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My story since school days Chapter 53


After my marriage I had gone to stay with my in laws for sometime in our village.It was just them and me in the house and I used to meet Suresh's
friend Jagan whenever I got a chance and he used to fuck me nicely in his small room located in between his farm.He showed me the places where
Suresh and Jagan used to fuck Jagan's wife.And Jagan fucked me in the same places.We normally used to meet late night at 12.00 or 1.00 am.He
used to fuck me and we used to do long foreplays till 4.00 am.

One day in the morning when we finished our breakfast, father in law got a call from his old friend from our neighboring village.He had invited us for
a function in their house.His name was Rajan but I used to call him uncle.We had met during our wedding and Suresh had told me that he is a very
naughty guy,even after being so old.He is around 55.Suresh had told me that he has a special interest for young girls and young women.Father in
law spoke for sometime and I think Uncle must have asked about me,so father in law gave the phone to me and asked me to come without fail.
He said,"Maine tumhe shaadi mein dekha tha.Suresh bohot lucky hai, jo use, tumhare jaisi itni sundar ladki mili.Ab toh tumhara bohot badi ho gayi
hogi na?" I asked,"Kya matlab uncle?" He said,"Mera matlab hai tum ab bohot badi ho gayi hogi na?" I just blushed and smiled because I knew what
he meant in his first question.I said,"Ha uncle aap dekhne hi waale hai na." Uncle said,"Ha bahujaan main toh dekhne hi wala hu.Jaldi aa jao." I said ok
and hung up the phone.

I thought in my mind,"Is his double meant question actually what he wanted to mean or was it just by mistake.I think he means it.I think he wants to
have me.Chaitrali your such a slut,desi item bankar chali ja.Waha ke sabhi mardo ko pagal kar de aur chudai ka chance bhi maar le."I bit my lower lip
when I thought I would be there with so many men and all the eyes would undress my saree and fuck me in their brains.

We had to leave the next week as father in law thought to be with his friend for at least a week before the function.So they can recall old days and
have fun.I was also excited thinking of what all would happen in one week.

The car that was hired for the trip reached our gate exactly at 9.00 in the morning.

Going back the same day in the morning I got up at 6.00 and had my shower.I had slept nude thinking of the days to come that week.I was horny.
Uncle's gestures and questions were running through my mind and making me horny and keeping me wet in between my legs.I came out of my
bathroom and wore the saree and tied my hair to a bun.Nothing much to dress up as we had travel and it was hot.So didn't do any make up.

9.00 the car honked standing at our gate and we took our bags and loaded in to the car and we 3 sat inside and the car left.It was a 4 hours journey.
During the journey the driver was running his eyes all over me from the rear view mirror and I was seducing him with my expressions.Thankfully mother
in law who was sitting next to me and father in law on the front seat dozed off.He winked at times to which I would just blush or bite my lower lip and
give a seducing looking closing my eyes.Sometimes I would put my tongue out and put my finger inside my mouth and suck my fingers as if I was sucking
something else.He was very horny I could make it out with his condition.

After 2 hours of continuous driving we took a halt for 15 minutes.It was a dhaba by the road.We four got down locked the car and went inside the dhaba
to eat something.The driver sat on another table and was watching and staring at me continuously.I was also staring at him and blushing.Father in law and
mother in law finished their food but I had little remaining.They said they will go and sit in the car as they wanted to catch some sleep.And as the car was
just in front of the dhaba and that we were sitting outside the dhaba they didn't mind leaving me alone.The driver looked at me and winked and with his
eyes he was asking me to come behind the dhaba.There was nothing else neigboring that dhaba and it was all heavy foliage behind the dhaba.I said with
my eyes that my in laws are in the car.He with his eyes said it's ok they are asleep.Just come for 2 minutes.I looked at my in laws and they were fast
asleep like the driver said.He said he will go now and asked me to come after he leaves.I just smiled and blushed.He got up and went inside the door which
takes you behind the dhaba.I saw him going to the counter where the owner was sitting and gave him a packet.He looked back at me and winked.He
went inside opening a door and closed it.I looked around and there were only 10 to 15 people having food.I looked if anyone was noticing me and I also
checked my in laws.They were deep asleep.I got up slowly and walked towards the door.I opened the door and walked inside towards the next door.The man
behind the counter looked at me and gave a small smile.I also smiled back and he signalled me to go inside the door.I opened the door and went inside.It
was the owner's house behind.It was a very small place with a TV,a small single bed and a bathroom attached to it.There were 2 3 plastic chairs also.Driver
closed the door as I entered the room.He said,"Meri raani, tum kitni khoobsurat ho aur bohot garam ho meri raani." I just blushed on his comment and
he went behind me and held me by my waist and his hands were inside my pallu pressing my boobs.He kissed my neck while his hands started unbuttoning
my blouse from the front.He slowly held my saree pallu and dropped it down.He opened my blouse from the front and my bra had a hook to the front.He
unhooked my bra and my big round ripe boobs popped out.He was pushing his dick from behind on to my big round tight bums.His hands went on my boobs
and he started pressing them badly.His fingers were playing and pinching my nipples.I was so horny and mad.He said,"Kutiya saali, peeche seat par baithkar
kya rundigiri kar rahi thi.Kitni chudakkad hai tu saali raand.Mera lund choos saali raand.Tujhe chodne main ghar aaunga.Tere sasuraal.Choosegi na tu mera
lund?"I said moaning,"mmmmmmmm unnnghhhhh ha choosungi main tumhara lund.Daal do lund mere mu mein.Aur zor zor se chodo meri mu ko rundi ki
tarha."He turned me around and made me kneel down.I knelt down and he held my head and I put my tongue out for his lund.He slapped my tongue with
his tongue and slowly I slid his dick inside my mouth.I spat on his dick and he had shaved his area nicely.So I knew he had planned this all earlier itself.He
started fucking my mouth and opened my hair bun.He held my hair tight and was pushing his deep and fast inside my mouth.I sucked his dick and licked
and gave a good blow job.He was ready to cum.He asked me,"Teri mu mein hi daal du kya meri rundi?" I said,"Ha daal do meri mu mein."He loaded his
hot thick cum in my mouth and he was exhausted fucking my mouth.Very less men had fucked my mouth like that.My mouth was full of cum.I went to
the washroom and washed my face and mouth.I tied my hair to a bun and hurried as my in laws would get up at any time.He had already rushed towards
the car.I came out of the room and the man behind the counter again gave me a lusty smile.I just gave a smile.Now I knew that the driver had given him
money in the packet to use the room to fuck me.I went and sat in the car.

Driver looked at me through the mirror and signaled that there was little cum on the side corner of my lips.I took my small make up mirror and I looked at
the driver and put my tongue out.He was staring at me.With my tongue I licked that cum drop and took it inside my mouth.I knew he was again horny to
fuck me.My in laws got up and we left the dhaba.Driver took us to our destination in the next 2 hours.

We reached the village and the house was all decorated for the function.It was a house warming function and we got to know about it when we reached there.
They welcomed us and father in laws friend,Rajan uncle also came out and welcomed my in laws.He asked for me and my father in law brought me to his
front.He was around 55 of age,tall and handsome at that age.He was a little muscular.I touched his feet, as it's a traditional thing to do.He held my shoulders
and brought me up straight.His hands on my shoulders were tightly held.It sent shivers into my body.He looked into my eyes.I could see the lust in his eyes
checking out my whole body,inch by inch.He told my father in law that he has a very beautiful daughter in law.He didn't leave me,He kept his hands around my
back and took me inside.When we went inside one woman came from inside and Rajan uncle introduced her as his daughter in law.She touched my in law's
feet and came and gave me a hug.

Let me describe this character.Her name was Suja.Suja wasn't very tall and almost my same height.She was also my same age.She had long silky hair like
me, but wasn't colored like me.Mine was reddish long silky shiny hair.Hers was dark black with little curl as she always used to braid them.She was fair with
big lusty eyes,meaty red lips with red lipstick and gloss.In short a very sexy face which any man would love to fuck.She had big milk tankers and I could
feel them when they crushed with mine during the hug.She gave me a very passionate hug and gave a naughty smile looking into my eyes.I also gave
back a lusty smile.She had still held my hands in hers.She told Rajan uncle that she is taking me to her room and show around.She held my hand and took
me inside.It was a big house.We walked around talking about each other.While walking I could see her big round wide ass swaying left and right.She had
a thin waist and an hour glass figure.We had both held our hands tight and she was massaging my fingers with her thumb and was giving naughty smiles
in intervals,to which I used to give her back some naughty smiles and lusty looks.She said that she will take me to the new house where the function is
going to be held.She said first we'll have lunch,change clothes and then go.It was just 5 villas away from the existing house and there were no other
houses after that.It was a paddy field after that new house.So after checking the old house Suja showed me her room.She said that I can stay in that
room with her.It was a small room with a double bed and a small attached bathroom.I took my luggage and kept it in Suja's room.Suja asked me to change
and she gave her light pink silk night gown.I changed myself into the night gown.It fit me perfectly and my big boobs were standing out proudly.I looked in
the mirror and my big round ass also stood out.It clung to my body and my curvy body was nicely visible.I wore an underskirt which I normally don't
wear.It doesn't show the shape of my legs and my big round ass properly.But since there were many relatives and elderly people I had to wear it.I got
ready and left for the dining room.I sat next to Suja.Suja also changed herself to a gown.The same silky gown but of a greenish color.I asked her do
you like silky gowns so much?She said yes she likes to show off her curves to the people around.The neighbors and the guests whoever comes home.
Her husband was working in the city and would visit her only thrice a month.We started having food.We were sitting on a long bench and an equally long
table.It could accommodate around 10 people at a time.We both were sitting almost in the centre.Suja was touching my feet with hers and looking at me.
I was also enjoying her company.She slowly lifted my gown with her toe and was moving her toe around my leg up and down.I wasn't able to concentrate
on my food.I looked at her and smiled.I put the drumstick in the curry inside my mouth and sucked it and licked it.She looked at me with lusty eyes and
took a small tomato piece in between her lips and sucked it and swallowed it.Others were busy in chatting.Suja finished as she ate very less.I also finished
my good and we got up to go and wash our hands.We went out because they normally keep a bucket outside with water to wash hands,when there are
guests in big numbers.We went and washed our hands.Suja then took me to her room.She had held my hands while walking.We went inside her room and
she locked the door from inside.

I sat on the bed and she turned around after locking the door.She came and sat next to me.She said that I look very beautiful and sexy.I just blushed and
told her that she also looked very sexy.I told her any man would love to have her around.She looked into my eyes and and slowly kept her hands on my
thighs and started massaging and moving her hands up and down on my thighs.Suja was very horny and she looked with lust in her big eyes.She came
near me and kissed my cheeks.She then looked at me and I gave a peck back on her cheeks.She closed her eyes and left a moan.She said,"Chaitrali your
husband is also abroad I heard.How do you manage all alone without him being around?" I said I just have some friends with whom I go out. I asked her
how she manages.She said I have him enjoy me only thrice a month.Rest of the times I roam around teasing men in the village and also my father in law
is also a good man.Saying that she winked.I didn't understand.I asked what she meant by that.She said that he also satisfies her whenever her hubby
is not around.She said Rajan uncle is a good fucker.

Suja : Mere sasur bhi meri achchi chudai karte hai.Mujhe majboot thokte hai woh.Main unki rakhayl bahu hu.

Me : Kya baat kar rahi ho? Aur tumhe mazaa aata hai ?

Suja : Sach keh rahi hu.Bohot mazaa aata hai.Pati jab chale jaate hai toh phir ek poora week woh meri chudai karte hai.Raat ko late ya phir mujhe lodge
lekar jaate hai, jo agle gaav mein hai.Hum dono raat bhar wahi rehte hai.Sasuma (Mother in law) se kehte hai ke woh mujhe apne ghar le ja rahe hai do
din ke liye.Aur hum waha lodge mein chale jaate hai.Wahi sasurji meri jamkar chudai karte hai do din poora.

Me : (Totally shocked) Aur yeh tumhare pati ko pata hai?

Suja : Nahi..Pagal ho kya.Unko nahi pata.

Me : Suja tum sach mein ek garam aurat ho.

Suja : Ha woh toh main hu hi.Sasurji ne mujhe check karne kaha tha.

Me : Kya?

Suja : Ke yeh Chaitrali kaisi aurat hai.

Me : (blushing) toh batao, main kaisi hu?

Suja : Tum bhi mere jaisi hi ho.Ek chudakkad aur garam aurat.Sasurji ne hum dono ko chodne ka plan banaya hai.Shayad 2 din baad hum dono ko usi
lodge mein jaana hoga, 2 3 din ke liye.Jab se woh tumhe aaj dekhe hai,mujhse yahi pooch rahe hai,Kaisi hai woh Chaitrali maal?Garmi hai kya usme and all

Me : Uffffff toh hum dono ko sasurji ke saath maze lutane hai.

Suja : Tumhe koi problem toh nahi na?Sasurji achchi chudai karte hai.Unka lund bhi kaafi bada hai.

Me : Mmmmm Suja mujhme ab garmi badh rahi hai.

Suja looked into my eyes and slowly came more nearer to me and kissed my cheeks.Her hands slowly moved from my thighs towards my big melons.She kept
her palm on my left boobs and slowly pressed it.I moaned slightly.She then moved her lips from my cheeks towards my lips and our meaty lips met each other.
She kissed my lips and her tongue came out of her mouth and pushed it inside my mouth.I opened my lips and took her tongue inside my mouth.Our tongue
rolled with each other and we had a passionate smooch for sometime.We licked and kissed each other's lips.

Suja : Tum kitni mast ho Chaitrali.

Me : Tum bhi bohot sexy ho Suja.Suja tum ekdum chudakkad maal ho.

I took my hands behind her and opened her hair bun and it fell down till her low back.I brought her hair to the front.She also opened my hair bun and both our
long silky hair were open.She went behind me and unbuttoned my silk gown and pulled it over my head and I was only wearing my underskirt and bra.She
opened the knot of my underskirt and dropped it down.Now I was wearing only my red bra and red panty.She looked at me from head to toe.She said,"Tumhe
toh sasurji khoob jamkar chodenge.Kya structure hai tumhari, wah !"

Me : Tumhara badan bhi toh ekdum tight aur chudakkad hai Suja.

I also removed Suja's silk gown.She was wearing nothing inside.

Me : Suja tumne andar kuch nahi pehna?Bilkul nangi ho tum toh.

Suja : Ha Chaitrali,jab guests aate hai,tab main andar kuch nahi pehenti.Mardo ko tease karna mujhe pasand hai.

Me : Wah tum meri jaisi hi ho.Mardo ko satana bada achcha lagta hai.Bada mazaa aata hai.

Suja : haha ha sach mein.Aur jab woh meri badan ko dekhkar ghoorte hai,tab toh mujhe bohot mazaa aata hai.

Me : Mujhe bhi.Hum dono mein kitni samanta hai Suja. Suja tum badi chudakkad aur garam aurat ho.

Suja : Tumhe pata hai mere sasur mujhe kya bulate hai?Jab sirf hum dono akele hote hai.

Me : Kya?

Suja : Bahurandi

Me : Aur tumhe achcha lagta hai?

Suja : Ha jab koi mujhe rundi,raand,maal bulate hai toh mujhe achcha lagta hai.Garmi si mehsoos hoti hai meri chut mein.

Me : Ha Suja , mujhe bhi hoti hai.

We both were nude by now.She had slowly removed my red inners during the conversation.I was all nude and so was she.She sat near me and we
kissed each other again.I slowly went down to her neck and kissed her neck with my hand on her boob and playing with her nipple.I then slowly went
further down and licked and sucked her nipples.She was moaning and she held my long silky hair pulled me towards her for sucking her nipples.I
spat on her nipples and licked them with my tongue.I pressed her boobs with one hand and was sucking her continuously.She threw her head back
and her long silky hair was on her right boob.I moved her hair with my hand and sucked her right nipple.She was moaning out of pleasure.

Suja : Chaitrali us cupboard ke andar ek dildo hai.Lekar aao.

Me : Suja tum sach mein ek chudakkad rundi ho.Sujaa raaand saali.

I went and opened the cupboard and took the dildo out.I spat on the dildo and sucked it as if it was a penis.I licked and she also came to lick.
We both sucked and licked it together.We spat on it and it was covered with our saliva.I took it and made Suja stand like a dog on her knee
and hands.I brought her long hair behind ,which was falling on her face and to the front.I held it tight in my hands.My long hair was also falling
in between.I tied it back to a bun and held her hair tight.I slowly pushed the dildo inside her pussy and she shouted out of pleasure.I pulled it
out and pushed it back again inside.I started making slower movements firsts and then increased my speed.She was moaning and I fingered her
clit leaving her hair.I slapped her big round shapely bums and kept fucking her with the dildo.After a while she came and we started kissing and
fondling each other.We kissed each other passionately and she started sucking my nipples and pressing my boobs.

Suja : Chaitrali teri yeh badi badi aam sasurji ko pasand aayenge.

Me : Suja tu kaisi rundi hai, jo apne sasur se hi chudwati hai.

She took the dildo and made me stand like a dog.I knew it was my turn and she would fuck me with the dildo really hard.She was turned on
and so was I.She held my open long silky hair and pulled it towards her and I moaned a little.We looked at each other with lust in our eyes.
She spat on the dildo and pushed it slowly inside me.

Suja : Chaitrali tum jab mere sasur chudogi, toh tum bhi diwani ho jaogi mere sasur ki.

Saying that she pushed the dildo again inside and pulled it out.She was fucking me hard with the dildo.

Me : Suja saali kitni badi rundi hai tu.Mmmmmmmmm main bhi teri jaisi rundi banungi tumhare sasur ki.

Suja fucked me hard and after a while came completely.

Till evening we played with each other's long hair and fondled each other's body,sucked licked and kissed each other.We had 3 sessions of dildo
fuck till evening.Later the next day I had to meet Suja's father in law.She was going to take me to him.

Chapter 53