed me some duplicate ornaments which he asked me to wear.There was a make up kit also.There were many
ornaments.I asked him but how will look with these ornaments on this jean and top?It would be weird.He smiled and said you have to
wear just the ornaments, that's it.I was shocked and asked "just the ornaments?"He said yes,there are ornaments which will cover your
whole body and you will look absolutely stunning.I blushed on his remark and he said he will also go wear his stuff,He asked me to go
and get ready.By the time they all will have little drink.I locked the door and removed my top and my jeans.I dropped my panty which
was a little wet thinking of myself wearing only the ornaments and going in front of 8 men.Removed my bra and sat in front of the mirror.
I applied little make up on my face,eye shadow,mascara,lip stick which was dark blood red,lip gloss which made my lips juicy and shiny.
I then opened the ornament box and started wearing the ornaments.First was the forehead ornament then a bindi,earing,nose ring and then
there were a whole load of necklaces may be some 8 right from the choker necklace to the long hanging once.They had almost covered my
firm tight round boobs all around.My nipples were behind the necklace feeling the metal directly.Then there was a kamarband which was
hanging around my waist which had a long decorative piece which almost covered my front part.The kamarband also had strand of ornaments
behind which was almost covering my tight firm round bums.I combed my long black silky hair and plaited it and clipped it with an ornamental
clip.It flowed till the bottom of my bum.The clip was exactly hitting my round globes.Jignesh had also kept a red high heel sandal.I wore
that and called Jignesh inside the room.He came inside and was stunned to see me in that outfit.He said you look like a bomb and all
my friends will have a great time.I asked him what are we going to do?He said he has set up and mandap in the hall outside where my
friends will marry me off as they will play the elders in the wedding and then you will take aashirwad from them and we will come here
in the bedroom with them and have fun.I got excited with the plan.I left the bedroom and went to the hall with Jignesh and they were all
standing there without any clothes.All the 7 of them.I was shocked and when I turned to ask Jignesh he was also nude by then.He had a
mangalsutra in his hands and asked me to enter the mandap.I went and sat on my seat.I was excited thinking that I am sitting nude in
between 8 nude men in the mandap all alone in the farm house.They played the wedding music and Jignesh put a mala around me and I did
the same for him.We then got up took feras around the fire and went to the elderly playing friends.They were all standing around us.
Jignesh asked me to take ashirwad. I went and I touched everyone's feet and I could see all their dicks hard and erect watching me.
One of Jignesh's friends said,"Jignesh mujhe kitni sundar aur kadak bahu mili hai.Main apne bahu ko kuch dena chahta hu,par pehle
tumhara pati tumhe dega.Uske baad hi hum sab tumhe kuch denge."I blushed on his remark as I knew what they meant.I was wet down.
Jignesh then lead me to the bedroom with the rest of them.They locked the door and sat on the chairs kept all around the bed.Jignesh
made me stand in between all of them and slowly started removing my ornaments.He said."Chaitrali aaj main tumhare saath suhag raat
manaunga."I blused and he kept removing my ornaments one by one untill I was only in my kamarband,nose ring,earing and high heel.
My firm tight boobs were exposed and nipples were getting hard.Everyone started praising my body and jerking their dicks.They all
were saying,"Jignesh kya chudakkad maal se shaadi hua hai tera.Ise tu chod jee bhar ke,uske baad hum ise le jayenge aur apni rakhel
bana denge.Manzoor hai na bahu tumhe?"I blushed and said,"Ha manzoor hai mujhe." Jignesh went behind me and held me by my waist and
kissed my neck,his hands moved to my fleshy firm boobs.He said,"Kya ball hai Chaitrali teri.Mast bade tight and kadak."I started
moaning,"unnghhhh ise dabao naaaa Jignesh...unnnghhhh" He kept on fondling my boobs and pinching my nipples.He removed my kamarband
and my big round ass was exposed and my pussy also.His dick was in between my bum and was pushing from behind.Then he made me walk
around everyone holding my long tied hair in his hands.There was a treadmill in the room, he took me to the treadmill and made me
walk on that.I was nude only in my high heels.And when I walked my hair clip was hitting my bum.Jignesh got excited looking at my
hair hitting my bum.He took me to the bed and made me lie down.He came over me and started licking my lips and kissing my cheeks.
He then took my nipples in his mouth and started sucking and kissing them.I was moaning and everyone were jerking heavily.He took
dick and inserted it in my pussy and started fucking me hard and deep."Chaitrali unnggg meri raand hai tu.Chudakkad chaitrali.ufff"
He fucked me for a while and sprayed all the cum on my belly.Everyone got up from their chairs and said,"Ab Jignesh yeh hamari hai.
Hum ise tabele mein le jaa rahe hai.Ise udhar rakhkar chodenge."Then they all took me in their arms to the cow shed.There were
some cows in the shed and they made me stand like a dog in between them.They tied a rope on my waist to a pole in the shed.Jignesh
brought a chair and sat in the shed looking at the scene with his dick in his hand jerking off.His friends decided to take turns of
2 at a time.I had warned Jignesh to be soft with me or else he will never ever get a piece of me after this.So they were careful with
me.2 of his friends came,one held my long silky hair in his hands and inserted his dick from behind and started a dog shot.Other one
inserted his dick inside my mouth and started fucking me.He was telling the other fellow."Chaitrali ko aaj jamkar chodenge.Is rundi
ko aaj chod chodkar garam kar denge.Kya item hai saali yeh kutiya." These words made me more horny.The other guy had held my hair
tightly and was fucking me hard.He said,"Kya gaand hai saali raand ka,iske baalon ko pakadkar chodne mein bohot maza aa raha hai."
Jignesh and others were yelling watching the three of us."Thok saali raand ko.Hamare group ki chudakkad item hai.Thuki hui
maal hai saali."One of them came and started sucking my nipples.I was getting horny and wet.Only girl in the group of 8 guys,
nangi, akeli chud rahi hai sabhi mardo se, ek tabele ke andar.Uffff I was very horny and was moaning loudly."Chodo mujhe aaj poori
raat bhar.Jamkar chod daalo mujhe.Mujhe apni rakhel banakar rakho is tabele mein aur daily aakar mujhe chodo apni rundi banakar.
Mai gandi,badi gaandwali thuki hui raand hu.Mujhe gang rape karo naaaaa...unggggghhhh.Mere lambe baalon ko pakadkar ghodi bana do
naaaaa uffffff." They all fucked me that day in turns of 2s and 3s.Sucked my nipples licked and fucked my pussy.Everyone were exhausted
and my body had started aching badly.We all slept for sometime and in the morning I gave all of them a blowjob and they all came on
my face.I took a shower with all of them.They all fondled my body and I enjoyed the shower.After the shower we had breakfast and we
left.One of his friends called me for another bachelor's party of his brother.I disagreed to it.Jignesh dropped me home and I went to
meet Suresh in the evening to elaborate what happened at the party.

Chapter 5