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My story since school days Chapter 51


Only wearing my high heel sandals and all my ornaments with my red sindoor and mangalsutra hanging over my 2 big round mangoes and standing on
the stage in front of so many men was making me horny by the second.It looked like my village fantasy was going to come true.The set up was the
same as I always dreamt of.Dhiren was behind holding me by my waist.He took a mic and the DJ stopped the music.Dhiren announced on the mic.
According to our plan there will be one woman whom we will have for one day.And in total we have got 10 days and 10 ladies.When I came here it was
very hard to decide whom to allocate the first day.But now my doubt is cleared and I vote Chaitrali for the first night.Who else would vote for my rundi?
All the men shouted and voted for me.Even most of the ladies.Some didn't want to start off on the first day itself.Some were having no idea of what
would happen.Some were a little hesitant.But I always wanted to be a whore and standing nude in between so many men was making me horny and hot.
All the 10 15 men shouted,"Aaj pehle din is rundi ko hi chodenge.Saali ekdum desi bhabhi jaisi maal hai yeh item.Chehra itna chudakkad hai aur badan bhi
ekdum madak hai saali is kutiya bhabhi ka.NANGI KAAMASUTRA RAAND HAI SAALI."

All the women had an option of leaving as the men had arranged another set of party for the women not participating in this party.One day party was only
for one selected woman.All the men would fuck that one selected woman and the rest could go and enjoy the daru party at the swimming pool outside.So
all the women left and only I was left nude and horny amongst all the men.The men locked the door when all the women left the hall.

Dhiren asked one man to go and get the stuff.I didn't knew what it was.The man came back with some chair,bench,desk,a bed, a stool.I was wondering
why he had brought all those furnitures.I asked Dhiren why has he brought all this.Dhiren said,"Chaitrali yaha sabhi logo apne apne marzi se chudai karna
hai.So they have brought all these for you.They will make you sit and sleep on these and fuck you.Tumhara gang bang bhi hoga.Tum tayar ho na rundi
bhabhi?" I just blushed and said,"Ha tayar hai tumhari bhabhi."

The furnitures were placed all around the hall.There was a bed which was decorated like a suhag raat bed.I knew all these men would fuck me in all
the positions.Dhiren called everyone and asked them to stand around the stage.All the 10 15 men gathered around the stage on which Dhiren and me
were standing.I was totally nude with just my jewelry.Dhiren asked in his mic,"Dosto yeh kaun hai hamari?" And the men shouted,"Hamari bhabhi hai."
Dhiren asked me,"Aur tum kaun ho hamari ?" He gave the mic to me,I said,"Main tum sab ki bhabhi hu." Dhiren took the mic and asked the men,"Aaj
yeh bhabhi hamari kya banane waali hai dosto??" They shouted,"RRAANNNDD." Some shouted rundi, some maal, chhavi,item, maal, veshiya bhabhi,
chudakkad bhabhi and kutiya bhabhi.But most of them shouted RRAND. Dhiren again gave the mic to me and asked,"Tum kya banogi bhabhi?" I said,"
Main tum sab ki rakhayl bhabhi banungi aaj raat ko.Mujh jaisi ek chudasi rraand ko aaj thok daalo tum sab devar milkar."

Dhiren turned me around and my big round fleshy gaand was facing the men.The men could see my high heels then my anklet then my hanging kamarband,
back lace of my mangalsutra and then my tied long silky hair with a hair stick.Dhiren took a gajra of jasmine flower.He stuck it around my bun.The men were
going crazy looking at my big round gaand.Dhiren said now all the men here will come and slap or spank or bite or kiss or lick your gaand,one by one
coming on the stage.He asked the men,"Kya tum sab ready ho dosto apni bhabhi rakhayl ki gaand ko marne?" Every man shouted yes.The first man came
on stage and he slapped my big round fleshy gaand, really hard.My ass swung up and down left and right.I was standing by the edge of a chair facing the men
coming up to the stage. Dhiren had kept a mic stand in front of my mouth to listen to the moans and sound that I would make when I get a spank or a
slap.My big round ass was bulging.

Some men spanked me hard.Some kissed and licked.Some spat on my gaand.Some slapped with their hands and some slapped with their waist leather
belts.I was shouting, "uuuiiiiiiiimaaaaaaa,, unngghhhhhhhh aahhhhhh ouchhhhhh." Finally each and every man had slapped and spanked me nicely.

Now it was time for my mangoes to be treated by the men.Dhiren looked at a man and asked him to bring it.I didn't know what this it was.The man
went and brought a big board made of cardboard or someting.Brown in color like a cardboard.It had 2 round holes.The size of the board was bigger
than me. Dhiren took it and and kept in front of me.I could see anyone as it was like a wall obstructing my view.Dhiren came to me giving the board to
that man. Dhiren went behind me and pushed me towards the board.He held my boobs from behind and directed both my boobs towards the hole.He
stuck both my boobs on to those holes on the board.Now from the front all the men could only see my 2 hanging big round mangoes.Dhiren said that I
should not see who is sucking my boobs. Dhiren called all the men to come and do whatever they want to do with my boobs.I suddenly felt a tongue sucking
and licking my nipples.My nipples had already become hard.Man after man came and sucked and licked and bit and pinched my nipples.Some gave me a
good massage.Some pinched my boobs.Some nicely licked and sucked my nipples.Dhiren asked the men,"Apni rundi bhabhi ka aam kaisa laga dosto?"
Every man shouted,"Bhabhi ke aam ekdum chudakkad hai Dhiren." Some men even came in a group and sucked both my nipples and I could feel multiple
hands massaging at the same time while my nipples were getting sucked and licked.My chut was getting wet and wetter.Finally for once all the men had
a good bite and taste on my mangoes and Dhiren let me free from that board.My nipples were swollen with the treatment they got.

Then it was time for my red lips and my wet mouth.Dhiren asked all the men,"Ab dosto, kaisa rahega agar hum sab apni chudasi bhabhi ke mu ko chode?"
Men started shouting,"mazaa aa jayega bhabhi ki rundi mu ko chodne mein." Dhiren asked,"aur kis kisko bhabhi ki chut ko bhi chatna hai?" All the men
shouted and said they all want to lick my chut.Hearing that itself my chut flushed.Dhiren made me stand on a chair in doggy position and asked the men to
fall in queue.They all had already dropped their pants and I could see around 10 15 cocks hard tight and erect waiting to fuck me.I was so fucking horny.
Dhiren held me by my hanging kamarband so that I don't lose balance.It felt as if he has held his pet dog.First man came and licked my cheeks and kissed
my lips.He kept his dick right in front of my face and I put my tongue out.He could see my nose ring,my nose chain and my septum nose ring.My red lips
were going to be fucked so badly I knew.My hanging earings and my red sindoor and round bindi.The man said I looked like a kamasutra slut.Like a married
whore.He pushed his dick inside my mouth and I started sucking him.He kept pushing his dick inside and started fucking my mouth.My spetum nose ring
was hitting his dick everytime it came in and went out of my mouth.Another man came and started licking my chut from behind.Oh I was having a slutty
wave inside me, rushing and gushing my mind and my body away from my control.One by one the men came and fucked my mouth and licked my chut.
After a while of my mouth fucking my hair stick fell off and my long silky hair cascaded down.The man whose was fucking my mouth, while my hair opened,
got a hard on like hell and his cum came rushing out of his dick into my mouth.He sprayed on my face also.Finally my mouth had got fucked by each and
every man.

Dhiren shouted,"Dosto ab bhabhi ki chudai ka time hai.Is poore hall mein,ek ek corner mein rakhkar chodenge hum apni rundi bhabhi ko."Dhiren asked me
to go to the first man who wanted to fuck me, making me stand like a dog on a stool.He was standing near the stool.I walked down from the stage.All the
men gathered around the stool.They all were cheering the first man who was going to fuck me.I went and stood in front of me.He made me kneel down and
held my long silky hair.He rolled my hair around his hands and held it tight.I put my wet cum coated tongue out and licked his head.He then pushed his dick
inside and holding my hair tight he fucked my mouth hard.I gave him all slutty looks and he smudged my sindoor from my forehead.He was hard and erect.
So he made me stand on the stool with my knees on the seat,like a dog.He held my hair from behind and pushed his dick inside.My boobs were bouncing to
and fro.He held my hair tight and fucked me deep and hard.After a while he got ready to cum and he came on my face.I licked his cum from his dick and the
next man got ready with a chair.

He made me sit on the chair with my legs spread wide.He asked 2 men to hold my legs and he pushed his dick directly inside.I didn't like him as he went on
to fuck me directly without any foreplay.

Next was the suhaag raat man with his suhaag raat bed.

That man asked me to go and get washed up as my face and my lips were all coated with cum.So I went to a room which was there attached to the hall.
It was a make up room.I went to the washroom and washed my face and my lips.I took a small shower and washed my body as well.I came back and
sat in front of the make up mirror.I combed my hair as I had washed my hair also.I combed it properly and braided it till the end with a clip to it's end.As
I always liked to.I thought of giving them a different shadi shuda bhabhi.So I took my black color stockings from my bag.I pulled it up till quite above my
knee.I pulled up my garter belt and clipped it to the stockings.That was also black in color.Then I took my black color thong and pulled it up.It went till my
waist.The thin string behind went and rested inside my big round curvy fleshy gaand.The thong was transparent on the front side.My shaved pussy was
clearly visible through it.I turned around and could see my big round ass with my thong string gone inside my bum cheeks.And black stockings with a black
garter.I wore my black shiny high heels.It was quite high enough to make me look like a whore.

My braided long hair with the clip to it's end was resting over my big round gaand.I then put my sindoor and a bindi with my sindoor itself,as usual.I put my red lip stick.
I looked at myself and I knew all the men will fuck me like hell tonight.I put my kajal and mascara and did little make up.I looked like a proper whore now.
I wore my long hanging mangalsutra and my kamarband.My outfit looked like a modern whore but my jewelry and make up was like a desi raand.I left the room covering
my boobs with my hands.I walked towards the men shy and Dhiren walked me towards the suhaag raat man and his suhaag raat bed.It was covered with flowers and
the bed was filled with red rose petals.

It was romantic and a horny scenario for me.Then Dhiren handed me over to the suhag raat man and he made me sit on the bed.My hands were still on
my boobs and my face was down.He held my chin and made me look up to him.My lips parted a bit and my eyes closed slowly.He kissed my cheeks.
He said to the other men,"Dekho kaisi nayi naveli dulhan rundi jaise ban thankar aayi hai."I could see all the dicks surrounding me.He took off my hands
away from my boobs and 2 men came and held my hands.He then sat and started sucking my nipples.Making circles around my nipples he licked and
sucked them badly.Dhiren had held my long silky braided hair and another 2 men had held my legs making them wide open.The SR man (Suhaag Raat)
then put his tongue out and started licking my clit and inserted his finger inside.He was fucking me with his fingers and also licking my clit.I was moaning.
He said he wants to fuck me first and then he will let all the others to fuck.

He asked,"Chaitrali kya tumhe hum sabki patni banana pasand hai?" I blushingly said,"Ha banungi main tum sabki patni.Tum sabki RUNDI BHABHI PATNI
banungi main." He made me get up and sit on my knees on the floor.I held his dick in my hand and put my wet tongue out.He saw my sexy wet tongue
coming out, as I opened my wet red lips.He slapped my wet tongue with his dick head and it was covered with my saliva which was on my wet tongue.
He pushed his dick slowly inside my mouth and I wrapped my red lips around his erect dick.His dick got my red lipstick color.He fucked my mouth with
his dick for a while.All the others were shagging looking at us.He also knocked my hanging nose ring with his dick head.He held my head and fucked my
mouth again.He then made me stand and asked everyone to fall in line with all their mangalsutras.

I saw all the men had mangalsutras in their hands and the men came to me one by one and wore me their mangalsutras.There were around 10 - 12 men.
The SR man came last and Dhiren was the first to wear me a mangalsutra.While wearing me the mangalsutra some men kissed my lips, some pinched my
nipples, some slapped my bums, some squeezed my bums and boobs.Finally I was wearing some 10 - 12 mangalsutras. The SR man shouted,"Ab yeh
RUNDI hum sab ki chudakkad PATNI RAAND ho gayi hai.Ab sab milkar iske saath suhaag raat manayenge." He climbed over the bed with his erect dick and
made me stand like a dog.He pushed his dick from behind.Another man came to the front and slowly made me open my mouth and pushed his dick inside.
Another man came and held my long hair and rolled it around his dick and started stroking his dick with my hair.Next man came and lay underneath me
and started sucking my nipples and another man was squeezing my other boob.Next man came and inserted a pencil inside my asshole and started
fucking my ass with the pencil.One more man came and started slapping his dick on my cheeks and face.I was being fucked and treated like a whore
by all the men.Dhiren came and asked everyone to fall in line and asked me to stand like a dog on the bed.He asked each and every man to come in turns
and fuck and go.If anyone wants to fuck more, they can go back to the line and wait again for their turn.

And then one by one the men started fucking me in doggy style.Some came on my gaand, some came on my face,some on my hair and some on boobs.
Some came inside my mouth.I was having a cum bath from all the men around.After that they made me lie on the bed and 2 men held my legs wide open.
Then again one by one all the men started coming and fucking me hard and deep inside my pussy.They all kept shouting,"Chodo saali apni chudakkad patni
ko.RAAAND bana do isko suhaag raat ke raat hi.Isko hum sab chodenge.Aur phir we shall keep her in turns for one month and keep fucking her like a slut."
I was keeping on moaning and shouting,sometimes in pain and sometimes out of pleasure.They opened my hair after sometime and fucked my hair also.
They all together sprayed their cum on my face and on my hair.My face was fully coated with the sticky cum and I was smelling of cum.

Then they made me get out of the bed and stand in between the hall.They put an item song to which I was asked to dance.I danced giving thumkas and
jhatkas to my big round gaand.They all kept stroking their dicks and finally they made me sit on my knees and they gathered around me.They were
watching me giving them all slutty and whore expressions.They kept stroking and I had put my wet tongue out for them to unload their cum.

One by one all the men loaded my mouth with all their cum.Cum was dripping from my hair and my face.My boobs were also covered with cum.For the first
time I was fucked by 10 12 men and was cum coated like this.

For the next one week I was fucked in their rooms separately and also gang fucked badly.I shared everything with Suresh when I came back and he
was very horny to know that his wife had become a professional RUNDI.

Chapter 51