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My story since school days Chapter 50


Shaji fucked me that day and after that Ajit came and fucked me.Shaji later on fucked Shalu also.That night they both fucked us in rounds.We both
had good fun that night.We had to leave for the tour after a week.Shaji and Ajit took us for shopping that week.We bought lot of lingeries and sarees
and some jewelry and some make up.The day arrived and we had to leave by afternoon.I was home and Shalu had also gone home.We were
supposed to meet at the airport.Shaji and Ajit were to join us there and Shalu was also to join me there itself.Morning I got up.I had decided to wear
saree.I had my shower and came out.

I sat in front of the mirror,this time for a tour with the local politician.I was excited thinking of how they will fuck me and treat me.I wanted to be
treated like a married whore.I called Suresh and told him that I will be leaving by noon and am getting ready now.I asked him to call in between
the sex sessions so that I can talk and they will think what a slutty bitch I am talking to husband and getting fucked at the same time.He agreed and
I disconnected the phone.

I got up and went to my wardrobe and picked a yellow transparent chiffon saree and a matching yellow floral blouse.It was just a piece of cloth
stitched with some strings to tie and hold my blouse to my boobs.The cloth part was only covering the circle of my boobs, rest all were just strings.
I took a matching yellow thong, which was back open.Didn't wear a bra as the blouse so skimpy that my bra would be seen.I sat on my stool taking
all these clothes and jewellery and kept them on another stool next to me.I was in my towel after the shower.My long silky hair was wet.I had colored
it with light red.So my black hair now looked little burgundish.It was tied to a bun after shower.I opened it and started blow drying it.I finished blow
drying my hair and brushed it.Till the end.I noticed that my hair had grown long, till a little below my lower ass cheek line.If I kept my hair open it
would cover my ass.I brushed the full length of my hair and made rolls out of it and made a bun.Stuck it with a hair stick.I made a bun so that all
my back would be clearly visible without any interruption.There was just a thiing string from the back of my neck till my waist where my saree
started.I had worn my saree quite low enough in order to show my navel.I took my blouse and dropped my towel.My globes stood proud and firm.
I gave them a little press as they were going to be massaged and caressed by many men during the tour.Pinched my nipples and they went hard.
Such a slut they were.I looked into the mirror and called myself,"Kyu rundi, kitni chudakkad ho gayi hai tu Chaitrali."I wore my blouse and tied the
string behind.Then I pulled up my satin peticoat and then tuck my saree on to it and wound the saree tight around me.I didn't pin my pallu because
I wanted it to fall to show my cleavage.My upper portion of boobs were all naked and visible through my transparent chiffon saree itself.I wore the
pallu single layered to tease the men around.I wore the saree and sat down on the stool again.Did little make up,put my mascara and kajal.Took my
lipstick which always reminded me of a man's dick and rubbed it around my meaty pouting lips.They shook up and down when I rubbed the lip stick.
It became red in color and looked smoochable.I put the red sindoor and made a bindi as usual.Wore a hanging yellow earing and my mangalsutra.I
took a pearl choker neck piece and wore that as well.My mangalsutra was hanging over my cleavage till over my navel line.My shoulders were covered
by the thin string of my blouse.So my shoulder was almost naked,it looked like I was wearing a bikini bra.I knew my boobs will bounce when I walk.I
wanted them to bounce and tease the men.Then I wore my nose ring and then my septum ring.Septum ring as usual hung over my upper lip and I
could touch it with my tongue.Then I wore a thin silver kamarband over my saree itself.Then came my anklet and then my toe ring.I had put red nail
polish to my toe.My nails were long and red.Suresh always loves to lick and suck my toe before or during he fucks me.I love it too.Then I got up
and took my high heel.I wore it and stood in front of the mirror.I looked like a yellow married raand.I turned around and my back was all naked
till my waist line.Just a string and a knot on to my back.My meat was bulging everywhere.Any man will instantly fuck then and there.I felt like I
was half naked because of my blouse.And the feeling was making me horny.Blouse was the only thing in between my naked boobs and the world.

I called Shalu and asked if she was ready.She said she had already left for the airport and will meet me there.I hung the phone and locked my
door and went towards the lift.Uncle and Chachaji were coming from somewhere.They looked and me and said,"Uffffff Chaitrali tujhe hum dono
bohot miss karenge.Kitne din ke liye jaa rahi ho?" I said,"Do haftho ki tour hai." Chachaji said,"Yaar Chaitrali kya raand lag rahi hai.Lund khada
kar diya chamiya ne."As it was afternoon they asked me to get into the lift.Nobody normally uses the lift during the noon as all would be asleep.
We three got into the lift and they opened their zip and brought out their dicks.I stood in front of them and held their dicks and started stroking
them.I had agreed for it on one condition.Not to touch or kiss me.My make up was a problem.I jerked them off for a while and they all came on
the lift floor itself.I pushed the ground floor button and went down.They went back home and walked towards a rick.I had to run as the rick was
going to leave.I had a small bag with me with a long string.When I ran my bag kept hitting the side of my gaand.And my huge mangoes were
bouncing up and down.The people inside the rick were watching and staring at me.On the way I brought a gajra and put it on my hair bun.

I reached the airport after dropping the auto and taking an airport taxi.Ajit Shaji and Shalu were waiting for me.To my surprise Shalu was
wearing a tight shirt and a tight micro mini and high heels.Her long hair was tied to a pony tail and rest left open.Her long hair was to her front.
Ajit had held her around her waist and I could see Shalu's side of the boobs getting crushed by Ajit's chest.Shaji also welcomed me and was
excited to see me.He held me around my waist and slowly moved down to give a light press to my gaand.I just blushed and said,"Naughty ho
tum Shaji...ummmmm." Shaji gave a peck on my cheeks and I saw a couple of men staring at us.I knew they must have seen Shaji pressing
my big round gaand.We went to check in our luggage and further to the waiting lounge.Many eyes were on both of us.Rest of the 8 women
were coming from different states, directly to Delhi.

Our flight arrived and we boarded the flight.

Ajit and Shalu sat together and I sat with Shaji.The flight was not crowded so there was no one sitting on the third seat.Our row was the last one.
Ajit and Shalu were sitting to the front after a row,which was empty.No one was there on our side row as well.Shaji made me sit by the window.He
sat on the middle seat.He looked and me and gave a peck on my cheek.He said you look very voluptuous.I blushed on his comment.When his
lips touched my cheeks I felt as if he had kissed my shaved chut with his lips.I closed my eyes and left a light moan.unngggggg.He kept his hands on
my thighs and started slowly massaging me.I was getting horny.The air hostess came and Shaji gave her some money.I didn't knew for what.
Shaji also got up and spoke something to her.She looked at me and smiled.I didn't know what he told her.She gave me a naughty smile and I
returned a smile.He sat back and I asked what he told her.He said that he had asked her to allow no one to use the rear washroom.I asked why.
He said because we both will be there for sometime.He said I am going to the washroom and you come after a minute.He left and I took a mirror
from my bag and checked my lipstick and make up.It was intact.I thought for a second and I knew that he will strip my saree off and there won't be
enough place to wear my saree.So I took my bag from the upper compartment and took out a skirt and top.I walked towards the washroom when
the air hostess looked at me and gave a naughty smile.I smiled back.I went and the door was open.I went inside and Shaji was standing nude there.
I went in and he locked the door.He turned me around and opened my blouse knot behind.Then he removed my pallu and unwound my saree.I was
standing only in my peticoat.He untied the knot of that and dropped it.Now there was only my back open panty.He made me sit on the WC and I held
his dick in my hands and jerked it hard.I opened my red wet mouth and put my tongue out like a dog.He said,"Chat rundi kutiya,,, choos mere lund ko."
He removed the hair stick from my hair bun and my long silky hair opened and fell down.Some fell on my face.He removed the hair from my face and held
it in his hands.He held my hair tight and was fucking my mouth.His dick was hard and wet now.

He made me stand on the WC with my knee on it's edge.He could see my long red colored silky hair,my kamarband and my big round plump gaand from
behind.He slapped my gaand and slowly pushed his dick inside my chut.My chut was wet since a long time.He pushed it deep inside and started stroking
it hard inside out.He kept slapping my gaand with his hand while he held my silky hair with another hand.I was also pushing myself towards him in rhythm.
His crotch was coming and hitting my gaand in quick intervals.He increased his speed and got ready to cum.He turned me around and made me sit on the
WC.I sat and opened my mouth putting my tongue out.I jerked his dick hard and after sometime he sprayed all his cum on my face and I took some in
my mouth also.He had held my silky hair and kept his dick inside my mouth till his dick went soft and small.My lipstick had gone around places off my
lips.He got into his pant and shirt and he went out and called Ajit.After some minutes Ajit came in and he also made me give a blowjob.He went wilder
than Shaji looking at my hair and sexy married face with the sindoor and bindi and my hanging nose ring.He fucked my mouth looking at my face and
holding my long hair for a long time.

He held me around my waist and kept me on the small wash basin and pushed his dick inside my chut,standing in between my legs.He lifted me and I
rolled my legs behind him like we fold hands.And my hands around his neck.he stood properly and started moving my up and down.Every time when he
brought me down his dick would go deep inside my chut.Then up I go and dick goes out.Down he brings me and his dick goes again in.He was fucking me
holding me in his arms.My long silky hair was moving up and down.He could see my back and my long hair in the mirror.My boobs were almost on his
face everytime when he lifted me up and then brought down.I was moaning heavily without thinking that I was getting fucked on a flight and inside it's
washroom.He fucked me hard and deeper than Shaji and then when he got ready to cum.He made me sit on the WC and pushed his dick inside my mouth.
He fucked my mouth holding my hard.He fucked and after a while discharged his cum all inside my mouth.I was exhausted with the quickies with 2 men.
Ajit got ready and went out.

I sat down for a while.Washed my face and wore my thong and my skirt.I wore the top without bra.My nipples were paining because both the men pinched
them hard while fucking me.I did my make up and went back to my seat.I sat there and had food.I saw Shalu and Ajit going to the washroom and also
the air hostess giving a wicked smile.Shaji and me giggled.When I finished my food I saw Ajit coming out of the washroom and going back to his seat.I knew
Shalu got fucked by Ajit.Then in some minutes Shaji got up and went to the washroom.He also had gone to fuck her.He came after 10 15 minutes.He looked
exhausted.He kissed me and smooched me.My hair was open.After 10 minutes Shalu also came out of the washroom and we exchanged a naughty smile.
She also looked exhausted.She didn't change the dress because she was already wearing a micro mini and and tight top.Only her hair had gone little messed
up.I knew both the men liked long haired women.

We reached Delhi and went to the hotel.

We reached the hotel and they both left Shalu and me in a room.They went to the other room and asked us to get ready as there was a night party
they had arranged with other members in the hotel restaurant.We went inside our room and it was a huge room.Luxurious one.We got our luggage
in place and Shalu went for a shower.She came out and got ready.She left the room as soon as she was ready.I went to the shower and was
standing under the shower.The warm water was flowing over every inch of my nude and curvy body.There was a huge mirror where I could see
myself taking shower.My nipples were erect and my curvy big round gaand was all wet.I applied soap to my gaand and in between my thighs.I
washed those places properly as it was covered with the cum of both the men.I scrubbed myself properly.And after shower I came out and opened
my bag.Shalu was long gone as she wanted to have a fuck again with Ajit.So she had gone to their room.I loved to do little shringar and then
tease men being an innocent slut.I loved to do all the nakhras and jhatka matkas for the men around me.

I had carried some fake jewelry with me to wear with the saree.I had brought my new blouse also which was a little different from the others that
I normally wear.I had brought my make up kit and my high heels also.

I sat in front of the mirror,first opened my wet hair.Blow dried my long silky red hair.I brushed my hair slowly till the end.I combed my hair and
rolled it upwards and made a bun.I tied my bun tight and stuck a hair stick to it.My hair stick was also ornamental.My hair was done.I put my
kajal and then took my mascara and did my eye lashes.I did my eye brows.Made an outline for my lips with a pencil.Then I applied lipstick.
I rubbed my lips with each other and my lips had got all the bright red lipstick.I applied lip gloss after that.I did little make up also.Then I took my
sindoor dibbi (pot) and took little sindoor and made a big round bindi out of it.And also put sindoor on my forehead in between my forehead.

Then I took my jewelry box and took out my earings,my kamarband,my necklaces and other chain,colored glass bangles,nose rings and my
matha patti (it's a forehead jewelry which are worn during wedding.I thought of wearing that because I wanted to be like an innocent shy slut)
I took my long hanging earing and wore it.Then I took my nose ring.I wore it on left side.Then my nose chain on the right side of my nose.Then
I wore a spetum nose ring which was on the centre.Took out my choker necklace and wore it around my neck like a dog's neck belt.I felt like a
dog putting my tongue out for dicks to taste.I took my yellow blouse which was more like a bra only.A strapless bra.It was just an elastic velvet
band kind of a cloth which is to be pulled till the chest and over the breasts.My blouse was quite tight enough.My firm boobs were standing proudly.
I then wore my underskirt which was very transparent and very thin.It was also yellow.I didn't wear my panty or thong.Then I took my chiffon
yellow saree and wound it around my curves tightly.My curvacious body looked as if it was gift wrappedI took my glass yellow bangles and wore it
on both my hands.I wore my kamarband over my saree around my waist, quite low from my navel and it hung to my side.It also had a hanging.
I took my high heel sandal and wore it.I also wore my anklets.It was an ornamental desi anklet.I wore my toe ring and my nails were already polished.

I stood up and went and stood in front of the mirror.I looked at myself.Long silky hair tied to a bun with an ornamental hair stick, red sindoor,
red bindi made with the same sindoor, matha patta around my forehead,2 nose rings on either side,one with a chain which connected my earring.
Then my septum nose ring which hung over my upper red lip.Red lips with the gloss on it.My naked chest and my neck having a pearl choker neck piece.
My cleavage and the circles of my boobs were visible from my velvet blouse.Any man who sees me would give me a boob job putting his dick in between
my boobs.My saree tucked in below my navel line and my kamarband hanging around my 28 waist.I stood tall and sexy on my high heel.Ufff I knew there
were many men for the party tonight and I would be seducing a lot of them and get fucked by them as well.I sprayed a nice scent for my armpit and a
perfume for my blouse and saree.

I took my long string leather purse which hung till a bit low that my bum line.The string was a thin long one.I just had my lipstick, my kajal ,my mascara
a dildo and a packet of condom in my bag.I thought in my mind what a slut I had become.I took the door keys and locked the door and walked towards
Ajit and Shaji's room.When I reached the door I could hear Shalu moaning and crying loudly.I knocked the door and said that I was Chaitrali.They asked me
to come in.Since I had the keys of that room also,I opened the door and when I went in I saw Shalu was being fucked by Shaji in a doggy position and
Ajit was fucking her mouth holding her long hair.They saw me and got aroused but they were busy fucking Shalu.So I said I'll go downstairs and will wait
for them in the party.It was already 7.30 pm.They said ok and I locked the door and went downstairs.On the ground floor there was a huge hall which
was booked for the party.There was music going on in the hall and I walked towards that hall.When I entered it was a huge ballroom.It was all dark inside
with just some disco kind of lights and some dim lights at some corners with the music.The music was good and I could see that it was almost full.There
were many men and many ladies.Some wearing sarees,some wearing modern dresses like mini skirts and dresses.They were all dancing to the tune.There
was a DJ who was playing the music.

I walked in towards a corner where I saw a seat.I sat on the sofa and was watching all the men and women dancing.Some men had their hands over the
woman's bums and were squeezing them hard while dancing with them.Some were even having a good time at the dark corners, kissing and smooching
going on.I got horny looking at them.One man noticed me that I was sitting alone.He came to me and introduced himself as Dhiren.I introduced myself as
Chaitrali.He sat next to me and looked at me from head to toe.He said,"Chaitrali you look very beautiful and sexy."I just blushed and said,"Thank you Dhiren."
He took my hand in his hands and kissed my hand.I just blushed and took eyes away from him.He then asked about my background.

Dhiren : Toh batao Chaitrali tum kaha se ho aur kiske saath aayi ho yaha?

Me : Main bombay se hu.Main Ajit aur Shaji ke saath aayi hu.

Dhiren : Oh achcha...Aur woh kaha hai?

Me : Woh dono fresh ho rahe hai room mein.Thodi der mein aayenge.

Dhiren : Tum shaadi shuda ho?

Me : Ha main shaadi shuda hu...

Dhiren : Tumhare pati kya karte hai?Kya use pata hai ke tum yaha aayi ho?

Me : Mere pati abroad hai.Par unhe pata nahi ke main yaha aayi hu.

Dhiren : Tum bohot bold aurat ho Chaitrali.Aur bohot sexy bhi. ( I blush ) Agar use pata chala ke tum yaha aayi ho toh?

Me : Toh phir problem ho jayegi...

Dhiren : Tumhe pasand hai aise parties mein jaana?

Me : Ha mujhe bohot pasand hai.

Dhiren : Tumhe mardo ke saath rehna pasand hai?

Me : [ I blush and say ] Ha pasand hai.

Dhiren : Kya tumhe kisi mard ne chua hai shaadi ke baad?

Me : Ha chua hai.

Dhiren : Tumhe pasand hai ?

I just blush.And he gets his answer.

Dhiren : Kya main tumhe chu sakta hu?

He starred at my naked chest and my deep cleavage and kept his hands on my shoulders and made me turn towards him.He gave a kiss on my
cheeks and I bit my lips.I left a light moan.

Dhiren : Kya tumhe yeh kiss pasand aaya?

Me : I just blushed and said "Ha pasand aaya Dhiren."

Dhiren : Tumhe pati theek se khush karte hai?

Me : Matlab? (I wanted to act as an innocent slut.)

Dhiren : Matlab pati tumhe bistar par khush rakhte hai yah nahi?

Me : (I blushed) Ha khush rakhte hai..

Dhiren : Achche se thokta hai ?

Me : Ha ...Achche se thokta hai..

Dhiren : Kya kisi aur ne tumhe thoka hai ?

Me : Ha kuch dost hai pati ke. Jo mujhe pati ke saath hi mujhe thokte hai.

Dhiren : Wah ... toh tumhara pati kaafi cool hai.

Me : (Blushing) ha hai.

Dhiren : Kya tum mujhe thokne dogi?

Me : (I blushed) hmm

He kept his hands around my waist and pulled me towards him.He said he will take me to his room for some fun.I agreed to it.He made me stand up
and took me to the dance floor and I danced with him.He kept his hands around my waist and was massaging my bare back.My boobs were bouncing
up and down and was also getting crushed against his chest.Everytime my boobs used to get crushed by his chest, my pussy used to get wetter and
wetter.My cleavage was very visible and all the men around were watching us dance.I was shaking and moving my big round gaand left and right.There
was nothing to hold my pallu as I was wearing a blouse which was like a band around my boobs.There was no strap on my shoulder to pin my pallu.So
my pallu slipped down and only my blouse around my chest holding my heavy boobs was visible.I tried to get my pallu back and Dhiren held me around
my gaand and pressed them hard.I moaned,"uuuuiiimaaa Dhiren meri gaand ko aise na dabao naaa..."He looked at my sexy expression and pressed my
boobs after that.He pressed them hard.I could feel his strong hands massaging and pressing my big round boobs hard and pinching them.I bit my lips with
pain and moaned,aahhhhhhhhhhh Dhirennnn...Dhiren then unwound my saree and I was only wearing my yellow underskirt and the yellow velvet blouse
which was just a band around my boobs.He asked me to dance half naked in front of everyone.I continued dancing as he asked.Only velvet band around
my boobs,yellow underskirt which was almost transparent.People could see my half naked legs through my semi transparent underskirt.I was not wearing
anything inside, but thankfully the areas around my chut and gaand had opaqae floral patterns which covered almost 80% of my private parts.My kamarband
was hanging around my waist,my choker neck piece around my neck,long hanging mangalsutra which hung over my velvet blouse.Long hanging earring, my
matha patta,my nose rings.My long silky hair tied to a bun with a hairstick.And my high heel sandals.I was shaking my ass left and right and some men around
us started shouting and asking,"Kaun hai yeh kamasutra item Dhiren?Teri raand hai kya?" Dhiren looked at me to see if I was offended.He said sorry for them.
I said it's ok.I like when men call me raand or rundi or rakheyl.Dhiren was full with lust now.I could make it out with his eyes.He pressed my boobs and kissed
my lips deep.His saliva was all over my red slutty lips.The men who were his friends again shouted,"Dhiren teri raand ekdum mast hai yaar.Ekdum chuddakkad
aur madak hai saali RUNDI."Dhiren ripped open my velvet blouse and my big firm round mangoes flung out and bounced up and down with his force.I was
standing topless in the huge hall.Dhiren and his friends took me to the stage where there was a focus light.Dhiren took a mic and said,"Friends who all are
willing to fuck my rundi tonight?" My mangoes were shining in the focus light and my nipples were erect and hard.Dhiren removed the knot behind my
underskirt and it dropped down.I was totally naked now.My clean shaven pussy was also shining as my chut had become wet already.

Chapter 50