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My story since school days Chapter 52


It was like any other normal day at school.I wore my tight white uniform.And then tied the belt around my waist.My big ass protruded from my tight uniform
and also my big round ripe boobs.I was enjoying all the attention from the school boys and also the peons and sirs in our school.I would plait my long silky
hair till my big round ass to tease the males.I would run whenever there is an opportunity so that my big boobs and big ass bounces and the boys and men
around me have fun watching them bounce up and down and sway right and left.I was a fuckable item for many boys and 2 sirs already.All the boys and sirs
and even some girls knew I was the slut of our school.Sometimes I used to go to school without wearing my panty.So when I walk or get up the uniform
goes inside my ass cheeks.Sometimes the boys of my class used to pull it out when I get up.I just used to smile and blush when they used to put their
hands inside my ass cheeks and pull out my uniform.

One day my cousin brother(Akhil) who is a year elder to me came to our place.We had a chat and I gave him coffee.I knew he always had an eye on me.Whenever
we used to go to his place he used to take me to the balcony and find topics to talk with me.He sometimes used to hold my hands and casually hold me around
my waist.It used to send shivers in my pussy and he also used to enjoy all the touching and fondling.He sometimes used to move his hands to my big ripe
ass, but I used to remove his hand and shy away from him.Sometimes he used to open my hair bun also.He was very naughty.He knew I was also very
naughty and a slutty girl.He knew about what all happens in my school.

After having the coffee he asked me where are my parents.I told him that they have gone out and will be back only in the evening.He had something in his
mind to ask me.I asked him what is it.He asked me to come to his home in the evening as they are watching a movie with all the family together.He said
Ajay is also coming with his parents.And 2 of our other aunty and uncle are also coming.Ajay is another cousin who is of the same age as Akhil.He also
fondles me and touches me here and there whenever there is a family get together or when we meet with cousins or during outings.They both knew I
enjoyed them touching me here and there.

Akhil said this and he left.When my parents came I told them about the movie at Akhil's place.They were already tired so asked me to go.They said they
wanted to rest.So Akhil called and said that he will come to pick me up.

It was evening 7.00 and I got ready wearing a short skirt and a tight top.Top was elastic, so the shape of my big boobs were properly visible.It was a red
tight top and my skirt was tight white elastic skirt.My big round ass was also properly visible.The curve was very round.They were ripe and ready.I combed
my hair and thought to tie it to a bun.I tied my long black silky hair to a bun and wore my high heel.I called Akhil and he came to pick me up in his bike.When
I sat on the bike one sided, my big round fleshy ass was jutting out of the bike seat.And with every hump my boobs were bouncing and crashing on his back.
He was enjoying the ride and so did I.We reached his house and all the uncles and aunties had gathered.I met Ajay also.He shook hands and gave me a hug.
His hands went behind till just the start of my big round bums.He whispered in my ears that I looked very sexy.I just blushed on his comment and went to
meet the other relatives.Akhil and Ajay took me inside and said that it's a very boring movie but since everyone wanted to watch we had arranged to watch
it together.Akhil's house had a big room totally dedicated for movies.It had sofa seatings like theatre and a projector.It can house around 15 - 20 people.It
was a big room.Everyone got into the room and Akhil started the movie.It was a hindi movie and all the uncles and aunties were watching it with full interest.
I was sitting with an aunty on the 4th row and Akhil and Ajay were on the 5th row.When I looked behind they signalled me to come to the last row.Nobody
was there in that row.I just smiled and Ajay gave me a flying kiss.When I turned to the front Akhil kept his hand on my hair bun and opened my hair.My
long hair opened and aunty asked me,"Kya hua,baal kaise khul gaye tumhare?" I said,"Loose ho gayi aunty,isliye khul gaye." Aunty got back to watching
the movie.The lights were switched off so aunty didn't see Akhil opening my hair.I tied my hair to a bun again and looked behind,Ajay was calling me to
come to the last row.Suddenly I got a text message and it was Akhil also asking me to come to the last row where there was no one sitting.I said what
if aunty asks? Akhil replied get up and go out as if your going to the washroom, and when you come back directly go to the last row and sit.We will come
and join you there.2 rows were empty after the last row and then all the sofas were used by the uncle and aunties.I told aunty that am going to the
washroom and got up and left the room.

I went out and went to the washroom.I knew Ajay and Akhil wanted to have fun with me so I removed my panty and bra.I put it in my bag and left for the
theatre room.My nipples were poking through my red tight top and my bum cheeks were protruding out of my tight white short skirt.I tied my hair loose so
that they can open it easily.I entered the room and closed the door.I directly walked towards the last row. Aunty didn't notice as she was entirely engrossed in
the movie.Nobody actually noticed me as all of the them were very interested in the movie.I looked at Ajay and Akhil and they winked looking at me.I just
blushed and went and sat on the last row.After 5 minutes Ajay came and sat on my left and Akhil also slowly came and sat on my right.I was sitting in
between them.They said in my ears that I looked very sexy.I just blushed. Akhil slowly moved his hands behind me and kept around my neck and shoulder.
Ajay kept his hands on my thighs and started pressing them.He was moving upwards and his hands were on my skin and not on my skirt.Something was
getting aroused in between my legs and I was turning wet slowly.Akhil slowly looking at me,staring at me, gave a peck on my cheek.Ajay also kissed my
cheek."Chaitrali tumhe pasand hai jab hum tujhe kiss karte hai?" I just blushed and they knew I loved it.

Akhil brought his other hands on my right boobs and started pressing them.Ajay's hands were in between my legs and slowly had reached my pussy.His
fingers were exploring my pussy and he slowly slipped his finger into my wet pussy.He pushed his finger inside my pussy and started fingering me.I lifted
my ass a little bit so that he can finger me properly.Akhil was rubbing my boobs like crazy.He was pinching my nipples and kneading my nipples with his
fingers.My eyes were closed and they both were taking me to a very horny and sextatic journey.My hands were around Akhil's neck and he slowly
lifted my top up and exposed my big round melons.Ajay also lifted from my left side and they both held my boobs and started kneading and massaging
them.Both my nipples were in between their index finger and thumb.I threw my head back and just lied back enjoying the treatment they were giving me.
Akhil took my right hand and kept it over his crotch.I slowly unzipped his pant and took his dick out.It was semi erect and I started stroking it.Ajay was
sucking my nipples bending towards my front.I was moaning slowly and trying to keep my mouth closed as far as possible.Akhil asked me to sit on the
floor in between his legs.I looked around and all the uncle and aunties were still busy in the movie.I slowly got up and sat in between his legs and he
kept it on my wet tongue.I took it inside and Ajay also sat on my seat so that he can get a handjob.With my hand I took out Ajay's dick and started
stroking it.Akhil was moving his hips to and fro and pushing his dick inside my mouth and fucking my mouth.While giving the blowjob my hair opened
and Akhil held my long silky hair in his hands.After a while of sucking Akhil was ready to cum.He controlled and I left him and went and sat in between
Ajay's legs.I took his dick in my mouth and I was giving handjob to Akhil while giving blowjob to Ajay.I licked his dickhead and looked at him.He had
held my hair tight and was fucking my mouth hard.In and out ... Ajay also got ready so I sat in between both of them kneeling on the floor.I
first took a glass of coke which was empty.I stroked both of their dick together and kept the glass in between.After a while of stroking and licking their
dick heads they came in that glass and some they sprayed on my face.

I was fucking horny and wanted them to fuck me.I asked them,"Meri bhi toh chudai karo na ab.Kabhi aur kaise chodoge mujhe?" Akhil looking at Ajay
said,"Hum ek kaam karte hai,Chaitrali ko dinner ke waqt washroom mein le jaakar chodte hai.?" Ajay said that should be ok.We'll take her to the
washroom in turns escaping from the dining hall and fuck her in the washroom.

The movie finished and we waited for the dinner to start.

The movie got over and everyone started discussing about the movie and moving towards the dining room.So did we three.We went and sat on the
dining chair.Ajay and Akhil both sat on either sides.Left and other on the right.They had made very horny and wet in the theatre and now I wanted
someone to fuck me badly.All the uncles and aunties got seated and started having their food.I got up and said I have to go to the washroom.I
walked towards the washroom when I looked behind and Ajay said he is not feeling hungry and is going to Akhil's room.Ajay winked looking at me.
I walked and entered the washroom.I combed my hair properly and tucked in my boobs properly in my tight white top.As I had not worn a bra
they both had pressed them badly.I also pulled up my tight red mini skirt so my ass cheeks would be slightly visible.It was a pretty big washroom
with a bathtub in it.Just after a minute someone knocked the door.I slowly opened and it was Ajay.Ajay came in and locked the door.He held me
around my waist from behind and kissed my neck.His semi erect thing was hitting my big round plump ass.I was moaning Ajjjjjaayyyyyy mmmm
mujhe nangi kar do naa Ajjjaayyyyy mmmm. Ajay held my top by the waist line and pulled it up and slowly removed it from over my head and my
bun opened while removing the top.He said,"Chaitrali teri yeh lambe baal mujhe pagal kar rahi hai yaar."He held my hair from behind and started
pressing my boobs with his other hand.He played with my nipple and pinched them hard.His palm was on my boobs and my nipples were getting hard
with his fondling.He said,"Chaitrali,mere dost log kehte hai ke tu ek chudakkad item hai.Kya yeh sach hai?" I said,"Main tum dono ki chudakkad behen
hu Ajay.Akhil kaha hai?" The moment I asked Akhil knocked the door.Ajay opened the door and Akhil came in.They locked the door.I said,"Agar koi
aa gaya toh, problem ho jayegi na?"Akhil said,"Ha yaar.This is the common washroom.Let's go to my room.Waha koi nahi ayega."Akhil said we should
leave now.Family is very busy with the dinner.It will take at least half an hour for them to finish.

I took my top to wear but Ajay said,"aise hi chal ab.Time nahi hai." I asked like this? Topless?Akhil said don't worry the staircase is on the opposite
side,so no one comes there.Lets go.I took my top in my hand and I was wearing only my tight red mini skirt.My long hair was also open.I started
walking fast in front of Akhil and Ajay.My boobs were bouncing and my hair was waving up and down with every step I took.I held my boobs with my
hands and ran to Akhil's room.We got inside and locked the door.whew that was something I have never done before.I was horny thinking that I was
semi nude running inside the house of my relative and with my boy cousins.What I got caught semi nude with the boys.I was so wet.Akhil and Ajay
dropped their pants and they both caught me.Ajay held my long silky hair and Akhil was sucking my nipples holding my boobs with his hands.Ajay
was kissing my lips with my hair in his hand.They both took me and threw me on the bed.Akhil came and sat in between my legs.He put his tongue
out and I knew he was going to lick my pussy.I touched my pussy with his tongue and started licking upwards and downwards.I was moaning with
pleasure.Ajay stopped smooching me and started sucking my nipples.He was pressing and fondling my boobs.Ajay said,"Akhil apne school ke senior
ladke jo kehte the sahi hai.Woh kehte hai ke teri behen ek rundi hai.Tujhe aur kitne ladko ne khaya hai Chaitrali?" I said,"Ha tumhari yeh chudakkad
behen ek RAAND hai.Mujhe school mein kuch ladko ne khaya hai." He asked,"Suresh ko pata hai kya tu chudvati hai?" They knew about my affair
with Suresh.I said,"Ha pata hai Suresh ko." They asked,"Toh Suresh kuch bolta nahi?Aur woh tujhse shaadi karne tayar hai kya?" I said,"Ha Suresh
is always ready to marry me.He has said enjoy yourself till we get married." Akhil said,"Tu lucky hai meri rundi behna. jo aisa pati milne wala hai.Saali
teri jaisi rundi ko toh chod chodkar dil nahi thakega." Ajay pushed his dick inside my pussy and started fucking hard.Akhil pushed his dick in my mouth.

"Mu chudwana pasand hai tujhe Chaitrali?" I just moaned as my mouth was stuffed with his cock.Ajay stopped fucking me and then Akhil started
fucking my pussy.Ajay held my open long silky hair in his hand and started fucking my mouth.Ajay said,"Akhil bhai, apni behen ka mu kitna mast hai
na chodne ke liye?" Akhil said,"Ha saali ka rundi mu hai na." His grip on my hair was getting tighter and I knew he was ready to cum.Ajay moaned loud
and he came in my mouth.I licked his head clean and licked all the cum on his dick.I kept my tongue out hanging and he kept slapping his semi erect
dick on my tongue.Akhil stopped fucking as he was also ready to fuck me.He pushed his dick in my mouth and asked Ajay to hold my head steady
holding my long hair.Ajay came and held my hair and kept my head steady.Akhil kept his hands on my head and started fucking my mouth hard in
and out.Akhil also came in my mouth.My mouth was filled with cum and my face coated with cum.I went to the washroom and someone knocked the
door.It was one aunty looking for me.I heard her asking for me.Ajay and Akhil said that I had gone to the washroom on the ground floor.When aunty
left I came out and took my bag and left downstairs.

Aunty asked me where I had gone.I said my stomach was upset so had gone to the washroom.She noticed that my lipstick had gone and asked about
it.I said when I washed my face my lipstick went off.

It was a short sex with them but we had to wait for a right opportunity to have an elaborate sex.

Chapter 52